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									                                                            PROBATE AND WILLS

Below is a partial listing of materials available on this topic in the Superior Court Law Library.
These listings may be used as a general starting point for your research. For more assistance
with your research, please speak with an Information or Reference Services staff member.


The Arizona laws about probate and wills can be found in Title 14 (Volume 6) of the Arizona
   Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), Trusts, Estates and Protective Proceedings, beginning with §14-
   1102. Available online at:


Barnes, Richard E. Estate Planning for Blended Families: Providing for Your Spouse and
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Hanks, Liza. A Step by Step Guide to Administering a Living Trust. Nolo, 2010. SELF HELP KF
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Hanks, Liza. The Mom’s Guide to Wills and Estate Planning. Nolo, 2009. SELF HELP KF 750
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Warda, Mark. Make Your Own Simple Will (+CD ROM). Sphinx Publishing, 2006. SELF HELP
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                                 SELECTED LEGAL FORMS

Self-Service Center. Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County. Probate Cases.


The Attorney General’s Life Care Planning Documents.
1275 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-5025

Arizona Senior Citizens Law Project
1818 S. 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 252-6710

Self-Service Center. Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County

East Court Building                        Northwest Regional Center
101 W. Jefferson, First Floor              14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85003                          Surprise, AZ 85374

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