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									Fair’s Capital Solutions

Banker’s Factoring Presentation
              Dear Banker:

Don’t Let Another Customer Walk Out Your Door
Empty Handed.

Factoring Gives Bankers An Alternative To Turning
Down A Customer’s Request For A Business Loan.
  Do You Risk Losing Valuable
Customers By Rejecting Their Loan

It is tough turning down a valued banking customer
who needs a loan. It could also be costly.

You risk losing each customer that does not qualify
for a loan. They may take their loan application and
their account elsewhere.
Fair’s Capital Solutions can help you keep those
customers without issuing a high-risk loan. Through
a service called factoring, Fair’s Capital Solutions
can provide your customers with the money they

We help them improve their financial status, grow
their business and ultimately make more money. Our
services are short-term and we direct your
customers back to the bank.
 What Is Factoring And How Does It
 Factoring is the converting of invoices or accounts
  receivables into cash.

 The factor, Fair’s Capital Solutions, purchases invoices
  from a small company at a small discount.

 Factoring gives the company immediate cash flow while
  Fair’s Capital Solutions waits and collects the invoices

 Factoring was once only available to large companies, but
  now small companies can take advantage of factoring
  How Does Factoring Help Your
   Your bank will experience many advantages by referring customers
   Fair’s Capital Solutions.

 Factoring gives bankers an alternative to turning down a customer’s
  request for a business loan. You can give them another option and
  direct them to us.

 Your customers will appreciate the fact that you care for their
  interest by referring them to a party that can provide them with the
  service they need.

 Factoring creates financial growth and increases profit margins. The
  more money your customers make, the more valuable they are to
  the bank.
A Fellow Banker Says, “I’ve Been In
           Your Shoes.”

Before becoming a chief financial officer of a major financial
group, an ex-banker said, “I was a banking executive for more
then ten years. I too, have experienced the unfortunate task
of rejecting the loan application of a valued business

Being able to say, “Although I cannot grant you a loan, I can
show you how to get the money you need,” reaffirms your
relationship with the customer. As their banker, they will
appreciate your concern and your desire to help. By helping
your customer, you’re also helping yourself.
    Which Of Your Customers Should
              You Refer?
Banks typically refer customers who:

   Have not been in business long enough to qualify for bank financing.

   Need a credit line amount that is too small for the bank to consider.

   Represent an industry in which the bank wishes to limit exposure.

   Have exhausted their borrowing capacity.

   Have become a “rated” credit due to leverage position.

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