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					                   Meals For The Elderly Newsletter

Food For Thought
Phone: (325) 655-9200              www.mealsfortheelderly.org                  Fall 2009
 What’s Inside:                                                                             Meals For The Elderly
                         Christmas Open House You can help us win      Top prize awarded for
                                                                                             Board of Directors
 Happy Birthday Meals!   is around the corner.  $1,000! Find out how   March For Meals.
                         Information on page 3. on page 4.             See why on page 6.
 More on page 2.                                                                               Retha Fortenberry
                                                                                            Vice Chair
Sporting Clay Shoot Was Great Success                                                          Ruth Wheeler
We had a successful 4th Annual                  12 gauge valued at $3,600.                     Robert Aguilar
Sporting Clay Shoot, which was held on          Sixteen other participants received         Corresponding Secretary
June 6th at the San Angelo Claybird             $750 gift certificates to Field & Stream       Kathleen Prince
                                                Sporting Goods.                             Recording Secretary
Association. This year’s event was
                                                                                               Mary Golder
sponsored by Hinson Bit Co., as well                                                        Past Chairman
                                                             Proceeds from this event
as other businesses and                                                                        Earleen Jones
                                                             alone helped to provide
individuals that can be                                                                     Ex-Officio
                                                             over 12,000 meals for the
found on page 7.                                                                                Steve Calvert
                                                             homebound elderly in the       Board Members
We had even more                                             San Angelo area.       This       Thomas Abbott
participants this year than                                  means that Claybird               Robin Bahlman
last      year.       175                                    supporters have provided          Judy Ford
shooters and numerous                                        food for the more than 500        Darrell Gill
                                                             recipients that we serve for      Kathy Keaton
observers participated in                                                                      Tim Malloy
the event. The cooking                                       24 days.
                                                                                               Matt Muehlstein
team from the West Texas Boys                   We would like to thank the many                Barbara Riley
Ranch showcased their culinary                  participants, families, friends and            Cindy Ringer
talents once again by preparing                 sponsors that made our fourth shoot a Meals For The Elderly
breakfast and BBQ for lunch.                    huge success. Thank you for Staff
                                                                                      President & CEO
Gary Calder was the lucky                       helping Meals For The Elderly            Charlyn Ocker
winner of a Beretta Perennia SV10               accomplish our mission.               Volunteer Director

      Give to Cure Hunger
                                                                                               Vickie Wright
                                                                                            Program Director
                                                                                               Tiffani Paige
                                                                                            Recipient Coordinator
If you’re looking for a gift to give            Grandparent’s Day, and Christmas.              Anita Garcia
someone you love, but aren’t sure               Please consider giving this gift to         Accountant
what to get them, please consider               ensure a precious necessity and                Alexis Marler
                                                                                            Office Assistant
making a donation in their name to              peace of mind.                                 Cynthia Islas
Meals For The Elderly.                                                                      Office Aide
                                                A donation of any amount is greatly
                                                                                               Paula Gryder
A donation in honor or memory of a              appreciated by our organization.            Intern
friend or family member is a great                                                             Ashley Hardaway
                                                All donations are tax-deductible and
way to show them you care about                                                             Kitchen Staff
                                                will be used to provide meals to over          Tony Pena
them while also providing a nutritious
                                                550 recipients who rely on our                 Rosa Gonzales
meal and friendly daily contact for a
                                                organization and the generous                  Petra Hernandez
homebound senior in our community.                                                             Irene Araujo
                                                community supporters each day.
A memorial or honorarium is a                                                                  Nina Molina
                                                To donate in honor or memory of a              Martha Perez de Orozco
wonderful gift for birthdays, anniver-                                                         Mary Hernandez
                                                loved one, please use the form on
saries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,                                                         Newsletter Created By:
                                                page 5.
                                                                                            Tiffani Paige
Page 2
                                                                               Upcoming Events
                                                                              September 13, 2009
                                                                                Grandparents Day
On Behalf of our clients, the Meals For The Elderly
Board would like to thank the contributors who have                           September 23, 2009
                                                                                Big Wheels Deliver Meals
donated thus far in 2009. In lieu of listing all
donors in this newsletter, the cost for paper,                                October-November 2009
printing, and postage was used to deliver over                                  Emergency Meal Packages
                                                                                Are Delivered to All Clients
1,200 additional meals. In an effort to continue
being good stewards of the generous donations,                                December 1, 2009
                                                                                Christmas Honor Cards can
donors will continue to be acknowledged on our                                  be purchased through
website.                                                                        donation

             Big Wheels Day
                                                                              December 13, 2009
                                                                                Christmas Open House

We will be having our 19th              our program. They will get to
Annual “Big Wheels Deliver              taste the food that is delivered to
Meals” Day on Wednesday,
September 23, 2009.
                                        our clients everyday.                 “In every community
                                        The purpose of this event is to        there is work to be
Local dignitaries and business
owners will have the opportunity
                                        increase awareness and
                                        understanding about the
                                                                              done. In every nation
to tour our facility and ride along     necessity of our program and          there are wounds to
with a regular volunteer driver to      what we do.       We want the
experience our program and our          community as well as our city         heal. In every heart
clients first hand. After their route
is delivered, they will be invited to
                                        leaders to have that emotional
                                        connection to our clients that our
                                                                               there is the power
have lunch at the “Meals” office        staff and angel volunteers feel             to do it.”
and talk with our staff and             everyday.
volunteers to learn more about
          Happy Birthday to Us!
This year marks the 35th                volunteers, meals were delivered       We cannot express enough
birthday of our organization.           to sixteen recipients.                 how thankful we are to all of the
Meals For The Elderly was                                                      volunteers and community
originally a dream of Mary              The result was the founding of a       members who have helped this
Alice Rodgers, who saw the need         private nonprofit organization         organization grow for the last
for a program to help homebound         called Meals For The Elderly. As       35 years. The need for Meals
elderly with their meals so that        the need for this vital                For The Elderly in the Concho
they could delay or avoid going to      community service grew, the            Valley is greater than ever, and
nursing homes.                          need for additional preparation        with your continued help and
                                        facilities grew. In October 1986,      support, we will be here to meet
In August of 1974, her hard work        the community showed its               that need.
and determination began to pay          support for Meals For The Elderly
off. Working out of a building          by constructing a new facility in      No birthday gifts are necessary,
donated by Mr. Sol Mayer, Meals         two week-ends (in barn-raising         but if you so desire, a
For The Elderly was born. With          fashion) with the aid of hundreds      donation made in honor of
the help of former Tom Green            of volunteers and the San Angelo       Meals For The Elderly would be
County Commissioner Arley               Home Builders Association.             greatly appreciated.
Guess and a handful of dedicated
                                                  Phone: (325) 655-9200
Life's 5 Most Important Lessons
                                                                                                              Page 3

By Paula Spencer, Caring.com

Taking care of an older family member or friend            I love this list for several reasons:
can be stressful. But so is being that person.              It shows that you don't have to be a
One wonderful way to ease the stress burden on                  president or a superstar to leave a legacy of
both of you: Help the person close to you define                experience and wisdom to impart. All life
and preserve his or her legacy.                                 experience counts...and the "ordinary"
"Legacy" may not be a word most of us use in                    experiences seem to count most.
everyday conversation, but it's a concept people            It's a nice playbook on how to live life.
tend to give considerable thought to once they              It makes a handy template, or at least a
head north of their 60s and 70s. Shaping and                    starting point, for possible insights to explore
understanding your legacy refers to sorting out                 with your loved ones about their own life
what your life has meant, and what kind of                      discoveries.
memories of you are apt to live on after you die.           I love any reminder in any form that includes
What a person learns and leaves is as individual                the message "humor helps."
as his fingerprints. But I found some heartening            Not least, it should make anyone who's a
insights into common themes in this new                         caregiver feel pretty good. According to
research from Priceless Legacy, a company that                  these elders, the odds are good that you'll
turns interviews with older adults into life stories            one day look back on your caregiving as a
in print or video format. An analysis of its                    rewarding part of your life: Simple things
projects shows that the top five life lessons                   (and by extension, simple deeds, simple
shared by people ages 65 to 104 are:                            gifts) matter. Service to others is the most
 The simple things matter most.                               satisfying activity.
 Humor and time cure most pains.                         How to help someone recognize her legacy is
 There's more satisfaction in giving than                largely a process of investing time. It can be as
    getting. Service to others is the most                 simple as making time to listen and asking
    satisfying activity.                                   thoughtful questions. One tip: Look over old
 Choose your spouse carefully. It will be your           photos and documents to evoke a story. Learn
    most important decision.                               more simple ways how to help older adults
                                                           create a lasting legacy—and you won't regret it.
 Work hard and in a field or role that you
                                                           You'll probably both enjoy it, and you'll both feel
                                                           grateful to bring it into the open.

                        Save the Date!
     Sunday, December 13, 2009
                             Meals For The Elderly
                                        19th Annual

               Christmas Open House
                      Lucile Blackburn: Still Serving at 97
Page 4

At 97 years old, Lucile Blackburn is     always help. Her daughter Jane is          many of the elderly people who
a posterchild for living to serve oth-   organizing a mentoring program for         received the meals were more eager
ers. Not only has Lucile been a          women in a homeless “transitional          for the warm conversation than the
dedicated volunteer for Meals For        living” center in El Paso. Her son is      meal itself.    Although Lucile no
The Elderly, she has spent her life      a minister, and one granddaughter          longer delivers meals, she still
doing her part to improve the lives      chose to be a social worker. Another       maintains her independence by living
of others.       Lucile has three        granddaughter and her husband are          in her own home and driving. She
children, Jane Thomas of El Paso,        serving in the Middle East. She is         also enjoys keeping in touch with
TX, Dr. Bill Blackburn of Kerrville,     very proud of all her family and all of    friends and family by emailing from
TX, and Lois Floyd of Tennessee.         them learned volunteerism from             her computer.
She also has four grandchildren          Lucile.
                                                                                    “Lucile has certainly been an
and eight great-grandchildren. Her
                                         Lucile has also been a blessing to         inspiration to our staff. She makes
family calls her an inspiration.
                                         the Meals For The Elderly program.         the most of every moment and is a
Lucile’s daughter, Jane Thomas,          She began volunteering for the             great example that you’re never too
recalls a particular moment when         organization eleven years ago, after       old to make a difference in the lives
her mother took in a family              retiring from working for SAISD for        of others,” Charlyn Ocker, president
member in need. “When a second           40 years at the age of 86. She             and CEO of Meals For The Elderly,
cousin became orphaned, my               serves Meals For The Elderly and           said.
mother insisted on taking her            the homebound elderly who depend
                                                                                    Because of her dedicated service
in.     There were no extra              on the organization every week by
                                                                                    and her warm heart, Lucile has been
‘resources’ in our family at that        helping in the office.
                                                                                    nominated for the 2009 American
time. It was an adjustment for us
                                         “I am so fortunate to have good            Volunteer Award given by the Meals
all.   She asked us all to tell
                                         health and be able to volunteer,”          On Wheels Association of America
everyone at school that she was
                                         Blackburn said. “With God's help in        (MOWAA). A video of Lucile has
mother's daughter. That certainly
                                         volunteering, I hope to make a             been created and people are
puzzled everyone -- she was 13 --
                                         difference in someone's life.” We          encouraged to view the video and
where had she been?           But
                                         should all be so fortunate to be as        vote for Lucile at www.mowaa.org/
everything worked out well. She
                                         healthy as Lucile. She continues to        americanvolunteer.      Please help
graduated from college with help
                                         walk one mile every single day. She        honor Lucile’s service to San Angelo
from a family friend, and she is
                                         strives to enjoy life and to help          by voting for her. To honor the
eternally grateful to my mother,
                                         elderly people in our community.           winner of this award, $1,000 will be
who she calls ‘mother.’”
                                         She visits elderly people confined to      donated to the volunteer’s local meal
Several of Lucile’s children and         their homes through a program at           program.     For more information,
grandchildren have followed in her       First Baptist Church.                      please contact Meals For The
footsteps of service, further            In the past when she was a meal            Elderly at 655-9200 or visit
commemorating her willingness to         delivery volunteer, she recalls that       MealsForTheElderly.org.

                                 Emergency Meal Packages
We need your help with the Meals         Each package should contain the            milk, packets of coffee, tea bags,
For The Elderly “Just In Case”           following suggested shelf-stable, low      cocoa mixes), and 1 Dessert
Packages.        This emergency          sodium, and low sugar items:               (prepackaged low sugar, lite or low
shelf-stable food program evolved        1 Protein (canned fish, canned meat,       fat pudding snacks).
to ensure that the agency’s              peanut butter, canned beans,
                                                                                    All packages are decorated before
homebound recipients have a              canned chili, ravioli), 1 Vegetable
                                                                                    being sent out. If you would like to
sufficient supply of non-perishable      (any small can of vegetables), 1 Fruit
                                                                                    help decorate the packages, please
food items in case of a                  (any canned fruit, raisins, or other
                                                                                    contact Vickie at the Meals For The
weather-related or other type of         dried fruits), 1 Soup (chunky soups,
                                                                                    Elderly office. Personal letters, notes
emergency.                               beef stew, vegetable, tomato,
                                                                                    and poems add a special touch and
                                         minestrone,        Ramen      noodles),
Individuals or groups are urged to                                                  may be included. Be sure to indicate
                                         1 Starch (individual oatmeal, instant
participate by providing the kind of                                                that the meal was prepared by your
                                         grits, unsweetened cereal, crackers,
food that will satisfy hunger, supply                                               group so that our recipients can send
                                         cereal      bars,     granola     bars),
energy,     and       contribute   to                                               their thank you notes.
                                         1 Condiment (packets of jams, jelly,
independent living. It is important
                                         mustard,       ketchup,   mayonnaise,
to select food that will last for                                                   For more information, please call
                                         honey,      lite    salad     dressing),
months without refrigeration and                                                    Meals For The Elderly: 655-9200.
                                         1 Beverage (juices, Tang, boxed
can be easily heated.
                                                  Phone: (325) 655-9200
                                                                                                                      Page 5

Interested in
advertising in this
space could be
yours in our next
For more
information, call
(325) 655-9200.

                                We Need Your Help!!!
                             Fall is coming quickly and we will need a little help.

             Answer phones:            9:00 - 11:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday
                                       11:30 - 1:00 Answer phone during lunch

             Summer Drivers:           10:30 - 12:00 Monday through Friday
                                       Once a week, once a month, or whatever!

             Kitchen Assistance: Food Tray Assembly 9:00 - 10:30
                                 Package cereal and snacks 9:00 - 11:00 Monday-Friday
                                 Decorate Sacks for weekend meals
                                       Monday - Friday 8:30 - 11:00

   Give the Cure to Hunger by Making a Memorial or Honorarium
    Name:____________________________________ Address:___________________________________________
    City___________________________________            State________ Zip:_________________________________
    In (Honor / Memory) of:__________________________________________________________________________
    Special Instructions:____________________________________________________________________________
    Check Enclosed
    Credit Card:     MasterCard               Visa             Discover                American Express
    Name as it appears on credit card:___________________________________________
    Card Account Number: ____________________________________________ Expiration Date:__________
    Signature: ________________________________________ Date:_________________________________

    Please mail this form with checks payable to Meals For The Elderly, 310 E. Houston Harte, San Angelo, TX 76903.

 Page 6

  March For Meals Award
 In the last newsletter, we               this honor.                              A special thanks to this year’s
 wrote about the success of               We appreciate your help with             partners: San Angelo ISD,
 our March for Meals                      making this past year’s March            Wall ISD, Goodfellow AFB,
 Campaign earlier this year.              for Meals the best one yet               Curves, ASU ROTC, City of
 Not only did we note this                and look forward to doing                San Angelo, Mardi Gras
 success, but the Meals On                even more to serve San                   supporters, Standard-Times,
 Wheels Association of                    Angelo and the surrounding               Four R Broadcasting, West
 America (MOWAA) did as                   communities next year!                   Texas Broadcasting, Foster
 well. We were awarded an                                                          Communications, Tom Green
 additional $2,500 grant in               MOWAA recognizes only a                  County Commissioners Court,
 connection with the hard work            few organizations across the             KSAN, and KLST, Chili’s Bar
 and accomplishment of our                country with a grant of this             & Grill and all our volunteers.
 board, staff, volunteers,                amount      due    to   the
                                          achievement and ingenuity of             Thank you all for whatever
 donors and our community.                                                         role you played in March for
 This was the largest amount              that program’s individual
                                          March for Meals Campaign,                Meals. Your dedication to our
 awarded this year, and only a                                                     mission has not gone
 handful of meal programs                 and we are proud to be
                                          among those acknowledged.                unnoticed.
 across the country were given

Letters from Our Clients
From time to time we get notes from clients expressing their gratitude for our services. Here are just a couple that we
have received that we thought we should share with our volunteers and supporters so they can know how much they
are appreciated.

I appreciate you all so much & wish I could give more, but am on a fixed income. I fell in De-
cember and broke my pelvis bone and hurt my shoulder so the meals really help me out. Your
drivers are so nice and always smiling. I look forward to Mon., Wed., & Fri. as it really
brightens my day to have someone come to my door & be so cheerful. So God Bless you all for
all the good things you do for people.
Thanks ever so much,
PS - The meals are very good!

Dear Meals,
I want to thank you for the nice little presents you sent me for my birthday, yesterday. Also, I
look forward to the lunch you send everyday, and all the extra “goodies.” You make my day!
                                                  Phone: (325) 655-9200
                             Page 7

                Meals For The Elderly’s Wish List
   Recipients                           Office                            Kitchen
   Gifts for Recipients                 4x6” white lined index cards      Commercial Push Broom
   Chap Stick                           Birthday Stickers                 Industrial Dish Washer
   Nail Clippers and Files              Metal Easels                      66qt. Latchable Rubbermaid Bins
   Air Fresheners                       Polk City Directory               Aprons
   Magnifying Glasses                   Black Markers & Sharpie Pens      Hot Pads
   Handkerchiefs                        Colored Copy Paper
   Night Lights                         Construction Paper                Miscellaneous
   Personal Size Hand Sanitizer         Gallon Size Glue                  Landscaping Equipment
   Travel Size Toiletries & Wipes       2x3’ Bulletin Board               First Aid Supplies
   Wireless Door Bells                  3x4’ Bulletin Board               Chain Saw
   Light Bulbs                          Small bottles of school glue      Digital Camera
   Flashlights with Batteries           Batteries
   Sugar Free Snacks                    Cricut Cartridges
   Regular & Sugar Free                 (Holidays other than Christmas)
     Single-Serving Hot Chocolate       Electric Pencil Sharpeners
   Ladies and Men's Socks               Beverage Serving Station
   After Shave
                                        Pet Program
   Mini Individual Pencil Sharpeners
                                        Dog Food                   (325)65
   Small Fans
                                        Cat Food
                                        Pet Treats
                                        Storage Containers

  Please Remember Meals For The Elderly In Your Will!
                                                                                     NON PROFIT ORG.
            Meals For The Elderly                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
            310 East Houston Harte                                                    Permit No 178
            San Angelo, Texas 76903                                                  San Angelo, Texas
                Delivering to the Homebound

Drivers Needed!

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