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									ANNUAL REPORT 2005-2006
           Nick Berard Photography,
           Shared Vision
      The Henry Vilas Zoo and Zoological Society are committed to sharing the
     legacy of the living world with the children and families of Dane County.

   This year marked another landmark chapter          and Herpetarium. These colorful creatures are
   in the Zoo’s history. This first year of the $27    already proving a visitor favorite and put Henry
  million, ten year Zoo Century improvement           Vilas Zoo on the map as a leader in the area of
 campaign was met with tremendous community           amphibian conservation.
 support. The Society secured contributions and
                                                      While the face of the Zoo continues to change
pledges of almost $8 million in private support
                                                      with the Zoo Century efforts, one thing remains
as of March 31, 2006. In conjunction with the
                                                      constant, our commitment to shaping the present
commitment of $5 million from Dane County and
                                                      and future of your community’s free Zoo through
the City of Madison, we reached close to 50%
                                                      meaningful education and conservation efforts.
of our goal in just one year. This is an incredible
testament to our entire community.                                Zoological Society President
                                                                                 Keith Oleson
The year saw many new achievements and
highlights. The Conservation Carousel opened
to the public and was welcomed by thousands
                                                                     Henry Vilas Zoo Director
of riders in the first weeks alone. The Zoo also                                   Jim Hubing
 became a leader in amphibian conservation
 with the opening of four new endangered
  frog habitats in both the Discovery Center

       The Year in Numbers:

        • Species: 178                                • Visitors: 540,000
         • Individual Animals: 821                    • Students in education programs: Over 30,000
          • Species Survival Programs: 15             • Over $5 million in private contributions and pledges
           • Member Households: 1,905                 • Rating by Charity Navigator (highest rating):
Sharing the Legacy through Conservation
Global Amphibian Conservation                         • The Society again supported a research project
Four new endangered amphibian habitats opened          for University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary
in the Discovery Center/Herpetarium. Loss of           Medicine students. This year Joanna “Asia”’
amphibian species is of particular concern because     Campfield’s studies took her to Costa Rica to
they are a measure of the health of an environment.    research endangered sloth species that inhabit
Our Zoo is now a leader in conservation of highly      Finmac organic cocoa farms.
endangered amphibian populations.
                                                      Sharing the Legacy through Recreation
Cell Phone Recycling                                  The Society’s trademark special events again
Back by popular demand, the Society continued its     delighted thousands of children and families.
initiative to keep cell phones out of area landfills   June’s Feast with the Beasts event, presented by
and reduce demand for minerals mined in the           Murphy Desmond S.C. Lawyers, provided a tasty
African Great Ape habitat. Cell phones that are       culinary experience along with family fun and
recycled through the Eco-Cell program keep toxic      music. Halloween at the Zoo celebrated its 19th
substances out of landfills and groundwater.           straight year as the community’s favorite trick or
                                                      treating destination. The action-packed Kids Day
George A. Fait North American Prairie
                                                      event celebrated its 27th year at the Zoo. This event
The beautiful North American Prairie is one of
                                                      is made possible by the Realtors Association.
the first Zoo Century exhibits. This habitat that
features prairie dogs, badgers and bison has
a strong conservation message.

Sharing the Legacy through Education
• Over 30,000 children attended annual education
 programs and thousands more visited the Zoo for
 class field trips.
• Volunteer Animal Ambassadors helped make the
 zoo experience more interactive and educational
 for visitors.
                                                           Supporters: Sharing the Legacy of Our Future
                                                           Gift amounts represent both   Marcus Theatres Corporation       Red Balloon Children’s Fund     Barbara & Fritz Ragatz
                                                           one-time gifts & multi-year   Microsoft Giving Campaign         SBC Foundation                  Steve & Carol Skolaski
                                                           pledges                       Norman Bassett Foundation         Stoughton Veterinary Service    Richard & Cathy Smith
                                                                                         Planning Design Build, Inc.       Suby, Von Haden and             Carolyn White
                                                           CORPORATE AND
                                                                                         Pleasant T. Rowland                 Associates                    Florence W. Whitefield
                                                           FOUNDATION SUPPORTERS
                                                                                           Foundation                      Sub-Zero Foundation, Inc.
The Richard and Cathy Smith Family                         (NOT INCLUDING SPECIAL                                                                          $5,000-$9,999
                                                                                         Starbucks Make Your Mark          The Caring Center Ltd.
                                                           EVENT SPONSORS)                                                                                 William and Treva Breuch
                                                                                           Volunteer Program               UW Knights of Columbus
The Smith family decided to support the Zoo                                                                                UW School of Veterinary
                                                                                                                                                           Bob & Jean Clack
                                                           $3,000,000 and up
following the tragic death of their 7 year old                                           $200-$499                                                         Rob & Sue Engelke
                                                           The Oscar Rennebohm                                               Medicine
daughter Ciara. When they were given memorials                                           Alpha Delta Kappa-Iota                                            Walter A. & Dorothy Jones
                                                             Foundation                                                    Woman’s Club of Madison
in her name from people throughout the                                                      Chapter                                                        Frautschi Charitable Unitrust
                                                                                                                           Woodman’s Food Market, Inc.
                                                           $1,000,000-$2,999,999         Altria Group, Inc.                                                Estate of Evelyn M. Hauser
community, friends and complete strangers alike,
                                                           The Swiss Colony              Blackhawk Country Club            Gift amounts represent both     The Charles E. Heyl Trust
there was no question that they would re-invest                                          Gilbert Construction              one-time gifts and multi-year   Beth Korth
these gifts in the community.                              $250,000-$499,999             Hall Lumber Sales, Inc.           pledges                         Claude Leroy Estate
                                                           American Family Insurance     Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.                                   Judy Miyagawa & Dan
When Cathy was looking through family                                                                                      INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY
                                                                                         Isthmus Engineering                                                 McCarthy
snapshots and came upon a photo of Ciara trick or          $100,000-$249,999                                               SUPPORTERS
                                                                                         Marcus Theatres - Point                                           Kathryn & Dan Olszewski
treating at the “Halloween at the Zoo” event, she          Madison Community
                                                                                            Cinema                         $1,000,000 and Over             Neighbors of the Warthog
knew the decision was easy; they would support               Foundation
                                                                                         Placon                            George A. Fait                  Thomas G. & Karen Ragatz
the Zoo with the memorial funds. Cathy states,             $25,000-$49,999               PIC WISCONSIN                                                     Dave & Annette Ringdahl
“It is a perfect way to remember our daughter              Pepsi-Cola of Madison         Rouse Management Co.              $100,000-$249,999               Anne Ross
and to continue giving to every child that is lucky        Associated Bank               Vogel Foundation                  John H. Lussier                 Carol & Dean Schroeder
enough to come to Henry Vilas Zoo.   ”                                                   ZuZu Cafe                                                         Nancy Acker Skolaski & Stan
                                                           $10,000-$24,999                                                 $50,000-$99,999
                                                           Holt, Smith, Yates Advisors   $50-$199                          Bryce & Gail Fish
The Smith’s involvement did not end with that                                                                                                              Jonathan Winski
                                                           Maddie’s Fund                 Barlow Park Elementary School     Thomas & Jill Walker Family
original memorial gift. When they learned about                                                                            Leona A. Sonderegger
                                                                                                                                                           Richard & Mary Zillman
                                                                                         Beyond Hello, Inc.
the Conversation Carousel project, they quickly            $5,000-$9,999
                                                                                         Candlin Pet Hospital, Inc.                                        $1,000-$4,999
decided to support the Zoo again, this time with a         Affiliated Engineers, Inc.                                       $25,000-$49,999
                                                                                         Capitol Bank                                                      Ronelle Aime
$10,000 pledge to sponsor the carousel’s Okapi.            First Weber Group                                               William & Signe Buchholz
                                                                                         Cold Stone Creamery                                               Laurie & Art Benson
                                                           Foley & Lardner Fund                                            Pat & Cathy Coyle
The Smith’s remember, “Ciara loved carousels,                                            Commercial Air, Inc.                                              R.J. & Kathryn Binau
                                                           Lycon, Inc.                                                     Joe & Liz Henry
but what clinched our decision was when we                                               Connections Counseling
                                                                                                                           Pat & Shirley Kubly
                                                                                                                                                           Robert & Anne Bolz
                                                           Madigan Family Foundation
saw one of the animals was an Okapi, which was                                           GlaxoSmithKline Foundation                                        Amy Brost
                                                                                                                           Charles & Joan Sholdt
a prominent character in her favorite children’s           $1,000-$4,999                 Harker Heating and Cooling Inc                                    Kathy & Roger Chylla
                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Steuer
book. It is a wonderful way for her siblings to            Amcore Bank                   Holmes Realty, Inc.                                               Chris & Karen Eigenberger
                                                           August Foundation, Inc.       Houghton Mifflin Company           $10,000-$24,999                 Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerome
remember her, and to share this memory with the
                                                           Eco-Cell                      Humane Animal Welfare             Theodore & Helen Anderson          Frautschi
community. ”
                                                           J.F Ahern Co.
                                                              .                            Society                         Paul & Mary Berge               John J. Frautschi Family
The family is passionate about the Zoo Century plans       Johnson & Johnson             Kraft Foods Matching Gifts        Tom & Kira Dott                    Foundation, Inc.
and the focus on conservation and preservation. The        Spectrum Brands                 Program                         Steve & Lynn Entine             Debbie Garten & Gary Stone
                                                           Madison Area Taco Bell        Middec, Inc.                      Ryan & Julie Erickson           Lisa Andrews & Eric Gaumnitz
Smith’s involvement as sponsors is very special to
                                                              Restaurants (Befriend an   Mondays on State                  Stephen & Judith Kleinmaier     Sally Wilmeth & Terry Geurkink
them. They are a family of modest income, but they                                       Monroe Street Merchants           Michael and Karen Kollath       Dr. & Mrs. David Hall
                                                              Animal Sponsor)
feel it is important to give back to the community and                                     Association                     Douglas & Patty Malmquist       John M. Hall
it’s a lesson they want to share with their children. As   $500-$999                     Our Saviors Lutheran Church       Margit Ohrn                     Jim & Anne Hill
Cathy states, “involvement in our community and our        Kitchen Hearth Catering       OW Holdings                       Philip and Carol O’Leary        Jim & Sharel Hubing
free Zoo is everyone’s opportunity, not simply wealthy     Madison Horizon Rotary        Quarles & Brady                   Harvey R. Pierce                Robin Koth & Denise Holmes
families or companies. Community means everybody.     ”       Foundation                 Qwantify Inc                      Marcia Pollock                  Estate of Gerry Lawrence
Asaph & Mariah Lehman           $200-$499                         Carla Pillai                    William & Pamela Bass
Amy Lensing & Mike Tate         Anonymous                         David Pophal                    Batzli Family
Troy Alton and Marmar Miar      Anonymous                         Jerome & Marsha Rather          Gregory & Mary Bauer
Keith & Diane Oleson            Sally Balkin                      Richard & Mary Ann Rehberg      Mary Baumer
Todd Peterson                   Karen Walsh & James Berbee        Myra Reilly                     Dan & Sandy Behrend
Thomas & Janet Plumb Family     Raymond & Joyce Berdal            Philip Smith & Gail Robertson   Maureen & Stephen Beilke
  Foundation                    Robb & Kathie Besteman            Michael & Carrie Roesch         Mary & O.L. Bell
Mary Romolino & Stephen         Jim & Sharon Billmeyer            Patsy Rowe                      Michael Benesh
  Monroe                        Beverly J. Block                  Ana Rudy & Eric Mott            Norlin & Cynthia Benevenga
Mark Schemmel                   Sandra & Walter Borowski          Carol Ann Schlatter             Mark Bennett
Schreardus Family Foundation    Richard L. & Janice A. Brunsell   Ed & Joyce Schneider            Roland & Carol Beres                     William & Signe Buchholz
Jeff & Kathleen Smith Family    Cenon Buencamino                  Kate & David Sebastian          Janis Berg
Stuart Stair                    Wade Cattell                      Joyce L. Shinnick               Niles & Linda Berman                     After nearly forty years of marriage, William and
Steinhauer Charitable Trust     Holly Cremer Berkenstadt          Bob & Jane Short                Robert Berman                            Signe Buchholz fondly recall what became a ritual
John & Donna Suby               Jean & Dave Cronon                Elaine E. Singel                Patricia Bernhardt                        of their early years as a family, “bringing the kids
John C. & Patricia J. Terry     Kevin & Christine Dahlhauser      Chuck & Connie Smalley          Herbert & Lorene Bloomer                  to the Zoo about three times a week when the
JoAnn Tiedemann                 Robert I. & Ann C. De Mars        Larry & Ardys Smith             James & Helen Bly                         children were small because we were a little
Colonel & Mrs. John R. Vilas    William & Ruby Dobson             John A. & Kendyle M. Smith      Charles R. Boardman III Family            short of funds, and it didn’t cost anything. ”
Martha Vollmer                  Polly & David Duchow              E.M. & Virginia Swingen         Sally Faith Bond
Dora, Ariana & Maria Zuniga     John & Wendy Dunagan              Robert & Joann Syring           Ben Bond-Lamberty                          Many years after their own children were grown,
                                Kirk & Yvon Fahrenwald            Elizabeth Theisen               Luellen Borchardt                          and several grandchildren later, the Buchholz’s
                                Susan A. Frank & David P Wolff    Bill & Sandy Turnipseed         Ronald Bordson                             decided to give back to the Zoo through a
                                Jeanne Freymiller                 Toby & Nancy Vidlak             James & Yvonne Bosanny                     generous pledge to the Zoo Century campaign.
Nina & Thomas Bartell
                                Gary & Annie Garten               Jeff Vilker                     Katie, Ryan & Annie Bourland               Their gift will sponsor the train engine on the
Mary Berthold
                                Marilyn Goyich                    Dorothea Walker                 James & Lida Bourne
John A. & Marian Bolz                                                                                                                        much anticipated Children’s Zoo feature, the
                                Truman & Sylvia Graf              Richard Shafer & Nancy Webb     Dave & Wendy Brand
Susan Grace Castagnoli                                                                                                                       trackless train. The Buchholz’s are happy to be
                                John A. Gray                      James & Linda Welch             Thomas Brice
Lynn & Abigail Christiansen
                                Frank R. & Catherine W. Greer     Jane Wise                       Tom Broman & Lynn Nyhart                   able to support the Zoo Century plans and to
Michael and Catherine Coyle                                                                                                                  help to improve the Zoo for current and future
                                Larry Grinyer                     Sharon Wolf                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brooks
John Duffy & Bonnie Stewart                                                                                                                  young families to enjoy as they did.
                                Bev & Wayne Hansen                Peter Worman                    Edward, Vicki, Tim & Marc
Terry Dvorak
                                Chad & Jodi Hare                  Belinda & Mark Zuehlke             Brown
Krista Graven
                                Carl & Karen Halle                                                John, Ruth, Ben & Max Brown
                                                                                                                                              Signe has warm memories of teaching her
Leslie Johnson                                                    $50-$199                                                                    children Linda and Lance the names of animals in
                                Beth Hellenbrand                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Allen Brown
Shirley Johnson                                                   Anonymous                                                                   a place where they could actually see what these
                                William & Melanie Hersch                                          Paul & Suzanne Buckner
Ruth W. Kearl                                                     Anonymous                                                                  animals were with their own eyes. The family
                                Wm. Pharis & Carolyn D.                                           The Jerome Bohman Family
Donald A. Kita                                                    Anonymous
                                   Horton                                                         James & Joyce Burkholder                   also remembers free camel rides on Sundays
William and Michele                                               Bryan Addison
                                Benny & Jenny Iskandar                                            Lois E. Busby                              and enjoying many picnics at Vilas Park after Zoo
   McDonough                                                      Elizabeth Agard
                                Sam & Nancy Jacobson                                              Cynthia Bush                              visits. They now are able to make new memories
Opitz Family Fund                                                 John & Lois Albright
                                Beverly Klumph                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Mel Butor                      with the next generation of Zoo-enthusiasts. Their
Andrea Parks                                                      Chad Anderson
                                Douglas & Shari Kramer                                            Timothy & Gail Byrne
Mary Ellen Peters                                                 John & Donna Andres                                                      grandchildren Michael and Katherine, ages 3 and
                                Kuntz Family Foundation                                           Christopher and Trish Cain
Susan A. Kressin & James A.
                                Lisa & Karl Kurth
                                                                  Emy Andrew
                                                                                                  M. Jane Calbert
                                                                                                                                           1, “are at the perfect ages to be awed by all the
   Radtke                                                         Shelly Armstrong & Jim                                                  animals in the Zoo, and their antics.”
                                Tim Lightner                                                      Alice Caldwell
H. Jean Rowley                                                       Lesniak
                                Bryan & Sarah Magenheim                                           Dorothy & William Callister
Seder Family Foundation                                           Herb & Ruth Armstrong                                                    The Buchholz’s feel strongly that the Zoo is one of
                                Sue Matson                                                        Peggy Garties & Jamie
John Sheskey                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Atkinson                                            the elements that contribute to making Madison
                                Mr. Oscar G. Mayer                                                   Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Skinner
                                McIntosh Family
                                                                  Brad & Debbie Aumann
                                                                                                  Tom and Claire Carlson                 such a special place to work and live. They especially
Margaret A. Sommers                                               Thomas Balistreri                                                     appreciate that it is a free, wholesome activity for
                                Patricia McQuiddy                                                 Doug & Cynthia Carlson
Gregory L. & Janice A. Tipple                                     Paul & Annemarie Banas                                               families. They add, “It’s a boon to the community
                                David Medenwald                                                   Nancy Carman
Elaine & Robert Waldo                                             Barbouche Family                                                    and benefits everyone across the board, regardless of
                                Stephen Morton                                                    Shawn Carney
Paul H. Walgenbach                                                Lauren & Bob Barlow
                                Theresa Mulrooney                                                 Signe Carney                                ”
                                                                                                                                     income. Thanks to the generosity of families such as
J. Martin & Anne Wolman                                           William & Lynn Barnes
                                Linda, Jeff & Nicole Nygaard                                      Uriah & Jeanne Carpenter          the Buchholz the Zoo will continue to serve all segments
Worzala Family                                                    Jesse Bartholomew
                                Beth Ann Nylander                                                                                  of the community.
                                                                      The Carpenter Family             Marianne Smukowski &           Suzi and Steve Grundahl         Patti, Mark & Sean Jackson
                                                                      Ellen L. Cartter                    Thomas Dulmage              Anita J. Gurda                  Ben Brewster & Lea Jacobs
                                                                      Lauren & Donald Carufel-Wert     Elizabeth Eaton                Dona J. Haag                    Julie K. Jaeggi
                                                                      Tony & Deri Cattelino            Royle Eenigenburg, Jr.         Sherri Haakenson                Donna Jahnke
                                                                      Jim & Dona Childs                Jane M. Eisner                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Hagedorn   Dick & Donna James
                                                                      Peter and Erica Christman        Barbara Elwood                 Dorothy E. Halverson            Thomas E. James
                                                                      Ed & Dorothy Churchwell          Vera Entwistle                 Jeanne Hamers                   Leo Janus
                                                                      Mark & Janice Cis                Jeff & Kathy Erickson          Ony Hanewall                    Julann Jatczak
                                                                      Margaret Clark                   Kristen Esch                   TJ & Cathy Hankerson            James Jensen
                                                                      Melanie Cohen                    Genevieve Escher               Jana Schroeer & Chris           Gail Jobelius
                                                                      Ms. Merle Cohen                  M. Jean Esch-Theobald             Hannemann                    Edward Johnson
                                                                      Donna Cole                       Janet Estervig                 Peter & Mary Hans               Joan Johnston
                                                                      Todd & Robin Conkey              Ellen Evans                    Thomas L. Hanson                Benjamin Jones
                                                                      Scott E. Conklin                 Kathy Evert                    Jeff Hanson                     Gary Kakazu
                                                                      Bob & Joanie Conley              Johanna Fabke                  Elaine C. Harker                Jim Kalscheur
                                                                      Robert A. Conley                 Tonya Faust                    Monica Sauter & Peter Harnish   Fred & Sandra Kamnetz
                                                                      Robert Joseph Conlin             Beth Bovis & David Feldstein   Sheilah Harrington              Janet & Michael Kane
                                                                      Dana Corbett                     Grovaline & William Fetzner    Jeanice Harrington              Ken & TamaraSue Kaplan
Madison Community Foundation                                          Barbara Crabb                    Robert Fey                     Henry & Virginia Hart           Gretchen Karnosky
                                                                      Fred and Deborah Craig           Marshall & Heidi Fields        Amy & Jim Hartlieb              Donald & Audrey Kasper
When the Madison Community Foundation                                 Diana M. Crapp                   Janine & Dale Finke            Lisa & Frank Hartman            Pamela & Frederick Katz
decided to sponsor a Chariot on the Conservation                      L. H. Crawmer                    Harold G. Fischer              Donna Hass                      Valerie Kazamias
Carousel, it was their second commitment to a                         Steve, Shirley & Sarah Crocker   Patty Fitzgerald               Tisa Hatfield                    Waseem and Cheryl Kazi
Zoo Century campaign project. MCF has also                            Laura & Randall Crow             Steve & Paula Fitzsimmons      Mary & Richard Hayney           Judy & Matthew Keel
made a generous grant of $150,000 to sponsor                          Timothy A. Crummy                Frank & Jane Flynn             Tim & Jana Heinrich             Donna Kelley
an education classroom in the new Conservation                        Frances Crumpton                 Bonnie Francois                Caroline Hemblen                Susan Kelsch
Learning Center Complex. The new complex                              Robert & Muriel Curry            Marla & Larry Frank            Anne W. Herb                    Ken & Jolene Kenyon
                                                                      Betty Custer                     Boris & Terry Frank            Alan & Ina Herlitzka            Sherry Kessler
will be located next to the existing Discovery
                                                                      Charles & Hermine Davidson       Larry & Marla Meyer Frank      Keith W. Herrick                Rebecca Ketelsen
Center and will greatly improve the facilities in                     Hana Davis                       Holly Frank                    Sara Herlling                   Tim and Gail Kinzel
which the Zoo coordinates education programs                          Elise, Hayley, Sue, Alan &       Janet A. Franke                Tom & Sherry Hershberger        Jo Helen Kirkwood
for over 30,000 children annually.                                       Charlotte Davis               Janice Friis                   Joan & Joseph Hilber            Jennifer Klaas
                                                                      Joel De Vore                     Doris Fuelle                   Raymond and Mina Hill           Brian, Kelly, Kevin & Timothy
Madison Community Foundation president
                                                                      Donna Dehnert                    Vic & Yvonne Gagliano          Lyn Hill                           Klockziem
Kathleen Woit states, “Henry Vilas Zoo began                          Robert & Jean Dent               Frank and Jennifer Gambino     Ann & Ray Hill                  James & Heather Kluck
with a major philanthropic gift that allowed it                       Ron & Lani Denu                  Andrew Garst & Karen Deaton    Linda Hinseth                          .
                                                                                                                                                                      Ann F Knapstein
to be a community asset. Madison Community                            Elizabeth Des Chenes &           Greg Garton                    Randall & Rebecca Hoffman       Annette and Michael Knapstein
Foundation has been and continues to be proud                            Brandon Trenz                 Alice M. Genschaw              Jason & Elizabeth Holder        Kurt & Diane Krauff
to provide major gifts so the Zoo can be a free                       Londa and Walter Dewey           Lynn George                    Richard & Marlene Hollern       Tammy Knickmeier
recreational and educational asset for people of                      Stephen Tumbush and Irene        Lois Gerbitz                   Anthony M. & Julie A. Hook      Joyce Clark Knutson
all ages.
        ”                                                                Diamond                       Patricia M. Giesfeldt          Margaret Howell                 Sheron & Wilbur Kollmeyer
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. William DiCarlo       Caroline and Gregory Gilles    Joshua & Jennifer Hoyt          Darrell & Jane Kolstad
The Zoo has enjoyed a strong relationship with                        Paul & Bonnie Didier             Rebecca Gilson                 Benson & Jennifer Hsu           Chris, Traci & Ethan
MCF and is proud to have an Endowment Fund                            Robert & Valerie Diedrich        Marjorie E. Golden             David Hubanks & Melissa         Sue & Tim Koob
at the Foundation which has now reached over                          Dorothy M. Dittmer               Ed Hansen & Madeline              Hornung                      Sue Kopp
$275,000. This fund will continue to grow through                     Matt & Sue Dixon                    Gotkowitz                   Hal & Ginny Hueschen            Carol M. Korf
                                                                      Emily P Dodge
                                                                              .                        Kevin, Karen & Andy Gould      Sarah & Bradley Hughes          Allan & Katherine Koritzinsky
the Zoo Century campaign in order to ensure a
                                                                      Nancy & Michael Dorl             Frank Miller and Jane          Laura Humphry                   Ted & Linda Kozlowski
strong future for the Zoo for many years to come. We
                                                                      Ann Dorn                            Grabowski-Miller            Audrey Huseth                   Jennifer and Bill Kraemer
thank Madison Community Foundation for their tireless                 James & Lois Dott                Robert & Georgia Graves        Brad and Joelle Hutter          Phillip & Susan Krejci
support of the entire community and the Henry Vilas Zoo.              Sally A. Dreher                  John Greening                  Ellen Hutzler                   Kristine Krigsvold
(Photographed Above: Madison Community Foundation Vice President of   Phyllis Dube’                    Donald I. & Sandra J. Griffin   Joseph A. Ioli                  Jill & Jonathan Kron
Donor Relations Tom Linfield and his daughter, Harper).                Michael and Lynn Duesing         Lisa Groome                    Susan & Glenn Isensee           Gary & Sara Kunkel
Robert & Katharine Kuritz       James R. & Janet L. Miller       Donna & Bill Petri              Kathleen Saunders
John & Jennifer Kuse            Joel & Deborah Minkoff           Margaret C. Pharo               Nick Sayen
Ben & Beth Lancaster            John E. & Jane C. Mitchell       Rhonda Pierce                   Greg & Irene Scallon
David & Ann Landwehr            Gene Mitchell & Jarno            John S. Pinto                   Gary & Janie Schaefer
Roger & Betsy Lane                 Arnovich                      Dick Pire                       Gary & Jean Schaefer
Pete Graven and Joan Lange      Gene Mitchell                    Pamela Ploetz & John            Dawn Schafer
Robert & Jo Ann Lange           Becky & Aaron Mittelsteadt          Henderson                    Linda & David Scheid
Douglas W. & Janet J. Laube     Jason Salus and Renee Moe        Nathan Plumb                    Scott & Kim Schemmel
Suzanne M. Lee                  Dick & Pat Moll                  Douglas Poland                  Judd, Lisa & Sam Schemmel
David, Gabriella & Drake        John & Carla Moore               Florence Poole                  Susan Nutter-Schemmel
   Lehmann                      Agnes Moore                      Eric Smith and Theresa Pyle-    Richard Schifreen                      Stan Skolaski and Nancy Acker Skolaski
Lee Lemens                      Rich & Karen Moravec                Smith                        Chris Gomez Schmidt & Brad
Tim Leonard                     Steve and Madeline Morgan        Donald L. Rahn Prasanna &          Schmidt                              The youngest visitors to Orchids by the Ackers
Rich & Beth Lepping             Cheyenne Morkin & Kris Bauer        Bharat Raman                 Linda Schmidt                           in Waunakee are likely to leave with a special
Andrea Lerner & Gregory         Lauri Morris and James Cole      Frank Ranallo                   William & Julie Schmitt                  treasure. Owners and Zoo Century supporters
   Steinberger                  Chris Morton                     Steve Rasmussen                 Colleen Schmitz                          Stan Skolaski and Nancy Acker Skolaski have
Dana Lieberman                  James & Judith Ann Munro         Harold L. & Thelma Rasmussen    Dale & Madeline Schoeller                been known to tap unwitting children on the
Christine & Brent Lillesand     The Dan Murphy Family            Margaret Rasmussen              Mrs. I. J. Schoenberg                     shoulder and present them with a token to
Jon R. & Barbara B. Lindwall    Dr. & Mrs. Frank L. Myers        Mr. & Mrs. James Rasmussen      John & Beverly Schrag                     ride the Zoo’s Conservation Carousel. Nancy
Mark A. & Debborah J. Lohr      Jay Najdowski                    Roger & Nancy Rathke            Charles Martin & Kathryn
                                                                                                                                            cherishes the looks of wonderment and smiles
Bill Long                       Lucille M. Nedrebo               Robert & Carol Rau                 Schubert Family
                                                                                                                                            she receives when she gives away tokens and
Rick & Amia Lonigro             Theodore M. & Marilyn K.         Holly Ray                       Cathern Schultz
Roxanne Loomis                     Neiman                        Mark and Marjorie Ready         Vicki Schulz                               describes the Zoo’s Carousel to children and
Tom Lovett                      Bill Kirkpatrick & Anna Nekola   Sue & Harry Reed                Virginia & James Schumann                  parents. All she asks in return is that they come
Terry & Jan Lubeke              Steven H. Nelson                 Sarah Reiter                    George Scott                               again and share which animal they selected to
Clark & Louise Luessman         Russell & Delores Nelson         Mary Remily                     William & Julie Segar                      ride. She is “anxiously awaiting the reports” .
Lesleigh Luttrell & Dave        Kathie Newman                    Janet Hartung Renfert           Jessica Seiders
   Schreiner                    Dr. Eugene J. Nordby             Jonathan Chipman & Hope         Richard & Natalie Sewell                   Stan and Nancy’s love of the Zoo is rooted in
Ray & Sue Lux                   Mary Jo & Orvin Nordness            Rennie                       Susan & Russell Shafer-                   their own childhood memories of visits including
Marcia MacKenzie                Jane Nordness                    Brian Reusch                       Landau                                 riding the former carousel and picnicking at the
Elizabeth Mackenzie             William & Kimberly O’Donnell     Martha & John Reynolds          Jennifer Sheridan                         ever popular “shoe” in Vilas Park. In recent years
Judy Mahlkuch                   Max L. Oleson                    Mark & Karen Richardson         Naomi Chesler & Dan Sidney                they have enjoyed visits with their daughters
Denise Malin                    Mark Olson                       Merritt Richmond                Russ Siebert                              Brie and Kayla who fondly recall when they
Kelly & Eric Maly               Cheryl Olson-Collins             Marge Riesen                    Daniel Siehr                             were young scholars of summer “Zoo School”
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. R. Marling       Maureen O’Malley & Ken           Valerie Bailey-Rihn and David   Carol Siewert
                                                                                                                                          and participated in nearly every class offered.
William & Elizabeth Marling        Lemmer                           Rihn                         Jeanne & Joe Silverberg
Rusty & Cindy Marshall Family   Richard & Janelle Orth           Mike & Diane Riley              Anita Simansky                           The Skolaski’s first got involved as donors at one
Kelly & Darla Marshman          Jim & Melinda Osborne            Lora & Jim Ring                 Denise, Steve, & Jessica Sime           of the annual Zoo Benefit events. Last summer
Julie Foster and Rob Matthew    Polly & Harlan Overland          Dean Rockstad                   Renee Simmons                           they were delighted upon seeing the Zoo
Willard & Darlene Mays          Carlos & Tara Pabellon           Victor and Anne Rodriguez       Kris & Jeff Simon
                                                                                                                                         Century renovation plans and were happy to have
Philip & Angel McClarey         Tracy Pajewski                   Cheryl Rogers                   Randall Skiles
Lillian R. McFarlin             Dianne Gutmann & Thomas          Susan Rogers                    James & Wendy Skinner
                                                                                                                                        a chance to “give back for the lifetime of enjoyment
Bev & Chan McKelvey                Palay                         The Anthony R. Rogerson         Chris Sleaford                                                .
                                                                                                                                        we’ve had of the Zoo” They are looking forward to
Patricia McKinney-Lins          Mark & Theresa Paltzer           Mr. & Mrs. Christopher          Laura Smail                           seeing the plans realized and are “delighted that
Grace & Mimi McMurray           Greg & Donna Parsons                Romney                       Scott Smith                           our free Zoo will include state of the art habitats for
Cary L. & Brenda M. McNatt      Jeanne Parus                     Wes & Joan Roscoe               Jane C. Smith                                    ”
                                                                                                                                      the animals. Polar bears are a particular favorite,
Ruth H. Meier                   Fred Paul                        Teresa Rowe                     Paul & Ladonna Smith                and they are eagerly anticipating the planned Arctic
Larry Meiller                   Christopher Paul                 Judith K. Rowell                Ruth Emily Smith                   Passage habitat.
Timothy Meixelsperger           David & Colleen Penwell          Susanne Rusch                   Timothy Smith
Tod & Marcia Melotte            Michael Petersen                 Jenny Saffran                   Dan & Angelina Smith               Above all they are generous supporters who remain
The Meyer Family Foundation     Ken Petersen                     Sheldon Salant                  Christina Smith                   modest about their gift and are quick to refer back to
Mr. & Mrs. Jospeh Meyer         Dan and Judy Peterson            Matthew & Linda Sanders         Helen Smith Bradley & Janet      the Zoo as “the true gift to Madison and everyone in
Elizabeth H. Middleton          Patricia Peterson                Gerald R. Satrum                   Smith                        the community”  .
Kathie Smith-Zaremba             Barry & Louise Upson           Sharon Ziegler                   Kirch Construction               Madison Gas & Electric          HALLOWEEN AT THE ZOO
Mrs. Harold Snively              Mary & Jan Van De Grift        Julie Zimbrick                   Loren Imhoff Homebuilder, Inc.   PartsNow!                       Halloween at the Zoo, a
Kristin Sobol                    Pat & Andy Vanden Avond        Jim, Laurie, Tesha & Sara        Madison Gas & Electric           Pepsi-Cola of Madison           community favorite, again
Dean & Shirley Spaith            Walter & Diane Vandervest        Zimmerman                      Madison Area Builders            The Swiss Colony                provided a safe and fun place
Paul Specht                      Larry & Elizabeth VerHagen     George & Dorothy Zografi             Association (MABA)                                            for area families to trick or
                                                                                                                                  Feast Friends $500-$2,499
Sharon Sperling                  Tim & Laura Verhoff                                                        .
                                                                                                 Michael F Simon Builders, Inc.                                   treat. The 19th Annual event
                                                                In Kind Support                                                   American Transmission
Bart, Daniela, Nicole & Max      Mary Vernon & Robert Fenchel                                    Mike and Candi Bradley                                           was sponsored by Madison
                                                                Adams Outdoor Advertising                                            Company
   Sponseller                    Hilary Vlasak                                                   Pellitteri Waste Systems                                         Area Builders Association,
                                                                ANEW Magazine                                                     Associated Bank
Mary Stamstad                    John Voegeli & Jean Roberts                                     Reynolds Rigging & Crane                                         Charter Communications and
                                                                Automatic Fire Protection                                         Brown Sales Corp.
Kimberlee Standish               Vogt Family Foundation                                             Service                                                       the Wisconsin State Journal.
                                                                Capital City Tent Rental                                          CUNA Mutual Group
Claudia Standorf                 Mary J. Voss                                                    Ron & Steve Acker                                                This marked the final year for
                                                                Charter Communications                                            Famous Footwear
Robert & Henrietta Statz         Sally Vultaggio                                                 Ron’s Tree Service                                               the Tunnel of the Terror as we
                                                                IMS, Inc.                                                         First Business Bank
Annette L. Stebbins              William Wade                                                    S&S Underground                                                  prepare for major renovation
                                                                Kramer Printing                                                   H&H Electric Company, Inc.
The Steinberger Family           Marion J. Wagner                                                Service Master Building                                          projects in its usual Halloween
                                                                Madison Children’s Museum                                         J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc.
Albert, Beth & Kristofer         Corinne R. Wakeman                                                 Maintenance                                                   location
                                                                Marjorie & Paul Coughlin                                          Milwaukee Valve Company
   Stenner                       Steve & Betsy Wallman                                           Shaw Building & Design
                                                                Mid-West Family Broadcasting                                      Reinhart Boerner Van Dueren     Presenting Sponsors
Ryan & Kate Stephenson           Mr. & Mrs. Terry Wandsnider                                     Southern Wisconsin Roofing
                                                                Park Printing                                                        S.C.                         Madison Area Builders
Rodney Stewart                   Dan & Sarah Wanish                                              Specialized Electric
                                                                Ron’s Tree Service                                                Research Products Corporation     Association
Deborah & Tom Still              Carol Wanserski                                                 Spectrum Contracting
                                                                School Times Magazine                                             Stewart Design Associates       Wisconsin State Journal
Lee & Rebecca Stilwell           Douglas K. & Susan D. Ward                                      Statz Painting & Decorating
                                                                Sprint Print, Inc.                                                US Bank                         Charter Communications
Tanya Stone                      Dreux J. Watermolen                                             Stucco America
                                                                Stop-n-Go                                                         Veridian Homes Foundation
Kent Stone                       Cleo & Judy Weibel                                              T. Wall Properties
                                                                The Great Frame Up - West                                         Wisconsin Capital               Tunnel of Terror Sponsor
Beth & Tim Strait                William & Barbara Weidanz                                       Temple Construction
                                                                Whole Foods                                                          Management                   Madison Area Builders
Judith Strasser                  Ross & Bonnie Weigert                                           The Plumbing Place
                                                                Wisconsin State Journal/The                                                                         Association
Diane & Steve Streck             Dina & Dave Weinbach                                            Vierbicher Associates            Special Contributors
                                                                   Capital Times
Janet Streiff                    Frances & Laurence Weinstein                                    Zander Solutions                 ANEW Magazine                   Tunnel of Terror – “The Final
David & Dawn Stucki              Travis Wells                   In Kind Support - Conservation                                    Capital City Tents              Chapter” Contributors
                                                                                                 SPECIAL EVENT SUPPORT
Margaret & Arthur Sullivan       Theran and Julie Welsh         Carousel Building                                                 Polly & Dave Duchow             Madsion Area Builders
Lois Jean Swiderski              Vickie Wenzel                  ABC Builders                     FEAST WITH BEASTS                Haggar Audio                       Association
Margueritet & Jim Sykes          Judith Werner                  ABC Supply                                                        Marla King                      Jason Geiger – Construction
                                                                                                 Feast with the Beasts,
Mr. & Mrs. Kuni Takayama         Kenneth & Lisa West            All Color Powder Coat                                             Sue & Tim Koob                     Coordinator
                                                                                                 presented by Murphy
The Tardrew Family               Lucille & Robert Westervelt    American TV & Appliance                                           David & Ann Landwehr            Jay Najdowski – Theme &
                                                                                                 Desmond Lawyers, celebrated
Paul & Amy Tatarsky              John & Joyce Weston            Brunsell Lumber                                                   Madison Oral & Maxillofacial       Design
                                                                                                 its 5th year at the Zoo. Seven
Sybil Teehan                     Delbert Weum                   Butch Hensen Builders                                             Park Printing                   BJ Electric
                                                                                                 live bands, dozens of food
Joyce Temkin                     Steve & Connie White           Carousel Works                                                    Analisa Rudy & Eric Mott        Elliot Construction
                                                                                                 vendors and thousands of
Eric Tesch                       Patricia & George Whitely      Chatten Welding                                                   School Times Magazine           Ideal Crane
                                                                                                 visitors enjoyed the summer
Eleanora M. Theiss               Helen W. Wick                  Commercial Air                                                    Sprint Print                    Stranders
                                                                                                 sun and raised over $60,000
Susan Thomas                     Helen Wilding                  County Material                                                   Wildwood Productions            Crescent Electric
                                                                                                 for the Zoo in the process!
Scott Thomas                     Amanda Wilding                 Daes Rigging and Crane Rental                                     Dick Zillman                    Automatic Fire & Protection
Barbara E. & Michal K. Thomas    Pam & Jerry Wilson             Dane County Land                 Presenting Sponsor $20,000                                       Struck & Irwin
Eric J. Thompson                 Jon & Sandra Winder                                             Murphy Desmond S.C.              Feast with the Beasts           Pellitteri Waste Systems
Kendra & Richard Thompson        Mary & Jeffrey Winkler                                            Lawyers                        Event Committee                 Danny’s Painting
                                                                Eagle Sheet Metal
Eileen & J. Craig Thompson       Robert & Arliene Winner                                                                          Michelle Ambrose                Hallman Lindsey Paint
                                                                Elliot Construction
                                                                                                 Media Sponsors $20,000           Becky Behling
Michael & Susan Thompson         Tom Winter                     Endres Manufacturing                                                                              Windsor Building Systems
                                                                                                 In Kind Support                  Debbie Garten
Ronald & Laureen Thorstad        Maureen & Ward Wixon           Frank Jiran Contractor, Inc.                                                                      Daniels Construction
                                                                                                 Adams Outdoor Advertising        Linda Hinseth
         .            .
Gerald F & Eileeen F Tifft       Pat Powers and Tom Wolfe       Gausmann Trenching                                                                                McCormick Lumber
                                                                                                 Charter Communications           Sue Koob
Vicky Topp                       Ken & Sharon Woodford          H&B Steel                                                                                         Chase Lumber
                                                                                                 Magic 98                         Ann Landwehr
R. J. & Dorothy Troller          Sharon Wrensch-Cwirla          H&H Electric                                                                                      Brunsell Lumber
                                                                                                 Wisconsin State Journal          Stephanie Mott
Shirley Trotter & Jeff Schmidt   Rolf W. & Susan L. Wulfsberg   Hammersley Stone                                                                                  MABA Women’s Council
Laurence Trueman                 Sean & Dawn Wylde                                                                                Analisa Rudy                    IBEW Local 159 retired
                                                                HJ Pertzborn                     Beastly Buddies $2,500 and up
Dr. Gordon & Mrs. Karen Tuffli    Julie Yendrek                                                                                    Dina Weinbach                      Electricians
                                                                Ideal Crane Rental               Alliant Energy
Bruce Tulloch                    Melina Young                                                                                     Dick Zillman                    Phil Simon & Butch Henson
                                                                K&K Concrete                     American Family Insurance
Kimberly Turbeville              Catherine & Tom Zdeblick       Key Construction                 GE Healthcare                                                    Damon’s Catering
PDQ                              BAIRD CONCERT SERIES             David Wheeler                    Budget Bicycle Center
Linda Hinseth                    The 6th Annual Baird Summer      Zillman Idea Design              Century 21 Zwygart Real Estate
Marla King                       Concert Series again delighted                                    CFL Financial
                                                                  KIDS DAY AT THE ZOO
                                 visitors on two beautiful                                         Dane County Title Company
Pumpkin Partners $1,000                                           The fun-filled Kids Day event
                                 summer nights. Visitors                                           Park Bank
Alliant Energy                                                    entered the 27th year at the
                                 brought blankets and lawn                                         Schoep’s Ice Cream
AAA of Wisconsin                                                  Zoo. This free event for kids
                                 chairs, sat back and enjoyed                                      Wisconsin Inspection
                                                                  is sponsored by the Realtors       Consultants
Treat Stop Sponsors              the show!
                                                                  Association of South Central
                                 Presenting Sponsor $7,500        Wisconsin.                       Additional Contributions
                                 Robert W. Baird & Company                                         Cave of the Mounds
Auto Glass Specialists                                            Platinum Sponsors                Discovery World Museum
Capital City Tent Rental         Media Sponsors                   Dane County Kids                 George Vitense Golfland
Cave of the Mounds               Magic 98                         Madison Pediatric Dental         Kehl School of Dance
Imagine a Child’s Capacity       Wisconsin State Journal          Prudential CBD Dental            Mid-Continent Railway
Famous Footwear                                                   Physicians Plus Insurance          Museum
Marcus Theaters                  ARCTIC BLAST EVENT
                                                                    Corporation                    Photo Express
Noodles & Company                The Arctic Blast took place
Orthodontic Specialists of       on February 24th in the          Gold Sponsors                    Printing
   Madison                       unique venue of Electronic       Amcore Bank                      American Printing Co., Inc.
Rocky Rococo’s                   Theatre Controls in Middleton,   Chamberlain Research                (Poster)
Spectrum Brands                  whose lobby is constructed         Consultants                    Port-to-Print (Pre-Press & Color
TDS Corporation                  to replicate a 1920’s New York   Freedom Speakers & Trainers         Separations)
Taco Bell                        City street reminiscent of the   The Little Gym of Middleton      Sprint Print (Raffle Tickets)
University Book Store            iconic Edward Hopper Night       M&I Bank
Wells Fargo Bank                 Hawks painting. The event        Restaino Bunbury & Associates
                                 raised funds and awareness       Schuster’s Playtime Farm
Pumpkin Patch $100-$500                                           Star Cinema
                                 for the planned Arctic Passage
Big Toe Soccer                                                    Stark Company, REALTORS
Brooklyn EMS
Commercial Air                   Sponsors                         Silver Sponsors
First Class Mailers              Diny’s Jewelers                  American TV
Hausmann Johnson Insurance       Steve’s Liquor and More          Badger Gymnastics Academy
Hy Cite Corporation                                               Capitol Bank
                                 Special Thanks To                First Weber Group
Group Health Cooperative
                                 Electronic Theatre Controls      Four Lakes Council, Boy
Kitchen Hearth
                                 Kira Dott                           Scouts of America
Rubin’s Furniture
                                 Mary Romolino                    Girl Scouts of Black Hawk
Scientific Protein Laboratories
                                 Annette Stebbins                 Great Wolfe Lodge
Happy House Sponsor $1000                                         Laurie Logan, RE/Max
                                 Silent Auction Donations
Empty Stocking Club                                                  Preferred
                                 Capital City Rentals, Inc.
                                                                  Madison Turners
Happy House Activities and       Kira and Tom Dott
                                                                  RE/Max Preferred
Staffing                          Devil’s Head Resort
                                                                  A Step Above Dance & Music
Sauk Trails Optimist Club        The Great Frame Up
Spartan Youth Service Team of    Jerry Kelly
                                                                  St. Mary’s Hospital Medical
  Memorial High School           Lands’ End
Madison Children’s Museum        Madison Golf and
Henry Vilas Zoo Education           Development Group
                                                                  Two Men and a Truck
  Volunteers                     Thomas D. Mangelsen
                                                                  Veridian Homes Foundation
                                 Orchids by the Ackers
                                 Schoep’s Ice Cream               Bronze Sponsors
                                 Annette Stebbins                 Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund
                                 Star Cinema                      Badger Abstract & Title Corp.
                                 The Swiss Colony                 Bob Kahn                                                            Photo Credit: Cathy Sheets
                                         Financials                                              2006 Financial Summary for period ending March 31, 2006

                                      MEMBERSHIP – For the period April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006, the Society maintained a membership base
                                      of 1,985 member households.

                                   FUND RAISING PROGRAMS – In addition to membership and special events, the Society’s on-going fund raising programs include: Befriend
                                  An Animal, sponsored by Taco Bell; Zoo Bench purchases; rentals of the main Zoo Tent; Zoo Concessions, and other special campaigns. The
                                  Society also receives unsolicited donations, bequests, memorial contributions, and in-kind gifts of goods and services.

                                 STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES:                                                                      STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION:
                                Support and Revenue                                                                            Assets
                               Contributions, Special Events & Memberships ................... $4,797,819                      Cash & Short Term Bank Savings................................................. $ 340,976
                               Concessions receipts (net of cost of goods sold) ................ $ 704,124                     Certificates of Deposit ................................................................. $4,327,835
                               Education Programs and Other income ............................... $ 35,125                    Accounts Receivable ................................................................... $ 21,816
                              Investment Income ............................................................... $ 128,142      Pledges Receivable...................................................................... $3,241,168
                              Total Revenues..................................................................... $5,665,210   Inventories ................................................................................... $ 150,281
                                                                                                                               Property Less Depreciation ......................................................... $ 51,346
                             Expenses                                                                                          Total Assets ................................................................................ $8,133,422
                             Program services, concessions, and supporting activities...... $ 715,030
                             Capital Improvements to Henry Vilas Zoo ............................... $1,343,052                Liabilities
                             Additions                                                                                         Accounts Payable ........................................................................ $ 74,654
                             Additions to Reserves for Future Capital Improvements ......... $3,607,128                        Committed to Zoo Renovation Projects ....................................... $ 455,708

                             Total Expenses and Additions ............................................. $5,665,210
                                                                                                                               Net Assets
                             *Audited statement available upon request                                                         Reserves for Future Capital Improvements
                                                                                                                                 Unrestricted............................................................................. $3,453,146
                                                                                                                                 Temporarily Restricted ............................................................. $4,149,914
                                                                                                                               Total Net Assets ......................................................................... $8,133,422

                                         2005-2006                                                                                  2005-2006
                                         REVENUE                                                                                    EXPENSES

                                              84.7% Contributions, Special Events & Memberships                                          63.7% Additions to Reserves for Future Capital Improvements
                                               0.6% Education Programs and Other income                                                  23.7% Capital Improvements to Henry Vilas Zoo
                                              12.4% Concessions receipts (net of cost of goods sold)                                     12.6% Program services, concessions, and supporting activities
                                               2.3% Investment Income

Photo Credit: Cathy Sheets
Staff Listing
BOARD OFFICERS                                                  VILAS ZOO STAFF
Keith A. Oleson, President – American Family Insurance          Jim Hubing, Zoo Director
Joe Henry, Vice President – Henry Farms, LLC                    Jeff Stafford, General Curator
Mary Romolino, Vice President – Real World Visioneering, LLC    Rick Bilkey, Education Curator
Tom Dott, Vice President – Associated Bank                      Brian Wilson, Maintenance
Michael Kollath, Treasurer – Physicians Insurance Co. of        Karen Berendes, Administration
  Wisconsin. Inc.
William A. Breuch, Assistant Treasurer – Financial Consultant   ZOOKEEPERS
Robin F Koth, Secretary – Targa Investments, LLC
       .                                                        Erik Anderson
                                                                Charles Craven
BOARD MEMBERS                                                   David Dahl
Laurie Benson – Inacom Information Systems                      Julie Elsinger
Chris J. Eigenberger – Adams Outdoor Advertising                Shane Elsinger
Debbie Garten – Murphy Desmond Lawyers                          Karen Grikstas
Shirley Kubly – The Swiss Colony                                Gary Hartlage
Philip R. O’Leary – UW-Madison, Engineering Professional        Sarah Johnson
   Development                                                  Joe Myszkowski
Dan Oleszewski – UW-Madison, School of Business                 Mary Schmidt
Maureen O’Malley – Real Estate Developer                        Beth Zuhse
Fritz Ragatz – Oriental Specialties
Annette L. Stebbins – Consultant                                ZOO VETERINARIAN
                                                                Dr. Michael Petersen, Stoughton Veterinary Services
Kathleen Falk, Dane County Executive                            CONSULTING VETERINARIANS, University
Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor of Madison                               of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine
Jim Hubing, Zoo Director                                        Dr. Dave Brunson
Mark A. Schemmel, Executive Director, Zoological Society        Dr. Kurt Sladky
                                                                Dr. JoAnn Paul-Murphy
Robert Fey                                                      ZOO COMMISSION
Edmund Hobbins                                                  Anne Ross, Chair
Gordon Marlow, M.D.                                             Isadore Knox
Arlye M. McDermid, M.D.                                         Chuck Erickson
Alvie Nelson                                                    Phil O’Leary
                                                                Linda Scheid
SOCIETY STAFF                                                   Doug Malmquist
Mark A. Schemmel, Executive Director                            Andrea Brunsell-Parks
Amy Lensing, Associate Director
Brent Walter, Visitor Services Director
Judy Miyagawa, Program Manager

                                                                                                                      Photo Credit: Cathy Sheets
Photo Credit: Clint Soule
606 South Randall Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53715

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