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									                                                          WINTER 2007 Issue

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Central Okanagan
 A Harley
   is the
Best Medicine
 Rancho’s 1st
 & Credit
     in the snow
Kids Korner
 Their Point
  of View
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A Harley is the Best Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
A Passion for Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Building Balance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Central Okanagan Winterwonderland . . . . . . . 24
Finding Ogopogo in the Snow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Fishing, Cycling, Sailing & Baseball . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Kids Korner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Publisher’s Point of View . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Rancho’s First Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Seniors & Credit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
SOSS: A Place to Give and Receive . . . . . . . . . . . 32
The Grandparent Effect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
United Way Drive Thru Breakfast . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

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BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                                                     3
                                                p u b l i s h e r ’s p o i n t o f v i e w

                                                                                                                    But just ask yourself:
                                                                                                              how many times did I smile
                                                                                                              this year? When you ponder
                                                                                                              that, just know that 95% of
                                                                                                              people around you also did
                                                                                                              the same thing. That truly
                                                                                                              is a sense of accomplish-
                              (l to r): Dallas, Laurel, and Devon.

                                 One of the great things about aging is how much we            95% of people will smile back. Talk about empowerment!
                              enjoy reflecting on the past. When we are younger, we            Isn’t it great how such a simple act can accomplish so
                              dream about our wants, desires, and dreams. The older we         much?
                              get, the wants, desires, and dreams have been accom-                 Over the next couple of months, you will be reflecting on
                              plished, and we get to look back on how we made it               how 2006 went for you. It may not have been great
                              happen. We all have something in our life we have achieved       financially, or work may have been a struggle. But just ask
                              that gives us that "warm fuzzy" feeling. In fact, most of us     yourself: how many times did I smile this year? When you
                              have a lot to be proud of but seem to forget sometimes.          ponder that, just know that 95% of people around you also
                                  We have enjoyed our entertaining children, who did           did the same thing. That truly is a sense of accomplishment.
                              actually listen to some of our advice. We have travelled,            On a side note, I want to thank each and every person
                              spent time with family and good friends, and with any luck,      who picked up,received,or read our first issue.I also want to
                              we are with the ones we love. We have, or have had, great        express my gratitude to all the advertisers and contributors
                              careers; we enjoy what we do and feel appreciated. (I am         who believed in my concept.The response to Beyond 50 has
                              not sure if you are proud of yourself right now but I just had   been overwhelming. Keep sending in the articles, the
                              several "warm fuzzies").                                         comments, and ideas. This magazine is for the community,
                                 When we reflect on how our time on earth has been, it         by the community, and about the community - all we want
                              should be about how we see ourselves and not how others          to do is bring it together so everyone has a chance to meet,
                              view us. Money, toys, houses, etc. are just things; when we      reconnect, or be inspired by the people they work and play
                              reflect, they may give us a sense of accomplishment but          with each and everyday. I have had a great year because I
                              they are low on the pole. We all have a tendency to worry        know that I made at least 10,0000 people smile in
                              about what others think and feel about us - boy, are we          September. Boy, what a “warm fuzzy" that is for me. I have
                              crazy! Think about it: I can control how I feel about myself     two wonderful boys, the greatest family and friends, and
                              and how I see myself. I cannot control what others think or      now a career that I truly love. My reflection for 2006 has
                              feel. So why should we put so much emphasis on them?             been a positive one.
                              The next time you look in the mirror or lay on the couch to                                                         ,
                                                                                                   (If you’re tired of hearing about “warm fuzzies” just wait
                              reflect, as long as you get a warm fuzzy about your life, then   ‘til you hear what I have to say about Spring and ‘new
                              I would say you have had one hell of a year.                     beginnings’ in the March Issue…)
                                 They say the secret to a happy, fulfilled existence is to
                              treat people the way you want to be treated. A smile goes a                                                   Laurel D’Andrea
                              long way: when you walk into a room and you are smiling,

                              4                                                                                                         BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                                      c h e e r s f ro m t h e e d i to r

                                                                                          …the Okanagan community
                                                                                    is who came together to make
                                                                                    this magazine such a success. The
                                                                                    reality is that people enjoy living
                                                                                    together in a community, and an
                                                                                    essential part of community is

   It’s Sunday, October 15th and I just came in from the          is that people enjoy living together in a community, and an
garden.I planted a Chinese banana tree,checked the height         essential part of community is communication. Look, it’s
of the two week old seeded lawn, and brought in some              almost the same word! (I’m easily amused at times…)
potted Bengal Tiger Canna lilies in case it frosts this winter.       So keep communicating through Beyond 50 and I’ll keep
In honour of the east coast just getting two feet of snow, I      on doing my best to ensure your communication is free of
decided I should plant some subtropicals here in the west.        serious spelling and grammar errors that might hinder that
   We still have about 20 different shrubs and plants in pots     communication.
to get into the ground before this Victoria ‘winter’, including       As a side note, if any of you are looking to warm up your
the necessary hops vines.But according to the locals,we still     love life in these chilly days, check out a new book I just
have time. It just gets rainy and windy here but usually stays    published, Velvet Avalanche: a collection of erotic poetry.
above freezing. Of course, by the time you’re reading this, in    This sizzler can be found through
December or January, you’ll have a good chuckle, because          or email me,
you know that it was the iciest winter ever recorded on               Cheers!
Vancouver Island, and just as everyone got used to ice                                                         Jeremy Hoemsen
skating and snowmobiling from Nanaimo to Victoria to
Vancouver, the Island got sucked under North America in
the “big one” creating oceanfront property in the Okanagan
just in time for the early spring tourist season.From my view,
though, from way back when in October, things are still
pretty warm and fuzzy. (Yes, I just finished editing Laurel’s
Publisher’s Comments).
   I have to say I’ve really been enjoying the stories coming
in for Beyond 50. They were great for the first issue and                                        COVER:
continue to impress me for the second. I’ve learned all sorts                                    Photography by
of things in all sorts of areas, from good business to sport                                     Wayne Duchart,
and mind improvement tips, to interesting travel                                                 Photography West
destinations, not to mention the delicious recipes. While
Laurel is the person to coordinate such an amazing                                                SUBJECT:
community effort, the Okanagan community is who came                                               Nick and Judy Stokman,
together to make this magazine such a success. The reality                                         Kukuli Park,Vernon

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                      5
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                                                                                 angels among us

The Heart and Soul of Sandy Rice
Submitted by Andrea Schiller

                                                                                            She is one of the most
                                                                                      patient people I know,
                                                                                      fielding questions left and
                                                                                      right with the grace of a
                                                                                      saint. If staff members or
                                                                                      volunteers are ever lost,
                                                                                      they look to Sandy to bring
                                                                                      them back on track.

    For me, and for countless volunteers and community              volunteers who help the Heart and Stroke Foundation
members who have crossed paths with her, Sandy Rice is              successfully meet its goals,so we can continue our mandate
not only the face of the Heart and Stroke Foundation in             of health promotion, advocacy, and providing funding for
Kelowna - she is the heart and soul. For the last six years,        top-level research in BC. Over the next few months, we are
what she has given us and the community of Kelowna gives            gearing up for Heart Month,when the Celebration Breakfast
her wings.                                                          kicks off the February campaign. Next comes our Curlathon,
    Over the years, Sandy has coordinated our in memoriam           and throughout the month of February, leadership
program, worked as our office receptionist and sometimes            volunteers and canvassers work together to ensure many
even as office manager, and attended all of our special             feet are on the street to build awareness and collect
events as volunteer support - everything from ‘Big Bike for         donations on behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of
Stroke’ to the ‘Walk for Heart’. These events are especially        BC and Yukon. If you would like more information about
close to her heart, as her father had three heart attacks, and      volunteering and would like to hear Sandy’s warm smiling
since volunteering with the foundation, her husband has             voice on the line, please call 860-6275.
also had a heart attack.
    Sandy is one of those amazingly grounded and positive
people who is an anchor in a storm. Her smiles and laughter      also likes to recognize special
are infectious, her willingness to help across all facets of this    people in our community. Our angel Sandy will be featured as
                                                                     the Person of the Day on Friday December 15th. To view that
organization legendary. She is one of the most patient
                                                                     page please go to In addition to
people I know, fielding questions left and right with the            featuring Sandy, Dot Com Media has graciously donated a gift
grace of a saint. If staff members or volunteers are ever lost,      certificate to Giannz in North Glenmore so Sandy can enjoy a
they look to Sandy to bring them back on track.                      little "me time"
    You will find Sandy at the front desk three days a week, if           Do you know someone that goes above and beyond the call
not more, and whatever time she has left over, she is out            of duty? Or maybe you know someone that just has a great
living large with a close group of friends and family. She also      smile. If so Please email to
                                                                     nominate a future Person of the Day. Then keep watching the
volunteers and helps to coordinate social events at         Person of the Day
Sandpointe, one of which is the New Year’s Supper and                     We are also looking for submissions for the Angels Among
Dance. As a member of the Red Hat Ladies, you can also see           Us department, if you know of anyone who you would like to
Sandy out and about in Kelowna. Not only is she is a true            see recognized please email us at submissions@
friend and involved community member, she inspires us all   or call us at
with her grit and determination to live her life to the fullest.     250-878-9194 and we will feature
                                                                     them in an upcoming issue.
    While Sandy is our office angel,there are numerous other
BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                              7
                   t rave l

Not Quite the Beaten Track:
3 suggestions for winter getaways
Submitted By Cathy Dobbin

                                                                                            If you see seven
                                                                                       people on a beach at one
                                                                                       time, you have a crowd.

    As a travel agent, I’m often asked my recommendations           for the beach lover, with the clean white powdery sand we
for places to visit, places that are a little different from what   all dream of sinking our toes into. Huatulco has been
many of us are used to. Sometimes this can be a hard                compared to the Puerto Vallarta of 20 years ago. This
question to answer, as everyone has different expectations.         destination is very inviting, offering lovely natural
    However, I recently attended a seminar that focused on          surroundings flanked by the Sierra Madre Mountains. A
the South Pacific. I came away from the seminar wishing I           one-week, beachfront, all-inclusive package from gateway
were basking in the sun on one of the many white sand               Calgary starts at $1749 plus taxes/fees per person.
beaches offered by the Cook Islands. A Cook Islander saying            Costa Rica is also a unique destination to visit. It is an
is,“If you see seven people on a beach at one time, you have        incredibly diverse country, appealing to all tastes. Eco
a crowd.” Unlike some of the more visited beach                     adventure tours are very popular and can include hiking,
destinations,the Cooks sound like a fabulous destination for        wildlife refuges, river rides, hot spring relaxation, horseback
the traveller seeking quiet and solitude. And there is still a      riding and much more. Depending on the person going, I’d
sprinkling of activity provided by the main town of Avarua          recommend mixing a one-week eco adventure tour with a
and outlying areas. Rent a scooter for the day, trek through        one-week beach stay to experience the best of all worlds.
the centre of the island to the other side, visit the markets,      There are charters offered from Vancouver to Liberia, one-
sample delicious restaurants, attend a church service, or just
walk along the seemingly endless beaches. There are a
variety of activities to keep one busy - or not. There are
hotels ranging from moderate, self-contained units that can
cater to long-term visitors, to more luxurious, short-stay
accommodations. Many of the packages can be custom
designed to include visits to outer islands such as Aitutaki –
from what I’ve seen, a must see!
    For a twelve-night package including air from Vancouver
to Rarotonga, with a side visit to Aitutaki, prices start at
    Another destination gaining in popularity is the Mexican
destination of Huatulco, located on the coast of Oaxaca on
the Pacific side. Huatulco boasts nine beautiful scenic bays

8                                                                                                            BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                                                                                 mind games
week packages starting at $1,629 per person at
a beachfront property.

Submitted by CATHERINE DOBBIN of United Travel 2000
Ltd, Westridge Mall, Westbank. Catherine has been in the
                                                                                 Sudoku                        - MEDIUM

travel business for over 18 years as agent and owner, and is
always happy to help with any of your travel needs.

                                                                                                                               SOLUTION ON PAGE 38

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                                                                                                           Live your dreams today.

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             D R A P E R Y • B L I N D S • I N T E R I O R D E S I G N • S TA G I N G                 

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                                                  9
Building Balance
Submitted by Jay Stone

                                                                                                …realize that you can
                                                                                           improve your balance even
                                                                                           as you age, and research
                                                                                           shows doing so can lessen
                                                                                           your chance of falling.

Jocelyn and Jay.

    Are you not as steady on your feet as you used to be? You       such as hiking on rocky paths,snow shoeing,or skiing. Such
are not alone. As we age, many of the factors that help us          activities are quite demanding, and these individuals would
maintain good balance decline; eyesight, strength, reaction         benefit from better balance. I strongly recommend that a
time, endurance, and flexibility all tend to diminish as we         balance program be part of their normal exercise routine.
grow older, and this places us at an increased risk for falls.      This will help them stay active now, and build a better base
Each year, one quarter to one third of all adults experience        for the future.
at least one fall, and these falls often cause serious injuries.       To help with your balance, try this daily balance exercise
    At no time of year is the risk of falling higher than during    program. First, while holding the back of a chair, sink, or
our Canadian winters. In wintertime, we are faced with              counter top,practice standing on one leg.Gradually increase
having to walk on slippery ice and snow that compresses             the length of time until you are able to balance for one
unevenly beneath our feet. We have to wear more clothing            minute. As your balance improves, you can progress to not
to keep warm, and this clothing can impair our movement             holding onto anything for support. If you find this easy, take
and balance. Even our houses may be a little more danger-           this exercise further by performing it with your eyes closed.
ous as entryway floors can be slippery from melted snow.               Next, while holding the back of a chair, sink, or
    None of this is any reason to be fearful; in fact, fear of      countertop, practice standing on your toes and then rock
falling is actually associated with more falls. People who are      back to balance on your heels. Hold each position for six
scared of falling limit their activity,and this can cause further   seconds, and repeat the movement several times. Finally,
loss of strength and flexibility. Instead, people need to be        standing on your right leg, lift your left leg straight out to
cautious and aware of risky situations that can lead to falls,      the side. Hold this position for two seconds, and return to
such as slippery sidewalks.Also realize that you can improve        double leg standing. Repeat this ten times per leg. Not only
your balance even as you age, and research shows doing so           will this exercise help with balance but it will also help
can lessen your chance of falling.                                  strengthen the hip muscles. To make it harder, you can add
    Risk factors for falls include increasing age, medication       an ankle weight to the leg you are lifting.
use, cognitive impairment, and sensory deficits. The causes            I hope these exercises are helpful and that you stay injury
are diverse and therefore often require a multidisciplinary         free this winter. Remember to keep active, work on your
approach to treatment. This can mean a review of your               balance, and if you are having falls or frequently feel
medical history and current medications by your physician,          unsteady, please get your balance checked by your health
and an assessment of postural control and physical function         care provider.
by a physiotherapist.For people over 65 with a history of falls
or a high risk for falls, programs such as Stepwise offered by      JAY STONE is a partner at Sun City Physiotherapy who holds his certificate
Interior Health provide such a thorough approach.                   in Sport Physiotherapy and in Acupuncture. He frequently writes a column
    The majority of people I see in my practice aren’t at a         in the Capital News. Reach him via email at or by calling
high risk for falls; many participate in more risky exercises       him at the Glenmore Sun City Physiotherapy office 762-6313.

10                                                                                                                    BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                      The Grandparent Effect
                      Submitted By Luis Diaz

                                                                                                                       They’re the ones with
                                                                                                                  the gentle word about how
                                                                                                                  to hold a stick, how to

                                                                                                                  shoot a puck, how to keep
                                                                                                                  your head up when you’ve
                                                                                                                  had a bad game.

                          At your next minor hockey game, look around and you             win or lose is second to the enjoyment of the game. More
                      can see the history of the game. No, not the ancient arena          than all the things they do, they’re living examples of love
                      steeped in minor hockey lore. No, not the dressing rooms            and respect for the game and its players. This makes them
                      with their ancient plumbing, the sweat of generations of            the role models that all kids need in order to learn how to
                      players lingering in the air. And no, not the trophy cases          make their way on the ice and in life. This is the Canadian
                      with hardware from tournaments past. Look a little closer,in        constant - north, south, east and west, Montreal to Toronto
                      the stands,and see that lady with the blanket on her lap,her        to Vancouver. The histories of our families are wrapped
                      white hair in a bun, and the gentleman sitting next to her, a       around the game, the times it measures, the generations it
                      rolled up program in his hand, the lines on his face marking        engages.
                      his years - they’re cheering on the littlest kid on the ice. That       Grandparents are the bridge to the game as it was, the
                      little kid’s a tiger, their grandson or granddaughter, and he       link to how Dad learned to play, how Mom skated when she
                      or she loves the game just like Gramps and Nana did when            was a kid, the ones who know how, where, and why, and
                      they played long ago.                                               who did what and when. They are there for the reminders
                          Hockey is the common religion in Canada, transcending           that you shoot just like your Dad, you skate just like your
                      sport. Grandparents (and Great Grandparents) are the living         Mom, that your passion for the game is the same as both of
                      history of the game, the tellers of tales - you know, the “I        your parents.That passion is only exceeded by the joy your
                      remember when…” or “Did I ever tell you about the time              Grandparents get from watching you play, learn, and grow -
                      I…” They’re the ones with the gentle word about how to              and by their love for you.
                      hold a stick,how to shoot a puck,how to keep your head up               The Grandparent Effect is the glue that binds us all, old
                      when you’ve had a bad game. “Maybe you just need a piece            and young,the lovers of the game who practice our religion
                      of gum or a hard candy to help get that bad taste out of            (hockey), generation after generation. Sons and daughters,
                      your mouth,”Grandpa might say.                                      mothers and fathers, we know that truth can be measured
                          Dad got you your first stick, Gramps showed you how to          in the ringing of a puck off a post, a great save, the lining up
                      tape the blade, Mom drives you to all your practices, and           to shake hands to honour the game and its players; it’s the
                      Nana hears all the stories brought home from an exciting            same today as always.These things make hockey as timeless
                      tournament game. Grandpa keeps you honest about your                as, well, as timeless your Grandparents.
                      game and how hard you are trying, while Nana gives you
                      encouragement and support, always reminding you that to

                      BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                          11
Seniors and Credit
Submitted By Phil Smith

                                                                                          “It’s not so much what
                                                                                    you owe - it’s what you owe

   I’ve been in the Credit field for over 45 years, and I’ve     to assist his son in a business venture.
encountered many types of borrowers and credit situations,          I asked him how old his son was and he said he was 37.
some good and some bad. Individuals should use credit for        My next question was,“Do you have any other children?”
any worthwhile purpose: to enhance their life style, for            He replied that he had two daughters.
investments, or to enjoy material things now and be able to         My next question was,“And what are you going to do to
pay for them in an orderly fashion in the future. One of my      help them?”
former Credit Managers once quoted,“It’s not so much what           This fellow’s wife immediately burst out of her silence
you owe – it’s what you owe for.”                                and struck her husband on the arm. “See, I told you – if we
   Having said that, one of the most difficult types of credit   help one, we should help them all.”
borrowing involves seniors, those seniors who borrow or             As a lender, I could see that borrowing in this case would
co-sign for their children or relatives. People on fixed         severely impair this elderly couple’s ability to maintain their
income, like many seniors, have a good idea of their             standard of living, not to mention maintaining an amicable
monthly expenses and any extra funds are usually for things      relationship in this family.
like home repairs,transportation costs,and medications,not          I pulled out my business card, handed it to him and said,
to mention the cost of emergencies that may arise. When a        “Tell you what. I am turning you down for this loan. If your
person commits his or her fixed income to borrowing for          son has trouble with that, ask him to give me a call.”
outside purposes or co-signing, he or she can be placed in a        The couple immediately got up from their chairs and
potentially difficult situation. They may be borrowing funds     could not thank me enough. It was evident that I had
to assist other family members although they do not              removed a great load off of their shoulders, not to mention
receive any financial benefit from the borrowed funds, or        the guilt that their son had placed on them by pressuring
they may be co-signing. Either way, they may be called on        them to borrow for him.
to make payments that were not in the budget.                       Needless to say, I never did get a call from the son and
   An experience from a few years ago helps to illustrate the    this couple was eternally grateful.
importance of knowing exactly what you’re getting into.
   This elderly gentleman and his wife walked into my office        The case of direct borrowing is when the proceeds of the
and sat down. Right from the beginning of the interview, I       loan go to the children or relatives. Borrowers usually do
could clearly sense that this fellow was under pressure to       not tell the lender what the funds are for. Most times the
borrow funds. There was even a sense of embarrassment            reason for this type of borrowing is simply for personal
evident in his mannerisms. His wife sat beside him, not          expenses. In these cases, the benefactors of the loan
saying a word.                                                   proceeds do not sign or become involved in the loan
   I asked this nervous gentleman what the purpose of the        contract. A good business practice on the part of the actual
loan was. He explained that he needed to borrow $10,000          borrower is to have the individuals who received the benefit

12                                                                                                        BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
of the loan proceeds sign a promissory
note to the borrower. This creates a         CNIB is the primary source of support,
contractual obligation for them to           information, and most importantly, hope, for
                                             all Canadians affected by vision loss. We are
repay the funds. This promissory note
                                             recognized experts in vision health and have
may become a significant document
                                             been making a profound difference in the
in the event of sorting out funds for        lives of Canadians since 1918.
the beneficiaries of an estate.
    In a situation of co-signing or          CNIB reaches out to communities across the
indemnifying a debt for a family             country. To volunteer, donate or find out more
member, the lender has the                   about our programs and services, please call
responsibility to refer the borrowers to     1-800-563-2642 or visit us online at
an outside lawyer for independent
legal advice.These are situations when
the co-signers (or indemnitors) receive
no benefit from the funds borrowed.
The Solicitor reviews the file and
ensures that the co-signers are made                                        Empowered,
aware that in the event of default of
the contract, they will be held fully
responsible for the debt and any
additional expenses. These types of
‘borrowing guarantees’ apply to                                                confident &
personal loans as well as to
mortgages.The Solicitor then prepares
a Certificate of Independent Legal
Advice that is delivered to the Lender                                        You deserve a custom made swim suit
confirming that he has reviewed the                                           that is personalized in every detail no
file, outlined the responsibilities of the                                     matter what your body shape or size.
guarantee with the guarantors, and                                               Babs has a large variety of styles
that they are comfortable with and                                                       and fabrics to choose from!
fully understand what they are                                                     BABS... it’s wear you want to be!
contracting into.
    One of the issues with these types
of contracts is that over time, one of
the guarantors may pass away. This
may leave the survivor to deal with the
debt in the event of default.
    We are all placed in difficult
situations and the best advice I can
provide is: Be Cautious. Other family
members can be resentful when one
receives benefits and they do not. And
really, the last thing we need as seniors
is for a Banker to be calling and asking
us for payments for a defaulted loan –
especially one that a family member
pressured us into borrowing for them
in the first place.

                                                                                              (250)   979-1234

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                 13
                  b e t te r b u s i n e s s b u re a u

‘Tis the Season for Wise Giving
Submitted by Kevin Rothwell

                                                                                               Beware of fake charities
                                                                                        using similar names to well-
                                                                                        established organizations.
                                                                                        When in doubt, contact the
                                                                                        organization you trust to
                                                                                        find out if there is any

   As a time for giving and sharing,Christmas is traditionally   the person at your house was from their organization. Do
when Charities increase their fundraising efforts. Every year,   not succumb to pressure to give money on the spot; maybe
leading up to Christmas, many of us are overwhelmed with         allow someone to pick it up later when you are certain. A
requests to support various charities and organizations. For     legitimate charity will welcome your money at any time.
me, it’s important to support our community and other               • Ask the charity how much of the donation is given to
worthwhile causes. Today’s charities are competing for           the organization and how much to the fundraiser,and make
limited resources, while facing an ever-increasing demand        sure that split is acceptable to you.
for their services at the same time as ever-rising costs. We        • Beware of fake charities using similar names to well-
only need to turn on the television to see the horrific images   established organizations. When in doubt, contact the
of the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina to be            organization you trust to find out if there is any affiliation.
reminded of some of the tasks that charities handle.             Fraud artists often take advantage of real names to hide
   Like you, I am very particular about where my hard-           their intentions.
earned cash is spent. I certainly don’t want my charitable          • Be skeptical if someone thanks you for a pledge you
donations to end up in the pockets of some scam artists.         don’t remember making. Be on the alert for invoices
For every legitimate organization raising funds for a valid      claiming you’ve made a pledge when you have not. Some
cause, there are those individuals who impersonate               unscrupulous people use this approach to obtain your
charities in an effort to take advantage of some poorly          money.
informed individual. Then, there are those that may give an         • Always ask if your contribution is “tax deductible”
unacceptable portion of the donation to the actual cause.        meaning you can deduct your contribution on your tax
   Here are some tips I personally follow to ensure that the     return. Request an official receipt showing the amount of
money I donate goes to a legitimate cause:                       your contribution, the name of the charity, and the charity
   • Find out if the charity is registered with the Canada       registration number.
Revenue Agency,by phone at 1-800-267-2384 or go to their
website at
e.html. If the charity is registered, you can look at its        The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU offers
information returns and determine how the charity is             further advice and information for
                                                                 determining if a charity is legitimate. If you
spending donations.
                                                                 have any questions, contact the BBB at
   • Don’t give money at the door or over the phone. Call or 1-888-803-1222.
the organization’s number in the phone book to find out if

14                                                                                                                BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                     GINGER’S ALTERNATE HEALTH SOLUTIONS

      Security Film Specialists                      Quick Start To Weight Loss
      Solar-Gard provides superior insulation                    The    G-Form™
      to maximize your heat retention in                             Experience
      winter months as well as repelling the        ELECTROLYPOLYSIS
                                                    Reduces atrophy & pain, promotes muscle
      suns heat in the summer months.               tone, restores movement, releases natural
                                                    pain killers, accelerates healing, increases
                                                    blood circulation & eliminates fat.
                                                    BODY CONTOURING
                                                    Builds & tones muscles, strengthens,
                                                    targets difficult areas & fine tunes body.
                                                    LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE
                                                    Eliminates toxins, cell waste &
                                                    fatty acid build-up, Optimizes
                                                    lymphatic system, Reduces stress
                                                    on organs & Reduces wrinkles.
                                                    MICROCURRENT THERAPY
                                                    Using extremely small amounts of electrical
                                (250) 765-6466      current to relieve pain, reduce swelling,
                                                    inflammation & muscle spasm, heal soft
                         EMAIL:   tissues & release muscle trigger points.
             Non-surgical • Effortless • Painless • Physician Tested & Approved
                                                    GINGER’S Alternative Health Solutions
     RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL                       360 ROYAL AVENUE, KELOWNA, B.C.V1Y 5L2
           WINDOW FILM                              TEL: (250) 861-6029 OR (250) 862-7339          IT WORKS !!!

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                             15
                  laugh lines

A Day in the Life of a
Submitted by L. Wilkins and A. Harkness

                                                                        …such as the Commissionaire
                                                                   who was monitoring a state-of-the-
                                                                   art alarm system that kept
                                                                   mysteriously sounding off. After
                                                                   process of elimination, it was
                                                                   discovered the alarm system was so
                                                                   sensitive, it was being set-off by
                                                                   mice in the field surrounding the

    For over 78 years, Commissionaires BC has been               our local Ski Resort. He received a call from a resident who
dedicated to providing employment opportunities for              was complaining that there were strange activities
professionals of all ages, who bring their experience from       happening in the main parking lot. Dutifully, the
the military or police services to our clients. We provide our   Commissionaire jumped into his 4X4 Jeep, knocked the
clients complete security solutions by integrating highly        snow off his boots, and headed down to the main parking
trained, experienced personnel and advanced technology.          lot. Upon arriving at the parking lot, there was definitely
Many of our security duties are done ‘behind the scenes’,        some interesting action taking place – a photo shoot was in
discreetly getting the job done to ensure smooth operation       progress. The funny part is that everyone was in the nude!
for our clients. But who would have thought such serious         Unfortunately, no pictures were available. Come to think of
work could be so enjoyable? Even though the security             it, the security report was rather vague. However, we
industry is a serious business, there are always those           guarantee the Commissionaire diligently monitored the
unforgettable moments and stories that bring on smiles           situation to ensure everyone was safe!
and laughter.                                                        Many little humorous incidents take place in the line of
    For instance, one Commissionaire (who is just beyond 50      duty, such as the Commissionaire who was monitoring a
years old!) was assigned security duty to ensure a number        state-of-the-art alarm system that kept mysteriously
of Ferraris and Lamborghinis were intact and untouched           sounding off. After process of elimination, it was discovered
during an overnight stay in Kelowna. The adage ‘like a kid in    the alarm system was so sensitive, it was being set-off by
a candy store’ comes quickly to mind. For one                    mice in the field surrounding the building. Or the time a
Commissionaire, it was the best night he’d had in a long         Commissionaire was called to attend an emergency in the
time! Can you imagine the sheer enjoyment of absorbing           ladies washroom,where an elderly woman from the Prairies
the luxurious details of these unattainable goods? The           was disgraced and outraged at the thought of having to pay
Commissionaire felt a real sense of power in protecting this     for water. The Commissionaire politely explained that the
property, as if they were his own fleet. One owner of a          water is free and it comes automatically when you place
Ferrari realized how much the Commissionaire had enjoyed         your hands under the faucet. Apparently, she had never
his duty so she took photos of him standing proud and            seen or heard of an automatic faucet!
mailed them directly to him.                                         Just another day in the life of a Commissionaire!
    There was also the time a Commissionaire was on duty at

16                                                                                                       BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                  Why work for us?
 Commissionaires BC is dedicated to providing meaningful and rewarding
employment to everyone who works here. Additionally, because we are a
  Not for Profit Society, our focus is on ensuring the maximum return to
  every Commissionaire. Founded almost 80 years ago, we offer a wide
 variety of positions to former military and police personnel as well as to
others of good character. Our culture is one dedicated to each and every
                          Commissionaire’s success.

 When you work for Commissionaires BC, you’re really working to help
make BC a safer, friendlier place – and working with a well trained team
 that supports you every step of the way from classroom training to on
the job training, not to mention competitive compensation and excellent

 As a Commissionaire security officer you’ll have the opportunity to work
   in a variety of environments – each with its own range of rewarding
  experiences – that make every day on the job different. From border
 crossings to corporate sites and courthouses and holding centers to city
     streets, you’ll discover a new kind of job satisfaction – and enjoy
continuing opportunities for both professional and personal development.

 By joining Commissionaires, you can be assured you are joining a team
   of professionals dedicated to providing a high level of service to our
                     clients and support to each other.

We offer an extensive benefit package that includes, but is not limited to:
   >Group AD & D insurance, with loss of wage protection and 24/7
                   coverage for business or pleasure;
                  >Group life insurance (shared cost);
>Group extended health, dental and prescription drug plan (shared cost);
                     >TD asset builder group RRSP;
             >Pay rates among the highest in the industry;
        >Free uniforms and dry cleaning of most uniform items;
                   >Optional critical illness coverage;
                   >Optional additional life insurance;
                         >Bonus vacation pay;
                  >Statutory Holiday pay not worked;
                       >Paid bereavement leave;
                        >Gratuitous pay-in-lieu;
                      >Four hour minimum callout;
                      >Flexible working conditions;
                       >Free training to veterans.

       **Positions available in Kelowna and Penticton **

                     Please submit resume to:
 Commissionaires BC, 103-346 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L4,
          or email:
                     or fax to: 250-763-1099.

                   e l e c t ro n i c a l l y s p e a k i n g

Digital Cameras 101:
Transferring Pictures from
your Camera to your PC
Submitted by Tom Cooper

                                                                 You'll never have to
                                                            look for your transfer cable

    Have you been taking your digital camera or memory            that you have done so and
cards to Wal-Mart, COSTCO, or Shoppers Drug Mart so they          will display an opening
can burn a CD or make prints of                                   dialog box on your screen.
some of your favourite images?                                    Click NEXT. This screen is
Are you ready for the next step? If                               followed          by       a
you are, I’ll explain in basic terms in                           confirmation of the files
this article how to transfer your                                 you wish to transfer
files directly from your camera to      FIGURE 1                  (Figure 4). A suggestion:        FIGURE 5
your personal computer (PC).                                      Transfer all of your images
There are two options for                                         and do any deletions later on your PC. Note the boxes for all
transferring files:                                               images are checked off? The next screen (Figure 5) lets you
1) Using a memory card reader,                                    decide where you wish to store your images AND allows
which could be either part of your                                you to erase your memory card after the transfer has been
PC or one you bought separately         FIGURE 2                  successfully completed. Note the window indicating where
and can leave connected to a USB                                  the files will be transferred to by default... Documents and
port more or less permanently                                     settings/ cooper/My documents/my pictures. If you wish to
(Figures 1 and 2); or                                             put them elsewhere, click BROWSE and find somewhere
2) Using the transfer cable that                                  else.
came with your camera when you                                       Click NEXT and the transfer and card clean-up takes
bought it (Figure 3).                   FIGURE 3                  effect on-screen.
                                                                              Click NEXT when the transfer and clean-up are
TRANSFER USING OPTION No. 1:                                               finished.
   Insert your memory card into                                               The last two screens are self-explanatory.The first
the appropriate receptor slot.                                             one, the “Publish, Order Prints or Nothing” screen,
There will only be one way to                                              you will decide what you want to now do. I usually
insert your card so do it gently.                                          select Nothing, click NEXT... and end the whole
Only a small amount of pressure is                                         process with the “Finished”screen.
required for it to slide in. Once it is                                       Once you have completed the transfer, remove
                                           FIGURE 4
fully inserted, your PC will “detect”                                      your memory card and put it back into your camera.

18                                                                                                         BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
TRANSFER USING OPTION No. 2:                                         A note about USB memory card readers that you buy
    This is to transfer images using                             separately and plug in yourself:
the transfer cable supplied with                                     They should cost from $15-$20 for a single card reader
your camera when you purchased         FIGURE 6                  (Figure 2) to maybe $30-$35 for a universal one (Figure 1).
it. Locate your cable (Figure 3). It                             Once plugged into a USB port, they can remain attached to
will have a USB connector at one                                 your PC more or less permanently. You'll never have to look
end and a unique connector at the other which will slip into     for your transfer cable again or have to hook up your
a socket in the body of your camera (Figure 6).                  camera and deplete your camera's battery supply while you
                                                                 transfer files again. These card readers, whether universal-
   Each camera's connectors are in different places but look     type ones, or single card ones, are not powered nor do they
for a rubber or plastic cover which can be removed               require any software to be installed - just plug it in! They’re
somewhere on the body of your camera. It may say DC IN,          also portable if you want to transfer files to another PC.
DIGITAL and AV OUT as my Canon does. Get to the                      Hope this takes some of the mystery out of transferring
connector by taking off the protective cover (it usually has a   files. Now go out and shoot more pics!
hinge on it of some sort to prevent it from dropping on the          Still have questions about transfers or other digital
floor and getting lost).Typical connectors would be a DC IN      camera problems? Drop me a line at
connector, another to connect your AV cable to view on a
television screen (AV OUT) and a third to connect to your PC     Beyond 50 Magazine presents: “Digital Camera Day”
(DIGITAL). You will know the one you need by simply              Saturday, January 20th and Saturday, February 17th. Pete
looking at the end of the transfer cable and looking at the      the Computer Guy of the Right Click Computer Training
plugs on your camera body. The connectors are not the            Centre will be running sessions throughout the day starting
same shape so there is no danger of connecting the wrong         at 9:00am. Come and spend some time chatting with
cable (or the wrong end of a cable) to the wrong connector       experts who can offer tips on how to use your digital
on your camera.                                                  camera and computer together. Learn how to email, store
   Here is the sequence to follow once you have located the      and print your memories. Beyond 50 Magazine will provide
plug:                                                            refreshments as well as a chance to win a digital camera!
   Make sure your PC is turned ON.                               Call Amy at Right Click 717-5800 for more details; hope
   Turn your camera ON (in REVIEW mode and not                   you’ll stop by!
   Plug the USB end into a free USB port on your PC.             TOM COOPER, a retired graphic artist and teacher, occupies his time with
                                                                 freelance photography and by providing workshops on digital cameras,
   Plug the other end into your camera.                          (digital) photography and photo-editing. He also volunteers for the Water
   Your PC will now “detect” that there is a device              Street Seniors Centre Society and the Society for Learning in Retirement,
connected. From here, it should display in sequence all of       both in Kelowna, and the Westside Health Network Society in Westbank
the screens we saw above with the card reader in Option 1.       and is a member of the Central Okanagan Photographic Society. He, his
   And that's all there is to it!                                wife Jane, and their Golden Retriever Taylor live in Westbank.

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                               19
                  f i n a n c i a l l y s e c u re

The Gift of a R.E.S.P.
Submitted by Colleen Pfannenschmidt

                                                                                           Undergraduate students
                                                                                     will pay an average of $4,347 in
                                                                                     tuition fees for the 2006/2007
                                                                                     academic year, up from $4,211
                                                                                     the year before. This is almost
                                                                                     triple the average of $1,464 in

   Many of us parents, aunties, uncles, and grandparents          year, your child’s RESP will exceed $90,000. This will give
just love to shower our children with gifts. It starts from       your child or grandchild a great start towards their post
those first Fisher Price toys all the way to laptop computers.    secondary education – all for $167.00 per month!
Especially with younger children,we often find that some of          Many grandparents understand that contributing to
the toys they receive end up in the bottom of the toy box or      their grandchildren’s RESP is a great way to slowly “give
under the bed in a very short while.                              away” some of their assets while they are still alive. What
   A great gift to give a child of any age is the gift of a       better way to leave a legacy by giving your child or
Registered Education Savings Plan, also known as an R.E.S.P.      grandchild the ability to achieve their dreams through a
While it doesn’t make any noise and can’t be played with, it      university or college education.
could be the greatest gift of all. Most of us want our children      How much does it cost to send your children to
to go to college or university, but many parents are faced        university?
with the challenge of, “How are we going to pay for our              More than last year, according to a September 2006
children’s post secondary education?”                             findings by Statistics Canada. Here’s what it looks like:
   By opening an RESP early, parents or grandparents can             · Overall, students returning to Canadian universities for
contribute to the plan regularly and over many years. Many        undergraduate studies this fall face greater increases in
new parents have the foresight to contribute their baby           tuition than last year.
bonus cheques and gifts of money from relatives to their              · Students can expect to pay on average 3.2% more in
child’s RESP. This way they are getting a head start for the      tuition fees, almost twice the rate of growth in the previous
financial challenge that lies ahead. With an RESP, you can        academic year.
contribute up to $4,000 per child per tax year with a lifetime        · Undergraduate students will pay an average of $4,347
limit of $42,000. Unfortunately, you do not get a tax             in tuition fees for the 2006/2007 academic year, up from
deduction for contributions but your investment will grow         $4,211 the year before. This is almost triple the average of
tax free inside the RESP. On top of that, you will qualify for    $1,464 in 1990/1991.
the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG). The CESG will             · Since 1990/1991, tuition fees have increased at an
provide up to a maximum $400 grant for children 17 and            annual average rate of 7.0%. In the 1990/1991 and
under. The CESG grant applies to the first $2000 per year.        1991/1992 academic years alone, they went up 15.2% and
   This calculation may surprise you: If you invest $2,000 per    16.5%, respectively. In contrast, since 2000, the increase has
year for 18 years @ 8% and factor in the CESG grant each          slowed to an annual average of 3.9%. The recent lower fee

20                                                                                                         BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
increases reflect government moves to
regulate fees.
   · Even so, average tuition fees
between 1990/1991 and 2004/2005
increased at a faster pace than
inflation. During this period, tuition
rose at an average annual rate of 7.7%.                                             HORIZON REALTY
This was almost four times the average                                                      860-7500
rate of inflation as measured by the
Consumer Price Index.

Advisor with the Okanagan Wealth
Management Group of Raymond James in
Kelowna. If you would like to discuss these or
any other financial matters, please call her at
250.979.2700 or email colleen.pfannenschmid
 This article is provided as a general source of
information only. The views of the author do not                                       Results!
necessarily reflect those of Raymond James.
Raymond James Ltd. is a member of CIPF.

                                                   Call Charlene today for a FREE
                                                   confidential market evaluation 870-1870.

                Improve your life...
                    add some fun!

     Parkinson Recreation Centre includes a 25m pool, hot tub,
     steam room, cardio, weight and circuit rooms. Come
     discover hundreds of fun and affordable low impact
     programs designed to maintain mobility.
     Ask us about our REDUCED FACILITY RATES for
     individuals over 65, 70 & 80! It’s never too late
     to improve your quality of life with fitness!
     (250) 469-8800
     PARKINSON RECREATION CENTRE                                            Watch for the
     1800 Parkinson Way (Spall & Harvey)                              NEW Winter Guide
     Visit us on line at                       coming out soon!

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                21
                laugh lines

Kids Korner
QUESTION: If you could teach your grandma or grandpa one thing, what would it be and why?

                                                                                            Les Cairney, 1966, at Canadian
Jasen, age 8                                                                                   Forces Base Germany. He is
                                                                                              inspecting a CF104 aircraft.

                                                                      Thank you for all your wonderful entries.
                                                                      Next issue is Spring 2007 and our question
                                                                      will be: What do you like most about
                                                                      spending time with your grandparents?

                                                                      Please send us your answers to Beyond 50
                                                                      Magazine 1850 Ranchmont Crescent,
                                                                      Kelowna, BC V1V 1T4 or email us at

22                                                                                              BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
     Over 30 years                                                    A Bakery for Dogs
         experience with                                                  2974 PANDOSY STREET

       European cars!

                                (Formerly the Volvo Shop)
                           727 BAILLIE AVENUE, KELOWNA
                                                                      YOUR SPECIALTY PET STORE
                  250-862-3717 • FAX 250-712-1012                      Friendly & knowledgeable staff
                                                            Large selection of toys & accessories for dogs & cats
                          TOLL FREE 1-888-862-3717
                                                             All natural & healthy treats & biscuits
                                                            Premium pet food - Innova, California Natural, Prairie,
                                             Natural Balance, Wellness, etc.
                                                                 Wide selection of RAW FOOD & BONES

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                               23
Central Okanagan
Submitted by Harry Brust, Quest for Success

    I have always enjoyed nature and
its unique seasonal changes... My
perfect day is to take my camera and
spend the day taking photos of
eagles, observing and studying their
    My quest for success is to live in the
place where I belong, with the people
I love, achieving my life’s work.
    Through Quest For Success, my
passion is to provide insight and
inspiration with photography and
motivational words. You can view
exclusive images at our showroom
location         or       online        at

24                                            BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007   25
                           The 1st Annual Christmas                                                               Beyond 50
      Sandalwood Scrooge Breakfast                                                                                maybe picked up
                                                                                                                  or enjoyed at the
                                           in support of
                                                                                                                  following locations:
                            “THE SALVATION ARMY”
       Bring a “gift card” for a teenager to help
       decorate our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree                                                                 Lake Country
       and enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet.                                                                        A&W
                                                                                                                  Café Caliente
       December 13, 7 - 10am                                                                                        Coopers
       at Sandalwood Retirement Resort, 580 Yates Road
     For info call 717-1884. Transportation provided for groups of five. Call and reserve in advance.
                                                                                                                 IDA Pharmacy
                                                                                                                Market Place IGA

                                                                                                                A & W - Leathead
                                                                                                                 A & W - Gordon
                                                                                                                 A & W - Harvey
                                                                                                         Chances Entertainment Lounge
                                                                                                                Blenz - Glenmore
                                                                                                                Capri Centre Mall
                                                                                                                Cooper’s - Rutland
                                                                                                                Cooper’s - Mission
                                                                                                               Denny’s Restaurant
                                                                                                             Dyck’s Medicine Centre
                                                         Pine Lighting                                            Esquire Coffee
                                                        1953 Baron Road ~ Kelowna                        Kelowna Community Resources
                                                                                                            Kelowna General Hospital
                                                                            250-862-3245                        Market Place IGA
                                                                                                            Perkins Family Restaurant
                                                                                                             Pharmasave - Glenmore
                                                                                                              Pharmasave - Mission
                                                                                                                   Second Cup
                                                                                                        Seniors Outreach Services Society
                                                                                                                Shefield Gourmet
                                                                                                        The Haven - Your Breakfast Retreat
                                                                                                                   Tim Horton’s
                                                                                                                Town Centre Mall
                                                                                                               Verve Coffee House
                                                                                                                     Wal Mart
                                                                                                                    White Spot
                                                                                                              CFDC Building & Deli
                                                                                                               Water Street Seniors

                                                                                                                 Pepper Pot Grill
                                                                                                                  United Travel
                                                                                                                   UPS Store

                                                                                                                  Bliss Bakery
                                                                                                                Marketplace IGA
                                                                                                              Peachland Pharmacy
                                                                                                                Serendipity Spa
                                                                                                               Sunnyside Market

26                                                                                                                BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                          A Harley is the Best Medicine:
                                          the story of Nick Stokman
                                          Submitted by Laurel D’Andrea

                                                                                                        Nick’s passion for riding
                                                                                                   was stronger than his passion
                                                                                                   for alcohol so he promised
                                                                                                   himself that he would never
                                                                                                   drink again. This way, he could
                                                                                                   ride whenever he wanted.”

                                              The guy is almost 50 and he rides a Harley. My first              people to try. Nick saw a
                                          thought is, “Someone is going through a change of life,               Softail but through his
                                          some kind of midlife crisis.” For some reason,after we hit 40,        excessive drooling, he
                                          most of us lose control of our minds. Our thought processes           managed to ask Blair Kane,
                                          turn to mush and the word ‘rational’ escapes our brain                “How much?!?”
                                          completely.                                                              Blair answered, “You
                                              So when your sensibilities are in doubt - buy a Harley?           don't want a Softail. You
                                              When I asked Nick Stokman,“Why a Harley?”he said with             want a highway cruiser.”
                                          conviction, “Because it springs to life when the starter                 Nick was excited. “Okay.
                                          button is pushed and feels alive when you twist the throttle.         How much?!?”
                                          When you’re stopped at a light, the engine is idling and it is           With that and nothing
                                          still moving.”                                                        else on his mind, he went
                                              When we talk about this change of life,we often think the         home and tried to discuss it
                                          worst. But this is Nick’s story. You’ll see that his change of life   with Judy. Her response: Kelowna Capital News May 25, 2005
                                          was one that he, his wife Judy, and his daughter                      “Whatever.”
                                          Maggie all believe more men should make.                                   So his first Harley was the Ultra Classic. Blair told him it
                                              In 1996, Nick was a drinking man. His                                could take from 6-18 months to get it so Nick just left
                                          daughter Maggie was in her last year                                          with that and continued on with life, which included
                                          of high school. They had the seadoos                                           drinking.
                                          and the motor-home, and did a lot                                                    In the late fall of 1996, he received a call from

                                          of camping in remote areas.                                                          Blair. His bike was in! He rushed in to look at it
                                          When Judy decided to get a                                                            and wow, was it nice. He asked to have it
                                          job, it meant working week-                                                           delivered on his 48th birthday, December 2.
                                          ends so the camping thing                                                             What he didn’t know was that his wife and
                                          pretty much came to an end.                                                          daughter had already made arrangements to
                                          Nick sold the toys and instead,sat                                                     have it delivered sooner.
                                          around and drank beer with the                                                              It was a cold, snowy Saturday night. Nick
                                          neighbours and friends.                                                                 and Judy, went out for dinner. While they
                                              One day,he was going past                                                          were out, Maggie and the gang from Kane’s
                                          Kane’s Harley Davidson and                                                           brought the bike into their living room. When
                                          there was a demo ride. They had all                                           they got home, all the neighbours were there to
                                          the models set up outside for                                               surprise him - with his new Harley. The party was on!

                                          BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                            27
    Nick didn't have his class six license   than his passion for alcohol so he         in three years and the third with
yet so he couldn’t even ride it. So for      promised himself that he would never       100,000K in two years. Today, he is on
the winter, he added accessories and         drink again. This way, he could ride       his fourth Ultra Classic. It's now eight
made it part of the family. Come             whenever he wanted. That was on            months old and he’s already got
spring, he took the riders safety course     April 17th, 1997 and he hasn’t stopped     55,000K on it.
and said he would only ride it in nice       riding since. The 97 Ultra went               The whole family belongs to BORES:
sunny weather. After the thrill of his       165,000K in three and a half years and     Bikers Out Riding Every Sunday. They
first ride, he quickly realized that he      got him hooked on the lifestyle.           meet for breakfast Sunday mornings
should never mix two wheels and                 During this lifestyle change, Nick’s    and go out for a day of riding,
alcohol; he didn’t want to do anything       wife and daughter have been along for      including a lunch at some restaurant
that would risk losing this amazing          the ride. They both have their class six   along the way. It could take from four
feeling. He needed a change in his life.     licences and enjoy riding. Nick’s          to seven hours, depending which way
Nick’s passion for riding was stronger       second Ultra ended up with 155,000K        and how many people come along. If
                                                                                        you ask him which way they’re going
                                                                                        today, Nick usually uses both pointer
                                                                                        fingers in opposite directions.
                                                                                           I asked Nick about his favourite trip.
                                                                                           His answer: “Well...every trip is the
                                                                                        best until the next one.” Although he
                                                                                        did admit that one of the great ones
                                                                                        was calling his mother early one
                                                                                        morning to wish her Happy Mother’s
                                                                                        Day. A few minutes later, he decided,
                                                                                        “What the heck.” He hopped on his
                                                                                        Harley and drove all the way to her
                                                                                        place in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 1500
                                                                                        km, and gave her a big hug late that
                                                                                        evening. Man, what a ride...
                                                                                           The great news is that Nick more
                                                                                        than just survived the change of life.
                                                                                        His true love is his wife Judy; they’ve
                                                                                        been together 36 years. Without her,
                                                                                        none of this would have been possible.
                                                                                        Judy is trying to get comfortable riding
                                                                                        with Nick driving, although there are
                                                                                        times that isn't always the case. She
                                                                                        did go across Canada this year,now the
                                                                                        second time in five years. So she’s not
                                                                                        doing too badly.
                                                                                           At 57 years young, Nick is a Heavy
                                                                                        Duty Mechanic for Finning. He still
                                                                                        doesn't drink and he doesn’t miss it,
                                                                                        plus he still has a full time job,although
                                                                                        he’s very close to retirement
                                                                                        (retirement is when he can really start
                                                                                        to ride. “Maybe I will never be home…”
                                                                                        he admitted). When people ask him
                                                                                        how he’s doing, they may get an
                                                                                        answer something like: “Any day I can
                                                                                        ride a motorcycle is a good one, and
                                                                                        today I'm doing just that! If I have to
                                                                                        explain it to you, you wouldn’t
                                                                                        understand. It's that simple.”

28                                                                                                          BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                                                                      Come on down
                                                                                                      and enjoy the fun!

                                                                                                      ... a great
                                                                                                        place to feel
                                                                                                          the energy!
                  1913 DAYTON ST., KELOWNA
      Dan McCullough 317-3847 • Don Maxson 215-3474
                         319 QUEENSWAY, KELOWNA • 763-2292

Surf’s up!                                   Things are jumping here!
                                                                         Kelowna’s newest gaming
Some of our advertisers have great                                       entertainment centre!
web sites.
                                             Come find out what all the
We also have one. So if someone you          excitement is at Chances! We
know would enjoy our magazine but            have electronic bingo, slots and
they don’t live in the central               off-track teletheatre horse race
Okanagan, tell them about us.                betting. Enjoy the licensed lounge
www.beyond                         and our big screen TV’s for                                   OPEN 9:30AM - 1AM
                                             watching the game. There’s also                               1585 Springfield Rd
                                             smoking and non-smoking areas.                                (BESIDE RONA) KELOWNA
                                                                                                              (250) 860-9577
                                                                        Know your limit, play within it.

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                            29
Rancho’s First Christmas
Submitted by Karen Lee

                                                                     Starving cats and dogs
                                                                wandered everywhere; many
                                                                had formed packs. This is
                                                                when we found Rancho at
                                                                the old church.

    In amongst the broken walls of an old church in Ranch      Cancun with my
Vievos, a little puppy cowered, trembling after having         friend, Rachel
survived the hurricane that ravaged the coast of Mexico. His   Genesis. Our
brothers and sisters did not survive.                          inspiration and
    In October 2005, Hurricane Wilma’s destruction in          determination
Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula shattered the lives of many.        was to assist in
Measuring a Category Five, this intense hurricane was          relief efforts with       Rancho at 6 months, dehydrated and starving.
experienced across the ocean and jungle; its force caused      the animals;
structural damage, treacherous rains and flooding, downed      caring for animals is our passion and career. We
power lines, scattered debris, broken windows, and             accompanied various organizations, helping to distribute
crumbled roads and walkways. The sands covered the             food, medication, and clothing to the island residents. Food
roads, five to six feet deep, along with the once towering     and medication were also provided for their animals.
palm trees, now fallen. Devastation loomed all around.         Starving cats and dogs wandered everywhere; many had
Homes were evacuated as they were destroyed, leaving           formed packs. This is when we found Rancho at the old
people homeless. All this, along with thousands of             church. He was famished and dehydrated. His eyes were
abandoned animals to live on the streets.                      big, sad, and very frightened. He touched our hearts.
    Lives were instantly shattered. Survival depended on           We took him on the ferry to Isla Mujeres, an island near
faith, hope, and on all who reached out with medical           Cancun, where many injured stray and abandoned animals
supplies, food, clothing, and shelter. Emergency relief and    wandered the empty streets searching for food. Their
recovery efforts were tremendous,                                       chance for survival was next to none. Here, we
the aid coming from Medical                                             volunteered at a small veterinarian clinic. For
Personnel, Red Cross, Army                                              homeless cats, open crates for housing and dishes
Personnel, Veterinarians, HSUS,                                         with food lined the walkway to the front door.
WSPA, Friends of the Animals,                                           Through the back door, towels and sheets hung on
along with many volunteer                                               clotheslines to dry. The animals were treated here
humanitarians. The impact of the                                        with limited supplies and equipment. The
hurricane’s destruction was all                                         examination/surgical room housed a rusty metal
around.                                                                 table, intravenous pole, vital monitors, autoclave and
    After the hurricane, I traveled to                                  sterilizing solutions. A bright light hung from the

30                                                                                                           BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                            ceiling. Recovering animals were        months old. Each day we cared for Rancho,we undoubtedly
                            in travel crates with newspaper.        fell more in love with the little Mexican dog. It was decided
                            Running water and electricity was       - Rancho was coming to Canada. He received a health
                            sporadic.                               record, which would allow him entry into the country.
                               We would go into the City at         Rachel brought Rancho back to Canada in December.
                            night to feed at least 80               Rancho had never seen snow. It was his first Christmas. A
                            street/alley cats, trapping two or      stocking filled with dog treats displaying the name
                            three each time to return to the        “RANCHO”hung on the fireplace beside the Christmas tree.
                            clinic to vaccinate, spay/neuter,       Rancho stared up at the brightly decorated tree with
                            tattoo and release again.This helps     curiosity. For him, the tree and presents were an unknown
                            prevent the spread of infection         symbol, but receiving the attention and care indicated an
                            and disease, and helps control the      abundance of love and
Many dogs have ticks.The    population by sterilization. We did     peace.
owner doused this puppy     the same with the dogs. Many of             He no longer needs to
in motor oil thinking it    the stray dogs were given the           desperately search empty
would get rid of the ticks.
                            name ‘William’ or ‘Wilma’ in            dirt roads for garbage to
                            reference to the hurricane.             eat, or to huddle in
                               With the veterinarian, Dr.           makeshift shelters. He
                            Delfino Guevara, we vaccinated          has so much love and
                            and medicated, provided treat-          attention; he receives any
                            ments, assisted with various            medical care needed,
                            surgeries in the emergency room,        along with the security of
                            and provided post-operative care.       a full food dish every day
A clean puppy after the     The veterinarian’s assistant,Alfredo,   and a Mexican blanket to
motor oil is removed.       did animal grooming and assisted        sleep on. His ribs are not
with surgeries. Luckily, some of the animals were adopted           visible and his fur has
                                                                                                       Rancho at 1 year old, happy and at
from the clinic. So we traveled around the five-mile island         grown in. His eyes have                             home in Canada.
on a moped to do house visits, providing care for these             changed; they are no
animals.                                                            longer sad and frightened, but filled with trust.
    Rancho was diagnosed with dehydration, starvation,                  The shadows of the hurricane have now passed, but are
Demodex (mange), and Coccidia (internal parasites). His             sorrowfully remembered by those who survived the
paws were cut and bleeding. He was medically treated at             experience and were left with tremendous inspiration to go
the veterinary clinic and neutered when his body could              on. Love, courage, hope, and faith always invite miracles.
tolerate the operation. His age was approximated at six             Merry Christmas, Rancho!

     Health Care the way it use to be...                                             • Free prescription delivery (please ask)
                                                                                     • Home Health Care sales & rentals
                                                                                       (walkers, canes, mobility aids)
                                                                                     • Large selection of gifts for all occasions
                                                                                       in our Best Treasures boutiques
                                                                                     • Fast, friendly & efficient service
                                                                                     • Registered nurse on staff specializing
                                                                                       in foot care & flu shots
                                                                                       (home visits may be arranged)

                                                              Because your health matters to us!

      MISSION • 717-5330 Mission Park *next to Coopers Foods
   GLENMORE • 861-4443 Glenvalley Plaza *next to Brandt’s Creek Pub                            Proud to support our Community

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                              31
                           A Place to Give and Receive
                           Submitted by Lian Couper, Coordinator of Volunteers

                                                                                                                                   One nice thing about
                                                                                                                              SOSS is that we do not
                                                                                                                              claim to have all the
                                                                                                                              answers - but we will put

                                                                                                                              you in contact with the
                                                                                                                              people who do.

                               Our goal at Seniors Outreach Services Society is a simple      evaluated, trained, and matched with a client, it is up to the
                           one: "To enhance the quality of life for lonely seniors in         new friends to decided how their time together is spent,
                           Kelowna." For the past 17 years,that is exactly what we have       whether it is playing whist, shopping, or going out to a
                           been doing and will continue to do as long as we are               theatre matinee. Several of our original volunteers are still
                           needed.                                                            with clients who they met more than 15 years ago!
                                So how does one go about enhancing another's quality               One nice thing about SOSS is that we do not claim to
                           of life? You offer advice when it's needed;you listen because      have all the answers - but we will put you in contact with the
                           sometimes we all just need someone to talk to, someone             people who do. We are proud of the fact that we work hard
                           who can remain objective. You promote the community                to match the person's needs to the volunteers and agencies
                           and let people know there are services available,services for      in our network; we want our clients and our volunteers to
                           them to seek guidance from and services that could use             both feel good about the connection. Another valuable
                           their time and talent.                                             aspect of SOSS is everything is confidential - sometimes we
                               Organizations like SOSS help build the bridge between          are scared or worried to talk to the people we are closest to,
                           need and want; we help people connect when they just               so you can have a conversation with someone at SOSS that
                           need that little extra attention. We also help nurture             is kept confidential.
                           relationships between people who want to help and those                 For the more mobile seniors, we have established a
                           who need some help. SOSS has gathered information on               senior Coffee Break program where people can drop in for
                           every subject from housing, to transportation, to                  coffee, a chat, a game of Scrabble, and pick up the latest
                           community resources - it’s all in our handy, free ElderGuide       brochures and pamphlets on senior living. It is a great
                           booklet. For those who are computer savvy, our ElderGuide          opportunity to meet others.Every Thursday from 1-2:30 pm,
                           is on the Internet at Still, if you’d like to   the group meets at the Capri Centre Mall, in front of the
                           hear a friendly voice, you can phone us or visit our office.       Fireplace in the Food court. Volunteers are on hand to make
                               SOSS matches trained volunteers with lonely seniors in         all welcome. A second group will soon be established in
                           our outreach program. Isolated seniors who are looking for         Mission.
                           a companion to visit with may find one through SOSS by                 SOSS provides a Volunteer Income Tax preparation
                           making a quick call to our office. Once a volunteer has been       program, and maintains a resource library with books and

                           32                                                                                                          BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
videos. Every June, we host a Seniors Safety Fair, designed
to educate seniors about safety and about abuse
prevention. We are also a part of the Partners Assisting             BUSINESS OWNERS
Local Seniors (PALS), to provide education to businesses
serving seniors.                                                     What is your TIME
   Your next question may be: how does one support such
a worthwhile agency? Well,it is very simple. A lot of support
for SOSS comes through public donations, our ‘leave a
legacy’ fund, and many generous local foundations,
agencies, and businesses. You can support us through cash
donation or enquire about the ‘leave a legacy’fund. You can
also become a valuable part of the volunteer team. The
                                                                     worth to you?
                                                                               MANAGING THE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS for
                                                                               a business involves having an experienced,
greatest volunteers are those who have "walked a mile in                       professional, confidential and dedicated
                                                                               person. One who cares about your business
their shoes”; we all have a hidden talent or something good                    while saving you time and money.
to share. Volunteering is one of the greatest ways to give
back to a community. The organization you help                                 The services of   ATM Bookkeeping         are
appreciates your commitment and time. The people you                           fully qualified to ensure your books are kept
                                                                               on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
help value your insight and expertise. You get the greatest
feeling of all, the "warm fuzzy" for helping someone. So if                    No more procrastination -      CALL NOW!
you are looking for a place to give and receive,I suggest you
check us out at #207-1889 Springfield Road, or call us at                      ACCURATE
250-861-6180. We also have a website and email address                         TIMESAVING

                                                                               MOBILE Bookkeeping Services

for your convenience, and

                                                                                                                                                  nc 3
                                                                                                                                                le 00
                                                                                                                                              el 2                                                        599 CADDER AVE., KELOWNA, B.C. V1Y 5N5

                                                                                                                                            xc t of

                                                                                                                                         s E lis
                                                                               BUSINESS: (250)
   We would love to hear from you!

                                                                                                                                       es ina

                                                                                                                                    sin F
     See it Live at
     the Kelowna
     Community                                                  Here are just a few of the events that the Kelowna
                                                                Community Theatre will be hosting this winter!

     Theatre!                                                   Jan. 13
                                                                Jan. 16
                                                                                 Okanagan Symphony
                                                                                 KCC Present “Ben Hepner”
                                                                                                                           Classical Music Concert
                                                                                                                           Classical Tenor Concert
                                                                Jan. 20          “Come Together”Beatles Tribute            Pop / Rock Concert
     The Kelowna Community Theatre is the Okanagan
     Valley’s largest dedicated performing arts venue           Jan. 22          Aarron Pritchett                          Country Concert
     and the best place in the valley to see live theatre,      Jan. 24          All in All it’s a Pink Floyd Rock Show    Live Musical Tribute
     concerts, dance, comedy and cultural performances.         Jan. 25 & 26     Sunshine Theatre presents:The # 14        Live Theatre
                                                                Jan. 28          Dr. Lonnie Smith and Crash                Jazz & Blues Concert
     • Every seat is less than 90 feet from the stage
                                                                Feb. 25          The Little Eagles of Siberia World Tour   Children’s Chorus
     • Our expansive lobby has a concession
       and two bars that serve a variety of
       domestic beers and Okanagan wines
     • There are over 800 parking spaces available
       within a three blocks of the theatre.
     • Our professional staff, courteous volunteers
       and welcoming environment make the
       Kelowna Community Theatre an ideal place to                                   Watch for more information on these events or
       enjoy an evening of top quality entertainment.                                visit the Kelowna Community Theatre website at

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                                                33
                      A Passion for Sports…
                      Submitted by Harry Brust

                                                                                                  I have been able to
                                                                                             see his tenacity, persever-
                                                                                             ance, and his passion for

                         I first met Ian B.Taylor in 1988 on a cool Friday evening. It   friends… and to make an investment in those who
                      was at the Rutland Arena, when I was invited to play some          participate in recreation in this beautiful Okanagan Valley
                      hockey with the boys. Since that day, I have observed that         community. From my vantage point,I have been able to see
                      Ian, in his youthful spirit of 76 years, has the enthusiasm to     his tenacity, perseverance, and his passion for sports… and
                      enjoy the game of hockey as long as his health will allow. He      I know his investment has brought a great return. Thanks,
                      has always been involved in organizing the Kelowna Cobras          Ian!
                      hockey team in one form or another and has volunteered in
                      many other community events. With family activities to
                      church functions, Ian has still found the time and desire to                      Sudoku Solution
                      compete in track events in BC Senior Games.
                         When I asked him why he involves himself in the
                      volunteer process, he pondered for a few seconds as if he
                      didn’t have an answer. Then he mentioned the name of Jack
                      Brow, an instructor with the Department of Recreation in
                      Kelowna,who inspired Ian with a new vitality in those earlier
                      years. Ian was strongly influenced by Jack Brow because of
                      what his character brought to the development of kids in
                      the city through sports.
                         Since the early 1950s, Ian had a career in transportation
                      with the CN. He moved to Kelowna in 1964,from Vancouver.
                      When he later retired from the CN, it allowed him to pursue
                      his passion for sports… the competitiveness… the
                      volunteering… the interaction with team players and

                      34                                                                                                        BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
Another Successful Year
for the United Way Drive Thru Breakfast

                             Maxine DeHart says thanks! Thanks
                          to all the sponsors, volunteers and all
                          who came by to purchase a breakfast
                          at the 2006 Ramada United Way Drive
                          Thru Breakfast.The total raised by our
                          community was over $39,500!

                          Apple Valley Promotions           Kozy Shack Puddings
                          Aquafina                          London Drugs
                          Arby’s                            M&M Meats
                          Art Ark Gallery                   Meyers Norris Penny
                          Beyond 50 Magazine                Nestle
                          BFI                               Nick-N-Willy’s
                          Capital News                      Old Dutch
                          Club Wine Tours                   Perkins
                          Diane’s Jewellery Designs         Portable Sign Rentals
                          David & Margaret Hobson           Purina
                          Encore Printing                   Ramada Hotel
                          Entertainment                     Re/Max
                          The Evans Gallery                 RS Creative
                          The Globe and Mail                Shaw
                          Greyhound Courier Express         SILK FM
                          Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines       Skogies
                          Heather Zais                      Sleep Country
                          Heritage Office Furnishings       Sun Rype
                          IGA Market Place                  Tac Mobility
                          Industrial Alliance Pacific       Thom & Associates
                          Interior Savings                  Waste Reduction Office
                          Island Farms                      Westjet
                          Kellogg’s                         Westerra Greens

                          Bob O’Connor                      Lakeland Oil (Ross Gilley)
                          Breadeaux Pizza                   Lil Moller & Kelowna Hostess
                          (Springfield Road)                Local Lawyers
                          Business Development Bank         Lynda Lochhead
                          Carey Earle & Air Cadets          Lynne Glata (Weekenders)
                          CHBC-TV Okanagan Now              Luanne Chore
                          Clancy’s Gourmet Meats            Merry Pockets
                          Dale Beaudry (City Yards)         Neil Shetler
                          Dale Charlton & Sinclair Dental   (Agro Road Maintenance)
                          Dave Dixon (Bylaw Enforcement)    O.K. Mission Lions
                          Deidre Paul                       Outdoor Living Rooms Design
                          Dentists                          Paul Seemann
                          - Dr. Berg                        Prosign
                          - Dr. Sandi DiFabrizio            RCMP (Local)
                          - Dr. Faigan                      - RCMP S/Sgt. Shawn Wylie
                          - Dr. Fred Froese                 - RCMP Helicopter Pilots
                          - Dr. Henderson                   (Bill Romanica & Greg Burgess)
                          - Dr. Hugh Jarvin                 - RCMP Superintendent
                          - Dr. Bernie Legatto              Bill McKinnon
                          - Dr. Ian Leitch                  - RCMP Superintendent
                          - Dr. Andy Macdonnell             Don Harrison
                          - Dr.Tom Martin                   - RCMP Cst. Annie Linteau
                          - Dr. Michael Rampado             Rene Blanleil
                          - Dr. Zokal                       (Fire Chief and Local 953)
                          Dr. Specs Optical                 Ric’s Grill
                          George Aquilon                    Rondeau Brown
                          Herb Comben                       Sergio Cunial (Ramada Catering)
                          Holiday Park Resort               St. John’s Ambulance
                          Jim Milne - Tac Mobility          Tom Light - On Track Marketing
                          Jim & Tammy McEwan                Tony & Robbin Roberts
                          Jim Helgeson                      Tracy Nyboe (RE/MAX)
                          (Ministry of Transportation)      Vern Neilsen
                          Ken Aquilon                       Telus Ambassadors

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                       35
                              Finding Ogopogo in the Snow
                              Submitted by Marilyn Brown

                                                                                                       …we’ve experienced the
                                                                                                  real deal - Calgary, Boston,
                                                                                                  and Edmonton winters. For
                                                                                                  some reason, clearing drive-
                                                                                                  ways was nowhere near as
                                                                                                  much fun as playing in the

                                 One winter-time recreation activity has great memories        playing in the snow; that’s one thing we were able to
                              for me – snow sculpting and snow tunneling. Growing up           rediscover as parents. The neighbours must have thought
                              in Vancouver, there was a mixed attitude towards winter,         we were whacked as heck when we created a giant Pooh
                              and in particular, snow. Even as a small child, you develop a    Bear and honey pot on the front lawn one winter afternoon.
                              custom-fitted pair of webbed feet from all the rain; it almost   Or maybe it was the giant snow lizard that made them
                              always came as rain in the winter, or instant slush if the       shake their heads. We were always weary at the end of the
                              temps did drop a little. When we did in fact get enough          day, but content with the creative process, and the kids
                              snow to do anything decent with it, the next obstacle            thought they had something really special in their yard.
                              presented itself.                                                    The last few winters here in Kelowna, I was delighted to
                                 Imagine the cussing when Mom had to bundle three              witness the continuation of this snow wizardry through my
                              toddlers into zippered snowsuits to get out into the white       now grown kids. Maybe it grew from boredom with hitting
                              stuff. My grandparents and any unfortunate older siblings        the university texts; perhaps just from a dull, grey afternoon
                              would be recruited for the task. And heaven help you if one      and a necessity to clear the driveway.Or it could have grown
                              of us little gaffers hadn’t gone to the bathroom before the      from a twinkling memory of building snow igloos and
                              snowsuit went on! Needless to say, other family members          monsters and forts and tunnels. Wherever their inspiration
                              were a lot less excited to see a real snowfall than we kids      came from, one wintry day, my son showed his quirky
                              were.                                                            humour and dexterity by building a full-size sofa and chair,
                                 Sometimes, there wasn’t enough supervision for all the        TV and a lamp, with a can of beer on the side table: all
                              kids. As a compromise of sorts, the huge metal laundry tub       chiselled from snow! Another time, over the course of a few
                              would get hauled out to the yard. Shovelfuls of the white        hours, with those amazingly large snowflakes descending,
                              magic would be loaded into it and then dragged back              brother and sister completed a good 30 foot run of tunnel
                              inside to rest in the middle of the kitchen floor where we       through the embankment of snow beside the driveway.
                              could be watched. Perhaps that’s when my curiosity about         They even revealed that they could crawl completely inside.
                              snow sculpting began – with that lovely load of quickly-         It was like a miniature version of the English Chunnel and
                              melting art media. Anyone could go outside and build a           proved to be a source of entertainment for passers-by and
                              traditional snowman, but just try moulding a bunny or cat        neighbours. Indeed, a grand bit of carving and shaping!
                              from snow (in record time), while trying not to totally              I was impressed that they had learned the lesson well.
                              saturate the kitchen floor!                                      Perhaps next time, when we gather over a snowy weekend,
                                 Jump forward a couple of decades. There are two               I can convince the troops to recreate a giant Ogopogo in the
                              munchkins of our own and we’ve experienced the real deal         backyard. (Heck,if they can do it at a sandcastle festival,why
                              – Calgary, Boston, and Edmonton winters. For some reason,        not with snow?) I can’t wait to get out there this year with
                              clearing driveways was nowhere near as much fun as               our kids and have some creative fun!

                              36                                                                                                        BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                                                                        p i c t u re o f h e a l t h

                        Know Your Skin Care Products:
                        Women and Men
                        Submitted by Orla Cooper

                                                                                                                  Don’t automatically buy
                                                                                                             products based on your age.
                                                                                                             The aging process depends

                                                                                                             upon several factors and just
                                                                                                             because you turn 50, it doesn’t
                                                                                                             mean that suddenly your skin
                                                                                                             is drying out and you need
                                                                                                             extra moisture.

                           There are many factors affecting how your skin ages:          texture of the skin. Its also penetrates hair follicles where oil
                        environmental elements, sun exposure, lifestyle, and             and dirt collect, which can help with blemished or acne-
                        heredity. The aging process varies from person to person         prone skin. There are many products available that contain
                        and happens more slowly or quickly in different people. But      salicylic acid, such as Vichy Normaderm, Roc Purif-AC, and
                        taking proper care of your skin can slow some aspects of         Biotherm Acnopur.
                        aging.                                                               Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and can be found in
                           If you haven’t already, develop a healthy daily routine for   many different forms in skin care products. It can penetrate
                        the care of your skin. There are three basic steps for taking    to the lower layers of the skin and is known to stimulate
                        proper care of your skin. You should always cleanse, tone,       collagen and elastin production.It is effective for smoothing
                        and moisturize, morning and night, using products that are       fine lines and wrinkles, improves the colour and texture of
                        suitable for your skin type. If you’re not sure of your skin     the skin, and increases hydration levels. There are several
                        type, seek assistance from a beauty advisor at your local        skin care lines that offer products containing different forms
                        cosmetic counter.                                                of retinol, such as Roc, Avene, Neostrata and Vichy.
                           Using a sunscreen daily is one of the most effective ways         Vitamin C in a topical form is a powerful antioxidant that
                        to slow photo aging, so try to find a moisturizer or             is known to stimulate collagen production. It helps to
                        foundation that contains a minimum SPF 15. There are             smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce scarring, and it
                        many products on the market today known to slow skin             stimulates a healthy radiance to the skin. There are several
                        aging and aid in repairing damaged skin. It’s helpful to         brands that make products containing Vitamin C. One of
                        understand what some of the ingredients do so that you           the newest on the market is Lise Watier’s Vitamin C2 Skin
                        can make an informed decision about what product will            Perfector capsules. Neostrata and La Roche Posay, Vichy,
                        best address your specific skin concerns.                        and Lancome also have products with Vitamin C, each
                           Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is well known for its ability to     having a different application.
                        help with fine lines,irregular pigmentation,and age spots. It        There is a relatively new product available from Elizabeth
                        also helps to decrease enlarged pores. It is recommended         Arden and Allergan called Prevage. Its main active
                        to start with a low concentration to prevent irritation and      ingredient is Idebenone, which has been used for years in
                        gradually let the skin become accustomed to the product.         pharmaceutical applications. Idebenone is now being
                        Neostrata and Reversa are two well known Canadian-made           touted as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available
                        brands that produce a range of products containing AHA.          in the cosmoderm market today. It is well tolerated by most
                           Salicylic Acid exfoliates and improves the colour and         skin types but it is recommended that you ease into using it.

                        BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                       37
Idebenone smoothes fine lines and          Our skin cells regenerate approxi-            For men, skincare products will vary
wrinkles, evens skin tone, fades dark      mately once a month so to get a true      slightly from the ones that women will
pigmentation and freckles,and softens      feel for how your anti-aging product is   use. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s
rough, dry skin.                           working, you will have to wait at least   skin and has different needs. More and
   Don’t automatically buy products        that long before you begin to see         more men are taking better care of
based on your age. As I said before,the    some results. Using an exfoliator once    their skin today than ever before; that
aging process depends upon several         or twice a week will remove dead skin     is why you will find a wider range of
factors and just because you turn 50, it   cell build up and let the newer skin      products available for men at the
doesn’t mean that suddenly your skin       cells show. This gives a more             cosmetic counter, some of which
is drying out and you need extra           immediate smoothness to the skin and      include Biotherm Homme, Clarins for
moisture. Also, be patient with the        also allows for better absorption of      men, Zirh, and Boss skincare.
product that you try for the first time.   your moisturizer or treatment.                No matter what your concerns are,
                                                                                     there are a wide variety of products
                                                                                     available to suit your needs and
                                                                                     budget. Talk to a knowledgeable
                                                                                     cosmetician or beauty advisor about
                                                                                     what your options are and what is
                                                                                     right for you.

                                                                                     ORLA is the manager of the Cosmetic
                                                                                     Department of London Drugs in Kelowna and
                                                                                     has been with the company for 17 years. She is a
                                                                                     2nd generation local gal (mother also born and
                                                                                     raised in Kelowna) When Orla is not working or
                                                                                     with her kids Taisia 15 and Brandon 11, she loves
                                                                                     to sing.So far her family hasn’t quite “tuned in”to
                                                                                     her talent!

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38                                                                                                                                BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007   39
                 re c i p e s

Hot Dishes for Winter Days
Submitted by Lisa Cham, owner of the Fixx Café and Pasta Bar
and by Lydia Baldwin Specialty Bakery

                                                           Here is your chance to
                                                     try something new but one
                                                     really old family recipe.

   LISA CHAM is the owner of the Fixx Café and Pasta Bar in   Cream of Caramelized
the Mission. Lisa arrived from the Caribbean in January       Onion and Garlic Soup
2004 to open her restaurant. During her ten years in the      YIELDS 6-8 SERVINGS
Caribbean, she owned the “Ocean Allegro” in Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines. Her favourite memories of the             2 tbsp olive oil
Caribbean are the ocean,the warm weather,and most of all,     2 cups chopped onion
the “fabulous”people she met each and everyday. Now, Lisa     1/4 cup finely chopped garlic
enjoys life in the Okanagan with the lakes, the seasonal      1/4 cup sugar
weather, and the “fabulous”people who live here.              2-3 small bay leaves
                                                              Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
                                                              8 cups chicken stock
                                                              2 cups white wine
                                                              3 cups French bread
                                                              3/4 cup whipping cream
                                                              1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
                                                              Finely chopped parsley

                                                                  Sauté onion and garlic in olive oil. Add crushed bay
                                                              leaves and crushed red pepper flakes. Add white sugar and
                                                              caramelize until onions turn golden. Add white wine and
                                                              reduce to 1 cup. Add chicken stock, bring to
                                                              a boil then simmer for approximately
                                                              45 mins. Add French bread and boil
                                                              slightly until bread softens. Add
                                                              whipping cream and with a hand
                                                              held blender puree until smooth.
                                                              Whisk in Parmesan cheese and
                                                              garnish with chopped parsley. Enjoy
                                                              on a cool winter day!

40                                                                                                 BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                           LYDIA'S culinary experience spans          Specialty Bakery on the corner of
                                           over 50 years. Lydia began cooking at      Gordon and Springfield.
                                           the age of 17. Her first job was in
                                           Winnipeg for the Ellis Inn; her next job   Her passion is revealed through the
                                           was at our very own Kelowna Golf and       flavour of her food. And she makes the
                                           Country Club. She spent a few years in     best tuna melt with Swiss cheese on
                                           Osoyoos, Oliver and Penticton. When        light rye in the Okanagan!
                                           she relocated back to Kelowna, she
                                           spent 13.5 years working in the
                                           cafeteria at BC Tel/TELUS. Once TELUS      We want to hear about your favorite recipes.
                                           decided to restructure, Lydia was back     Please send them to
                                                                                      or by fax at 869-1490 or mail them to 1850
                                           on the move; she worked at the Happy
                                                                                      Ranchmont Crescent, Kelowna, BC V1V 1T4.
                                           Fryer and now hangs her apron at the
Lydia then (left)... and now (right).

                                              share the secret

Jambalaya with Pork

2 onions finely chopped
1 red bell pepper finely chopped
3 celery leaves finely chopped
1 carrot finely chopped
2 smoked sausages
1 tbsp oil
2 cups parboiled rice
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
(more if you like it spicy!)
1/2 tsp thyme
1 clove garlic crushed
5 cups chicken or turkey broth
1 lb lean pork loin
1 cup regular salsa
Fresh Dill Weed, green onions and
shredded carrots for garnish

   Cut smoked sausage into chunks
and brown in oil. Add vegetables, rice                                                                                   radiant health
and spices and let brown for 1 minute.
   Add broth, mix well and boil
covered for approximately 15 minutes.
Trim pork loin of any excess fat and cut
in thin 1 1/2 strips. Add these to the
rice mixture. Let cook for 5-7 minutes.
Let stand 3-4 minutes.
   Garnish with dill, green onions and
shredded carrots if desired.
                                                A healthier, happier, more vibrant life.
                                                Everyone wants it. In a remote part
                                                of the world many already have it.
                                                Experience the benefits. Contact
                                                Rick McCluskie at (250) 215-1446

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                         41
        Is it Too Late to
      Lose Your Weight?
     This Woman Says No!
                y name is Pam Payne. I was overweight for 10 years.
                Losing weight was my daily struggle. I did the low-
                carb diet, took diet pills, and drank shakes. I did
        various exercise programs. I would lose a little weight but
          would always gain it back. I was ready for permanent
            weight loss. I called Positive Changes Hypnosis and
             scheduled my free screening. I signed up and melted
               off 38 lbs. in 5 short months!
                  My weight loss was safe and easy! I noticed a
                 change in my behavior at once. Hypnosis elimin-
                ated my snacking, cravings and poor eating habits. I
               feel as if I have a new life. I am more assured about
              myself and how I look. My
            friends are envious of me, and
          my family comments on how
          great I look.
          If you want to improve your life by
         losing weight, I urge you to call
         Positive Changes today to schedule
         your free weight-loss consultation.
              Call Positive Changes
              Hypnosis at 448-8777.

                                Capri Mall 1835 Gordon Drive           Wood Communications Ltd
                                           KELOWNA BC                  1744 Springfield Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 5V6

42                                                                                                                 BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
                                                                           c a l e n d a r o f e ve n t s

What’s happening
This calendar of events is compliments of
Community Information and Volunteer Centre
                                                                        Cheryl Miller and Linda Hartford of Civic.

          KCR Holiday and Free Events Guide for December events - download a copy
          from our website at or call 763-8008 E. 24
        1 World Aids Day (same every year)
    1 - 7 National Safe Driving Week
        3 International Day of Disabled Persons
        2 Christmas Light-up – Towne Centre Mall to Kerry Park,
          Christmas Tree light up to start off the Christmas season,
        5 International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social
          Development Volunteer Manager’s Day (same every year)
        6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence
          Against Women (same every year)
      10 Human Rights Day

             Mothers March (March of Dimes) Kinsmen
           2 Illusions – Magic N Miracles – Kelowna Community Theatre
             Kelowna Professional Firefighters – Burn Unit
           4 World Braille Day
  13, 14, 15 Avalanche Awareness
    15 - 21 National Non-Smoking Week
          20 Thompson Okanagan Housing Awards – Capri Hotel
          21 Chinese New Year
          22 Walk for Memories – Alzheimer Society of BC
    18 - 21 Icewine Festival – Sunpeaks Resort
    25 - 31 National Family Literacy Week
          27 Munsch Madness
          27 National Family Literacy Day
  26, 27, 28 Kelowna Snowfest
    26 - 28 Kelowna Home Show – Prospera Place

           Black History Month
           Heart and Stroke Month
           Junior Achievement Month
           Psychology Month
         3 L’Amore Bridal/Grad Extravaganza – Kelowna Community Theatre
    6 - 12 Eating Disorder Week
    6 - 12 International Coaching Week
        14 Dress Red Day – Heart and Stroke Foundation
        15 Flag Day
   15 - 18 BC Special Olympics in Kelowna 2007
   20 - 24 Chamber of Commerce Week in BC
   20 - 26 Heritage Week

BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                              43
Fishing, Cycling, Sailing, and
Baseball: a vacation with my Grandson
Submitted by Wally Dennison

                                                                              …each of us paddled
                                                                         in separate kayaks up the
                                                                         lovely Au Sable River for
                                                                         more than two hours,
                                                                         ending at a spot where we
                                                                         hauled all four kayaks and
                                                                         accompanying equipment
                                                                         up a wooden stairway of
                                                                         206 steps…

   Perfect prescription for any grandparent yearning to           where our modest home once warmly welcomed us,he saw
revitalize a youthful, adventurous spirit: pair up for a few      the devastated neighborhood block where humongous
weeks of travelling fun with a grandson or granddaughter.         weeds now grow so depressingly in its place.
As 11-year-old Nicky Bonder says, it’s “cool” Nicky is my
                                                 .                   In Midland,Michigan,en route to Hale in losco Country for
grandson in Winnipeg, and his “cool”verdict on our one-on-        a combined bridal-groom shower and family reunion, we
one bonding during a recent jaunt to Michigan struck me as        were hosted for a day at the summer trailer home of my
really cool advice for any granny or grandpa. Could be the        eldest niece, Betty, and her husband, Dan Ganish, a senior
grandest, most fun-filled, exciting and educational journey       manager with Ford Motor Co. What a smashing time Nicky
of your life (and this comes from a 72-year-old who has           had fishing with Dan from the dock of a nearby stream,using
written on travels to six of the world’s seven continents).       worms, pieces of bologna, and a few small lures. He’s sure
   Watch your grandkid’ s face illuminate and feel his or her     hooked on fishing,and the few nibbles only served to fuel his
heart pounding as the passenger jet soars off, marking the        ongoing daily query, “When are we going fishing again?”
kid’s initial airplane flight. Delight in the lavish and varied   Nicky frequently rummaged though the tackle box and lures
descriptions of the sky and clouds pouring forth from             given him by Dan, just as he did later with another, larger
thrilled young minds. That’s only the appetizer to grand          tackle box given him in Hale by my eldest nephew, David.
companionship, as Nicky and I discovered heading to                  We stayed with David and wife Mary on their 43
Michigan (birth state of this naturalized Canadian).              sprawling rural acres. There was the lovely weekend bridal-
   You can’t beat a one-on-one journey with granny or             groom shower honoring David’s and Mary’s daughter,
grandpa for giving a kid a deep, insightful dig into his or her   Natasha, and her fiancé, Gregory St. Martin. Sunburn not-
family roots. Neither I nor my three older brothers knew our      withstanding, what a splashing great time Nicky had in the
parents - our mom and dad, who met in New York, had               swimming pool with all his young cousins, while more than
emigrated separately to America from Russia several years         100 guests broke bread and celebrated!
before the 1917 revolution. For Nicky and me, this                   As the reminiscing, family history, and jocular repartee
exploration was go-go-go from the moment we were                  unfolded, Nicky’s ears perked attentively, particularly to the
picked up at Detroit International Airport by my 82 year-old      earthy comments of David, a 58 year-old iron worker now
brother, Adam, sole surviving member of my immediate              on disability after tumbling off a girder.
family. Adam, now driving cars for Avis in retirement, was a         Everyone fondly calls him “Gunny” - a nickname earned
superb tour guide, explaining the sights and scenes of            as a marine gunnery sergeant in the Vietnam War. In
notorious Detroit. Nicky saw the home where Adam and I            Vietnam, Gunny’s jungle unit of 63 (only 17 survived)
were raised with brothers Vic and Al; in eastside Detroit,        overpowered an enemy force of 480, killing 420. As we

44                                                                                                         BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
informed Nicky, he was shot up badly but here was a               impassioned answers
“Gunny” whose battle heroism amazingly carried over into          to Nicky’s barrage of
civilian life. Not only did he win a Silver Star (America’s 3rd   questions. Aaron has
highest metal for bravery), but his courage as a civilian         travelled throughout
ignited front-page coverage for two gallant acts. Once, he        Michigan for races and
helped state police capture two prison escapees after they        is a member of Mid-
had robbed a drive-in and taken a woman hostage.Another           Union Sled-Haulers,
time, he rushed into a flaming, gas-filled house to carry an      Inc. (MUSH), a non-
unconscious man out to safety before a second explosion           profit club embracing
rocked the dwelling.                                              several Midwest states.
    In looks, talk, and manner, Gunny is the mirror image of      Latest standings on the club’s website list Aaron as having
his uncle Vic. Vic was a Michigan divisional Golden Gloves        the third-highest total of points in the five-dog class. Sure
boxing champ whose fistic gifts later proved life-saving:         looks like Aaron is shaping up well for his ultimate goal of
during WW2, medal-winning Chief Boatswain Mate Vic                running the Iditarod - the globally-acclaimed race in early
punched out cold a mate whose panic was threatening the           March that pits man and animal against the wild perils of
buoyancy of a life raft jammed with guys blown off their          Alaska.
ship by enemy gunfire and into the turbulent Atlantic.               Hearing of Aaron’s exploits sure engaged Nicky’s mind
(Several decades later, ex-sailor Vic would rib marine Gunny      and muscles for a physical challenge of his own. So, with
as “a seagoing bellhop”).                                         Gunny and Mary coaching, each of us paddled in separate
    The couple’s industry sparkles throughout the                 kayaks up the lovely Au Sable River for more than two
homestead. With horse-pulled tractors and plows, Gunny            hours, ending at a spot where we hauled all four kayaks and
and Mary carved out the magnificent network of nature             accompanying equipment up a wooden stairway of 206
trails where Nicky and I walked and cycled. Often, we’d take      steps, to Gunny’s truck in the parking lot. Whew!
oh-so-comical Patch, their canine, named after famous                Throughout the week in upper Michigan and for the
clown Patch Adams. What an endearing howl that pooch              several days with my brother Adam and family in the Detroit
was, snuggling to sleep in Nicky’s lap as we watched TV           area, Nicky and gramps were having some grand duels - to
from the living room sofa.                                        mention a couple, bedtime pillow fights and “spitball”fights
    Every day sported a gloriously new rustic panorama as         (napkin-wads fired by exhaling them from the tips of pop
Gunny drove us to different fishing spots on rivers, lakes,       straws). An adult must set limits but face it - even parents
and dams, then coached Nicky in casting and other                 and grandparents occasionally ought to “bang loose” and
fundamentals. What excitement on our last night when              play with their charges. It’s simple enough to respectfully
Nicky finally reeled in his first fish - a catfish - then three   declare,“Enough.” And it does wonders for them to see you
others within minutes! Not small, not large, but that haul        praying regularly; Nicky sure took to the daily responsibility
sure expanded Nicky’s chest as he displayed them for              of saying grace before meals. Likewise, except for maybe a
grandpa’s photo-shoot. The region is also a hunter’s              few yawns, that kid alertly “hit the deck” whenever I firmly
paradise, and Gunny regaled us with his many deer- and                                            .
                                                                  shook him to “rise and shine” After all, he has been a Navy
bear-hunting tales.The roads themselves loudly confirm the        cadet for a couple years.
area’s bountiful wildlife - so many raccoons and porcupines          Back in Detroit, it was a sunny Sunday afternoon at
laid to rest under speeding tires. Now, Nicky’s science           Comerica Park. We sat in the heat in prime, reserved seats
collection has some bones we pried from a porcupine’s             along the third-base line near the Tigers’ dugout. It was
carcass while cycling together.                                   Nicky,Adam,me,and Nicky’s cousin,Mike,Adam’s eldest son.
    George Gunny’s close friend and a fellow iron worker,   The Tigers, with the best record in major league baseball,
and the Korczowski spread was the spectacular afternoon           were playing the Texas Rangers. Nicky’s head was topped by
theatre where Nicky was spellbound. This wonderland               the Tigers’ distinctive “D” ball cap, his left hand gloved with
certainly breeds a hardy lot of outdoors people - like 21 year-   my baseball mitt (anticipating a possible foul ball flying
old Aaron “Musher” Korczowski, a sled dog racer. One of           within his reach as a souvenir). We were there courtesy of
Nicky’s grandest treats was a visit to the 11 acre homestead      businessman Kevin O’Hare, who holds season tickets to that
of Aaron’s parents, George Sr. and Darlene. “Musher” Aaron        section of seats and is the husband of my niece, Pat.
showed us the family’s llama, sheep, cows, pigeons (his dad          Wow! Did my nephew, Mike, pour out a torrent of
races pigeons), and the Alaskan huskies he trains for races.      baseball lore and knowledge to Nicky, seated beside him.
Quite a hand,that young man - he not only shears sheep and        Mike’s good with kids - an ability honed by his years as head
meticulously prepares his team of huskies to race-hungry          of school district counselors working with troubled children
sharpness, but he plays several musical instruments; gave us      and families. Plus he’s a father himself, coaches a kids’ track
a mini-concert with violin, guitar, and accordion. But his        and cross-country team, and is a veteran marathon runner.
prime passion is sled dog racing, as was obvious from his         Well, the Tigers blew a 6-0 Lead, and were edged 7-6. And
BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007                                                                                                       45
there was Nicky, like Mike, disgustedly screaming in protest        airstrip. The mother of three grown sons,she was so sweetly
against the ump’s “Out!”call on a Tiger’s fancy slide attempt       adorable and informative to Nicky.Seems a fellow known as
into home plate for the tying run. Minutes later, Nicky was         U.S. President George W. Bush was cruising in on Air Force
again on his feet with Mike, repeatedly yelling, “Ball caps!        One while three planes hovered above for protective
Ball caps!” as the crowd urged the Tigers for a come-from-          security. Bush was to campaign in the Twin Cities for a
behind rally. In that “ball caps” yell, fans en masse turn their    candidate in the November congressional elections. Excited
caps inside out. No luck, but I wouldn’t have bet against           Nicky and I did catch a one-second glance at Air Force One
Nicky spearing a foul ball had one zoomed his way. He               as our jet taxied past on takeoff. And I mused, what
pitches and plays outfield for his kids’ league team, and he        astounding contrasts for the bookends of our adventure! We
has been voted the team’s Most Valuable Player in each of           were stymied by Bush now, and at Winnipeg International
the past two years. Who knows, maybe a future Tiger in the          Airport on Aug.10, we were stymied on the very first day the
making?                                                             new airport security restrictions came into effect - thanks to
   The next evening, our last, Nicky, grandpa, Adam, Pat and        the foiled terrorist plot to blow up airplanes between
hubby Kevin all enjoyed a beautiful, leisurely sail for almost      London and the United States. Like innumerable thousands
two hours on Detroit’s Lake St. Clair. An idyllic, picturesque      leaving and returning home,we had to transfer certain items
sunset rippled the water. Kevin, a lifelong sailboat artisan,       from our carry-on bags to our cargo luggage, items that
was at the helm, skippering the 37-foot sailboat and                were formerly allowed. The bans included all liquids or gels,
educating all of us in this nautical art and its terminology.       even our toothpaste.And we had to take off shoes and metal
Nicky lapped it up. He was delighted to help swab the decks         buckles. Time-consuming, yes, but an education to Nicky
                                            and loved bringing      regarding the reality of today’s world.
                                            the vessel into dock.      But you can’t dash adventurous spirits. After a trip that
                                            Perfect climax to an    developed into a gargantuan feast of walking, fishing,
                                            unforgettable           cycling, swimming, exploring forest trails with lovable Patch
                                            adventure.              the English pointer, cheering the Detroit Tigers, sailing,
                                               Well, not quite      mutual ribbing and game-playing, and photo-taking, we are
                                            climactic... yet. In    ready for the next adventure.Tentative plans for the next few
                                            Minneapolis, after      years are for Nicky and me to travel first throughout Eastern
                                            the flight from         Canada, then secondly through Western Canada. God
                                            Detroit, Nicky and I    willing, we will mutually and joyfully share the countless
                                            were in the first       wonders of our home;truly the greatest country in the world.
passenger seats behind the cockpit.Our jet’s takeoff time to
                                                                    WALLY DENNISON is a retired journalist living in Kelowna. He is
Winnipeg was delayed for 45 minutes. As our amiable flight          communication chairman for the 2007 BC Senior Games next September
attendant told us, all flights must remain grounded until a         in Nanaimo and has a book scheduled for release in January (For the Love
certain famous plane has landed safely to a stop on the             of God's Kids published by Essence Publishing, Bellville, Ontario).

46                                                                                                                 BEYOND 50 • WINTER 2007
 Quality begins
 on a foundation of
“We have always enjoyed Bruce’s complete
honesty, reliability, quality work and follow
through.We receive a phone call a few days
after each service to see if we are satisfied
with the work done.”
                                  BEN & BETTY
                               LONG-TIME PATRONS
                                                       At Winn Automotive the little things make all the
                                                     difference to us. Our goal is your satisfaction so we
                                                     work extra hard to win your trust.Whether you are
                                                    buying a pre-owned car or truck, or servicing the car
                                                     you have, give us a call or come in and see our new
                                                    location on Enterprise Way.We can provide you with
                                                         all types of extended warranties, a full range of
                                                       detailing and reconditioning services as well as a
                                                    large variety of accessories. Reliability, dependability
                                                        and trust is our guarantee to you.That’s why our
                                                         customers keep coming back again and again.

                                                                              Voted BEST for Car Repair
                                                                                   in the Central Okanagan
                                                                               since 1996 by the readers
                                                                                 of Okanagan Life magazine.

2621 Enterprise Way, Kelowna
(250) 861-3454 or 1-877-733-9466                             Winn... in more ways then one!

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