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					Last minute cramming 
There may be some times when you have to cram. Keep in mind that time is limited,
so you need to do what will help you the most on the test.

       Maintain a positive attitude. Tell yourself that you can do it!
       Do not allow doubts or worry to interfere with your studying, make the best
       of the time you have.
       Take frequent but short breaks—getting up and moving around a little is a
       good break.
       Anticipate possible exam questions.
       Write down the main points as you identify them.
       Study from the top down. Select the most general and significant ideas to
       review first, and then use more and more details as time permits.
       Use your textbook well. Read summaries, review questions, practice tests, etc.
       Write down the main ideas of each lecture from your notes.
       Use stimulants such as coffee carefully, if at all.
       Know your sleeping habits. When does lack of sleep begin affecting your
       performance more than lack of study?
       When you cut your sleep, try to sleep for an entire sleep cycle (about three
       Have a back-up waking system in place.
       On the day of the exam, briefly review your condensed notes.
       Be sure to eat a nutritious breakfast the day of the exam.
       Leave yourself extra time to get to the exam, plan for the unexpected.
       Have a positive attitude when you enter the exam room.

Information adapted from Test-Taking Power, Fred Orr and Study Strategies for College,
Theodore O. Knight.

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