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					Dear Assistant,

Language Assistants Appointed to Spain 2010-2011 (Navarra IND DD)

Please find below useful information for your assistantship.

Contact with Local Education Office
Please refer to the relevant contact details for your placement in Navarra below:

        A) Contact with Local Education Office in NAVARRA IND DD
If you have not yet had contact with the local education office in Navarra or responded to
their emails, please contact Elisa Echenique Echenique immediately at (Tel: +34 848 42 69 75).

Contact with your school
If you have not yet had contact with your school, you should contact them (ideally the
Head of English or jefe de Ingles) in early September so that preparations can be made
for your arrival. If you do not receive an immediate response to a letter or fax, visit the
school’s website to find out further contact details and call them to follow up. Do not be
surprised if you are told that the school have not heard of you as occasionally information
does not filter through until the last minute. You may need to keep calling if you get no
response. If you have tried to contact your school on several occasions and not had a
response by Friday 17th September please let us know and we will follow it up for you.

Our Website
These are general notes for assistants appointed to all countries. You are encouraged to
use the website so that you benefit from the links we have
included. You should click on the section ‘English Language Assistants – What happens

Information sent to you by email
Please find the following information/documents attached to this email:

       1) Country Notes
       These contain specific information on your post in Spain. It is ESSENTIAL that
       you read ALL of this information carefully before departure. Please ensure that
       you take it with you.

       2) Personal and Practical Issues
       This explains the role of an Assistant and gives lots of practical advice.

       3) Contact details
       E-mail addresses of all the other assistants appointed to Spain. You may wish to
       contact them to co-ordinate travel or to arrange to meet up during the year.

       4) Predecessors
       Contact details of last year’s assistants in Spain. They will not necessarily have
       worked in the same school, but will have worked in your region and may be able
       to offer advice about the local area/accommodation. We recommend that you
       contact only 2-3 former assistants so that they are not all inundated with e-mails.

       5) Foreign Language Assistants (FLAs)
       Contact details of Spanish Language Assistants coming to the UK. This is so you
       can contact them if you wish to ask them about their home town/city and you can
       answer any questions they may have about their allocation in the UK.

       6) Spanish Education System Overview

       7) British Embassies & Consulates in Spain
       Please make a note of the address of the nearest Consulate/Embassy should you
       encounter any difficulties outside school or lose your passport in Spain.

       8) Sheet on Salary Arrangements and NIE
       This is extremely important information as it will inform you how to obtain an NIE
       (Numero de Identificacion Extranjera) and will affect when you receive your
       payment. Please read the instructions carefully and take them with you to Spain.
       Remember to take your ‘nombramiento’ (confirmation of your placement from
       Spain) with you to Spain. If you have been appointed independently through one
       of the autonomies, they will inform you regarding your salary arrangements.

       9) Certificado del Servicio
       This form is to be completed at the end of your period of appointment and should
       be retained by you in case you should need it. (Please see the note on the back of
       the form). Do not return it to the British Council.

If you require a reference for a future employer please ensure you request this
from your school before you leave at the end of next year. The British Council
will not be in a position to comment directly on your performance as an

Information to be sent by post
In addition to the documents attached to this email you will receive an information pack sent
to your home address. It will contain the following:

               i) Language Assistants' Manual

               ii) Personal Safety

i) Language Assistants' Manual
This resource book is based on practical experience in teaching young people. It provides
guidance on how to develop good working relationships with staff and students as well as
classroom management techniques, teaching ideas and materials. You will be able to
discuss teaching ideas with fellow assistants and contact the virtual mentor for advice
through an e-mail discussion group designed specifically for this purpose. You will be
automatically subscribed to this group before your placement, but may unsubscribe at
any time.

The manual is supported by a regularly updated website where you can find teaching tips and
ideas on how to make lessons fun and interesting using on-line materials.

ii) Personal Safety
An essential guideline on how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. You should be
streetwise and vigilant at all times and take local advice on areas to avoid.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for your year abroad.

Kind regards,


Amy Hickson
Programme Delivery Officer
Language Assistants
British Council
10 Spring Gardens

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7389 4251
Fax: +44 (0)20 7389 4594