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									                 IT Essentials Unit 3 Summative Assessment


1. LCD monitor                                  a. widely used pointing device designed
2. Aspect ratio                                 to fit comfortably under the palm of your
3. Mouse                                        hand
4. Touchpad                                     b. a desktop monitor that uses a liquid
5. Stylus                                       crystal display to produce images
6. Hard Disk                                    c. consists of several inflexible, circular
7. CD-ROM                                       platters that store items magnetically
8. DVD-ROM                                      d. similar in size to a credit card, stores
9. USB flash drive                              data on a thin microprocessor embedded
10. Smart Card                                  in the card
                                                e. small, flat, rectangular pointing device
                                                that is sensitive to pressure and motion
                                                f. extremely high-capacity compact disc
                                                capable of storing from 4.7 GB to 17 GB
                                                g. defines a display’s width relative to its
                                                h. small metal or plastic device that uses
                                                pressure instead of ink to write on a
                                                mobile device
                                                i. lightweight enough to be transported
                                                on a keychain; convenient for mobile
                                                j. optical disc that users laser technology
                                                to store data and info


___ 1. Storage holds items such as data, instructions, and information for future use.
___ 2. An external hard disk is a hard disk that you insert and remove from a hard disk
___ 3. Floppy disks are more widely used now than they were 15 years ago because of
their expanded storage capacity.
___ 4. The command associated with a function key depends on the program you are
___ 5. The smaller the number of pixels a digital camera uses to capture an image, the
better the quality of the image.
___ 6. For a display device to show images as defined by a video standard, the display
device and the graphics processing unit need not support the same video standard.
___ 7. Higher-resolution monitors use fewer pixels, providing a rougher image.
___ 8. Resolution is the smallest element in an electronic image.
Multiple Choice

   1. ___ uses a liquid compound to present information on a display device.
          a. HDTV
          b. OLED
          c. LCD
          d. LED
   2. ___ What do notebook computers and mobile devices often use?
          a. CRT monitors
          b. gas plasma monitors
          c. LCD monitors
          d. all of the above
   3. ___ What is the method for measuring a monitor’s viewable size?
          a. in square inches, stating the area of the screen
          b. vertically, from the top-left corner to the bottom-left corner
          c. horizontally, from the top-left corner to the top-right corner
          d. diagonally, from one corner of the casing to the other
   4. ___ A data projector that uses tiny mirrors to reflect light and allows images to
      remain in focus in both a dark room as well as a well-lit room?
          a. LCD projector
          b. large-format projector
          c. digital light processing (DLP) projector
          d. electrostatic projector
   5. ___ What is the most commonly used pointing device today?
          a. touchpad
          b. trackball
          c. joystick
          d. mouse
   6. ___ A notebook computer most often uses which of the following pointing
          a. mouse
          b. touchpad
          c. joystick
          d. trackball
   7. ___ Kiosk stands found in many stores, hotels and airports would use what type
      of input device? (ex: self check at the grocery store)
          a. joystick
          b. touch screen
          c. pointing stick
          d. touchpad
   8. ___ Which of the following should you do to properly care for a compact disc?
          a. hold the disc by its edges
          b. stack discs
          c. touch the underside of the disc
          d. eat, smoke, or drink near the disk
   9. ___ Of the following, which is an erasable disc that you would be able to write on
       multiple times?
          a. CD-ER
          b. CD-R
          c. CD-W
          d. CD-RW
   10. ___ Smart cards can be used for which of the following?
          a. tracking customer purchases
          b. authenticating users for Internet purchases
          c. storing vaccination data
          d. all of the above

Fill in the Blanks

   1. The physical material on which a computer keeps data, instructions, and
      information is known as a storage _______________.
   2. The process of duplicating a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original
      is lost, damaged, or destroyed is _______________.
   3. Three competing rewritable DVD formats exist: DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and
   4. The symbol you see on the screen that indicates where the next character you type
      will display in word processing programs is the _______________.
   5. Instead of calling someone’s smart phone, users can enter and send typed
      messages using _______________ messaging.

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