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                                S O R O P T I M I S T   S O U T H E R N   R E G I O N   N E W S L E T T E R

                                                          “HATS OFF TO YOU “
                                                            Governor Priscilla
Message from                       Eight hundred miles in four days – that sums up
Governor Priscilla
                           my recent trip to visit with the outstanding Soroptimists
Message from               that make Florida their home. What a great, hardworking
Governor-Elect Pat         group of women who are dedicated to making their com-
                           munities a better place to live. They even manage to
District News:             have fun while accomplishing their goals. I think the best
                           part of my job is getting out and meeting all of you and
District 1
Kim Champion               hearing about what you do.

District II
Diana Miller                        I attended a meeting of SI Holiday Isles, where
                           they invited all of the District II Clubs. We had represen-
District III               tation from SI Upper Pinellas, SI Largo-Mid Pinellas, and
Helen Wilson
                           SI Tampa. What a great time to exchange ideas, and to
                           induct two new members. While at SI Homestead’s meeting I heard their Wom-
Renaissance                en’s Opportunity Award winner speak. It was great to meet their really dynamic
And Committee Chairs:
                           winner! Members of SI Coral Gables were also in attendance. An informal meet-
Programs -                 ing with SI Davie where I learned of their successful membership event was fol-
Margaret McCaffery         lowed by a committee meeting with SI Stuart. Stuart is starting a new teen dating
Leadership -               project with the local schools. I rounded out my week with members of SI St.
Pat McCay                  Lucie discovering their new project with a local girl’s choir. Thank you to all the
                           clubs who made me feel so welcome and to the members that opened their
Violet Richardson
Award -
                           homes, allowing me to stay with them. It is so uplifting to hear about all that is
Theresia Carrington        being done for women and girls in the various communities.
United Nations -
Margaret McCaffery                 Next on everyone’s agenda should be the Southern Region Conference in
                           Montgomery, Alabama April 8-10. A fun, informative weekend is being planned
Federation Board -
Connie Desko               and I hope you are making your plans to attend. Federation Director Shirley
                           McCoy and SIA Program Manager Dawn Welsh will provide workshops. We will
                           highlight our accomplishments for the year. Don’t miss it!
Club News

                                   Another opportunity that only presents itself once every four years is the
                           Soroptimist International convention in Montreal. It doesn’t often happen this
                           close to home, so take advantage of the shorter travel distance and join Soropti-
                           mists from all over the world. I’ll see you in Montreal July 10-14. Visit www.si-
Karen Karpinski            montreal2011.org for more information.
(615) 587-3285
SOROPTIMIST       SOUTHERN        REGION      NEWSLETTER                                PAGE    2

                                          NEWS FROM
                                        NEWS FROM
                                  Governor Elect - Pat McCay
                                  Governor Elect - Pat McCay
 Hello Everyone!
 Hello Everyone! you have weathered all the winter snow and ice storms well
         I hope
 and are looking forward to warmer weather as I am. I cannot believe that 2011
 is now well underway, promising to be a wonderful year for all of our Southern
 Region clubs.

          I have received Strategic Plans from several of our clubs. Thanks to
 you for your hard work in getting these plans completed. It is very important
 that we create a “road map” for our clubs’ operations to ensure a successful
 biennium. The best way to do that is by preparing a Strategic Plan and reviewing it periodically
 to see how well your club is following the plan. Sometimes you will find that the review will re-
 sult in a change or require a “tweak” to your club’s plan in order to adjust to your ever-changing
 goals and activities. Assign one member of your club to be in charge of reminding your Board of
 Directors that a review is due for your Strategic Plan. This will help make a periodic review an
 essential part of your club’s busy calendar.

         As you dive into 2011, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Region Conference. Con-
 ference is always a fun-filled and information-packed opportunity to meet new friends and renew
 old acquaintances. SI Montgomery has been working very hard to make this year’s Region
 Conference the best ever. So, let’s show our support for all their efforts and be there to enjoy
 “Building our Legacy” in the lovely southern city of Montgomery, Alabama. Hope to see you

                            SOUTHERN REGION CONFERENCE

                                     Southern Region Conference is right around the corner. Have
                            you made your plans to attend? “Building Our Legacy – Hats Off to
                            Soroptimists” is the theme and Montgomery, Alabama is the place. A
                            weekend full of working and playing together with your fellow Soropti-
                            mists from the South awaits your arrival.
                                     Conference Chair Helen Wilson and her committee have done
                            a wonderful job of planning the weekend so there is equal time to take
                            care of business, education sessions to improve yourself and your
 club, and time to have fun and enjoy being around a great group of ladies. Plan to arrive Thurs-
 day afternoon April 7th and take part in the “Soroptimists with HATitude” dinner with the Region
 Board that evening. If that doesn’t fit into your schedule, then Friday morning is the time to get
 settled in. Our workshops begin on Friday afternoon with sessions on Public Relations and
 Planning Your Projects. Workshops begin at 2:00, followed by the Ruby Lee Minar annual
         Friday night is our traditional Friendship Dinner. Let’s have some fun at the “3H BBQ”.
 What are the three essentials for every Southern Woman? Heels, Hats & Handbags, of course!
 So dust off your hats and sharpen your minds for the fun and games that SI Montgomery has
         On Saturday we get down to business to take care of the affairs of the region and then
 continue with a working “Put Your Thinking Caps On” lunch. We will put our heads together to
 create solutions for one of the problems facing our region today – the lack of individuals willing
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN         REGION      NEWSLETTER                               PAGE     3

to take leadership roles in our clubs. This will be followed with more workshops in the afternoon.
Saturday night is our traditional banquet. With our “Hats Off to Soroptimists” we will be honoring
our region award winners.
        Sunday morning will be our traditional Memorial Service for those we have lost this year
and the time to say goodbye to friends old and new. Throughout the weekend we will be hearing
about club projects and events and how we can adapt them to our club. We will raise money by
auctioning off our hats – so each club should bring a hat filled with goodies for our raffle.
        Did I mention there will also be free time built into the schedule for members to explore
Montgomery or just get out of the hotel for a while? Two members of SI Montgomery have of-
fered to give walking tours to help you learn about this historic city, or if you prefer to explore on
your own there will be a Soroptimist Scavenger Hunt to help you find your way.
        Find your favorite hat to wear, stuff your travelling hat with goodies for the raffle, and make
your plans to be in Montgomery April 7-10, 2011. We can’t wait to see y’all.

                                         DISTRICT NEWS

              District I , Kim Champion, District Director
             SI of the Palm Beaches has an on-going effort to help “PACE Center for Girls” in
             West Palm Beach, FL. They have held seven separate events from June 2010
             through March 2011 to benefit PACE. Their efforts have helped supply food, mone-
             tary donations, clothing for job interviews, and classroom renovations at the PACE
             center/school. SI of the Palm Beaches also enjoys toy drives for children. They have
held 4 events geared towards toy collections, from September 2010 to December 2010. SI of the
Palm Beaches additionally has helped provide medications for cancer patients in two events from
November 2010 through January 2011. Currently, they are working on yet another project to help
disabled adults with education on breast cancer awareness. This effort was held in February

SI of Homestead held a fabulous fashion show-luncheon fundraiser in September 2010 to benefit
the “South Dade Victim Center.” The project provided childcare for the women and Christmas
presents for the children. Also in November 2010, SI of Homestead distributed over 400 cards on
Domestic Violence Awareness with Soroptimist information and the local victim’s center hotline.
Their project, called “Pound the Pavement” literally had the club canvassing territories in their
community. On February 19th, SI of Homestead will participate in a training course held by “Kristi
House.” Their club members will be professionally trained to help spot sex trafficking and report

SI of Stuart held a real “fun-draiser” in January 2011. They treated their club members’ kids to
mini golf, go-karts, and lunch while raising money for their club. Then in December 2010 they put
that money to good use for the “Children’s Home Society for Girls.” They donated gift baskets to
the girls, in time for Christmas. SI of Stuart has also been focused on “Teen Violence Prevention.”
Since October of 2010, the club has held educational seminars and dinner seminars, as recently
as January 2011, featuring expert speakers.

SI of Boca Raton-Deerfield Beach held a series of events to support women and children in
Uganda. The program is called “Beads for Life.” SI of Boca purchased hand-made beaded neck-
laces and bracelets, on consignment from the non-profit organization representing the “beaders.”
100% of the sales goes back to the “beaders” in Uganda. In 2010, SI of Boca sold about $900
worth of jewelry. The people of Uganda live off of $1 per day. The purpose of the “Beads for Life”
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN        REGION       NEWSLETTER                                PAGE     4

project is to create income opportunities for the women in Uganda. If you are interested in learn-
ing more, please visit www.beadforlife.org to see the “Friendship Village” where the beaders live
and make the jewelry. SI of Boca also assisted with refreshments and attendance at the evening
performance of “Playground.” See SI of Greater Fort Lauderdale’s section below.

SI of Saint Lucie has been working hard on membership growth. Recently, they were part of
“Expo New Year New You.” This was held in a mall and the club manned an exhibit booth to pro-
mote public relations.

SI of Coral Gables held a Christmas party for residents in a low income nursing home in Dade
County. They also have some members who personally have graduated from the Guardian At Li-
tem program and the Virtus Workshpos to help young, sexual abuse victims.

SI of Greater Fort Lauderdale helped to organize and sponsor “Playground.” This is an educa-
tional documentary on sex trafficking of children. Politicians and all levels of law enforcement at-
tended the full day seminar, as well as the public. This event was held in January, 2011. In De-
cember, they helped ring the bells and raise money for the Salvation Army and collected about
$500 in one day! Also in December, they collected toys for “Children at Susan B. Anthony Shel-
ter.” In November, SI of Greater Fort Lauderdale held a garage sale to help raise funds for club

                 District II, Diane Miller, District Director

                 With four Soroptimist clubs in the Tampa Bay area, District II is “small but
                 mighty” in the words of one of our club presidents. The District II clubs are all
                 involved in inspiring service projects including full participation in the Soroptimist
                 Women’s Opportunity Awards. We’ll share some of our club news as they relate
                 to the four Renaissance Areas.

Programs: President June Wallace and members of SI Largo Mid-Pinellas are committed to
raising awareness about Human Trafficking. They support the Community Campaign Against Hu-
man Trafficking as part of the Clearwater/Tampa Bay Task Force on Human Trafficking. Members
attend community events and distribute bookmarks and materials to raise awareness about this
issue. The club also participates in a Speaker’s Bureau to talk to other organizations about Hu-
man Trafficking.

Membership: SI Tampa welcomes new members and encourages their involvement by asking
each new member to suggest and organize a one-day project for the club. This is a project that is
“near and dear” to the new member but also supports the Soroptimist mission. Suggestions for
one-day projects have included reading a favorite children’s book to girls at an after-school pro-
gram, donating clothing to the domestic violence shelter, and taking a meal to families staying at
the Ronald McDonald House. The club allocates up to $100 for each project, if needed. It’s a way
to quickly get new members involved in the work of the club.

Fundraising: In January SI Holiday Isles held their annual Wine, Hors D’oeuvres and Silent
Auction to raise funds for the Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award and Violet Richardson
Award. A local restaurant donated the room, hot appetizers and wine for this two hour event. The
members sold tickets for $20 each and invited potential members to introduce them to Soropti-
mist. SI Holiday Isles raised $1749, recruited one new member, and had three inquiries about
membership. What a successful fund raiser!
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN         REGION      NEWSLETTER                                 PAGE    5

Public Awareness: Lorraine Lundy, President of SI Tampa, was an invited speaker at the Feb-
ruary meeting of the United Nations Association of Tampa Bay. This was an opportunity to meet
with like-minded individuals and talk about the Soroptimist mission. Also in February, Tampa So-
roptimist and Club Treasurer Susannah Miller was highlighted in the Tampa Tribune as a
“Hometown Hero” in recognition of her volunteer work in the community. Soroptimist was dis-
cussed prominently in this newspaper article. In March SI Upper Pinellas will host its annual
Women Honoring Women Luncheon and recognize six outstanding women in the community.
The club asked for nominations from the local Chamber of Commerce and sent news releases to
the newspaper. This type of event touches on at least three Renaissance areas. It promotes the
Soroptimist mission by recognizing community volunteers and leaders; it raises awareness about
the Soroptimist organization through publicity and materials; and it provides an occasion to meet
potential new members. Well done, District II.

                    District III, Helen Wilson, District Director
                           District III has been busy with fund raising and award presenta-
                   tions. The Montgomery Club is working overtime to put together the Southern
                   Region Conference in the Capital City where "Dreams Begin". The fun will
                   begin even before your arrival so stay tuned for more information. Get busy
                   selecting or creating your hat for the hat contest on Friday evening at the friend-
                   ship dinner. Here in Alabama this is the "Year of Music" and we hope to have
some of that for the Conference. The Tuscaloosa Club has once again shifted into high gear for
their major fund raiser "Brunch for Boobs" on Saturday, 19 February 2011. The Columbus, MS
Club and the Columbus, GA Club continue to work on recruiting new member and getting ready
for their major fund raisers. The Atlanta, GA Club have made the news with their work on Stop
Human Trafficking.


                   Program Chair, Margaret McCaffery
                   Heart Health
                           Did you know that 90% of women have one or more risk factors for de-
                  veloping heart disease? SIA has a resolution in Be it Resolved on Heart Health
                  Awareness. In addition, we have a model program kit and a white paper on
                  women and heart health. If this is a topic that any club might be interested in,
                  please contact Lori Blair at SIA, 215 893-9000, ext 114.
Clubs wanting to know more about Advocacy and Trafficking will find these useful websites to get
more specific information:
CARE advocacy tools and guidelines: http://www.care.org/getinvolved/advocacy/tools.asp
CARE conference in DC. This happens annually and includes advocacy training: http://
AAUW’s advocacy tools: http://www.aauw.org/act/issue_advocacy/grassroots.cfm
You can find additional resources and US-based films here:
Also, the United States included themselves in the TIP report for the first time this year. You can
find the report here: http://www.state.gov/g/tip/rls/tiprpt/2010/.
SOROPTIMIST        SOUTHERN          REGION      NEWSLETTER                                  PAGE     5
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN         REGION      NEWSLETTER                                  PAGE     6

 Shared Hope has done some great studies about girls that are the victims of sex trafficking in the
 United States. Basically we are talking about any child that is forced into the sex industry. You
 can find their web site here: www.sharedhope.org.
 I hope you find these resources are a good place to start.

                 Leadership Development Chair, Governor, Elect Pat McCay

                          There are many management and leadership books that theorize about
                  whether leaders are made or born. The true leader ignores such arguments and
                  instead concentrates on developing the leadership qualities necessary for suc-
                  cess. Let’s look at five leadership traits or leadership qualities that people look for
 in a leader. If you are able to increase your skill in displaying these five quality characteristics,
 you will make it easier for people to want to follow you. The less time you have to spend on get-
 ting others to follow you, the more time you have to spend refining exactly where you want to go
 and how to get there.
 The five leadership traits/leadership qualities for successful leadership are:
     1. Honesty
     2. Forward-Looking
     3. Competent
     4. Inspiring
     5. Intelligent
         Your skill at exhibiting these five leadership qualities is strongly correlated with people’s
 desire to follow your lead. Exhibiting these traits will inspire confidence in your leadership. Not
 exhibiting these traits or exhibiting the opposite of these traits will decrease your leadership influ-
 ence with those around you.
         It is important to exhibit, model and display these traits. Simply possessing each trait is
 not enough; you have to display it in a way that people notice. People want to see that you ac-
 tively demonstrate these leadership qualities and will not just assume that you have them. It isn’t
 enough to just be neutral. For example, just because you are not dishonest will not cause people
 to recognize that you are honest. Just avoiding displays of incompetence won’t inspire the same
 confidence as truly displaying competence. The focus of each of these five traits needs to be on
 what people see you do–not just the things they don’t see you do. Being honest isn’t a matter of
 not lying–it is taking the extra effort to display honesty. In other words, leaders need to lead by
         The whole point of leadership is figuring out where to go from where you are now. While
 you may know where you want to go, people won’t see that unless you actively communicate it
 with them. Remember, these traits aren’t just things you need to have, they are things you need
 to actively display to those around you.

 (These five qualities come from Kouzes and Posner’s research into leadership for the book The
 Leadership Challenge.)
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN        REGION      NEWSLETTE                                PAGE    7

               Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award, Theresia Carrington
               It’s What You Do That Counts!
                       The Violet Richardson Award recognizes young women between the ages of
               14 and 17 who make the community and world a better place through volunteer ef-
               forts such as: fighting drugs, crime and violence; cleaning up the environment; and
               working to end discrimination human trafficking and poverty. Volunteer actions that
benefit women or girls are of particular interest. As Soroptimist members we also volunteer in our
communities, often working on the same problems that our Violet Richardson applicants do. Alt-
hough we realize that volunteering is its own reward, we also know it feels good to be recognized
for your actions. That’s why we sponsor this award. These young girls are unique, they see chal-
lenges instead of obstacles, hope instead of despair and they believe in the positive power of vol-
        Congratulations and thanks to the 17 clubs for submitting their Violet Richardson Club win-
ner. The Southern Region has some extraordinary youth with amazing and varied experiences
applying for this award. Our judges will have a difficult time deciding the winner. I extend hearts
and dozens of roses to each club participating, and the best to all applicants.

UNITED NATIONS, Margaret McCaffery, Chair
Awareness and Education Are Key to Beating Human Trafficking
         During last year’s U.N. General Assembly, the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for
Victims of Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children was created specifically to as-
sist victims of human trafficking through protective and legal measures. First, victims need to be
rescued and protected from re-victimization. On the legal side, victims require protection as wit-
nesses when assisting the State in prosecuting a trafficker, as well as legal aid. Sadly, there are
many resources lacking in the countries where this assistance is needed the most, hence the
Trust Fund is calling for heightened level of cooperation among Governments, NGOs and the gen-
eral public:
                             The general public has a special role to play in fighting human traf-
                            ficking, and it is crucial to work towards increasing their education,
                            awareness and reporting as keys to beating human traffickers;
                             Governments have the ultimate responsibility for protecting their citi-
                            zens, and there are man international conventions to help them do so, if
                            they are serious about it;
                             NGOs are key players in the role of education and knowledge of traf-
                            ficking, as they understand on-the-ground needs and realities, and can
                            work closer with the State in educating key departments such as the po-
                            lice by identifying those groups most at risk.
                             Lastly, the private sector has an immense contribution to offer in two
                            regards: resources and practice. Companies can better equip grassroots
                            workers such as NGOs, and the Trust Fund, for instance, is one conduit
                            available for this. Companies also have the social responsibility not to
    turn a blind eye to human trafficking in their work. Certain sectors such as tourism, construc-
    tion and the production of goods in particular need to pay particular attention to this crime. Of
    course, the bottom line of a business is profit but it doesn't mean that they cannot work togeth-
    er with experts in Government and civil society to create a better world for all.
SOROPTIMIST        SOUTHERN        REGION      NEWSLETTER                               PAGE     8

               FEDERATION BOARD NEWS, Past Governor Connie Desko
               Dear Southern Region Members;
                         A Very Happy New Year to all and thank you Southern Region for giving me
                 the honor of serving on the SIA Board of Directors; my two year term began on
                 September 1, 2010. As Directors we represent all Soroptimist members in SIA.
                 Board meetings are held each year in Philadelphia near our Headquarters, and on
                 site after conventions and leadership training. Our duties are to oversee the busi-
ness of the Federation of the Americas and be well informed on Soroptimist International business.
This year I will miss not seeing all of you at the conference in Montgomery, AL because I will be on
two official visits as Director. I wish Governor Priscilla, her Board and the SI Montgomery Club
much success topped off with lots of enthusiasm and learning.
        When I was Governor of the Southern Region I was committed to sharing knowledge and
being supportive of our international connection and the United Nations. This March the UN will
host the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. In July we will attend the 19 th
International Convention in Montreal, renewing those long time friendships, learn about our new
Long Term Project, which will focus on education and leadership and celebrate with Alice Wells
(SIA) as she is installed as the 2011-2013 International President.
        International President Hanne Jensbo has asked that each member be an ambassador and
introduce two new members. “Have you completed that task?” Remember the biggest attraction is
our mission to improve the lives of women and girls.
Wishing each southern region club a successful year and have a wonderful conference.
Yours in Soroptimist Friendship,
Connie Desko, SIA Director 2010-2012,

                                          CLUB NEWS

SI Coral Gables
During this yearʼs Womenʼs History Month, Margaret McCaffrey will be honored by The Womenʼs
History Coalition of Miami-Dade County during the XXXIII ʻWoman of Impactʼ Awards dinner on
March 3, 2011. While President of SI Coral Gables, Margaret worked endlessly on raising aware-
ness of Sexual Trafficking in Southern Florida
by distributing educational pamphlets at MIA,
local police stations and hospitals. She persist-
ed and helped stage a play written by Deborah
Lake Fortson, “Body &Sold” at the FIU campus
on January 11, 2010 - the National Day of Hu-
man Trafficking Awareness. The play is part of
a Soroptimist Club Campaign aimed at raising
awareness about Trafficking by presenting
American teenagers who have been victims of
prostitution. She then helped bring the play to
the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC on Jan-
uary 11, 2011, with FIU Director Phillip Church and most of the original FIU student cast. Margaret
was also instrumental in bringing about a Congressional Forum, held before the play, at the Sam
SOROPTIMIST         SOUTHERN        REGION      NEWSLETTER                                 PAGE    9

Rayburn Building under the auspices of the Foreign Affairs Committee to identify opportunities for
Congressional action in assisting victims and advocating for change.
(Left) Members host a Christmas party for a low income nursing home in Dade County.

SI of Greater Ft. Lauderdale commemorated “National Human Trafficking Awareness Month”
                                                     on Thursday, January 13, 2011 by co-
                                                     sponsoring a preview of the George Clooney
                                                     produced documentary “Playground – the
                                                     child sex trade in America” The film is di-
                                                     rected by Libby Spears. Members of the
                                                     Broward (Co) Human Trafficking Coalition, SI
                                                     Greater Ft. Lauderdale and individuals in the
                                                     club donated funds toward the fees for two
                                                     screenings of the film at Art Serve in Ft. Lauder-
                                                     dale, Fl. These fees in turn allow the Nest
                                                     Foundation to secure finishing cost for the film
                                                     and to cre-
ate education and advocacy materials to accompany the film
when it officially opens. It allowed SI of Greater Ft. Lauder-
dale the opportunity to spread Soroptimist mission to raise
awareness about human trafficking and its horrific impact on
our community’s children. SI Greater Ft. Lauderdale also
held their 2nd Annual Valentine’s Pizza Party for the Girls of
PACE Center, which is dedicated to keeping adolescent girls
out of the juvenile justice system. Participating was the new-
est club member, Cynthia Castaldo-Walsh , pictured right.

SI Huntsville concluded a busy holiday season which included sending 39 boxes of snacks and
supplies to soldiers in Afghanistan; filling Christmas stockings for needy children; gift wrapping to
assist Crisis Services’ Help Line; sponsoring a Christmas party for the children at Hope Place do-
mestic violence shelter; and celebrating Christmas with club members at their annual Christmas
        In conjunction with the Madison County Taskforce Against Domestic Violence, Sexual As-
sault & Human Trafficking, SI Huntsville is assisting with the Human Trafficking Training Seminar
for Service Providers on March 1. Plans are also in place for the second annual Human Traffick-
ing Awareness Day observance, scheduled for February 24, 2011. Unfortunately, both of these
events, originally scheduled for January 11 (National Human Trafficking Awareness Day), had to
be postponed due to heavy snow and ice conditions.
        With spring just around the corner, the SI Huntsville club is already gearing up for their an-
nual Awards luncheon, scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, 2011, at The Ledges country club.
Violet Richardson, Women’s Opportunity and Ruby Award winners will be recognized and cele-
SOROPTIMIST       SOUTHERN         REGION      NEWSLETTER                               PAGE     10

brated by the many attendees of the luncheon. This luncheon is SI Huntsville’s premiere commu-
nity activity each year, drawing more than 80 attendees last year. It also provides a good oppor-
tunity to continue to “introduce” Soroptimist to the community and the many charitable activities in
which our club is involved.

                                                         SI Music City Nashville celebrated the
                                                         end of the 2011 year and the holiday sea-
                                                         son by sponsoring a number of women at
                                                         the YWCA Women’s Domestic Shelter.
                                                         Christmas gifts were provided for the
                                                         women and their families. Members also
                                                         participated in a one-day project in which
                                                         they sorted and helped distribute donated
                                                         winter coats to residents and their family
                                                         at the Y shelter. Continuing a tradition of
                                                         the Nashville club, members donated
                                                         Christmas toys and gifts to Pastor Mom,
                                                         a women who cares for children after
                                                         school in one of Nashville’s poorest com-
munities. On February 21st Music City Nashville celebrated its Annual Awards Dinner in the
President’s Room at Trevecca University. The inspiring speaker, Carol Smock, of the not-for-
profit organization “Brown Dog” set the tone for achieving excellence in the community. The Vio-
let Richardson Award, the Women’s Opportunity Award and the Ruby Award were presented to
the recipients following a beautiful meal. Recipients represented the “cream of the crop” of the
many applicants received. We wish them luck at Region Convention!

                                  MARK YOUR CLAENDAR!
                             Registration Begins April 15, 2011

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