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                 CANADA’S PREMIER


                                     About CAlgAry
                                     As Canada’s fourth most diverse city, Calgary has a
                                     multicultural population of over a million. Our moderate year-
SAIT Polytechnic is
                                     round climate makes Calgary a perfect place to combine study with
the place to go for a                cultural exploration and outstanding recreational activities. We
great education, both                have dozens of parks and a paved bike pathway system throughout
academically and                     the city, and it is only a short drive to the majestic Rocky Mountains
culturally. I have met               and Banff National Park. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will
people and experienced               enjoy skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating in the winter and golf,
different cultures from              tennis, water sports, hiking or horseback riding in the summer.
all over the world. Come             Calgary also has several large professional and many community
                                     theatre groups, opera, ballet, symphonies, museums and art
and live a student life
                                     galleries, as well as a diverse range of restaurants, cafés and local
you will never forget!
                                     nightspots. Calgary continues to be the host to many international
                                     events and the annual Calgary Stampede, and has a thriving film
Marijke Langebroek
                                     and television industry. Calgary has it all. Just a one-hour flight
Hotel and Restaurant Management      from Vancouver, Calgary is your destination for study.
                                     About CAnAdA
                                     Renowned for high academic standards and educational
                                     excellence, Canada is a safe country to live, study, work and
                                     travel. The United Nations has ranked Canada as one of the
                                     top five countries in the world to live. Come to Canada and
                                     experience our welcoming environment.


About SAIt PolyteChnIC                                                 Our International
                                                                       students have come from
SAIT Polytechnic, a fully accredited public polytechnic in the         over 115 countries:
heart of Calgary, Alberta, has over 90 years of experience in          Angola               Macedonia
training for careers. Known as Canada’s Premier Polytechnic, at our    Antigua              Madagascar
                                                                       Argentina            Malaysia
high-tech campus we train people to enter the world of work.           Australia            Mexico
                                                                       Bahrain              Monaco
                                                                       Bangladesh           Mongolia
hAndS-on eduCAtIon                                                     Barbados
                                                                       Bhutan               Netherlands
An education at SAIT Polytechnic is hands-on and interactive. You      Bolivia              Nicaragua
learn how to do things, you’ll actually do them and will see how the   Botswana             Niger
                                                                       Brazil               Nigeria
skills and knowledge you develop apply in the “real world”. Here       Bulgaria             Oman
you will build your knowledge under the guidance of experienced        Cameroon             Pakistan
                                                                       Cambodia             Panama
and talented instructors with industry expertise to help you on        Cayman Islands       Peru
                                                                       Chile                Philippines
the journey towards your career.                                       China                Poland
                                                                       Colombia             Portugal
Employers across Canada and around the world recognize                 Congo                Qatar
                                                                       Croatia              Romania
your SAIT Polytechnic education as a seal of excellence. Our           Cuba                 Russia
                                                                       Dominica             Saudi Arabia
programs are developed in close consultation with business and         Dominican Republic   Scotland
industry to ensure that you are fully equipped to begin your career    Ecuador              Sierra Leone
                                                                       Egypt                Singapore
upon graduation. 95% of SAIT Polytechnic graduates are employed        El Salvador          Slovenia
                                                                       Equatorial Guinea    South Africa
within one year of graduation.                                         Ethiopia             Spain
                                                                       Fiji                 Sri Lanka
At SAIT Polytechnic, you will be among 6500 full-time students,        Finland              St. Kitts & Nevis
                                                                       France               St. Lucia
with 850 international students who have come from over 115            Germany              Sudan
                                                                       Ghana                Suriname
countries, studying in programs ranging from Applied Bachelor          Greece               Sweden
degrees and two-year diplomas to certificates and university           Guatemala            Syria
                                                                       Guam                 Taiwan
transfer programs!                                                     Honduras             Tajikistan
                                                                       Hong Kong            Tanzania

CAlgAry, CAnAdA – A greAt PlACe to be                                  Hungary
                                                                       India                Trinidad & Tobago
SAIt PolyteChnIC – A greAt PlACe to Study                              Indonesia
JoIn uS!                                                               Iraq
                                                                       Israel               United Arab
                                                                       Italy                  Emirates
                                                                       Jamaica              United Kingdom
                                                                       Japan                United States of
                                                                       Jordan                 America
                                                                       Kazakhstan           Uruguay
                                                                       Kenya                Uzbekistan
                                                                       South Korea          Venezuela
                                                                       Kuwait               Vietnam
                                                                       Laos                 Yemen
                                                                       Lebanon              Zaire
                                                                       Libya                Zambia
                                                                       Macao                Zimbabwe


                                       About Work oPPortunItIeS
                                       With a multitude of career opportunities to choose from, you need
                                       to select a school that gives you an advantage in starting your
                                       career. Our graduates have proven that success comes from hard
                                       work, initiative and a great education experience. Over 95% of our
Studying at SAIT                       graduates have jobs within nine months after graduating.
Polytechnic is the
smartest choice I’ve                   Work oPPortunItIeS In CAnAdA
ever made. They provide                There are many work opportunities available to you. You are
a hands-on education                   eligible to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week while
                                       registered as a full time student at SAIT Polytechnic, which can
in high-tech facilities
                                       help support you while you study. You can work off campus while
with an average class
                                       studying in an academic program at SAIT Polytechnic after being
size of 27. All my                     a full time student in good academic standing for 6 months. After
instructors were very                  graduation you can get a Post Graduation Work permit of varying
patient and helpful and                lengths. If you study in an academic program of 2 years or more
I made a lot of new                    you are eligible to get a work permit to work for up to 3 years in
friends. I graduated from              any job in Canada.
Business Administration
last year and have since               2008 grAduAte emPloyment reSultS
been working as an                                                                 Employment   Annual
administrative assistant                                                           Rate         Salary
at SAIT Polytechnic’s                   OVERALL                                    95%          $47,802
International Centre. I                 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS                         92%          $44,312
truly enjoy my                          SCHOOL OF CONSTRUCTION                     98%          $48,273
job helping other                       MacPHAIL SCHOOL OF ENERGY                  96%          $60,160
international students                  SCHOOL OF HEALTH & PUBLIC SAFETY           97%          $51,007

adapt into their new                    SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY & TOURISM            96%          $31,946

academic life.                          SCHOOL OF INFORMATION                      96%          $44,249
                                        & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES
                                        SCHOOL OF MANUFACTURING & AUTOMATION       89%          $55,971
Xue Mi (Michelle)
                                        SCHOOL OF TRANSPORTATION                   98%          $41,187
Business Administration – Accounting
(Graduate 2008)
                                       TOTAL EMPLOYEd OVERALL 95%
China                                  TOTAL EMPLOYEd OVERALL IN TRAINING RELATEd EMPLOYMENT 83%


About the InternAtIonAl Centre
The International Centre has friendly, helpful staff to assist you
in your transition to SAIT Polytechnic and Canada. In addition to
student services available, the following additional services are
provided for international students:

• Academic advising                                 • International Student Orientation
                                                                                                 I was an international
• Admissions and Registrations                      • Information on Health Insurance            student in search of
   assistance                                       • Cultural counselling                       quality education,
• Pre-departure assistance                          • Volunteer Opportunities                    opportunities and
• International Student Mentor Program              • International Student Handbook             success and SAIT
• Airport pick-up                                   • A variety of social, recreational          Polytechnic has been
• Assistance with Study/Work Permits                    and cultural activities                  my best choice. The
   and Temporary Resident Visas                     • Computers in the International Centre
                                                                                                 diversity, approach
• Information on Housing options                    • International student room (MB 201)
                                                                                                 and willingness to
   including Residences at SAIT                        with access to phone
   Polytechnic and Homestay                         • International intramural sport teams
                                                                                                 help everyone, make
                                                                                                 this place stand
                                                                                                 alone amongst
other ServICeS And FACIlItIeS At SAIt PolyteChnIC                                                all others. The
There are many other services and facilities for your use:                                       International Centre
• Employment Workshops            • Bank                             • Chiropractor
                                                                                                 staff has treated me
• Swimming Pool                   • Ice Rink                         • Book and Computer Store
                                                                                                 like family.
• Weight Room                     • SAIT Student                     • Tutors
• Interfaith Room                    Association (SAITSA)            • Study Tips
                                                                                                 Rahul Saha
• Bowling Alley                   • Fitness Centre                   • Campus Wellness Centre
• Personal Trainers               • Learning Skills Centre           • Grocery Store             Business Administration

• Campus Recreation Clubs         • Massage Therapy                  • Student Pub               India

lIvIng CoStS (APProxImAte)
ITEM                                          COST PER MONTH
Homestay (includes food and utilities)                      $650
Residence on campus including utilities               $659–$1049
Off-campus apartment rental (shared)                  $600–$1200
Food and Personal Expenses                             $450–$750
Utilities (hot water, electricity)                     $150–$300
Telephone                                                    $40
Basic Medical Care (Alberta Health Care – must apply)        free
(All costs are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice)

We Are here to helP you WIth queStIonS or ConCernS:
Phone: 1.403.284.8852 • Fax: 1.403.284.7386 E-mail: •

hourS oF oPerAtIon:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time)
Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time)

About uPgrAdIng ProgrAmS
Centre For ACAdemIC leArner ServICeS
Good foundation skills are the basis for every student’s success at SAIT
Polytechnic. If you need to improve your educational foundation, we
have the program for you!
                                                                                                   dAteS oF elF
ACAdemIC uPgrAdIng                                                                                 Sep. 14 – Nov. 2, 2009
This program is for students who need to complete pre-requisites to                                Nov. 3 – Dec. 22, 2009
qualify for their career program of choice. Programs of study include                              Jan. 11 – March 6, 2010
Math 11–12, Sciences 10–12 (Science Preparation, Biology, Chemistry,                               March 7 – May 2, 2010
Physics). The program is offered three times a year – Fall, Winter and                             May 3 – June 25, 2010
Spring. To apply, students need the noted admission requirements:                                  Ongoing every 8 weeks

  • 60% in grade 10 Math (excluding Math 14 and Math 16) or successful completion of a             CoSt Per 8 Week SeSSIon
    Math Placement Test, and 60% in grade 10 English. Transcripts required.                        $2300 CAD
  • Students will be required to complete testing in the relevant subject areas if
                                                                                                   For students entering the
    transcripts are not current or available.
                                                                                                   ELF program, please contact
  • All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission                the Centre for Academic
    in Academic upgrading, including students educated in Canada. The following test               Learner Services in advance
    results will meet the English proficiency requirement for the Academic Upgrading               at: 1.403.210.4045 or email:
    program: CLBA level 7 in all skills, TOEFL ibt 18 in each skill, or IELTS 5.5 in each scale.
                                                                                                   to schedule your CLBA
englISh lAnguAge FoundAtIonS (elF)                                                                 placement test as soon
Our ELF program has an international reputation for high quality English                           as you receive your
language instruction. A member of Languages Canada, our program                                    acceptance letter.
provides English upgrading for students whose first language is not
English. It is designed to help students with intermediate level English
language skills to develop their English skills needed for success in
our academic programs. Levels of English from intermediate to
academic are offered. Our highly skilled and certified instructors use
an intensive, skill-focused approach in listening, speaking, reading and
writing that includes reading academic texts, research, writing essays,
listening to lectures, and making formal presentations. Audio-visual aids
and computer exercises are incorporated into the program to enhance
learning. Students should be prepared to dedicate time for study and to
actively use their English outside of class.

To apply for the ELF program, a SAIT Polytechnic application form and
high school transcripts plus an English translation are required. Upon
arrival on campus, you will be tested on the CLBA (Canadian Language
Benchmarks Assessment) test for accurate placement within the
program. It is important that you register for this CLBA assessment test.

When you apply to the ELF program, you should also apply for the
academic program that you would like to study upon completion of
ELF. This will help you to obtain a Study Permit from the Canadian High
Commission or Embassy in your country.

                                    About dIreCt entry Into SAIt PolyteChnIC CAreer ProgrAmS
                                    English is the language of instruction in all programs at SAIT
                                    and the primary language of most workplaces in Alberta. Students
                                    who would like to enter directly into our academic career programs
                                    must show that they have completed the equivalent of Alberta high
 SAIT Polytechnic is                school English Language Arts – 30 and also show proof of their
 a wonderful place to               English language proficiency.
 study English. The
                                    englISh lAnguAge teStS ACCePted At SAIt PolyteChnIC:
 quality of education
 is perfect. The ELF                 English Tests   Website             Academic Program Entry
 program really
                                     TOEFL    80 (IBT) Includes English Language
 improved our English                                                    Proficiency
 and gave us lots                                                        (20 in each skill)

 of knowledge. We                    IELTS        Band 6 (in all categories) Includes
                                                                         English Language Proficiency
 finished level 4 and
                                     CAEL           Band 60 (overall band) Includes
 now we are studying in                                                  English Language Proficiency
 Petroleum Engineering               CLBA       Level 8 (in all categories) Includes
 Technology. You                                                         English Language Proficiency

 can make many
 friends here.                      ProoF oF englISh lAnguAge ProFICIenCy:
                                    Prior to admission, all students are required to demonstrate
 Ernar Dzhumasov                    proficiency in the English language. This is accomplished by
 and Kirill Dzhen                   obtaining the noted test scores on the English tests or by proving
 ELF Level 4                        three years of full-time instruction in the English Language, with
 (Graduates)                        a minimum of 12 hours instruction per week. A letter from your
 Petroleum Engineering Technology
                                    school, if your education has been carried out in the English
                                    language, will be beneficial.


About SAIt PolyteChnIC CAreer ProgrAmS
SAIT Polytechnic offers over 60 full-time diploma and
certificate programs in eight Schools: Business, Construction,
Energy, Health and Public Safety, Hospitality and Tourism,
Information and Communications Technologies, Manufacturing
and Automation, and Transportation. SAIT also offers four                   I proudly graduated
Applied Bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Geographic             from the Business
Information Systems, Information Systems and Petroleum
Engineering Technology.
                                                                            program at SAIT
SChool oF buSIneSS                                                          Polytechnic in
                                    Length of    Internship/
                                                                            2002. After
                                    Program      Practicum
                                                                Intakes     graduation, they
 Administrative Information                                                 asked me to work
                                    2 years      4 weeks        Fall
 Management                                                                 as an accounting
 Bachelor of Applied Business
                                    2 years      32 weeks
                                                                Fall/       clerk. Now, I have
 Administration (Accounting)                                    Winter
                                                                            graduated with my
 Business Administration
 (Accounting, Financial Services,   2 years      None
                                                                Fall/       degree in Bachelor
 Marketing, Management)                                                     of Applied Business
 Legal Assistant                    2 years      4 weeks        Fall        Administration.

                                                                            Grace Lu
SChool oF ConStruCtIon                                                      Business Administration
                                     Length of    Internship/
 Programs                                                         Intakes   Bachelor of Applied Business
                                     Program      Practicum                 Administration (Graduate)

                                                                  Fall/     Taiwan
 Architectural Technologies          2 years      1 week
 Bachelor of Applied Technology:
                                     2 years      1 year          Fall
 Geographic Information Systems
 Civil Engineering Technology        2 years      None
 Engineering design and drafting                                  Fall/
                                     2 years      None
 Technology                                                       Winter
 Geomatics Engineering Technology    2 years      1 week          Fall
 Process Piping drafting             33 weeks     4 weeks

                                   mACPhAIl SChool oF energy

                                                                           Length of   Internship/
                                    Programs                                                         Intakes
                                                                           Program     Practicum
                                    Accounting Oil and Gas Production      8 months    None          Fall
                                    Bachelor of Applied Technology:
                                                                           2 years     800 hours     Fall/Winter
                                    Petroleum Engineering
                                    Chemical Engineering Technology        2 years     None          Fall
                                    Chemical Technology                    2 years     12 months     Fall
 Ever since I was a
                                    Electrical Engineering Technology      2 years     None          Fall
 kid I loved to play
                                    Energy Asset Management                2 years     None          Fall
 with electronics.
                                    Environmental Technology               2 years     1 week        Fall
 But now thanks to
                                    Instrumentation Engineering
 SAIT Polytechnic I                 Technology
                                                                           2 years     None          Fall
 can design and build               Petroleum Engineering Technology       2 years     None          Fall
 electronic devices.                Petroleum Land Administration          4 months    None          Fall/WInter
 I’m proud to be a                  Power Engineering Technology           2 years     None          Fall
 graduate.                          Process Operations                     1 year      4 weeks       Fall

 Joshua Laryea-Adjei
 Computer Engineering              SChool oF heAlth And PublIC SAFety
 Technology (Graduate)
                                   CPR and First Aid training are offered as prerequisites for programs.
 Bachelor of Applied Technology:
 Information Systems - Network
 Management                                                                Length of   Internship/
                                    Programs                                                         Intakes
                                                                           Program     Practicum
                                    dental Assisting                       10 months   2 weeks       Fall
                                    Emergency Medical Responder            3 months    None
                                    Emergency Medical Technician           10 months   5 months      Fall
                                    Emergency Medical Technology –
                                                                           2 years     38 weeks      Fall
                                    Health Information Management          2 years     14 weeks      Fall
                                    Health Information Office Assistant    5 months    3 weeks       Fall/Winter
                                    Medical Laboratory Assistant           19 weeks    7 weeks       Fall/Winter
                                    Medical Laboratory Technology          19 months   10 months     Fall
                                    Medical Transcriptionist               9 months    4 weeks       Fall
                                    Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles       10 months   None          Fall
                                    Pharmacy Technician – Retail           5 months    160 hours     Fall/Winter
                                    Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant       14 months   5 weeks       Fall
                                    Sterile Processing Technician          5 months    400 hours     Fall/Winter

                                  SChool oF mAnuFACturIng And AutomAtIon

                                                                        Length of   Internship/
                                  Programs                                                        Intakes
                                                                        Program     Practicum
                                  Automated Systems Engineering
                                                                        2 years     None          Fall
                                  Technology (Robotics)
                                  Machinist Technician                  1 year      None          Fall
                                  Mechanical Engineering Technology     2 years     None          Fall

 The facilities at                Non-destructive Testing Foundations   12 weeks    None          Fall/WInter

 the Art Smith Aero               Mechanical design Technology          2 years     None          Fall

 Centre are awesome.              Welding Engineering Technology        2 years     None          Fall

 I liked the way they
 teach here at SAIT
 Polytechnic, hands-              SChool oF trAnSPortAtIon
 on. The environment
 with my classmates               Programs
                                                                        Length of   Internship/
                                                                        Program     Practicum
 was terrific. I learned

                                  Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
 a lot of new things              Technology
                                                                        2 years     None          Fall/Winter

 and most important               Aircraft Structures Technician        1 year      None          Fall
 for me was that there            Automotive Service Technology         2 years     None          Fall
 was always someone               Avionics Technology                   2 years     None          Fall
 willing to assist,               Business Administration: Automotive
                                                                        2 years     26 weeks      Fall
 even now that I have             Management

 graduated.                       diesel Equipment Technician           1 year      None          Fall
                                  Railway Conductor                     17 weeks    None          Fall/Winter

 Armando Bolaños B.
 Aircraft Structures Technology
 (Graduate 2009)

 Programs at SAIT Polytechnic are popular and can fill       MAIL
 up quickly. Applications are processed as early as the      SAIT Polytechnic
 following dates:                                            International Centre
                                                             MA206, Heritage Hall
 SEMESTER                                                    1301 – 16th Avenue NW
 Winter (January) /Spring (May), Starting on August 1        Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4
 Fall (September), Starting on November 1                    CANAdA

 For most Fall semester programs the deadline to apply
 is in June/July. We continue to accept applications
 until all seats in a program are filled. To increase your   EMAIL
 chances of gaining acceptance into high demand              Send colour scanned copies
 programs, we recommend you apply for the Fall semester      of your application form, and
 before March 1st.                                           original transcripts (translated
                                                             into English) electronically to

                                                             Follow us at SAIT ISC
About PAyIng APPlICAtIon FeeS And tuItIon                                                      TUITION
All tuItIon For eACh SemeSter IS due Four WeekS beFore the StArt oF
ClASSeS. When PAyIng tuItIon, PleASe ProvIde the Student’S Full nAme
And SAIt PolyteChnIC Id number WIth the PAyment.

The following payment methods are available:
  • Credit Card: VISA and MasterCard (in person, phone, fax, mail).
    Please provide card number, expiry date and name on card.
  • Cash (in-person only)
  • Certified cheque made payable to SAIT Polytechnic (in person or by mail)
  • Bank Draft/Money Order made payable to SAIT Polytechnic                                     AWARDS AND
  • For bank (wire) transfer please contact the International Centre
    (1.403.284.8852) or An additional amount                             The International
    of $50 CAD must be added to the total transfer.                                             Centre offers two awards:
                                                                                                leadership and
InternAtIonAl Student FeeS                                                                      academic achievement.
                                                         Fees per Semester (approximate)        International students
                                                         (16 Weeks): 2 semesters/year
                                                                                                may apply for these
                                                         $5,500 – $7,000
 All full-time programs
                                                         (depending on program)
                                                                                                awards after completing
 English Language Foundations (ELF)                      $4,600 ($2,300 per 8-week session)
                                                                                                two semesters at SAIT
                                                                                                Polytechnic. Please
                                                                                                see our Website at
 Books, Lab Materials                                    $200 – $1000 (depending on program)
                                                                                       for information
 Campus Recreational/Athletic Fee                        $63
                                                                                                on other Awards and
 *Laptop deposit                                         $500
                                                                                                Scholarships. You must
 Student Association Fee                                 $65.65
                                                                                                be a registered student
 Transit Pass (unlimited use of public transit)          $82
                                                                                                to apply for a
 Health and dental                                       $105
                                                                                                scholarship or award at
(All costs are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD) and are subject to change without notice)
                                                                                                SAIT Polytechnic.
*Not applicable to all programs
                                                                                                Students are
                                                                                                eligible for any
reFund oF tuItIon FeeS
                                                                                                scholarship that does not
This policy applies for students withdrawing from a program:
                                                                                                state Canadian citizen
  • If a student cancels prior to the start of class, the student will                          or Permanent Residence
    receive a full tuition refund excluding the non-refundable tuition                          as a requirement.
    deposit ($250.00). Students may provide International Centre with
    a verbal/written cancellation notice prior to the first day of classes.
  • If a student cancels on the first day of classes, and before the
    end of the drop/add period, the student will receive a 50 per cent
    tuition refund excluding the ancillary fees and non-refundable
    tuition deposit ($250.00). Students may provide International
    Centre with a verbal/written cancellation notice on or before the
    first day of class.
  • If a student withdraws after the drop/add period, the student will
    not receive any refund unless there are mitigating circumstances
    determined by the Registrar or designate.

PROGRAMS                                           SemeSter 4
                                                   Accounting Software Applications
                                                                                                    Non-Destructive Inspection
                                                                                                    Aircraft Gas Turbine Theory I
                                                   Project Management 2                             Aircraft Gas Turbine Theory II
                                                   Web Page Design
                                                   Integrated Business Applications                  Aircraft Structures technician
                                                   Database Applications                            SemeSter 1
                                                   Computer Support                                 Aircraft Wood and Fabric
                                                   Training                                         Aircraft Windows and Lenses
                                                   Elective (select one from the list below)        Aerodynamics for Aircraft Structures
                                                   Note: not all electives are offered every term   Interpretation of Aircraft Drawings
  Accounting –                                     Advanced Design Studies 1                        Canadian Aviation Regulations
  oil and gas Production                           Advanced Design Studies 2                        Intro to Aircraft Metallurgy
 Financial Accounting for Production Accountants
                                                   Event Management 2                               Intro to Aircraft Metal Structures
 Computer Production Accounting on the PC
                                                   Petroleum Office Applications                    Aircraft Propulsion
 Math for Production Accounting
                                                   SemeSter 5                                       NDI Introduction for Aircraft
 Production Accounting – Oil Level 1
                                                   Work Experience                                  Standard Practices Lab
 Academic Preparation
                                                                                                    Standard Practices Theory
 Comp. Production Acct PA System
 Production Accounting – Oil Level 2
                                                    Aircraft maintenance                            SemeSter 2

 Production Accounting – Oil Level 3
                                                    engineers technology                            Airframe Systems Theory
                                                   FIrSt yeAr                                       Aircraft Composite Structures
 Production Accounting – Oil Level 4
                                                   Aerodynamics                                     Advanced Aircraft Metal Structures
 CAPPA Level 5 – Case Studies
                                                   Aircraft Applied Mathematics                     Human Factors
 Job Search and Career Development
                                                   Reciprocating Engine Applications                Aircraft Corrosion
 Practicum for AOGP
                                                   Reciprocating Engine Theory                      Aircraft Sealing
                                                   Canadian Aviation Regulations
  Administrative Information
                                                   Aircraft Instruments                              Architectural technologies
                                                   Aircraft Electrical Systems
 FIrSt yeAr                                                                                         FIrSt yeAr
                                                   Aircraft Elec Sys and Applications
 SemeSter 1                                                                                         SemeSter 1
                                                   Aircraft Structural Materials
 Computer Technology Studies                                                                        Building Systems Technology I
                                                   Aircraft Materials and Structures Theory
 Design Studies 1                                                                                   Architectural Drafting I
                                                   Helicopters Introduction
 Word Processing 1                                                                                  Architectural Design and Presentation I
                                                   Standard Practices I Theory
 Business Studies                                                                                   Building Material Science
                                                   Standard Practices I Lab
 Business Reports & Proposals 1                                                                     Architectural History: Theory & Design
                                                   Standard Practices II Lab
 Business Financial Applications                                                                    Construction Fundamentals
                                                   Standard Practices II Theory
 Professional Presentations 1                                                                       SemeSter 2

 SemeSter 2                                        SeCond yeAr                                      Arch Design and Presentation II

 Accounting Fundamentals 1                         Interpretation of Aircraft Drawings              Building Systems Technology II

 Word Processing 2                                 Aircraft Sys Maintenance Procedures              Architectural Drafting I

 Spreadsheet Applications 1                        Aircraft Practices Program I                     Introduction to Structures

 Business Reports & Proposals 2                    Airframe Systems Theory                          Building Code I

 Office Administration                             Large Aircraft Maintenance System                Technical Communications

 Supervision                                       Aircraft Adv Sys Op/Maint Process
                                                                                                    SeCond yeAr
 Professional Presentations 2                      Aviation Technical Records
                                                                                                    SemeSter 3
                                                   Auto Pilot and Control Systems
 SeCond yeAr                                                                                        Mechanical/Electrical System
                                                   Technical Communications for Aviation
 SemeSter 3                                                                                         Basic Structural Components
                                                   Computing for Aircraft Maintenance
 Accounting Fundamentals 2                                                                          Building Systems Technology III
                                                   Aircraft Electrical Components
 Project Management 1                                                                               Building Code
                                                   Electronics I for Aircraft
 Design Studies 2                                                                                   Architectural CAD Applications
                                                   Electronics II for Aircraft
 Word Processing 3                                                                                  Team Building & Group Projects
                                                   Aircraft Metallurgy
 Spreadsheet Applications 2                                                                         Estimating I
                                                   Helicopter Advanced Theory
 Event Management                                                                                   SemeSter 4 (ArChIteCturAl oPtIon)
                                                   Human Factors
 Business Reports & Proposals 3                                                                     Principles of Construction Doc

Sustainable Methods                         Automotive Service technology     Avionics technology
Building Science                           SemeSter 1                        FIrSt yeAr
Architectural Practicum                    “A” Class (16 weeks)              SemeSter 1
Surveying                                  Communications I                  Aerodynamics
Building Systems Tech IV                   Metallurgy                        Avionics Systems Intro Theory
and Arch. Design & Presentation            Machine Shop                      Avionics Systems Intro Lab
Or                                         Mathematics                       Electricity for Aircraft Theory
Res. Building Systems Tech IV              Automotive Shop                   Applied Electronics Problems
and Res. Arch. Design & Presentation       Automotive Theory                 Electronics I Theory
SemeSter 4 (buIldIng develoPment oPtIon)   “b” Class (16 weeks)              Electronics I Lab
Accounting for Decision Making             Communications II                 Standard Practices I Theory
Principles of Construction Doc             Electronic                        Standard Practices I Lab
Sustainable Methods                        Automotive Shop                   SemeSter 2
Construction Practices                     Automotive Theory                 Canadian Aviation Regulations
Building Science                           Welding                           Aircraft Instruments
Estimating II                              SemeSter 2                        Aircraft Electrical Drawing I
Architectural Practicum                    “A” Class (16 weeks)              Digital I Theory
Surveying                                  Communications II                 Digital I Lab
                                           Electronics                       Electronic Communications Theory
 Automated Systems engineering             Automotive Shop                   Electronics II Theory
 technology                                Automotive Theory                 Electronics II Lab
FIrSt yeAr                                 Welding                           Standard Practices II
SemeSter 1                                 “b” Class (16 weeks)
                                                                             SeCond yeAr
Technical Communications I                 Communications I
                                                                             SemeSter 3
Computer Fundamentals                      Metallurgy
                                                                             Aircraft Navigation Systems
Electrical Principle                       Machine Shop
                                                                             Electrical Interface I Theory
Digital for Automation                     Mathematics
                                                                             Electrical Interface II Theory
Elec Diagrams and AutoCAD                  Automotive Shop
                                                                             Electrical Interface II Lab
Mathematics for Technology I               Automotive Theory
                                                                             Technical Comm for Aviation
SemeSter 2                                 SemeSter 3
                                                                             Aircraft Electrical Drawing II
Electrical Applications                    “A” Class (16 weeks)
                                                                             Communication Systems II Lab
Electronic Components                      Communications III
                                                                             Communication Systems II Theory
Automation Fundamentals                    Automotive Shop
                                                                             SemeSter 4
Robotic Fundamentals                       Automotive Theory
                                                                             Aircraft Systems Theory
Mechanical Systems                         Automotive Air-Conditioning
                                                                             Aircraft Systems Lab
Manufacturing Fundamentals                 Alternate Fuels
                                                                             Introduction To Technical Records
Applied Operations Management              “B” Class (16 weeks)
                                                                             Aircraft Computers
                                           Business Fundamentals
SeCond yeAr                                                                  Autopilot and Control Systems
                                           Sketching and Blueprint Reading
SemeSter 3                                                                   Avionics Systems Installation
                                           Automotive Shop
Advanced PLC Programming                                                     Avionics Systems Lab
                                           Automotive Theory
Automation Systems                                                           Aircraft Engines Theory
                                           SemeSter 4
Advanced Robotic Systems                                                     Human Factors
                                           “A” Class (16 weeks)
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
                                           Business Fundamentals
Mechanical Components
                                           Sketching and Blueprint Reading
                                           Automotive Shop
SemeSter 4
                                           Automotive Theory
Management Practices
                                           “b” Class (16 weeks)
Advanced Manufacturing Controls
                                           Communications III
Technical Communications II
                                           Automotive Shop
Engineering Economics
                                           Automotive Theory
Automation Project
                                           Automotive Air-Conditioning
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
                                           Alternate Fuels
Maintenance Management

 baking and Pastry Arts              broadcast Systems technology                        Macroeconomics
FIrSt yeAr                          FIrSt yeAr
                                                                                         SemeSter 4
SemeSter 1                          SemeSter 1
                                                                                         Intermediate Accounting II
Theory of Baking – Yeast Goods      Computer Hardware and Op System Essentials
                                                                                         Computer Accounting Software
Bakery Production – Yeast Goods     Professional Comm and Presn Skills
                                                                                         Business Policy
Ingredient Function                 Introduction to Networking
                                                                                         electives (Choose 2 of 4)
Business Communications             World of Broadcasting
                                                                                         Management Accounting II
Emergency First Aid/Heartsaver      Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
Food Safety and Sanitation          SemeSter 2
                                                                                         Internet Appl / Financial Mgrs
Trade Practices and Calculations    Broadcast Communications Systems
                                                                                         Network Mgmt for Financial Managers
Practicum – Yeast Goods             Digital Logic Troubleshooting
Bakery Safety and Equipment         Structured Cabling                                   FInAnCIAl ServICeS mAJor
SemeSter 2                          Troubleshooting Electronic Components and Circuits   SemeSter 2
Theory of Baking – Pastry           Business Dynamics                                    Financial Accounting Applications
Bakery Production – Pastry Goods                                                         Business Computers II
                                    SeCond yeAr
Starting A Bakery Operation                                                              Money and Banking
                                    SemeSter 3
Merchandising                                                                            Business Mathematics
                                    Broadcast RF Fundamentals
Nutrition – Basic                                                                        Business Communications II
                                    Broadcast Systems Testing and Measurement
Practicum – Pastry Goods                                                                 Microeconomics
                                    Project Preparation
SemeSter 3
                                    Acoustic and Audio Systems                           SeCond yeAr
Professional Internship
                                    Video Standards and Systems                          SemeSter 3
SeCond yeAr                         SemeSter 4                                           Customer Service Management
SemeSter 4                          RF Transmission Systems                              Investments I
Chocolate Fundamentals              Broadcast Systems Instrumentation and Analysis       Risk and Retirement Plan
Classic Desserts                    Capstone Project                                     Finance Management
Fine Pastries                       Advanced Audio Systems                               Business Law
Wedding Cakes                       Broadcast Video Equipment                            Macroeconomics
Competency Exam – Prac and Theory                                                        SemeSter 4
Nutrition and Recipe Mod Appl        business Administration                             Taxation
Human Resources Management                                                               Financial Selling and Ethics
                                    FIrSt yeAr
Human Interaction                                                                        Investments II
                                    SemeSter 1 (Common)
Special Projects                                                                         Estate and FP Process
                                    Intro. Financial Accounting I
SemeSter 5                                                                               Business Policy
                                    Business Computers I
Sugar Work Artistry                                                                      Statistics
                                    Intro. to Financial Plan
Art of Chocolate
                                    Business Communications I                            mAnAgement mAJor
Elegant Show Pieces
                                    Organizational Behavior                              SemeSter 2
Contemporary Plating Technique
                                    Marketing Essentials                                 Accounting for Managers
Food and Wine Pairing
                                                                                         Business Computers II
Modern Desserts                     ACCountIng mAJor
                                                                                         Business Mathematics
Competency Exam II                  SemeSter 2
                                                                                         Business Communications II
Customer Service                    Introductory Financial Accounting II
                                                                                         Human Resource Management
                                    Business Computers II
                                    Business Mathematics                                 SeCond yeAr
                                    Business Communications II                           SemeSter 3
                                    Microeconomics                                       Financial Management
                                                                                         Business Law
                                    SeCond yeAr
                                    SemeSter 3
                                    Intermediate Accounting I
                                                                                         Project Management
                                    Management Accounting I
                                    Finance Management
                                    Business Law

PROGRAMS                         business Administration
                                 – Automotive management
                                                                           Chemical engineering technology
                                                                          FIrSt yeAr
                                FIrSt yeAr                                SemeSter 1
                                SemeSter 1                                Introduction to Chemical Engineering
                                Accounting Fundamentals I                 Thermodynamics
                                Business Computers I                      Math for Engineering & Tech l
                                Business Communications I                 Professional Comm and Presn Skills
                                Microeconomics                            Engineering Chemistry l
                                Concepts of the Automotive Industry       Computer Fundamentals
 SemeSter 4                     Organizational Behaviour                  SemeSter 2
 Business Ethics                Marketing Essentials                      Math for Engineering & Tech ll
 Leadership Development         SemeSter 2                                Instrumentation & Process Control
 Small Business Management      Accounting for Managers                   Flow Diagram Devt & Auto CADD
 Not-for-Profit Management      Business Mathematics                      Industrial Fluid Systems
 International Business         Business Communications II                Statistics for Engineering & Tech 1
 Business Policy                Macroeconomics                            Engineering Chemistry ll
                                Automotive Technology – Intro
 mArketIng mAJor                                                          SeCond yeAr
                                Canadian Auto Aftermarket
 SemeSter 2                                                               SemeSter 3
 Business Computers II                                                    Process Chemistry
                                Marketing Management
 Business Mathematics                                                     Chemical Engineering Calculations
                                SemeSter 3
 Business Communication II                                                Unit Operations Laboratory
                                Co-operative Work Term I
 Microeconomics                                                           Mass Transfer
 Advertising                    SeCond yeAr                               Heat Transfer
 Marketing Management           SemeSter 4                                Materials
                                Financial Management                      Chemical and Environmental Safety
 SeCond yeAr
                                Business Law                              SemeSter 4
 SemeSter 3
                                Introduction to Fixed Operations          Chemical Process Design I
                                Leasing, Finance and Insurance            Analytical/Process Instrumentation
 International Marketing
                                Managing E-Business                       Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics
                                Human Resource Management                 Technical Communications II
 Public Relations/Event MKtg
                                International Marketing                   Environmental Engineering I
 Sale Management
                                Business Statistics                       SemeSter 5
 Business Statistics
                                SemeSter 5                                Industrial Applications
 SemeSter 4
                                Business Ethics                           Technical Project
 Business Law
                                Automotive Management                     Environmental Engineering II
 Business Policy
                                New and Used Vehicle Sales Mgmt           Project Management
 Retail Marketing
                                Business Policy
 Market Research
                                Retail Marketing
 Integrated Marketing Comm                                                 Chemical technology
                                Marketing Research
 Business to Business Selling                                             FIrSt yeAr
                                DMS Parts and Service
                                                                          SemeSter 1
                                Sales Management
                                                                          Applied Math with Chemical App
                                SemeSter 6
                                                                          General Chemistry
                                Co-operative Work Term II
                                                                          Basic Laboratory Techniques
                                Business Intelligence:
                                                                          Computer Prog with Chem App
                                Data Analysis and Reporting
                                                                          Chemical Instrumentation I
                                Introduction to Data Management
                                                                          Chemical Safety
                                Business Analysis for B.I. Applications
                                                                          SemeSter 2
                                Architecture and Design
                                                                          Organic Chemistry
                                ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
                                                                          Inorganic Chemistry
                                Reporting and Analytics
                                                                          Analytical Chemistry
                                OLAP (Online Analytical Processes)
                                                                          Technical Communications I
                                Performance Management Applications
                                                                          Chemical Instrumentation II
                                Applied Business Intelligence Project

SeCond yeAr                             Scheduling and Economics                  dental Assisting
SemeSter 3                              Cost Control
                                                                                 SemeSter 1
Applied Industrial Org. Chem            Major Project
                                                                                 Clinical Operations
Chemometric Application Intro           Technical Communications II
                                                                                 Restorative Procedures 1
Environmental Science/Ecology           Mechanical – Electrical
                                                                                 Clinical Recording
Water Treatment                         SemeSter 5 (4 WeekS)
                                                                                 Preventive Procedures 1
Applied Analytical Instrumentation I    Asphalt Practices
                                                                                 Oral Anatomy
Thermodynamics                          Contracts
                                                                                 Embryology, Histology & Path
Co-op Work Term (Option):               GIS Technology
                                                                                 Infection Prevention & Control
Work Term for Chemistry Co-op           Survey I
(8-12 months) Jan – Dec                 SemeSter 3 (munICIPAl oPtIon)
                                                                                 Pharmacology & Emergencies
SemeSter 4                              Water Resources I
                                                                                 Radiography 1
Introductory Biochemistry               Geotechnical Design
                                                                                 SemeSter 2
Technical Project Week                  Highway Design
                                                                                 Dental Specialties
Unit Chemical Process Oper.             Structural Design (R/C)
                                                                                 Professional Practice DA
Industrial Chemical Testing             Urban Services Design
                                                                                 Prosthodontic Procedures 1
Applied Analytical Inst. II             Subdivision and Site Planning
                                                                                 Preventive Procedures 2
Applied Microbiology Tech               Regulations and Safety
                                                                                 Impressions & Study Casts
Quality Assurance and Quality Control   Environmental Engineering
                                                                                 Dental Office Procedures
                                        Estimating II
                                                                                 Restorative Procedures 2
                                        SemeSter 4
 Civil engineering technology                                                    Practicum 1 DA
                                        Asphalt Technology
FIrSt yeAr                                                                       Radiography 2
                                        Transportation Engineering
SemeSter 1                                                                       SemeSter 3
                                        Structural Design (S&T)
Concrete Technology                                                              Preventive Procedures 3
                                        Water Resources II
Technical Communications I                                                       Prosthodontic Procedures 2
                                        Construction Admin and Supervision
Computer Fundamentals                                                            Restorative Procedures 3
                                        Scheduling and Economics
Civil Drafting I                                                                 Dental Specialties 2
                                        Major Project
Mathematics for Technology I                                                     Practicum 2 DA
                                        Technical Communications II
Engineering Physics
                                        SemeSter 5 (4 WeekS)
Structural Statics
                                        Contracts                                 diesel equipment technician
                                        GIS Technology                           SemeSter 1
SemeSter 2
                                        Survey II                                Mechanical Skills Theory
Soil Mechanics
                                                                                 Mechanical Skills Lab
Construction Fundamentals
                                                                                 Braking Systems Theory
Civil Drafting II                        database Administrator
                                                                                 Braking Systems Lab
Estimating I                            Oracle Architecture and Administration
                                                                                 Electrical/Electronics Theory
Mathematics for Technology II           Oracle: Network Administration
                                                                                 Electrical/Electronics Lab
Strength of Materials                   Microsoft SQL Server Database
                                                                                 Suspension, Wheels and Systems Lab
Statistics                              Scripting for Databases
                                                                                 Suspension, Wheels and Systems Theory
                                        Oracle Fundamentals: SQL and PL/SQL
SeCond yeAr                                                                      Hydraulics Theory
                                        Third Party Applications
SemeSter 3 (ConStruCtIon mgmt oPtIon)                                            Hydraulics Lab
                                        Database Op Systems Network Fund I
Water Resources I                                                                Oxygen-Acetylene Equipment Lab
                                        Operating System Fundamentals in Linux
Geotechnical Design                                                              SemeSter 2
                                        Data Modelling and RDB Design
Structural Design I                                                              Elect. Charging, Cranking Theory
                                        Database Skills in Unix/Linux
Construction Admn and Supervision                                                Elect. Charging, Cranking Lab
                                        Data Warehousing and Mining
Regulations and Safety                                                           Diesel Engine Theory
                                        Oracle: Backup and Recovery
Environmental Engineering                                                        Diesel Engine Lab
                                        Database Administration Project
Estimating II                                                                    Engine Tune-up Theory
                                        Oracle Performance and Tuning
SemeSter 4                                                                       Engine Tune-Up Lab
                                        Database Web Integration
Structural Design II                                                             Powertrain Lab
                                        Career Planning and Management
Construction Methods and Equip                                                   Life Skills Lab
                                        Database Security Fundamentals
Building Science
                                        Database Administration Practicum
                                        Project Management for DBA

PROGRAMS                                 electrical engineering technology
                                        FIrSt yeAr
                                                                                 Applied Analysis
                                                                                 Electronic Devices and Circuits II
                                                                                 Micro Fundamentals
                                        SemeSter 1
                                                                                 Project Preparation
                                        Technical Communications I
                                                                                 SemeSter 4
                                        MS Office: Intro for Engineering Tech
                                                                                 Electronic Control Systems
                                        MS – Project
                                                                                 Wireless Applications and Networks
                                        Introduction to Digital
                                                                                 Advanced Instruments
                                        Electrical Fundamentals
                                                                                 Micro Design and Application
                                        Mathematics for Technology I
                                                                                 Capstone Project
  digital graphics Communications       Process Control and Measurement
                                        SemeSter 2
 FIrSt yeAr
 SemeSter 1
                                        Safety and Environment                    emergency medical technician
                                        Electrical Analysis                      SemeSter 1
 Technical Communications I
                                        Electrical Practices                     Anatomy & Physiology
 PC Basics
                                        Electronics Theory/Laboratory            Patient Assessment
 Math for Printers I
                                        Elec Diagrams and AutoCAD                Basic Pharmacology
 Print Service Coordination I
                                        Mathematics for Technology II            Traumatic Emergencies
 Print Industry Studies I
 Press and Bindery I                                                             Respiratory Emergencies
                                        SeCond yeAr
 Pre-Press I                                                                     Health & Safety
                                        SemeSter 3
 Typesetting I                                                                   Professional Practice 1
                                        PLC - Contrologix Applications
 SemeSter 2                                                                      Medical Terminology 1
                                        Commercial Electrical Design
 Web Production I                                                                SemeSter 2
                                        Machine Applications
 E-Graphics Layout for Publishing I                                              Medical Emergencies
                                        Rotating Machines
 Print Materials                                                                 Special Populations
                                        Transformer Applications
 Pre-Flight                                                                      Cardiac Emergencies
                                        Semiconductor Applications
 Print Service Coordination II                                                   Professional Practice 2
                                        SemeSter 4
 Pre-Press II                                                                    Professional Practice 3
                                        PLC - Contrologix Applications 2
 Press and Bindery II                                                            EMTA Clinical Practicum
                                        Technical Communication II
 Typesetting II                                                                  Ambulance Practicum
                                        Industrial Electrical Design
                                        Industrial Networks and Communications
 SeCond yeAr
 SemeSter 3
                                        Power Systems 2                           emergency medical technology –
                                        Power Systems 3                           Paramedic
 Web Production II
                                        Technical Project                        FIrSt yeAr
 E-Graphics Layout for Publishing II
                                                                                 SemeSter 1
 Printing Estimating I
                                                                                 Infection Prevention & Control
 Pre-Press III                           electronics engineering
                                         technology                              Fitness & Wellness 1
 Press and Bindery III
                                                                                 Paramedic Practice 1
 Printing Administration I              FIrSt yeAr
                                                                                 Physiology & Physical Assessment
 Printing Project I                     SemeSter 1
                                                                                 Pharmacology Basics
 Typesetting III                        Professional Comm and Presn Skills
                                                                                 Paramedicine Lab 1
 SemeSter 4                             Digital Fundamentals
                                                                                 Environmental and Aeromed Emergencies
 E-Graphics Layout for Publishing III   Electronic Fabrication and Design
                                                                                 Field Practicum 1
 Printing Estimating II                 Electronic Fundamentals
                                                                                 SemeSter 2
 Print Industry Studies II              Mathematics for Technologists
                                                                                 Fitness & Wellness 2
 Pre-Press IV                           SemeSter 2
                                                                                 Advanced Trauma Management
 Printing Administration II             C Programming for Technologists
                                                                                 Cardiac Emergencies
 Print Production                       Digital Devices and Applications
                                                                                 Respiratory Emergencies
 Typesetting IV                         Electronic Devices and Circuits I
                                                                                 Paramedicine Lab 2
                                        Business Dynamics
                                                                                 Field Practicum 2
                                        Calculus for Technologists
                                                                                 SeCond yeAr
                                        SeCond yeAr
                                                                                 SemeSter 3
                                        SemeSter 3
                                                                                 Fitness & Wellness 3
                                        Electronic Communication Systems

Gastro/Urinary Emergencies              engineering design and                    3D Structural CADD
Neurological Emergencies                drafting technology                       HV AC Design
OBGYN and Pediatrics                                                              Technical Report
                                       FIrSt yeAr
Special Population Groups                                                         Environmental Engineering
                                       SemeSter 1
Paramedic Practice 2
                                       Concrete Practices
Paramedicine Lab 3
                                       Technical Communications I                  environmental technology
Clinical Practicum 1
                                       Computer Fundamentals                      FIrSt yeAr
SemeSter 4
                                       Digital Drafting Fundamentals              SemeSter 1
Fitness & Wellness 4
                                       Mathematics for Technology I               Applied Math with Chemical App
Preceptor Training
                                       Structural Statics                         Biology/Field Ecology
Paramedic Practice 3
                                       Surveying                                  Chemistry and the Environment
Healthcare Specialties
                                       SemeSter 2                                 Analytical Lab Skills
Clinical Practicum 2
                                       Architectural Drafting                     Technical Communications I
Field Practicum 3
                                       Descriptive Geometry                       Computer Prog with Chem App
                                       Topographical Drafting I                   Intro Enviro Organic Chemistry
 energy Asset management               Advanced Digital Drafting                  SemeSter 2
FIrSt yeAr                             Fluid Mechanics                            Environment Risk Communication
SemeSter 1                             Strength of Materials                      Industrial Process/Cntr Enviro
Professional Comm and Presn Skills     Statistics                                 Environmental/Health and Risk Assess
Business Info Comm Tech Systems                                                   Air Sampling and Monitoring
                                       SeCond yeAr
EAM Business Law                                                                  Remote Sensing – Introduction
                                       SemeSter 3
Energy Industry Introduction                                                      Environmental Chemistry I
                                       Electrical Principles
Overview of Energy Asset Management                                               Geographical Communications
                                       Mechanical Drafting (Machine)
SemeSter 2                                                                        Geology
                                       Electrical Drafting
Professional Communication Skills ll
                                       Process Piping Drafting I                  SeCond yeAr
Data & Records Management
                                       Structural Drafting                        SemeSter 3
Financial Decision Making
                                       Topographical Drafting II                  Data Interpretation
EAM Pre- Acquisition & Acquisition
                                       Technical Communications II                Environ. Audits/Mgmt Syst.
EAM Drilling & Completion
                                       SemeSter 4 (CIvIl oPtIon)                  Environmental Law and Regulation
SeCond yeAr                            3D Civil CADD                              Ecosystems/Environ. Impact Assess
SemeSter 3                             Urban Planning/Municipal Services Design   Environmental Sampling/Analysis
Economics                              Subdivision Design                         Site Reclamation
Oil & Gas Marketing                    Water Resources Engineering                Environmental Chemistry II
EAM Maintenance                        Introduction to GIS                        Environmental Considerations
EAM Production Facilities              Technical Project Report                   Hydrology/Hydrogeology
EAM Project Preparation                Environmental Engineering                  SemeSter 4
SemeSter 4                             SemeSter 4 (ProCeSS PIPIng oPtIon)         Environmental Project Mgmt
EAM Accounting                         Process Piping Drafting II                 Subdiv. Plan/Design/Land use
Organizational Behaviour               Pressure Vessel Design                     Solid Waste Management
EAM Production                         Plant Planning                             Water/Wastewater Treatment
EAM Abandonment & Relinquishment       Plant Equipment                            Water/Wastewater Treatment Lab
EAM Capstone Project                   Instrumentation & Process Control          Environmental Microbiology
                                       3D Piping CADD                             Environmental Considerations – Advanced
                                       Electrical Design                          Environment Technical Project
                                       Technical Report                           Field Safety
                                       Natural Gas Processing
                                       SemeSter 4 (StruCturAl oPtIon)
                                       Structural Theory and Design
                                       Structural Steel Detailing
                                       Structural Reinforced Concrete Drawings
                                       Industrial/Commercial Building
                                       Field Trips

PROGRAMS                                 Cinematography, Lighting and Grip II
                                         Location Production Lab I
                                                                                    Web Programming
                                                                                    Microstation for Mapping
                                         Post Production and Graphics I             Digital Mapping II
                                         Business of Film I                         Engineering Physics
                                         Screenwriting I                            Global Navigation Satellite System I
                                                                                    Surveying II
                                         SeCond yeAr
                                                                                    Applied Computations for Geomatics
                                         SemeSter 3
                                         Film/Video Production Planning I           SeCond yeAr
                                         Film/Video Production Critique I           SemeSter 3
  exploration Information                Location Production Lab II                 Spatial Databases
  technology                             Screenwriting II                           Digital Cartography
 FIrSt yeAr                              *options – Students choose 1 of 3          Digital Terrain Modeling
 SemeSter 1                              option 1 – Production/direction*           Digital Mapping III
 Technical Communications I              Production and Direction Skills I          Map Projections
 Computer Fundamentals for Geology I     Business of Film II                        Geomatics Practicum
 Physical Geology                        option 2 – Cinematography, lighting,       Global Navigation Satellite Systems II
 Geophysics Data Processes I             grip and Sound*                            Civil 3D Design
 Mathematics for Technology I            Cinematography, Lighting, Grip, Sound I    Adjustments
 SemeSter 2                              Film and Video Technologies                Geodesy
 Computer Fundamentals for Geology II    option 3 – Post-Production*                SemeSter 4
 Drilling Fundamentals for Exploration   Post Production and Graphics II            Technical Communications II
 Exploration Geology                     Film and Video Technologies                ArcGIS
 Geophysics Data Processes II            SemeSter 4                                 Web Mapping
 Statistics                              Film/Video Production Planning II          Softcopy Photogrammetry
                                         Film/Video Production Critique II          Project Planning
 SeCond yeAr                             Location Production Lab III                Technology Management
 SemeSter 3                              Film/Video Practicum                       Remote Sensing
 Database Design and SQL Programming     Screenwriting III                          MicroSurvey
 Unix Systems for Geologist              **options – Students choose 1 of 3         GIS
 Technical Communications II             Option 1 – Production/Direction**
 Case Studies in Petroleum Geology                                                  SurveyIng mAJor
                                         Production and Direction Skills II
 Log Analysis for Geologists                                                        SemeSter 2
                                         option 2 – Cinematography, lighting,
 Advanced Geophysical Applications                                                  Technical Communications I
                                         grip and Sound**
 SemeSter 4                                                                         First Aid
                                         Cinematography, Lighting, Grip, Sound II
 Advanced UNIX Systems for Geologists                                               Geomatics Drafting II
                                         option 3 – Post-Production**
 Case Studies in Energy Development                                                 Engineering Physics
                                         Post Production and Graphics III
 Case Histories in Geophysics                                                       Global Navigation Satellite System I
 Seminar Topics in Geophysics                                                       Surveying II (8 weeks)
 Intermediate GIS
                                          geomatics engineering                     Surveying III (8 weeks)
 Reservoir Engineering for Geologists
                                          technology                                Fieldwork II
                                         FIrSt yeAr                                 Applied Computations for Geomatics
  Film and video Production              Computer Fundamentals
                                                                                    SeCond yeAr
 FIrSt yeAr                                                                         SemeSter 3
                                         Geomatics Drafting I
 SemeSter 1                                                                         Geo-Spatial Databases
                                         Digital Mapping I
 Media Computer Basics                                                              Map Projections
                                         Mathematics for Technology I
 Introduction to Visual Narrative                                                   Geomatics Practicum
                                         Surveying I
 Introduction to Film/Video                                                         Global Navigation Satellite System II
                                         Fieldwork I
 Introduction to Film/Video Graphics                                                Land Development Desktop
                                         Survey Programming
 Sound Recording I                                                                  Fieldwork III
 Cinematography, Lighting and Grip I     mAPPIng mAJor                              Control Surveys
 Introduction to Screenwriting           SemeSter 2                                 Adjustments
 SemeSter 2                              Technical Communications I                 Geodesy
 Sound Recording II                      Geomatics Drafting II

SemeSter 4                            Marketing Strategy                         Journalism
Technical Communications II           SemeSter 5
                                                                                FIrSt yeAr
Technology Management                 Hospitality Accounting
                                                                                SemeSter 1
MicroSurvey                           Special Events Management II
                                                                                Fundamentals of Writing
Land Surveys                          Microeconomics
                                                                                Media Software
Fieldwork IV                          Food and Beverage Cost Management
                                                                                Newswriting I
GIS                                   Contract Services Management
                                                                                Photojournalism I
Municipal and Construction Survey     Hospitality Industry Supervision
                                                                                Advertising/Public Relations
                                                                                Typesetting II
 health Information                    Instrumentation engineering              Print Journalism Research
 office Assistant                      technology                               SemeSter 2
SemeSter 1                            FIrSt yeAr                                E-Graphics Layout for Publishing I
MS Office Basics                      SemeSter 1                                Media Ethics
Health Care Billing                   Science for Instrumentation I             Publication Planning, Organization and Mgmt
Healthcare Systems Fundamentals       Computer Operations: An Introduction      Feature Writing I
Health Information Law 1              Electrical Principles                     Web Writing and Design I
Patient Record Fundamentals           Instrument Technical Drawing              Newswriting II
Electronic Health Record Concepts     Process Instruments I                     Photojournalism II
Electronic Medical Record             Mathematics for Technology I              Canadian Government
Medical Office Accounting             SemeSter 2                                Electronic Page Composition
Medical Office Procedures             Science for Instrumentation II
                                                                                SeCond yeAr
Medical Terminology 1                 Electrical Code for Hazardous Locations
                                                                                SemeSter 3 (Photo JournAlISm oPtIon)
Professional Practice HIOA            Technical Communications I
                                                                                Web Production II
SemeSter 2                            First Aid
                                                                                Graphic Arts for Photojournalists
Practicum HIOA                        Process Instruments II
                                                                                Photojournalism Newswriting
                                      Mathematics for Technology II
                                                                                Feature Writing II
 hospitality management               Instrument Maintenance
                                                                                Photojournalism III
                                      Intro-Instrumentation Safety
FIrSt yeAr                                                                      History of Photojournalism
                                      Transportation Dangerous Goods (TDG)
SemeSter 1                                                                      Electronic Still Imaging I
                                      Industrial Processes
Computer Applications I                                                         Studio and Editorial Illustration I
                                      H2S Alive
Wine & Spirits Appreciation                                                     SemeSter 4
Business Communications I             SeCond yeAr                               Freelancing for Photojournalists
Food and Beverage Service             SemeSter 3                                Photojournalism IV
Food Production                       Industrial Analyzers I                    Electronic Still Imaging II
Food Safety and Nutrition             Distributed Control Systems I             Studio and Editorial Illustration II
Entrepreneurial Studies               Instrumentation Programming I             Portfolio Production
SemeSter 2                            Process Systems I                         Photojournalism Practicum
Business Mathematics                  Introduction to Digital
                                                                                SeCond yeAr
Business Communications II            Electronics for Instrumentation
                                                                                SemeSter 3 (PrInt medIA oPtIon)
Yield Management                      Industrial Project Mgmt
                                                                                Copy Editing
Lodging Systems                       SemeSter 4
                                                                                Publication Layout and Design
Introduction to Marketing             Industrial Analyzers II
                                                                                Newswriting III
Introduction to Tourism               Distributed Control Systems II
                                                                                Feature Writing II
SemeSter 3                            Instrumentation Programming II
                                                                                Web Writing and Design II
Professional Internship               Process Control Systems II
                                                                                Newspaper Production I
                                      PLC and Ladder Logic
SeCond yeAr                                                                     Photojournalism for Reporters
                                      Instrumentation Software
SemeSter 4                                                                      Print Media Practicum I
                                      Instrumentation Project
Fin. Acct. for Hospitality Industry                                             SemeSter 4
Special Events Management I                                                     Editorial and Opinion Writing
Hospitality Law                                                                 News Graphics
Organizational Behavior in Tourism                                              Newswriting IV
Facilities Management and Design                                                Freelancing

PROGRAMS                        library Information technology
                               FIrSt yeAr
                                                                     machinist technician
                                                                    SemeSter 1
                               SemeSter 1                           Blueprint Reading
                               Cataloguing and Classification I     Metallurgy
                               Interpersonal Communication          Machinist Theory I
                               Business Communications I            Machine Shop I
                               Computer Fundamentals                Mathematics
                               Introduction to Libraries            Welding
                               Survey of Western Culture            SemeSter 2
 Newspaper Production II       Library Information Services I       Machinist Theory II
 Print Media Practicum II      SemeSter 2                           Machine Shop II
 Public Relations Writing      Cataloguing and Classification II    Mathematics – II
                               Business Communications II           Computer Numerical Control Theory
                               Intro to Library Automation          Computer Numerical Control Lab
  legal Assistant
                               Library Operations                   Computer Aided Manufacturing
 FIrSt yeAr
                               Records Management I
 SemeSter 1
 Keyboard Skill building I
                               Library Information Services II       meat operations
 Introduction to Law           SeCond yeAr                           and management
 Litigation Law I                                                   Emergency First Aid/HeartSaver
                               SemeSter 3
 Legal Word Processing I                                            Food Safety and Sanitation
                               Cataloguing and Classification III
 Law Office Procedures                                              Practical/Shop
                               Liibrary Network Technology
 Office Applications I                                              Theory of Meat
                               Online Database Searching
 SemeSter 2                                                         Meat Management
                               Library Organization
 Legal Accounting                                                   Retail Meat Practicum
                               Practicum Preparation
 Corporate Law                 *Electives:
 Real Estate Law I             Contemporary World Literature *       mechanical design technology
 Commercial Law                Storytelling*                        FIrSt yeAr
 Legal Resources               School Libraries*                    SemeSter 1
 Legal Word Processing II      Specialized Terminology*             Administrative Practice
                               Library and Info Tech Project I*     Metallurgical Chemistry
 SeCond yeAr
                               Collection Development for Adults*   Computer Systems Integration
 SemeSter 3
                               SemeSter 4                           Professional Comm and Pres Skills
 Litigation Law II
                               Designing Web Tools for Libraries    Mechanical Design Drawing
 Criminal Law
                               Managing Digital Content             Mathematics for Technology I
 Real Estate Law II
                               Library Marketing                    Engineering Physics
 Credit and Collection Law
                               Library in Society                   MDT Project I
 Legal Word Processing III
                               Library Practicum I                  SemeSter 2
 Law office Communications
                               Library Practicum II                 Materials Technology I
 SemeSter 4
                               *Electives:                          Mechanical Drafting I
 Family Law
                               Special Libraries*                   Mathematics for Technology II
 Wills and Estate Law
                               Services Children/Young Adults*      Mechanical Fundamentals I
 Oil and Gas Law
                               Public Libraries*                    Manufacturing Fundamentals
 Machine Transcription
                               Records Management II*               Prototyping and Model Making
 Legal Workplace Dynamics
                               Library and Info Tech Project I*     NDT Project II
 Law office Simulation
 Legal Computer Applications                                        SeCond yeAr
 SemeSter 5                                                         SemeSter 3
 Law office Practicum                                               Product Design Economics
                                                                    Manufacturing Processes I
                                                                    Computer Modeling
                                                                    MDT Project III
                                                                    Mechanical Fundamentals II

Design for Manufacturability             medical laboratory                 Clinical Practicum Microbiology
SemeSter 4                               Assistant                          Clinical Practicum Chemistry
Electrical Principles                   Electrocardiography Level 1         Clinical Practicum Hematology
Composite Materials Technology          Infection Prevention & Control      Clinical Practicum Trans Med
Project Leadership                      Professional Practice MLA           Clinical Practicum Histology
Plastic Manufacturing and Mold Making   Clinical Laboratory - Intro         SemeSter 5
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing    Specimen Accession                  MLT Clinical Chemistry 3 (con’t)
Applied Operations Management           Basic Laboratory Procedures         Hematology 3 (con’t)
MDT Project IV                          Medical Terminology 1               Clinical Microbiology 4 (con’t)
                                        Phlebotomy                          Applied Investigation
                                                                            Professional Practice MLT (con’t)
 mechanical engineering                 MLA Practicum
 technology                             Healthcare Professionalism          Spec Coll & Handling Practicum (con’t)
                                        Urinalysis                          Clinical Practicum Microbiology (con’t)
FIrSt yeAr
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Chemistry (con’t)
SemeSter 1
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Hematology (con’t)
Administrative Practice                  medical laboratory technology      Clinical Practicum Trans Med (con’t)
Metallurgical Chemistry                 FIrSt yeAr
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Histology (con’t)
Technical Communications I              SemeSter 1
                                                                            SemeSter 6
Computer Fundamentals                   Anatomy & Physiology
                                                                            MLT Clinical Chemistry 3 (con’t)
Mechanical Drafting I                   MS office Basics
                                                                            Hematology 3 (con’t)
Mathematics for Technology I            Infection Prevention & Control
                                                                            Clinical Microbiology 4 (con’t)
Engineering Physics                     Clinical Microbiology 1
                                                                            Professional Practice MLT (con’t)
Statistics                              Analytical Techniques
                                                                            National Certification Practice Exams
SemeSter 2                              Clinical Lab Practice – Intro
                                                                            Spec Coll & Handling Practicum (con’t)
Dynamics                                Basic Laboratory Procedures
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Microbiology (con’t)
Electrical Principles                   Medical Terminology 1
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Chemistry (con’t)
Materials Technology I                  Specimen Collection and Handling
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Hematology (con’t)
Mechanical Drafting II                  Healthcare Professionalism
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Transfusion (con’t)
Mathematics for Technology II           SemeSter 2
                                                                            Clinical Practicum Histology (con’t)
Manufacturing Fundamentals              MLT Clinical Chemistry 1
Engineering Statics                     Hematology 1
                                                                             medical transcriptionist
SeCond yeAr
                                                                            SemeSter 1
SemeSter 3                              Clinical Microbiology 2
                                                                            Anatomy and Physiology
Instrumentation for Automation          Histotechnology 1
                                                                            MS Office Basics
Engineering Economics                   Transfusion Medicine 1
                                                                            Healthcare Systems Fundamentals
Fluid Mechanics                         MLT Quality Management
                                                                            Health Information Law 1
Manufacturing Processes I               Urinalysis
                                                                            Patient Record Fundamentals
Quality and Project Management          SemeSter 3
                                                                            Intro to Medical Transcription
Strength of Materials                   MLT Clinical Chemistry 2
                                                                            Medical Transcription 1
Thermodynamics I and II                 Hematology 2
                                                                            Medical Terminology 1
SemeSter 4                              Clinical Microbiology 3
                                                                            Pathophysiology I
Technical Communications II             Professional Practice MLT
                                                                            SemeSter 2
Machine Design                          Transfusion Medicine 2
                                                                            Healthcare Software Applications
Mechanical Design Project               Histotechnology 2
                                                                            Healthcare Professionalism
Materials Technology II                 SeCond yeAr                         Medical Transcription 2
Fluid Power                             SemeSter 4                          Medical Transcription 3
Manufacturing Processes II              MLT Clinical Chemistry 3            Medical Transcription Adv. 1
Thermodynamics II                       Hematology 3                        Medical Transcription Adv. 2
                                        Clinical Microbiology 4             Medical Terminology 2
                                        Molecular Medicine Fundamentals     Pathophysiology 2
                                        Professional Practice MLT (con’t)   SemeSter 3
                                        Management Skills                   Practicum MT
                                        Spec Coll & Handling Practicum

PROGRAMS                                           Portfolio Development
                                                   New Media Practicum
                                                                                                        Software Project Development for OOSD
                                                                                                        Threaded Project for OOSD

                                                    non-destructive testing                              Petroleum engineering technology
                                                    Foundations                                         FIrSt yeAr
                                                   Engineering Materials, Processes & Codes             SemeSter 1
                                                   Technical Communications for Industry                Intro to Petroleum Chemistry
                                                   Radiography Level I                                  Technical Communications I
                                                   Ultrasonics Level I                                  Computer Fundamentals
                                                   Radiation Safety Exposure Device Operator Trainees
  network technician                                                                                    Introduction to Drilling
                                                   Introduction to the World of NDT                     Physical Geology
 Hardware and Peripheral Service
                                                   Magnetic Particle Levels 1 & 2                       Mathematics for Technology I
 Internetworks Level I
                                                   Liquid Penetrant Levels 1 & 2                        Petroleum Engineering Science I
 Internetworks Level II
                                                   NDI Math                                             Petroleum Safety Fundamentals
 Internetworks Level III
 Internetworks Level IV                                                                                 SemeSter 2
 Career Planning for Network Technicians            nutrition For healthy                               Petroleum Computer Applications
 Troubleshooting Methods for Network Technicians    lifestyles                                          Drilling Fluids and Hydraulics
 Emerging Technologies for Network Technicians     SemeSter 1                                           Petroleum Geology
 Unix I for Network Technicians                    Adult Education Principles                           Mathematics for Technology II
 Microsoft Networking                              Food Safety and Sanitation                           Petroleum Engineering Science II
 Network Technician Practicum                      Human Nutrition                                      Oil and Gas Surface Production
                                                   Lifecycle Nutrition                                  Basic Reservoir Engineering Technology
                                                   Nutrition and Disease Prevention
  new media Production                                                                                  SeCond yeAr
                                                   SemeSter 2
  and design                                                                                            SemeSter 3
                                                   Program Planning for Adult Ed
 FIrSt yeAr                                                                                             Applied Petroleum Chemistry
                                                   Communication and Presentation Skills
 SemeSter 1                                                                                             Advanced Drilling Technology I
                                                   Nutrition Trends and Controversy
 Interpersonal Communication                                                                            Petroleum Project Economics
                                                   Therapeutic Diet Writing
 New Media Production I                                                                                 Log Analysis Fundamentals
                                                   Nutrition Assessment/Coaching
 Introduction to Internet Production and Design                                                         Historical Geology
                                                   Health Promotion in Nutrition
 Introduction to Interactive Programming                                                                Interdisciplinary Project
                                                   Experiential Project Preparation
 Multimedia Communication and Research                                                                  Subsurface Oil and Gas Production
                                                   SemeSter 3
 New Media Design I                                                                                     Intermed. Reservoir Eng Tech
                                                   Sports and Fitness Nutrition
 Multimedia Scriptwriting                                                                               SemeSter 4
                                                   Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Modification
 SemeSter 2                                                                                             Drilling Project
                                                   Experiential Learning Project
 New Media Production II                                                                                Petroleum Environmental Issues
 New Media 3D Design I                                                                                  Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
 New Media Design II                                object oriented                                     Deviated Well Technology
 Internet Production and Design I                   Software developer                                  Petroleum Industry Project
 Interactive Media Authoring I                     Relational Database Development                      Advanced Production Technology
                                                   Rapid Application Development for OOSD               Reservoir Performance and Nodal Analysis
 SeCond yeAr
                                                   Website Design and Development for OOSD
 SemeSter 3
                                                   Java Programming for OOSD
 Internet Production & Design II
                                                   Operating Systems and Networks
 New Media Design III
                                                   Career Planning and Management
 Interactive Media Authoring II
                                                   Web Application Concepts
 New Media Production III
                                                   NET Web Applications
 New Media 3D Design II
                                                   Open Source Web Applications
 Business of Multimedia
 SemeSter 4
                                                   Transaction Processing for OOSD
 New Media Production IV
                                                   Internet Security Fundamentals for OOSD
 New Media Design IV
                                                   Project Management for OOSD
 Internet Production and Design III
                                                   Object Oriented Practicum
 Interactive Media Authoring III

 Petroleum land Administration          SemeSter 4                             Professional Cooking
                                        Applied Power Eng. Mechanics II
Petroleum Industry Introduction                                               FIrSt yeAr
                                        Process Control II
Land Practices – Introduction                                                 SemeSter 1
                                        Electrical Power Generation
Mineral Lease Documentation                                                   Culinary Fundamentals
                                        Technical Management
Surface Land Practices                                                        Meat Preparation
                                        Power Theory IV
Contract Documentation                                                        Soups and Sauces
                                        Thermodynamics Lab II
                                                                              Dinner Cookery
Lease Record Keeping                    Thermodynamics Theory I
                                                                              Baking and Yeast Goods
                                                                              SemeSter 2
 Pharmacy technician – retail            Process operations                   Vegetables and Starches
SemeSter 1                              SemeSter 1                            Cold Kitchen
Pharmacy Concepts                       Industrial Communications             Lunch Cookery
Pharmaceutical Calculations             Safety and Environmental Protection   Breakfast Cookery
Assistive Devices                       Mathematics                           Line Cook
                                        Process Operations Theory I           SemeSter 3
Order Processing 1
                                        Process Operations Lab I              Professional Internship
Body Systems and Pharm Implications 1
                                        Basic Plant Operations I              Between the first and second year
Order Processing 2
                                        Applied Heat and Energy
Body Systems and Pharm Implications 2                                         SeCond yeAr
                                        SemeSter 2
Professional Standards and Ethics                                             SemeSter 4
                                        Chemistry and Corrosion
Order Processing 3                                                            Lunch á la Carte
                                        Process Operations Computer Skills
Body Systems and Pharm Implications 3   Auto-Cad Process Drafting
                                                                              Food and Beverage Service
Order Processing 4                      Instrumentation I and Elec
                                                                              Nutrition and HMR Logistics
Body Systems and Pharm Implications 4   Industrial Training I
                                                                              Workplace Communication Skills
Healthcare Professionalism              Basic Plant Operations II
                                                                              Food and Wine Pairing
SemeSter 2                              SemeSter 3
                                                                              SemeSter 5
Practicum                               Mechanical Maintenance Lab
                                                                              Dinner á la Carte
                                        First Aid
                                                                              Garde Mange
                                        Basic Instrumentation II
 Power engineering technology           Workshop Practices
                                                                              Culinary Perspectives
                                                                              Purchasing, Receiving and Cost Control
FIrSt yeAr                              Process Operations Theory II
                                                                              Supervision and Event Planning
SemeSter 1                              Process Operations Lab II
Technical Communications I
PC Basics
                                         Process Piping drafting               radio, television
Safety and Environment
                                        AutoCAD I
                                                                               and broadcast news
Mathematics for Technology I                                                  broAdCASt neWS mAJor
                                        AutoCAD II
Power Theory I                                                                SemeSter 1
                                        MicroStation I
Power Lab I                                                                   Audio Production
                                        MicroStation II
Thermodynamics I Theory                                                       MS Office and Web Design Basics
                                        CADD System Management I
SemeSter 2                                                                    Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
                                        Applied CADD
Engineering Chemistry                                                         Stage Production I
Boiler Measurement and Ctrl. Sys                                              Scriptwriting Basics
                                        AutoCAD III
Electrical Principles                                                         Introduction to Speech
                                        MicroStation III
Unit Operations                                                               Introduction to TV Production
                                        Basic Word and Excel
Power Theory II                                                               Single Camera Production
                                        Drafting Fundamentals
Power Lab II                                                                  SemeSter 2
                                        Process Piping Drafting I
Thermodynamics II Theory                                                      Broadcast News Technical Operations I
                                        Process Piping Drafting II
                                                                              Media Web Design I
SeCond yeAr                             Pressure Vessel Design
                                                                              Reporting I
SemeSter 3                              Plant Planning
                                                                              Broadcast Newswriting
Applied Power Eng. Mechanics I          Plant Equipment
                                                                              Broadcast News Radio News I
Process Control I                       Instrumentation Theory and Piping
                                                                              Broadcast News TV News I
Elec. AC/DC Machines l & ll             Job Search Skills
                                                                              Canadian Government
Flow Diagram Development & AutoCAD      Practicum
                                                                              Stage Production II
Power Theory III                        Natural Gas Processing
                                                                              Broadcast News Speech I
Thermodynamics Theory III
                                                                              ENG Editing
Thermodynamics Lab I

PROGRAMS                                  Radio Operations III
                                          Radio Broadcast News III
                                                                             railway Conductor
                                                                            Intro to Windows and office
                                          Radio Practicum                   Leadership for Conductors
                                          Radio Announcing II               Performing Inspections
                                          Radio Scriptwriting III           Railway Operations Intro
                                                                            Railway Business
                                          televISIon mAJor                  Railway Practical Lab
                                          SemeSter 1                        Marshalling and Switching
                                          Advertising                       Railway Culture
                                          MS Office and Web Design Basics   Industrial Organization of Railways
 SemeSter 3                               Television News Basics            Railway Communication
 Broadcast News Technical Operations II   Stage Production I                Rules and Regs for Conductors
 Reporting II                             Basic Research Skills             Railway Safety
 Broadcast News Radio News II             Scriptwriting Basics              Air Brake Systems and Test
 Broadcast News TV News II                Introduction to Speech
 Presentation I                           Introduction to TV Production
 Broadcast News Speech II                 Introduction to Television         rehabilitation therapy Assistant
 ENG Production I                         Single Camera Production          FIrSt yeAr
 SemeSter 4                               SemeSter 2                        SemeSter 1
 Media Ethics                             TV Advertising                    Anatomy and Physiology
 Reporting III                            Media Web Design I                MS Office Basics
 Broadcast News Practicum                 Stage Production II               Orientation to Rehabilitation
 Presentation II                          TV Scriptwriting I                Psychology
 ENG Production II                        TV Technical Operations I         Disabling Conditions 1
 Broadcast News Sports*                   Introduction to TV EFP/ENG        Normal Functional Movement 1
 Broadcast News Radio News III*           TV Production Lab I               SemeSter 2
 Broadcast News TV News III*              SemeSter 3                        Infection Prevention & Control
 *Electives – choose 2                    Multimedia                        Disabling Conditions 2
                                          TV Scriptwriting II               Therapeutic Skills I OTA/PTA
 rAdIo mAJor                              TV Technical Operations II        Normal Functional Movement 2
 SemeSter 1                               TV Production Lab II              SemeSter 3 (otA SPeCIAlty)
 Advertising                              Production Scriptwriting I*       Professional Practices
 Audio Production                         TV Post Production I*             Therapeutic Skills Practicum
 Business of Radio                        TV EFP/ENG I*                     Therapeutic Skills OTA
 MS Office and Web Design Basics          * Electives – choose 1 of 3       SemeSter 3 (PtA SPeCIAlty)
 Intro to Broadcast Journalism            SemeSter 4                        Professional Practices
 Leadership in Broadcasting               TV Practicum                      Therapeutic Skills Practicum
 Stage Production I                       TV Scriptwriting III              Therapeutic Skills PTA
 Scriptwriting Basics                     TV Technical Operations III
                                                                            SeCond yeAr
 Introduction to Speech                   TV Production Lab III
                                                                            SemeSter 4 (otA SPeCIAlty)
 SemeSter 2                               Production Scriptwriting II**
                                                                            Healthcare Professionalism
 Radio Advertising I                      TV Post Production II**
                                                                            OTA Practicum
 Radio Operations I                       TV EFP/ENG II**
                                                                            Mental Health for OTA
 Radio Production I                       ** Electives – choose 1 of 3
                                                                            SemeSter 4 (PtA SPeCIAlty)
 Media Web Design I                                                         Healthcare Professionalism
 Radio Broadcast News I                                                     PTA Practicum 2
 Stage Production II                                                        Modalities for PTA
 Radio Scriptwriting I
 SemeSter 3
 Radio Advertising II
 Radio Production II
 Radio Operations II
 Radio Broadcast News II
 Radio Announcing I
 Radio Scriptwriting II
 SemeSter 4
 Radio Advertising III
 Radio Production III

 Sterile Processing technician                travel and tourism                      Welding engineering technology
SemeSter 1                                   FIrSt yeAr                              FIrSt yeAr
Practicum 1 SPT                              SemeSter 1                              SemeSter 1
Infection Control and Decontamination        Business Computers I                    Metallurgical Chemistry
Instrumentation                              Communications                          Computer Fundamentals
Pkg. Materials and Techniques                Travel & Tourism Geography I            Electrical Principles
Sterilization Methodology                    Airline Reservations                    Materials Technology I
Supply Distribution and Standards            Basic Domestic Airfare Calculations     Mathematics for Technology I
Professional Practice SPT                    Introduction to Tourism                 Engineering Physics
Practicum 2 SPT                              Fundamental Travel Components           Weld Process and Procedure Dvlpmnt I
SemeSter 2                                   SemeSter 2                              SemeSter 2
Professional Practice SPT (cont’d)           Communications                          Blueprint Reading for WET
Practicum 2 SPT (cont’d)                     Travel & Tourism Geography II           Technical Communications I
Practicum 3 SPT                              Computer Reservation Systems II         Welding Economics
                                             Complex Domestic Airfare Calculations   Cost Estimating and Project Mgmt
 technology Infrastructure                   Tour Operator Products                  Non Destructive Inspection
                                             Travel and Tourism Sales I              Mathematics for Technology II
Hardware and Operating System Fundamentals
                                             Between the first and second years      Statics
Network Infrastructure and Design for TIM
                                             Travel and Tourism Internship           SemeSter 3
Active Directory and Design for TIM
                                                                                     Design and Connect Struc. Steel
CNA Foundations                              SeCond yeAr
                                                                                     Welding Process/Procd Dvlpmnt II
Emerging Technologies for TIM                SemeSter 3
SQL Server for TIM                           Travel & Tourism Geography III          SeCond yeAr
UNIX for TIM                                 Travel & Tourism Law                    SemeSter 4
Designing a Secure Network                   Marketing the Travel Product            AutoCAD I and II
MS Exchange for TIM                          Automated Agency Accounting             CSA/ASME Codes
Desktop Operating Systems for TIM            Airline Tariff & Ticketing II           Welding Metallugy
Business Comm for Tech Professionals         Travel & Tourism Products III           Quality Assurance
Career Mgmt for Today’s IT Professional      Customer Service                        Strength of Materials
Business and Professional Skills for TIM     SemeSter 4                              Welding Process/Procd Dvlpmnt III
Practical Experience for TIM                 Accounting Fundamentals I               SemeSter 5
Project Management Skills I for TIM          Travel & Tourism Geography IV           Administrative Practice
Project Management Skills II for TIM         Travel Agency Operations                Technical Communications II
Project Management Skills III for TIM        Airline Tariff & Ticketing IV
                                                                                     Failure Analysis
                                             Travel & Tourism Products IV
                                                                                     Weld Inspection Certification
                                             Travel & Tourism Sales II
                                                                                     Welding Technology Project
                                                                                     Automated and Robotic Arc Welding
                                                                                     ASME Sec VIII Div I Pressure
                                                                                     Piping Design/Procd Dvlpmnt CSA/ASME

                                                                       SAIT Application for Admission
                                                                                             MA211, Heritage Hall
                                                                                 1301 - 16 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 0L4
                                                                                  Phone: 403.284.7248 Fax: 403.284.7112
                                                                                Toll Free: (North America only) 877.284.7248
                                                                  E-mail: International Students:
Please print and complete form in full.                                                           Web:

Legal Last Name:                                                                                           Former Last Name (if applicable):

Legal First Name:                                        Middle Name:                                            Preferred Name:

Mailing Address:

Town/City                                                Province/Territory              Postal Code                 Country

Home Phone Number (area code)                        Cellular Phone Number (area code)                           Business Phone Number (area code)
(      )                                             (      )                                                    (     )
Email Address                                                                                                    Marital Status
                                                                                                                  Single  Married  Common Law 

Gender                   Date of Birth             Primary Language:                             If you wish to declare aboriginal ancestry, please indicate:
 Male      Female                                                                               Status Indian  Non-Status Indian  Metis  Inuit 

Country of Citizenship                           Citizenship Status:                                                                        Date of Entry (into Canada)
                                                 Canadian  Permanent Resident  Refugee  Student Visa 
                                                 Visitor Visa  Work Visa                                                                          (dd/mm/yy)

Country of Residence                             Emergency Contact (Name)                                        Emergency Contact Telephone Number
                                                                                                                 (     )
Activity During Previous 12 months                                                                    Location of Activity During Previous 12 months
Student  Working  Other: ___________________________________________________                         Alberta  Other Provinces  Outside Canada 

Alberta Student Number (ASN)                                                    Please Note: If you do not know your Alberta Student Number (ASN), or if you do not
                                                                                yet have an ASN, please visit:

Last High School Attended (in Canada or other countries)

Town/City                                                                       High School Status
                                                                                 Attending  Graduate  Incomplete  Last Year Attended ___________

Previous Post-Secondary Institute                                       Period of Study                           Level of Academic Achievement
                                                           Start Date (MM/YY)           End Date (MM/YY)


SAIT Program Desired                                                                                                             SAIT Student Number*

When do you wish to begin attending?
    Year: __________ Month: __________
    Fall  Winter  Spring  Other  Please specify: __________________________________________________________
Have you previously attended or applied to a SAIT full-time program or continuing education course?
    If yes, please indicate: Year: __________ Program: ____________________________________________________________
Program Delivery (if applicable):
    Online  Part-time (evenings) 
* Please Note: You may already have a nine-digit student number. This number would be on any correspondence that Student Services has sent to you.
                                                                    Self-declared Grades
If you are currently registered in high school or upgrading admission requirements, you may self-declare your anticipated final grades. To self-
declare, please refer to the admission requirements for the program you are applying to and complete the chart below, providing your expected
final grade(s). For more information, please visit
                       Subjects                                      Date course will be complete                                     Anticipated Grade
      Example: English Language Arts 30-1                                     June 24, 2009                                                   70%

Students enrolled in high school or upgrading courses from another province, or students upgrading through Alberta post-secondary institutions
should refer to the Alberta Transfer Guide at to ensure courses are acceptable for admission. Students should also refer to the online
calendar at for up-to-date admission requirement information.
Please Note: All final grades must be received no later than August 1 for the fall intake, by December 1 for the winter intake and by April 1 for the
spring intake. Self-declared grades will need to be verified on or before these transcript deadlines.

Application fee: $100CAD Canadian citizens/permanent residents  $200CAD International students (first application)
Payment Method
 Visa  MasterCard  Cheque (made payable to SAIT)  Money Order (made payable to SAIT)  Cash (in person only) 
  Credit Card Number: _________________________________________________________                          Expiry Date (MM/YY): ____________________
Applicant Check List
 Completed Application                                     Mid-term Grades (where available)                          Application Fee (Non-refundable/
 Transcripts                                               Self-declaration of Grades                                   Non-transferable)
If the above documentation is not available at the time of application, please mail or fax to SAIT as soon as possible.

How did you hear about SAIT?
 Recruitment/Career Fair                                   Agent                                                      Website: _______________________________
 Advertisements                                            Friend/Relative                                            Other: _________________________________
 SAIT Alumni                                               Trade Show
 Current SAIT Student                                      High School

Alberta Advanced Education is collecting this personal information pursuant to section 33(c) of the FOIP Act as the information relates directly to and is necessary to
meet its mandate and responsibilities to measure system effectiveness over time and develop policies, programs and services to improve Aboriginal learner success.
Information will also be shared with the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre on the SAIT campus in order to improve Aboriginal Learner Success. For further
information or if you have questions regarding the collection activity, please contact the Manager, Information and Technology Management, Strategic and Corporate
Services Division, Alberta Advanced Education, 10155-102 Street, Edmonton AB, T5J 4L5, (780) 422-4847.

The personal information you provide on the application form is collected under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta, the Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act of the Province of Alberta, Section 33(c), the Statistics Act (Canada), and the Taxation Act (Canada) . It will be used to determine your eligibility
for admission to program(s)/course(s) of studies at SAIT, to facilitate your enrolment, to contact you regarding SAIT programs and services, to administer and evaluate
Institute programs/courses, and for statistical purposes. It will form part of your record as an applicant and alumnus and will be disclosed to academic and administrative
units at SAIT and to Statistics Canada and Alberta Learning for statistical, funding, planning, and market research purposes, and to the Students’ Association of SAIT
and the SAIT Alumni Association for contact purposes and membership services. This information will also be maintained in a mailing list for direct marketing purposes,
market research surveys or the distribution of other promotional material as approved by the Director of Student Services. Your personal information is protected by
Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and can be reviewed on request. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information,
contact the Student Services’ FOIP representative at 403.284.8069.

I hereby declare that all information given on this application is true and complete. I understand that completion of this application allows SAIT to request from other
institutions any applicant’s transcripts in addition to those already submitted. I understand that SAIT reserves the right to cancel any admission ruling on medical or
other grounds. I also understand that any misrepresentation on my part may result in cancellation of my admission or registered status. If admitted, I shall comply with
the rules and regulations of the Institution and agree to any penalty assessed for non-compliance with same.

Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________                              Date: ______________________________

I have read and understand the FOIP statement above. I declare that the noted agent/sponsor/person is authorized to obtain information related
to my application.
Agent/Person Signature: ________________________________________________________________________                                Date: ______________________________
Agent/Person Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________                               Date: ______________________________
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                               FOWLER DRIVE
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                                                                                                 T                                                                                                                                                                            E.H. CRANDELL
                                                     TF                                          THOMAS RILEY                                                                                                                                                                 BUILDING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DR. CARPENTER CIRCLE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SAIT STREET
                                                FOWLER DRIVE                                                                                                                                                                                                                EN
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                              DC                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HA                          R              Xdocs
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                                                                                                               TU                                                       TT                                                                                                            RC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TOW IDEN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ER CE
                                                                                                                                                                                                               MILLER AVENUE

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   COSTE         MD
                                                        DE                                                                               TO                                                                                                                                                   DA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             EAST HALL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    E                Highwood
                                   BA                                                                         C                                                                               Bookstore                                             BUILDING
                                   CLAYTON CARROLL                                                            COL. JAMES
                                   AUTOMOTIVE                                                                 WALKER BUILDING                                                                       MB                           MC
                                   CENTRE                                                                                                                                                                  M
                                                                                                                                                                                                           HEART BUILDING

               14 AVENUE NW                                                                                                                                                                                               Library

                                                                                                                                                                                                          MA                                                                                                  NR
                                                                                                                                                                                                          HERITAGE HALL                                         NH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            N                            NL

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NJ          BUILDING

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       INTERNATIONAL                                              NN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CENTRE MA206
                                                                                      N                                                                                                                                HERITAGE HALL
                                                                            ES                          SA
                                                                       CR                                    IT
                                                                   E                                           /A
                                                            I   LE                                                  CA                                              CAMPUS CENTRE                                              PARKADE
                                                        B                                                                D/                                                                                                    OPENING
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FALL 2009
                                                                                                                                                            I   O

                                              SOUTHERN ALBERTA
                                              JUBILEE AUDITORIUM

                                                                                                                                                                                                           N   T

                  SAIT CAMPUS LEGEND
                  AA   NR Buck Crump Building                                                                                       HA                    Tower Residence                                                                                       SAIT Campus Building
                  BA   Clayton Carroll Automotive Centre                                                                             M                    Heart Building                                                                                        Under Construction
                   C   Colonel James Walker Building                                                                                MA                    Heritage Hall                                                                                         Parking
                  DA   East Hall Residence                                                                                          MD                    ICT Centre                                                                                            Motorcycle Parking
                  DC Classroom/Labs                                                                                                           N Senator Burns Building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Bus Stop
                  DD   Classroom/Labs                                                                                                     Q               Eugene Coste Building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LRT Station
                  DE   Classroom/Labs                                                                                                     T               Thomas Riley Building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Residence Medical Unit
                   E   John Ware Building                                                                                                 V               Campus Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Food Service
                  FA   Art Smith Aero Centre                                                                                              W               Bob Edwards Building
                    G E.H. Crandell Building                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ATM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Campus Security

  InternatIonal Centre
  HerItage Hall
  13o1 16 avenue nW
  Calgary, alberta, Canada t2M ol4

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