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					“Enough to make Naomi Klein choke
 on her Fairtrade Mochaccino.”
 The London Times

                    “Agenda Inc. is definitely on
                     to something here.”
                                                                         Agenda Inc.
             Agenda Inc.
                                                        Belief strategy for luxury brands

“Fascinating and clever.”
 USA Today

                    “Agenda Inc. is a company
                     you’ve probably never
                     heard of.”
                    Motley Fool

                  We are a boutique strategy agency with big clients.

                       Adobe & Anheuser-Busch
                       Belvedere Vodka & Botox
                       Cadillac & Cisco Systems & Coty Prestige
                       Crispin Porter + Bogusky
                       Deutsch & Diageo & Dior & Dom Pérignon
                       Ecko Unlimited
                       Faith Popcorn
Agenda Inc.            Goodby Silverstein + Partners
                       Harrods & H-P
                       Juicy Couture
                       Karl Lagerfeld & Krug
                       Lexus & Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy
                       Mini Cooper & Molton Brown & Motorola
                       Viacom & Visa & Vivienne Westwood

                  Here’s the thing…

                  The luxury industry - in its present form - has come to an end.
                  Heritage, it is discovering, is not destiny.

                  Agenda Inc. is a team of strategists working to create new futures
                  for luxury brands.

                  The whole point of Agenda Inc. is to help luxury brands
                  reconfigure their appeal in an emerging environment which is
Agenda Inc.       accelerated, fragmented, & unpredictable.

                  We call our work belief strategy because luxury brands have a
                  particular obligation to inspire belief; & consumers want so
                  much to believe.

                  Belief strategy is based in strategic account planning; but we have
                  tailored traditional planning techniques to better address the
                  needs of luxury brands & the evolving business environment.

                  Specifically, belief strategy targets the growth side of the business;
                  including new revenue streams, new or evolved products &
                  services, talent engagement & communication.

                  Belief strategy involves a range of research & consulting services.

                  Consumer & Primary Research
                  We focus on maximum insight methodologies; in-depth eth-
                  nography, IDIs, smart focus groups & other forms of intercepts.
                  Wherever possible we provide edited video documentation in all
                  stages of our consumer work.

                        Expert Research
Agenda Inc.             We rely on our panel of over 1,000 key experts & academics
                        to provide instant, specialist & in-depth knowledge; on all
                        aspects of luxury strategy.

                        Stakeholder Research
                        We believe in incorporating input from internal brand
                        stakeholders to generate new thinking; & to secure
                        internal commitment.

                        AlphaLuxe Consumer Research
                        We shadow alphaluxe consumers whose influence on the
                        luxury market can shift opinion & predict future growth.

                  Secondary Research

                      Extra-Category Research
                      Luxury brands often mistakenly look for innovation within
                      the existing grammar of luxury practices. We bring new
                      ideas that originate outside the immediate category if they
                      can bring new & appropriate business growth.

                      Media Research
Agenda Inc.           Our media research involves immersing ourselves in all
                      possible media to filter & deliver insights to clients.

                      We maintain a steady focus on a global range of media
                      sources; newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs & web
                      2.0 applications to pattern themes & trends as they evolve
                      through media channels.

                      Live Feed
                      One output of our media research is via our Live Feed
                      service; a news service of strategic information fed to
                      clients via their corporate intranet. It highlights emerging
                      ideas which clients can leverage with minimum delay, &
                      maximum efficiency.

                  Consulting Services

                       Faith Analysis
                       Our most unusual service is also one of the most popular.

                       The world’s religions & cults demonstrate a powerful
                       template for best practices in luxury brand strategy
                       & execution.

                       Faith analysis is a proprietary service which analyzes cults
Agenda Inc.            & religions; & which delivers on the common areas around
                       which consumer / believer engagement is built.

                       We have created brand strategies that have borrowed elements
                       from Taoism, Bahai, Kabbalah, Magick, Apocalyptic Cults,
                       Hare Krishna, Freemasonry, & other paths…

                  Consulting Services

                       Cultural Analysis
                       Our cultural analysis has always been our most requested
                       service, & it represents our strongest point of distinction
                       from other strategic agencies.

                       Luxury brands need to create a point of view on the cultural
                       environment in which they operate; one which respects the
Agenda Inc.            brand heritage, but which may need to reinterpret it in a
                       faster marketplace, among new consumers, or against an
                       evolving competitive set.

                       For example, hip-hop has taught luxury brands more about
                       themselves in the last five years than many learned in
                       the previous 50. Such ‘disruptive’ culture can represent
                       great risks to heritage-oriented luxury brands; our cultural
                       analysis helps luxury brands negotiate the risks into
                       business growth opportunities.

                  Consulting Services

                       New Talent Incubator
                       We believe that for luxury brands to survive, they need
                       skills & talents currently being deployed outside the luxury
                       industry, & outside the traditional agency world.

                       Our talent incubator makes introductions & connects
                       luxury brands with emerging talent.
Agenda Inc.            Examples of talent include designers, producers, strategists,
                       artists, event organizers, & more.

                       Contact us for more details.

                  Consulting Services

                       Ideation Sessions
                       Our ideations offer a balance of structured thinking, &
                       free-flowing creativity. They lead directly to business
                       decisions & strategic execution.

                       Where possible, ideation happens live & on location.
                       Our particular format was developed over years of
Agenda Inc.            attending workshops that felt busy but not creative, &
                       without enough strategic output.

                       For example, we organized an intensive cultural immersion
                       trip for a creative team to Brazil.

                       We created a faith-based tour of sacred locations in New
                       York & Tokyo to gain new retail & service insights…

                       And we put together a trip to Spring Break in Florida for
                       an executive strategy team to challenge stereotypes
                       about how young people view hedonism, & no executives
                       were harmed.

                   Consulting Services

                        Alt Marketing de Luxe
                        Entire empires of luxury were based on alternative
                        marketing strategies; unique events, word-of-mouth
                        communication, non-traditional media channels, but
                        more recently their innovation has been eclipsed by
                        mainstream brands.

Agenda Inc.             Alternative marketing has also been over-associated with
                        street stunts & unedifying spectacles.

                        Our definition of alternative marketing is based on the
                        principle that all of culture is a potential medium to be
                        leveraged; and that creativity is the best weapon.

                        We believe that luxury brands need to take back the
                        alternative marketing revolution; & we have the ideas &
                        experience to make that happen.

                   Specialist Research
                   For 2009, we are prioritizing 2 key strategic areas that are
                   currently being under-leveraged by luxury brands.

                        Web 2.0
                        We help clients exploit social networking; in particular to
                        create opportunities in an emerging new marketplace –
                        often terrifying for luxury brands - where the consumer
                        demands not only more control, but also an on-going
Agenda Inc.             collaborative relationship with the brand.

                        CSR / Sustainability
                        CSR is a creative & business challenge, but many luxury
                        brands still see it as a kind of tax to offset guilt.
                        Luxury brands have a particular opportunity to turn their
                        heritage of philanthropy & best practices into new CSR
                        & sustainability initiatives.

                        We help clients understand that CSR strategy is a
                        powerful opportunity - that can be responsible & build
                        business growth.

                   Specialist Publications
                   Agenda Inc currently publishes two newsletters.

                        Each month, we send our Fluxe newsletter to 10,000+
                        luxury industry insiders. The newsletter charts the emer-
                        gence of new thinking around luxury strategy.

                        It is aimed at those who believe that in order to survive
Agenda Inc.             luxury strategies must change.

                        Download a sample copy -

                        Fashion Week Soundtracks
                        Twice a year - in collaboration with haute couture & ready-
                        to-wear designers in Paris, Milan, New York & London –
                        we compile music soundtrack lists used during each show.

                        This information is analyzed & sent to key industry
                        players, & brand managers. The report is compiled to
                        highlight the strategic importance of a multi-sensory
                        approach to luxury brand strategy.

                   “Agenda Inc. provides an invaluable service: strategic marketplace
                    insight... mission-critical information & brand-oriented business
                    perspective, professionally, clearly, fast.”
                                                                — Jack Morton Worldwide

                   “Agenda Inc delivers a wealth of original & highly challenging
                    strategic thinking. It’s rare to find an agency that excels at
                    developing exciting & innovative ways to decode consumer
Agenda Inc.         motivations, & which also has a talent for business-focused, action-
                    oriented brand thinking. They know & understand luxury like
                    no other agency. A great asset.”
                                 — Mark Whiting, director of marketing intelligence,
                                                         Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

                   “Agenda Inc. fuels us with incredible marketplace & trend insight.”
                                       — Gabrey Means, President, Grow Marketing

                   “Agenda Inc. is insightful, nuanced & creative. They get it.”
                             — Alex Wipperfürth, Plan B Marketing / Dial House

                   “Agenda Inc. could not be more creative & resourceful.”
                                    — Pam Scott, President, The Curious Company

                   “Agenda Inc.’s analysis is acute & insightful, demonstrating a subtle
                   understanding of the differences between esoteric audience groups.
                   Their findings have been embraced throughout the client’s company,
                   up to the level of CEO.”
Agenda Inc.                                  — Colin Mitchell, Senior Partner, Ogilvy

                   “Agenda Inc. bring together a rare combination of intellectual rigor,
                   cultural knowledge and a passion for brands. They consistently
                   deliver unique and actionable insights. I couldn’t recommend them
                   more highly.”
                    — Nyla Mabro, Senior Strategist, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve

                   Client Case Studies
                   Belvedere Vodka
                   To better dominate the highly competitive vodka category,
                   Belvedere Vodka needed new insights to accelerate its visibility.
                   Our work was converted into a series of new product initiatives
                   & viral execution tactics.

                   In partnership with The Curious Company, we conducted a
                   series of ethnographies to better understand the lives of luxury
Agenda Inc.        car owners. The deliverables influenced global communication &
                   consumer strategy.

                   Dior / LVMH
                   Dior & other LVMH brands were seeking to understand
                   untapped strategic ideas around 24/7 global youth culture. We
                   originated an ethnographic-based insight program in the USA &
                   Japan to explore new opportunities for business growth.

                   Faith Popcorn
                   We have been working with Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve Team
                   & with their Fortune 100 clients for six years, supporting their
                   trend department & conducting consumer strategy projects.

                   Client Case Studies
                   Hennessy Cognac
                   Hennessy needed a detailed point of view on emerging opportu-
                   nities around its fast-evolving global consumer base; particularly
                   around its emerging hip-hop & pop culture profile.

                   Using a range of ethnographic & analytical tools, we were able to
                   create new growth opportunities for the Hennessy portfolio.

                   Five years later, we are still involved in the development of the
Agenda Inc.        Hennessy brand. Our insights have been translated into strategy
                   for communication, packaging, naming & positioning.
                   Most recently, we have also worked on innovation in CSR, &
                   Web 2.0 projects.

                   Karl Lagerfeld
                   We worked alongside the marketing team of one of Karl
                   Lagerfeld’s flagship brands to develop insights around the
                   relationship between Lagerfeld the man, & Lagerfeld the brand.
                   The insights were developed into a strategic presentation to
                   global sales teams.

                   Client Case Studies
                   This famously discrete champagne brand wanted to evolve its
                   brand positioning in a way which would guarantee visibility,
                   sales, & integrity.

                   We conducted a communication audit & strategic interviews in
                   Japan & the USA to fuel the new campaign.

                   We have also collaborated with Krug on celebrity liaison work.
Agenda Inc.        Lexus
                   In an aggressive luxury automotive category, Lexus needed to
                   optimize their communications strategy throughout all stages of
                   the purchase process. Our consumer work & insights allowed the
                   brand to rebalance its marketing initiatives to better align with
                   expectations & needs of luxury consumers.

                   Mini Cooper
                   As part of the global relaunch of the Mini Cooper brand, Agenda
                   Inc helped the agency team understand key cultural & business
                   issues that are impacting the category.

  Recreated PMS

                                       Client Case Studies
                                       LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy
 New logo                              We have worked on a strategic consulting projects with a range
                                       of brands from the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy portfolio.

                                       Projects have included:

  Recreate logo                             M&A/NPD - Opportunity audits on the viability of a

                                LVMH        major acquisition to the LVMH portfolio; & also on new
                                            product development opportunities.
                  Agenda Inc.               Comparative Luxury - Segmentation audits with LVMH
                                            Brazil to profile the local luxury consumer.

                                            Web 2.0 & Emerging Strategy - Consultation to internal
                                            I.T departments on social networking strategy; as well as
                                            viral & guerrilla tactics.

                                            CSR - Various CSR, eco and sustainability projects.

                   Client Case Studies
                   Motorola wanted to future-proof its 5 year vision for new
                   products & services by incorporating emerging trends from
                   young consumers in a range of markets. Agenda Inc co-ordinated
                   a series of consumer contact sessions in Berlin, Chicago,
                   São Paolo, & Shanghai to help tailor launch strategies to
                   marketplace conditions.

                   Vivienne Westwood
Agenda Inc.        Agenda Inc was brought into the Vivienne Westwood perfume
                   account at Coty Prestige to make recommendations on an
                   evolution of the portfolio, & to align the perfume portfolio with
                   other innovations at the brand.

                   Other client case studies & further details on request.

                   For more information about any of our services, contact Lucian
                   James - the founder of Agenda Inc - in any of the following ways.

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