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					Intramural Sports
Volleyball Captain’s Meeting
Volleyball Captain’s Meeting
            Handbook Highlights

    IM Policies & Procedures are available online
   Captain’s Responsibilities:
Inform your team of rules

Inform your team of schedules and field an
eligible team for every game

Be a team leader and representative –
SPORTSMANSHIP – you should be the only
person discussion game situations or questions
with the officials

Monitor your team’s sportsmanship ratings online
Player Eligibility: WHO CAN PLAY?

People with their valid CSU PHOTO ID
who are:
• Current full-time CSU Students
• Part-time CSU students with Rec Center
• CSU Faculty/Staff with Rec Center
• Spouses of above with Rec Center
Player Eligibility: WHO CAN PLAY?

• Players CANNOT play in both the competitive
and recreational leagues for a single sport

• Players cannot play on 2 men’s or 2 women’s

athletes CANNOT play IM volleyball

athletes can play in either Rec or Comp divisions,
but a max of 1 is allowed on any Rec volleyball
No exceptions.
• Players must be on the online roster to be
legal players
• If a player is NOT on the score sheet because:
     1. They were just picked up late that day by
        the team, or
     2. They joined the online roster late that
        day, or
     3. They had technical issues, then
They can be written in. Score sheets and online rosters
will then be compared the next day at 5:00pm, and
anyone not appearing on the online roster who was on a
score sheet will be considered an illegal player, and the
game result will be changed to a forfeit.
  • Game time is forfeit time
  • If one team has players present, but
  not enough to start a game, the
  prepared team has the following
      • Take the win by forfeit, OR
      • Give your opponent an additional
      5 minutes to field an eligible team
  • Teams who know they will not be
  able to field enough players to play a
  game may contact the IM Sports
  Desk by 5:00pm the business day
  prior to the scheduled contest
  • Teams who default will receive a
  loss for that game (worse than a
  regular loss, but better than a forfeit
  in the standings), and a sp. rating of
• Jewelry
   • For our non-contact sports
   (volleyball included), players MAY
   wear jewelry
• Restrictions for jewelry are:
  • Nothing that hangs far from the body
     • I.E. – Necklaces, hoop earrings,
  • Non-marking, close-toed shoes must be
  worn at all times
  • No hard-brimmed hats
  • Nothing with a knot may be worn on
  player’s head (i.e. bandanas w/knots)
  • JERSEYS/SHIRTS: teams are not required to
  wear matching jerseys
Sportsmanship Rating System:
 •   Scale is 3-0
 •   3 – Perfect sp.
 •   2 – Average sp.
 •   1 – Below average sp.
 •    0 – Unacceptable sp.
 Captains are responsible for
 monitoring their team’s sp. avg.
 online. Teams receiving a 1 or 0 must meet with IM
          staff before next game.
          ALSO, any EJECTED player must meet with
          IM staff before they’ll be allowed to play
          anything again (and will be suspended)
   • In order to advance to playoffs, teams
   must meet the following criteria:
       • Finish in the top half of their league
       • Finish the season with at least a 2.0
       sportsmanship rating average
Volleyball Captain’s Meeting
                  Rule Highlights

   IM Volleyball League Rules are available online
• Line Up, Roster, and Subs
   • 12-player max roster per team
   • A full on-court line-up consists of:
      • 6 players
      • 2 players are needed to avoid a
• Line Up, Roster, and Subs
   • New for Spring 11:
      • Subs can come onto the court
        into any position
      • Subs must remain in current spot
        (on the court or off) for 2 full
• Match Format
   • All matches are best 2 of 3
   • Games 1 and 2 will be played to 21
   points, with a team needed to win by
   2 points or reaching a cap of 25
   • Game 3 (if necessary) will be
   played to 15 points
   • Teams have 1, 30-second time out
   per game
• Court Boundaries
   • A ball is out when:
      • It lands completely outside the
      court boundaries
      • It contacts either antenna
      • It does not pass over the net,
      between the antennas
      • Makes contact with a wall,
      official, opponent under the net, or
      net outside the antenna
• Cards
   • A yellow card results in a loss of
   serve, and point for the opposition
   • A red card results in a player’s
   ejection, as well as the opposing
   team being awarded the game
   • Two red cards, or 3 yellow cards
   will result in the forfeiture of the
   match by the offending team
• The Serve
   • In order to be legal, players must
   serve from behind the service line,
   and the serve must pass between
   the antennas and over the net
   • There is no blocking or attacking
   the serve
   • A serve that contacts the net and
   continues over is legal
• Back Row Players
   • May not contact the ball above the
   plane of the net, from in front of or on
   the 10-foot line
   • May never block above the plane of
   the net
• Net Play
   • Players may reach under the net as
   long as the do not interfere with their
   • Players may not touch the net at
   any point when the ball is live
• Net Play
   • Players may have some portion of
   their hand or foot on their opponents
   side the court, as long as some part
   of that hand or foot is in contact with
   the center line
• Rule Clarification
   • Lift – occurs when the ball comes to
   rest on a touch
   • Double contact – occurs when a
   player either makes successive
   contacts, or the ball spins
   excessively on a set
• Rule Clarification
   • Players may play the ball with any
   part of their body, seeing they do not
   lift the ball
   • A touch on a block does NOT count
   as 1 of a teams allotted 3 touches
• Only 2 things can be protested:
   1. Misapplication/misinterpretation of a rule
     •   Protest must be lodged at the TIME OF THE RULING.
         Captain must request game be stopped to obtain a ruling
         by the IM Manager. Failure to do this before the next live
         ball nullifies any rule protest. IM Manager will then make a
         ruling. If captain still thinks IM Manager’s ruling is
         incorrect, they can fill out a Protest Form and play the rest
         of the game under protest.
  2. Player eligibility
     •   Must be lodged with the IM Manager before start of 2nd half.
  • Are online
  • Matches cannot be rescheduled
  because of facility constraints
  • Schedules will be posted online
  over April 22nd – 24th
  • Championship night = Fri. May 6th
• Online listing in each
• Contact them directly to
pick up players
Volleyball Captain’s Meeting

      Please sign in on
 attendance sheet on way
   out. Please print your
    team’s name clearly.