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• Rebtel was set up in 2006 by serial
  entrepreneurs Hjalmar Winbladh and
  Jonas Lindroth.

• Skype investor Index Ventures and
  Benchmark Capital invested $20 million
  USD in Rebtel in Fall 2006.

• Rebtel is a truly global mobile company
  that provides international calls at local

• Rebtel provides its service by using a
  patented invention and VoIP technology

• Rebtel turns local calls into international
  calls through local numbers in 51
  countries and 1 international number
                Why are we doing this?
We saw a way to take expensive international calls out of the hands of the
mobile operators and make them cheaper for everyone.

So we developed a system that uses the internet to connect local calls
around the world, cutting out expensive international charges.

We believe our service is the future of international calls from mobiles – it’s
easy, it’s effective, and above all it offers serious savings for ordinary

Rebtel is the smart way to make low-cost international calls on your mobile
phone. It’s as simple as that.

No-one else is offering a system like ours, that requires no downloads, no
contracts, no new equipment – just your usual mobile phone as it is today.

We believe in being up-front and honest about our offering – there are no
hidden clauses, small print, secret charges or nasty surprises in what we
                        Who are our users?
Please meet our friend Mohinder. Heʼs a nice Indian guy in his late 20ʻs that went to university in the US.
He managed to get a really nice job over there after graduation (big congrats). Mohinder enjoys the US,
but doesnʼt like being away from his family. Being able to call his parents is something very important to
him. Not because he feels forced, but because he sincerely wants to. Just like our moms do, Mohinderʼs
mom encourages her son, gives him strength and consoles him when heʼs feeling blue.

When Mohinder first came to the US, the first service for international calling he came to think of was
calling cards. He didnʼt realize he would fall victim to hidden charges, poor quality and the hassle of
fiddling around with PIN codes and plastic cards. At the time, when he just wanted speak to his mom,
getting a simple calling card felt like the easiest way.

After a while, Mohinder got tired of the feeling he got when he paid for a calling card worth 100 minutes of
calls, but only ended up getting 60. In frustration, he turned to his fellow Indian friends. His friends
understood him and helped him by introducing him to Rebtel. After having a look on our website, he
figured the rates looked good and he was relived to find that he didnʼt have to jump through those calling
cards hoops anymore. Trusting his friends, Mohinder decided to give Rebtel a try and ever since that
day, heʼs been one happy camper.

Mohinder likes that we have consistent quality that doesnʼt let him down when he needs it the most. The
calls Mohinder make to his mom are, as you know, very important, and itʼs kind of a big deal to be able to
hear his moms voice loud and clear without annoying distortions. These days, whenever Mohinder meets
new Indian friends in same the situation as he once was, he returns the favor and tells them about us.
Thank you Mohinder!
Rebtel: established in 51 countries
       Rebtel in Numbers

•   Over 4m registered users
•   100k new users per month
•   Over 250k weekly callers
•   60% US, 30% Europe, 10% ROW
•   80% Rev growth 09v08
Rebtel core benefit
               Rebtel services

           •   Direct Calls
           •   Free Calls
           •   Collect Calls
           •   Computer Calls
           •   Access Number Calls
           •   Web-SMS
           •   iPhone Application
            How does it work?

• By assigning local numbers to international
  contacts Rebtel makes it possible for people
  around the world to call each other for next-to-

• The most common type calls are:

• Free Calls -
• Direct Calls -
Direct Calls (international calls at some
      of the world’s lowest rates)
Smart Calls (free international calls –
      you just pay local rates)
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For more info: Patric Blixt +46707867979