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									                                  Minutes of the Committee Meeting
                                                  Held on 7 October 2005
                                          Hotel Belle-Vue, Ave Marie Therese,

                                                 Meeting opened at 19.40

Ruth Springham          (RS)         Chairperson
Deirdre Wolohan         (DW)
Luz Arenas              (LA)
Monique Bachner         (MB)
Lisa McLean             (LM)
Thea Van Tonder         (TT)

1.   Apologies for Absence

     Deborah Maher                (DM)
     Marjolijn Thieke             (M)
     Judy Critchley               (JC)

2.   Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

          The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted and it was agreed that
           action points outstanding from 11th July and 7th September would be carried

3.   Review of outstanding action points

          See table at end of minutes for those still outstanding

4.   President’s report

          RS reported that she had received copies of the latest Amcham newsletter,
           which carried the agreed Network article plus photo of the committee. She
           had contacted Entreprises and Femmes Magazine, the former would take our
           speaker programme for 2006 in mid December (she forwarded an e-mail to
           DM on this matter). She has contacted potential speakers and is awaiting
           feedback from them

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
5.   Vice President’s report

          DW has reviewed, priced and ordered a projector for the Network and
           delivery will be in time for the next meeting (RS paid for it on her credit card
           and will be re-imbursed). DW has also been looking into the cost of getting
           the flyers printed using an on-line company.

6.   Treasurer’s report

          MT had sent RS a report saying that the insurance invoice had been paid. DW
           queried the need for this and MB will look into it. Both charities have now
           been paid. She is unsure of the status with the dollar payment to a US based
           charity and thought either JC or TT was handing this. She has cancelled the
           standing order to Pairs Inc but will check the bank statements that these are
           no longer being deducted. RS is still to be made a signatory on the bank
           accounts. DW asked whether we had paid our subs to CID and if Ajilon had
           been invoiced for their ad on our website – MT to follow up.

7.   General Secretary’s report

          Registre de Commerce
           o still waiting for signed forms from MT & LA

           o current register extract very outdated – need to remove

           o to be added to Secretary job description

          Data Protection – discussed and requires further investigation
          Insurance – M to circulate a copy of insurances for evaluation of why
           required etc.
          Labels – it was agreed to maintain the status quo

8.   Membership Secretary’s report

          TvT showed a table of where members stated they had heard of The Network
          125 paid members + honorary (9 new last month)
          Unpaid fees – MT & TvT to chase

9.   Editor’s report

          Newletter draft up on CMS

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
10. PR / Media

          Press release drafted for, inter alia, PaperJam
           o LM to circulate

           o LM to translate to German

           o MB to translate to French

          Flyers – LA to get more quotes for Monday; LM to circulate draft
          LM/LA/DM to draw up list with publications, contacts, deadlines etc. with
           LA taking the lead.
          Business Cards – DW redoing the logo & will order 1000 this week

11. Website Coordinator’s report

          Nothing to report.
          DW mentioned that the Google AdSense was generating income and was to
           extended to other pages, however she had contacted Google to ensure the ads
           were more pertinent. All Committee to look at these and let MB know if they
           object or have other comments.

12. A.O.B.

      A)   MC proposal “Taking the Network Further”

           o Merits further consideration, however concerns regarding costs, time
             input, look of website and professional impression (e.g. would take
             Network profile up or down). Additional concerns about amount of time
             required to start and also keep running.

           o Current proposal gives away too much free advertising plus would incur
             costs such as redesign of the website.

      B)   Meetings

           o 19 Oct Meeting advertised

           o AMCHAM – RS keeping in contact with Margot Parra. Committee to
             wear badges and sit at different tables (spread out). TvT, LM, MB, DW,
             RS confirmed so far.

           o 16 Nov – Body, Mind & Soul – MB to contact shop “Body & Mind” to see
             if want to put something out (NB Sofitel does not allow outside drinks)

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
           o RS to contact new US Ambassador (female)

           o RS to invite Martine of EWMD to a meeting (e.g. February or 15th

           o Buying a House to be followed up

           o Agreed to try to organise more sponsorship of Meetings and events,
             tailored to the specific topic.

      C)   Golf Day - postponed to Spring

      D) Xmas event – DW organising together with Sionaid O’Donnell

      E)   15th Anniv. – to discuss at next Committee Meeting; RS to bring boxes for
           TvT & MB

      F)   Projector – ordered for approx €500. MT to confirm payment.

      G) Membership rates – to be discussed at next meeting

      H) Handover procedure notes – 3 committee members standing down next year
         so need to ensure goes smoothly.
         Agreed to pool job descriptions into one document to all aware of what
         everyone should be doing.
         All Committee to update their job descriptions and forward to RS to pool &
         then circulate.

13. Date and venue of next meeting

          Wednesday 9 November at Ruth’s house from 19.30


                                                                 Meeting closed at 21.05
Minutes prepared by : MB/RS

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
Action                                                 Due date
     RS to arrange meeting with Ministry of Date arranged
      Equal Opportunities
          RS (and any others who wish!) to contact
           possible speakers
          MT to arrange re-imbursement of RS for
          MT to check with TT for payment of fees
           by Valerie Hervé
          MT to confirm other payments and
     All committee to consider means of Come to next meeting with list
      increasing the Network’s profile and mix of places/companies for flyers
          DW/DM to follow up re. flyers               Done – 5,000 in RS’s basement
          DM to circulate current press list to all
           committee for comments
          Data Protection to be furthered (MB, DW,
          MB to check on insurance issue
          MT and LA still to fill in forms for RdC
      DW & SOD to follow-up and organise Reduced to gluhwein evening
       Xmas event                         at Xmas market
        RS, MB, TvT to progress 15th anniversary
         event. RS to supply old archives
          RS to request “old” members if they
           would like to assist.
      Sofitel – RS to contact Sofitel                 Done – see e-mail
          CMS – help files still required from
           Thelma, Paula, DM and DW
          RS - Job description of all committee to Done, attached

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
           be circulated, updated by committee
           member and sent back to RS

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu

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