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									F.S. Fehrer Group                                                                 Keep strictly confidential !                                                    Print: 7/13/2011 - 2:18 PM

      Report Date (Period of Data given)
      Visited by
      Met with
      if applicable, regional specifics             HQ / Group                      Americas                       EuropeAfrica                   AsiaPacific
      Supplier Number
      Supplier Name
      Address and Contact                    Street

                               Build surface in sqm
                              Amount of employees
                         Thereof white collar / staff
                 Engineers in Product Development
                       Engineers in Manufacturing
                     Existing Contracts with Fehrer
                                                                 Please check, verify and sign attach Agreement on Confidentiallity and Intellectual Property Rights, thank you!
                Languages spoken (in Eng./Log.)
          Systems in use: Catia, UG, AutoCad, …
        Order processing via: EDI, e-mail, FAX, …
                        Prime Contact for Fehrer

      Ownership and Structure         Founded

      Strength / Weakness             Know How
                                      Core Product

      Vision and Targets              Where do you
                                      go for ?

      Quality Systems                                   Please answer attached Fehrer Quality Questionnaire and add a copy of your Product Liability Insurance, thank you!
                         Quality-Contact for Fehrer
          Headcount/Structure of all quality depart.
           Name the Fehrer locations you supply to
         and relate your manufacturing location to it

      Project Management
                 Lead Project Manager for Fehrer
       Headcount/Structure of Project Management
           Amount of Projects per Project Manager

      Manufacturing System:
      Standard is: Hrs/shift, shifts/day, days/year                                                                                   Please attach a copy of your plant layout
      Leadtime in wks from PO to Receiving:
      Leadtime in wks from Tool Order to Launch:
      Delivery Terms according Incoterms 2000
      Packaging Terms (Type, Cost, Parts per T.)
      Payment days
      Warranty in years after supply to Fehrer

      Name your Top 5 suppliers (% of spent)

      Name your Top 5 customers (% of sales)

      Name your Top 5 competitors (% of market)

      Total turnover           Period of data given
       % of material cost
       % of labour cost
       % of stock (in-, process, out-)
       % of investments
       % of earnings (profit/loss statement)
       % with FSF (turnover with Fehrer)
      Turnover vs last year/next year in %
      Total Assets of balance sheet in Euro
                                                      Please attach balance sheet and profit/loss statement, as well as company brochure (incl.product overview), thank you!
             Labour Cost in local currency per hour
          Burden to that Labour cost per hour in %
         Sales, General Administration, Profit in %
         Logistic Cost in % of piece price to Fehrer
                             Exchange rate to Euro €
      Shopfloor visit report (material flow, stocks, degree of automatization, ...) and other comments:

      Machinery and Equipment
      Casting / Moulding / Extrusion
      Stamping / Punching /Cutting
      Drilling / Milling / Turning / Machining
      Welding / Assembling
      Tannery / Cutting / Sewing
      3D measuring machine or other devices
      Other equipment

Fehrer Group Purchasing                                     D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\f2fcebf2-ba52-4078-a139-52587daae6af.xls                                 FB 11-03-01 Rev.02 2009-10-29
F.S. Fehrer Group                                                              Keep strictly confidential !                                      Print: 7/13/2011 - 2:18 PM

      SUPPLIER - NAME:                                                                 0                              0                     0
      COMMODITY:                                                                       0                              0                     0
      Report Date (Period of Data given)                                 0                                 0
      Visited by                                                         0                                 0
      Met with                                                           0                                 0
      if applicable, regional specifics                                  HQ / Group                        Americas               EuropeAfrica      AsiaPacific

      Supplier Number       (FSF-intern)                                                               0                      0

      Questions regarding your QM-System:                                                                  Yes                    No                Deadline/Remarks

      Are you IMDS compatible?

      Is there a documented QM-System?

      Has your QM-System been certificated? (if yes as per)

      O ISO 9001            O TS 16949            O EN 14000
      O VDA 6.1 / 6.2 / 6.4
      (Please attach Certificate)

      How long is the certification valid?

      Have you signed the QMA with Fehrer?

      Has your QM-System been audited?
      If yes please state company name and the results

      Is the organizational independence of Quality Management
      guaranteed against the Production Area
      (please attach corresponding documents e.g., organigrams)?

      Do you agree to the conduct of an audit after prior
      coordination by a member of our staff?

      Documents, Data

      Is the up-to-date status of the technical documentation
      and specifications guaranteed in all areas of the
      company (e.g. drawings, standards, CAD data, test
      plans, test instructions, material specifications etc.)?

                            * provided to you by customers
                            * complied by you
                            * made available by you to sub-contractors

      Are the above mentioned documentation and specifications
      available in all relevant areas of your company?

      Quality Records both internal and external

      Are the quality records/verifications archived internally
      or externally in accordance with the time duration
      requirements (e.g. evaluations, test protocols, process
      verifications, features needing to be documented)?

      In case of verification by certificates as per ISO 9000 ff /
      ISO TS 16949 or VDA Volume 6.1 ff, the following
      questions can be left out

      APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

      Question                                                                                             Yes                    No                Deadline/Remarks

      Do you have quality advance planning
      (with your subcontractors)?

FGP-CS-23nov05                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\f2fcebf2-ba52-4078-a139-52587daae6af.xls                      Page: Suppllier QM; 2 of 4
F.S. Fehrer Group                                                             Keep strictly confidential !                        Print: 7/13/2011 - 2:18 PM

      Is the respective customer involved in the preparation
      of quality advance planning?

      Is customer information used with regard to
      requirements, complaints and recommendations?

      Are there product safety plans which take account of
      all customer requirements?

      Are there established methods for planning, reviewing and
      optimizing the producibility and assembly and functionality
      of a product?

      Are all material and technical specifications reviewed for
      special features?

      Do you have packaging regulations/or a packaging manual?

      Are operational process plans compiled?

      Are the following specifications and records available for
      production acceptance and are these taken into account?

                            * Design documentation
                            * Documentation on changes/parts lifecycle
                            * Measurement and test results
                            * Test results
                            * Function tests (installation tests)
                            * Operational process plans
                            * FMEA's
                            * QM plans (control plans)
                            * Processability investigations
                            * Measurement system investigations/
                              Metrological equipment
                            * Development releases

      Are there QM plans (control plans) for pre-series and series?

      Do you perform preliminary processability investigations?

      Is there an initial sampling for each article, each technical
      change status, production site (if required) and material

      Does the initial sampling take place under series production

      Are quality records (e.g. quality control cards)
      systematically evaluated, so that corrective measures
      can be taken if signs of instability occur?

      Metrological and Test Means

      Question                                                                                           Yes                 No      Deadline/Remarks

      Does administration of test means exist?

      Are release inventories, review, usability (e.g. validity stamp)

      Which metrological and test equipment is available
      (please specity)?

FGP-CS-23nov05                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\f2fcebf2-ba52-4078-a139-52587daae6af.xls        Page: Suppllier QM; 3 of 4
F.S. Fehrer Group                                                             Keep strictly confidential !                   Print: 7/13/2011 - 2:18 PM

      Production and Production Monitoring Processes

      Do you have methods for assessing your suppliers?

      Have your supplies been given a release?

      Are there fixed methods for reviewing the incoming
      products/services (e.g. test instructions, test plans, Skiplot etc.)?
      Which? Please specify _________________________________

      Has it been ensured that, with regard to purchased products
      and the applied production processes, all statutory and
      technical safety pre-requisites for supervised, poisonous and
      hazardous substances have been complied with?

      Are process parameters and special features monitored?

      Are all tests documented during all production phases as per
      control plan (QM Plan) and correspondingly evaluated?

      Are the methods for assessment and handling faulty products
      in place (raw materials)?

      Are there special releases, is the customer informed?

      Are all process changes uniformly documented?

      Are all internal product and process audits performed regularly?

      Has all test and metrological equipment been calibrated as

      Are there preventive and corrective measures?

      Do the corrective measures also include the effective handling
      of customer complaints?

      Are the packaging and dispatch processes monitored?

      Are the products (batches, lots) marked at all production
      steps and as final products?

      Is traceability guaranteed?

      Is there an emergency plan which guarantees the supply to your

      Is the quality of your products in all production phases until
      delivery ensured by diverse quality tests and documentation?

FGP-CS-23nov05                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\f2fcebf2-ba52-4078-a139-52587daae6af.xls   Page: Suppllier QM; 4 of 4

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