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Nursing Staff Council – Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt
Date:       Monday, April 5th, 2010                                                       Next            Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Time:       0730-0900                                                                     Time:           0730-0900

Locatio Boardroom 2nd floor VCH                                                           Location:       Boardroom 2nd floor VCH
Participants: NSC representatives (see attendance list)                                        Absent Members: See attendance list

Leaders:         Co-Chair: Erin Hager, Interim CNO: Donna Williams                             Guests: Susan Hernandez, Suz Kaprich

                                        AGENDA                                                              MINUTES

Time       Who             Topic                                             Summary / Decisions
                                                                             Minutes from last month where approved by the group.
                                                                             Melanie Foster – 7th floor is Piloting Healthy Hands as well in 4A, today
                                                                             we will be putting down yellow and black safety tape across the threshold
                                                                             of the patient room doorway to remind people to wash hands
                                                                             Sara Beth Gray – introduced herself as this is her first meeting, Sara is
                                                                             with Child life as a specialist and she will be their Unit Board
                                                                             Nancy Emsley – New Born Nursery has been making great changes and
5min       Erin Hager      Welcome, Approval of Minutes                      focusing on Acuity, everything is going extremely well.
                                                                             In the survey monkey results the 7:30am start time received the most
                                                                             votes with 10:30 am as a close second. Monday’s seem to be a hard day
                                                                             for most with the early start time so it was suggested to switch the day to
5min       Erin Hager      Update on meeting times and format changes        another depending on conference room availability.
                                                                             We only had 13 people take the follow up survey. 92 % of those who
                                                                             responded work the day shift.
                                                                             In looking at what Barriers there may be for involvement?
                                                                                  - Harder to get coverage later in the day
                                                                                  - For OR/PACU Monday’s are hard due to the fact there is not any
10min Erin Hager Only
For Internal VCH Use Survey Monkey Results                                            weekend coverage                   Page 1 of 3

                                                                    Erin and Donna met with Shelly to discuss how the other groups
                                                                    determine their co-chairs. A 3 person rolling chair seems to work well,
                                                                    with 1 person being the lead chair in the first year with the 2nd co-chair
                                                                    basically learning the group and process. Then a 3rd would follow in a
                                                                    similar fashion. A subcommittee should be formed to work on
                                                                    nominations for co-chair selection. A sign up listed was passes around.
                                                                    Question on what the term should be and that should be spelled out in the
10min   Erin Hager     Co-Chair update, Nomination Committee        Charter, all agreed.
                                                                    We had a subcommittee meet and review 7 entries for the Spirit of
                                                                    Nursing Essay contest. They determined a scoring system based on the
                                                                    definitions indicated on the web site as well as read each one out load to
                                                                    judge flow. The winning essay was actually a poem and will be read by
                                                                    the winner over a video showcasing nursing. Donna discussed options
                                                                    for a prize for the winner and suggested an engraved plaque of the poem
                                                                    and presented at nurses week. Group agreed. Was asked that the winner
5min    Erin Hager     Spirit of Nursing Award Update               come to our next meeting to read the winning poem.
                                                                    Rounding is going very well and has been very interesting to see the
                                                                    compassion and depth of care our nurses give as well as educating our
                                                                    families. We have received great suggestions and all of our Nursing
                                                                    Leaders are really having fun doing this.
                                                                    Susan Hernandez: Agreed and said it’s been great going to areas that are
                                                                    a bit foreign to her has been very educational. Also very interesting to
                                                                    see the different things people are doing toward Quality.
                                                                    Suz Kaprich: Agreed as well, this has really become my favorite part of
        Donna                                                       my week. It’s great to learn what other units are doing. Seeing the pride
10min   Williams       Leader Rounding, Community Survey Update     that our Nurses take is very inspiring.

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                                                                         Donna received a letter related to our basics standards of care, one big
                                                                         issue being cleanliness, hygiene and linens changes. We don’t have
                                                                         consistent standard of care. Looking at the NSC to take on and lead
                                                                         getting this brought back to the attention of our staff. Group discussed
                                                                         the sharing of information and what’s working and what’s not, how units
                                                                         do things and why. Erin asked the members if their units had an official
                                                                         standard of care, most said no or they could not find one. Susan H: we
                                                                         also need to look and clarifying our terms, so be thinking of that as you
                                                                         go through this work such as defining daily routines and what that is
                                                                         7th/4A – We have been working on a list of things that we can give to the
                                                                         families so they know what they should expect in care from Admission to
                                                                         discharge. We took this to our unit board and are working through
                                                                         revisions to this. We do give the families a packet but it’s not real clear
                                                                         on who is talking through this information with them. So we are working
                                                                         on this “family’s bill of rights” on what they should be expecting.
                                                                         PICU – we are using our “Green Book” at the bedside as a reference.
                                                                         This was updated about a year ago and does include our Standards of
                                                                         care. Some routines things we do are not included because they are kind
                                                                         of understood but we need it does need to be better defined. Also we
                                                                         need better communication during shift change if we were not able to get
                                                                         to something.
                                                                         PACU – when we do have overnight patients we revert back to the Acute
                                                                         Care protocol, but not sure where the policy it. It is also kind of
                                                                         “understood” what should be done in our area.
        Erin Hager;                                                      NSC will continue to work on this throughout the year, next meeting
        Donna                                                            Council members will bring ideas from their units to outline hospital
30min   Williams       Standards of Care                                 standards of care.
                                                                         Group broke into their sub-committees, Charter/Co-chair Nominations
10min   All            Group Brainstorming
                                                                         Melanie to bring the work they are doing on the 7th/4A
                                                                         Everyone bring specifics from your units on things that can be defined in
5min    Erin Hager     Wrap up, review, next meeting agenda items        a standards of care expectation

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