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Private Label Apparel Agreement

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Private Label Apparel Agreement document sample

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									                                 Vendor Compliance Requirements
                                        for all Merchandise
                                   Private Label Quality Manual

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
                                                         CMRG Vendor Manual Quarterly updates

Attention Valued Vendor,

This document in its entirety must replace any existing documents as well as any previous vendor
manual documentation prior to this date and it is now available at

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW - Summary of revisions in this issue:

The CMRG Private Label Vendor Manual is provided to all private label resources and is the single
common location of CMRG basic requirements needed to achieve the manufacturing of a quality
product deemed acceptable to carry a private label for Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. This
invaluable tool is updated and enhanced to ensure that our commitment to deliver merchandise to
our customers is consistently met. Vendor must take the time to fully read this vendor manual in
the interest of your efforts for best business practices with CMRG.

You must provide the contact information for the key roles and positions in your company that must
be proficient and knowledgeable of the contents of the vendor manual to ensure future
communications are sent to the most appropriate individuals. Email this information to the Manager
of Vendor Compliance.

Table of Contents will note updated changes by category in red. Updated month and year
will appear at the top of the table. Updated changes will reflect only changes made in the
listed month; previous changes will be removed.

Thank you with regards,

Angela Chew                                                      Sandy Sherman
Vice President of Global Sourcing                                Manager of Vendor Compliance
Casual Male Retail Group                               
555 Turnpike Street                                              781 821 2500 x3356
Canton, MA 02021

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
    Table of Contents                               Highlighted changes & notes 7-2011
Introduction Letter

Acknowledgement & Confirmation

                                                          Applicable to all Merchandise
CMRG Vendor Compliance Requirements                       unless otherwise mentioned

      Checklist for Compliance and vendor expectations
General Requirements
                                      Vendor Checklist
Financial Set Up and Vendor Compliance Contact Forms

                            EDI Technology Guidelines
Packaging Requirements
                                    Poly bag Standards July 11, 2011.
                                                          Updated polybag requirements.
                                                          Flat packs with hangers.
                                                          May 10, 2011 Updated polybags for
                                 Price Tickets/Stickers
                                            Joker Tags
                  Product Identification Sticker (PIDS)
Packing and Shipping Requirements

                              Carton Quality Standards
                                 Carton Packing Policy
                            Carton Labeling Information Updated UCC128 label and PID
                                                          placement illustration
                                                          July 8, 2011 – UCC128 label
                                                          placement chapter 9
                                                          July 8, 2011 – How to video for
                                                          preparing unit for packing and
                          Trailer and Container Loading
                               Standard Shipping Terms

Logistics – Routing Requirements

    CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
                                        ISF 10+2 Forms
                       International & Domestic Routing
                                  Merchandise Invoicing
          Rochester Big and Tall London Routing Manual
                         CMRG Europe Manual new DC
CMRG Quality Manual
Private Label Apparel & Accessories
               Quality Policy - Roles & Responsibilities
Social Compliance Program
                               Cover Letter from CMRG July 2011 - Updated Insite
                                                                     Compliance info 2011
                               Insite Compliance Advantage
                                       Vendor Collaboration
                                            Code of Conduct
                                     Audit Process Overview
Product Testing Program

                  Program Overview and Requirements
                              MTS Service Agreement
                  How to Complete Test Request Form
                              MTS Test Request Form
            Product Labeling Regulatory Requirements
          CMRG Care Label Wording Code# and Guide
                            CMRG Booklet Care Label
                     Label Supplier Contact Information New nominated suppliers allocated
Testing Guidelines for Europe orders

    Summary of European Union Directives and Member
                            Regulatory Requirements
    Product Review Process, Checklist of Requirements
                       And Testing Program Features
Product Testing Protocols
                                    Table of Contents
                            Product Testing Protocols
      All inclusive: Performance Requirements, Pricing and Sample
                  MTS Locations – Contact Information
Quality Assurance Program
                                                                     Re launch coming in 2011
                                       CMRG QA Certificate Coming soon
                                      Vendor Responsibilities Coming soon

    CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
                                      How to Complete Coming soon
                        QA Process Assessment Option Coming soon
      Third Party Inspection Process and Report Format
                                    MTS Booking Form
                                  Inspection Procedure

Product Approval Program

               •   Color Approval Process                          Coming soon

                                  Lab Dipping by style
                               Bulk Fabric submission
                            Washed Garment programs
                                    Trim and Findings
      •   Technical Design Sample Approval Process

                            Fit, PP, TOP Requirements
                              Ad Sample Requirements
                     Submit Forms and Card Templates
                      • How to Measure Guidelines – Videos completed July 11, 2011

Folding Illustrations and Labeling Requirements
                                                         Completed July 11, 2011
  Links: Label Supplier Service Agreements and Contact
                                            Information Completed 2011
Chargeback Program
                            Policy and Assessment Fees

    CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
                                                                            Introduction Letter

Dear Valued Vendor,

This Issue replaces all pre-existing vendor manual documents as well as any previous vendor
manual documentation prior to this date and available in its entirety at

Provide a common document where suppliers will locate CMRG requirements for manufacturing of
a quality product deemed acceptable to be merchandised by Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.
Vendors utilize this invaluable tool to ensure that our mission and commitment to deliver first
quality merchandise to our customers is consistently met.

All suppliers must fully read and understand this documentation in the interest of best business
practices with CMRG Apparel LLC. Note: For the purposes of this document the term “vendor” and
“supplier” are used interchangeably.

Vendor Compliance Requirements applicable to ALL merchandise shipped unless
otherwise mentioned or specified. Here vendors will find information to assist in properly
packaging, packing, loading and shipping CMRG merchandise. It has been documented to ensure
the most cost effective and efficient movement of merchandise from vendors to our customers
through all our distribution channels.

Quality Manual applicable to all Private Label Apparel and Accessories manufactured for
Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Here you will find the program requirements to support and ensure
our mission and commitment to quality levels meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in
all market channels.

Brand Protection Policy and Confidentiality Clause

In the spirit of open communication, full transparency in processing with the same level of
prioritization and common goals set forth within your company’s organization, provide the contact
information for the most appropriate individuals in your company that must be proficient
and knowledgeable of the contents of this documentation and will ensure future
communications are sent to the most key individuals. Email this information to the Manager of
Vendor Compliance and copy the appropriate Director of Sourcing and Merchandising Buyer.

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
                     Vendor Acknowledgement & Confirmation Form
I acknowledge receipt of this Vendor Manual and understand the importance of its contents. I will ensure my company
complies with all directives contained in this manual.

As an officer or duly authorized representative of my company, a Vendor for Casual Male Retail Group, I have read the
principles and terms described in this document and understand my company’s business relationship with Casual Male
Retail Group, Inc (CMRG) is based upon said company being in full compliance with these principles and terms. I
further understand that failure by Vendor to abide by any of the terms and conditions stated herein may result in the
immediate cancellation by CMRG of all outstanding orders with that Vendor and refusal by CMRG to continue to do
business in any manner with said Vendor.

I agree to regard and preserve this Manual as Confidential Information, and Vendor will not without first obtaining the
written consent of Casual Male Retail Group Inc. disclose or make available to any person, firm, enterprise or
corporation, reproduce, transmit or use the Confidential Information except for the purpose as set forth.

I also understand that Modern Testing Services (MTS) is solely the approved third party service provider of product
testing, quality inspections and factory social compliance on behalf of Casual Male Retail Group Inc. and all related
reports will be available directly to Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Your company’s compliance will work toward the
continued success of the Casual Male Retail Group Inc. and its suppliers.

I am signing this statement as a corporate representative of my company, to acknowledge, accept and agree to abide
by Casual Male Retail Group’s Vendor Manual I hereby affirm that all actions, legal and corporate, to make this
binding and enforceable against my company have been completed.

                                               Date (month/day/year): _______________________________________

                                                            Signature: _______________________________________

                                                         Position Title: _______________________________________

                                                  Print or Type Name:________ _______________________________

                                       Vendor/Agent Company name
                                   (Must be same as financial set up):___ ____________________________________

        Having read the manual with your full understanding please return this form complete with original signature to:

                                                                                           Attention Sandy Sherman
                                                                       Manager of Vendor Compliance, Global Sourcing
                                                                                        Casual Male Retail Group, Inc
                                                                                                 555 Turnpike Street
                                                                                                  Canton, MA 02021
                                                                                                781 821 2500 x3356

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
Product Integrity
Overview of Responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

General: Fully understand the contents of the vendor manual and adhere to the spirit in which it is
intended to provide requirements and procedures for the general objective.
Factory Social Compliance:
All factories must meet the legal requirements applicable in the country of production as well as
CMRG Code of Conduct/Vendor Agreement, social, environmental and product quality standards.
Such requirements are not intended to restrict or hamper a factories’ capability or competitiveness.
Demonstrate a general understanding of Audit Process and Procedures for productive and
mutually beneficial social accountability efforts.
Factory/Mill Product Approval Process:
       Submit appropriate samples according to CMRG sample requirements.
       Adhere to Time and Action calendar commitments submitted to CMRG Sourcing Team.
       Submit lab dips according to CMRG Color Approval process
       Submit trim, findings according to CMRG sample submission process.
Factory/Mill Product Performance Testing Process:
Be aware of and comply with regulatory requirements and voluntary industry standards. Work
directly with third party laboratory service provider Modern Testing Services according to testing
program and as business partners, mutually function as an extension of CMRG with common
Factory/Mill Quality Assurance Process:
Provide CMRG with quality assurance procedures for raw materials inspection, online quality
control, and final inspection to ensure the quality assurance process ensures all units shipped are
first quality saleable merchandise.

   • Imperative as a business partner, that we maintain open communication and a supportive
       relationship. Equally committed to delivering quality product, the vendor ensures that each
       factory fully complies with our Code of Conduct/Vendor Agreement. All factories allocated
       CMRG production must be pre-approved according to CMRG requirements.
   • Vendor must fully understand and comply with contents of vendor manual. A waiver to any
       requirements and/or procedures inclusive of this manual must be approved prior to order
       confirmation by the Director of Product Integrity. Extenuating circumstances will be
       reviewed with executive management for waiver approval.
   • Ensure that all factories, individuals or departments that are involved in producing private
       label brand product for CMRG fully understand the contents and contact information is
       routinely updated to communicate updates and/or revisions.
Agent/Vendor Social Accountability:

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
The objective is to evaluate the capability and suitability of a factory, to produce a product that
meets the objective of CMRG and fully complies with Code of Conduct/Vendor Agreement using
the following tools in coordination with Insite Compliance Services for Brand Collaboration
      Vendor Profile
      Code of Conduct / Vendor Agreement
      3rd Party Compliance Audit- Showing 100% compliance with CMRG Code of
          Conduct/Vendor Agreement or a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) that brings the factory to
          compliance and approved by CMRG compliance department.
Agent/Vendor Product Development:
Casual Male develops products in multiple ways including utilizing our Vendor’s knowledge of the
market to inspire new designs. We encourage our Vendor partners to submit new concepts on a
regular basis and to visit with our Product Development Department and Buyers on a quarterly
Agent/Vendor Product Approval Process:
Ensure that appropriate samples are submitted, according to CMRG Sample Approval Process
Agent/Vendor Product Performance Testing Process:
Ensure that samples are submitted to Modern Testing Services in a timely manner according to the
time and action calendar commitment date for approval prior to x factory.
Ensure garment samples submitted for testing must be representative of bulk production quality
and must be the required minimum numbers of samples for each CMRG style in the color way
requested along with fully and properly completed MTS Test Request Form.
Agent/Vendor Quality Assurance Process:
Ensure that all Quality Assurance Managers/Auditors are consistent and thorough in their audit
procedures. Ensure that the following checkpoints are performed:
            Pre-production meetings in the manufacturing factory.
            In-Line audits of each operation.
            Final Random Inspections (FRI) on all styles. Conducted when 80% of the order has
               been completed and packed and according to CMRG
            Ensure that all factories have their own QA process in place, in line with the Factory
               Quality System. This system is outlined in the chapter, Agent/Vendor/Factory QA
Modern Testing Services LLC (MTS)
CMRG carefully monitors, evaluates and ensures the role of the nominated third party laboratory
service provider as an extension of CMRG is based on the Service Agreement and meets or
exceeds the expectations of CMRG and its vendors as business partners. Additional services
available, contact: Norann Warner, Vice President and CMRG global account representative for
more information or .
Social Compliance Program:
Insite Compliance Services Division of MTS provides innovative collaboration and practical
solutions for social accountability program to ensure compliance to CMRG Code of Conduct in
each factory through productive and mutually beneficial auditing process and procedures, where
CMRG production is allocated.
Performance Testing:

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety
Builds and enhances working relationship through outreach for initial introductory meeting as well
as availability for ongoing collaborative efforts with vendors, factories and mills as needed and
Provides global accessibility, extremely competitive prices, turn time 3-4 working days after receipt
of sample and ensures completed quality test reports are provided directly to CMRG unless
otherwise agreed with Director of Product Integrity in advance. Provides strong partnership through
customized Service Agreement with CMRG with dedication to continuous process improvement
Third Party Quality Assurance Inspections:
Carried out based orders >5000 units per style as specified in the test request form submitted for
each style according to Chapter 2: Product Testing Program and detailed according to Chapter 7:
Quality Assurance Program.

Casual Male Retail Group (CMRG)
Provide guidelines and update documentation quarterly including but not limited to expectations,
procedures, and performance standards for all vendors access at
Social Accountability:
CMRG carefully evaluates, qualifies and must approve all factories where CMRG production is
allocated and continually strives to maintain and enhance close working relationships with valued
vendor partners with emphasis on brand collaboration through Insite Compliance Services Division
of Modern Testing Services (MTS).
Product Approval Processes:
Clearly identify deadlines and sample approval commitments according to time and action calendar
for on time deliveries and provide timely approvals upon receipt of submission
Product Performance Testing Process:
Facilitate working relationship with approved third party laboratory service provider Modern Testing
Services LLC. Review and provide timely comment on test report results based on time and action
calendar test report approval date.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Process:
Instruct Vendors for alignment to CMRG inspection procedures and requirement, assessing MTS
and Vendor QA inspection reports; Quality Control Program executed at CMRG in DC including but
not limited to incoming orders according to CMRG inspection procedures and monitoring overall
compliance according to vendor manual requirements.

CMRG Confidentiality Clause applies to this document in its entirety

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