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                                              Fabulous 50’s Newsletter
May 2010, Volume 12 Number 1

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                 Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
         A Costa Rica Travel Adventure
                                               By Bob Meling

   The rain pelted my
face as I stood at the
top of the tree platform
and a guide hooked my
harness to an overhead
zip line. I looked over
the side of the platform.
It was a long way down.
“Sit back in your harness
like you are in a chair”,
the guide instructed me.
Drawing a deep breath,
I leaned back and lifted
my legs and I was zipped
off 100 feet above the
forest floor. So began
our eleven station, two
hour ride that many of
our travelers found to be
an exciting way to move
through the Monteverde
Cloud forest.

   The day before, we were enjoying breakfast at         The final three nights were spent deep in the
our resort about two miles from the Arenal vol-       rain forest jungle at a new lodge with no win-
cano. Our guide, Richardo, is telling us that this    dows just screens so we could hear all the jungle
volcano is one of five of the most active volcanoes    sounds both night and day. About four o’clock in
in the world when, as if by script, it would erupt.   the morning the howling monkeys would make
What a site and what a sound it made!                 their presences. At first we didn’t recognize the
                                                      noise, it sounded like a herd of elephants. The
   Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia.     wild life was spectacular from caiman crocodiles,
As our sixteen Monmouth travelers continued           spider monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards (they walk on
our trip, we enjoyed a relaxing bath in a volcanic    water), many exotic birds, and a Blue Jean Dart
spring. We traveled to both a banana plantation       frog about the size of a quarter but poisonous.
and a coffee production facility. We traveled west
to the beautiful sandy beaches along the Pacific         All of us seemed to agree that this was a very
Ocean and then back east to the Caribbean and         diverse country, one that is both eco-friendly and
its jungle coast. All of our hotels were excellent    people friendly. We had a very interesting and
as was the food.                                      fun trip.

2                                         Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
            The Fabulous 50’s Club Hits
                 The “Big Apple”
                                             By Terri Hippen

  Twelve excited travelers departed for New York on Sunday, October 1   1th. We arrived in New York
around 3:00 p.m. and checked into the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel. This historic hotel has been the
home of presidents and dignitaries when they have visited New York. You take a step back in time when
you enter the lobby and experience the grandeur of this fabulous hotel. Sunday night we were “on our
own” to get settled or explore the city.

   Monday we toured New York and saw the Wall Street district, the Empire State Building, United Na-
tions and Chrysler Buildings, Time Square and ground zero. A very moving exhibit honoring employees
who lost their lives on 9/1 touched all of us. Lunch was at the famous Tavern on the Green Restaurant
in Central Park. The restaurant has dozens of beautiful chandeliers and unique landscaping including
shrubbery shaped like animals! The afternoon was spent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some
of us took a boat tour of the New York Harbor that evening and enjoyed the beautiful New York lights.
Others took a carriage ride through Central Park.

  Tuesday we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The museum at Ellis Island is three floors
high and very interesting. There is an interactive exhibit where you can do research to see if your ances-
tors landed there. After dinner that night we saw “Finian’s Rainbow” on Broadway. This Irish love story
was just opening and it was excellent.

  Wednesday morning we were “on our own” to do shopping or whatever we pleased. Bloomingdale’s
Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue have fabulous shopping! Several people went to the taping of the Today
Show at Rockefeller Center. That afternoon we went to see “Phantom of the Opera.” Even those that
had previously seen this production were impressed. Our farewell dinner that evening was at an Irish
Pub. Dinner was fairly early so some of us wanted to see one more Broadway show! We were able to
get tickets to “Memphis”, which was about the birth of rock–n–roll music in the deep South.

  Thursday morning it was time to go home. Most of us took home a few mementos but we all took
home wonderful memories of The Big Apple.

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!                                                         3
             FEATURING A 7-NIGHT
Preliminary Departure: March 2011                        Day 2: Lago Maggiore, Italy – Tour Begins
                                                         Your tour begins on the picturesque Lago Mag-
Highlights….Lago Maggiore, Stresa, Lake Como,            giore. This evening, join your fellow travelers for a
Como, Bari, Greek Islands, Katakolon, Santorini,         welcome dinner. Today dinner will be included.
Mykonos, Rhodes, Dubrovnik, Venice
                                                         Day 3: Como – Stresa, Lago Maggiore
• Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery           *LANGUAGE DISCOVERY:* Today, your Tour Man-
  of the Italian Lake region.                            ager will help you discover the origin and history
• Unpack once for a memorable 7-night Eastern            of the language(s) you will experience on your tour
  Mediterranean cruise aboard the Costa For-             along with key words and phrases that will help
  tuna.                                                  you communicate with the locals. This morning
• Explore the histories and cultures of three dis-       enjoy time in the beautiful resort town of Como,
  tinctive countries: Italy, Greece and Croatia.         whose charm is tied to its beautiful villas, colorful
                                                         gardens and spectacular views. Return to Stresa
Day 1: Overnight Flight                                  to soak up the lakeside atmosphere of this de-
Join Collette Vacations and explore the magnifi-          lightful town. *Visit one of Stresa’s specialty wine
cent historical sights and cultures of northern Italy,   shops to enjoy a fun wine tasting while learning
Croatia and the stunning Greek Islands. Experi-          about Italy’s famous products such as olive oil,
ence the breathtaking scenery of the Italian Lakes       balsamic vinegar and fine wines.* Today breakfast
region followed by a 7-night Eastern Mediterra-          will be included.
nean cruise aboard the Costa Fortuna.                                               continued on next page

4                                            Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
Day 4: Lago Maggiore – Venice-                         chapels. Depart late this evening to sail overnight
Board Cruise Ship                                      to Rhodes. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner
Following breakfast, depart for Venice. Your excit-    will be included.
ing 7-night Eastern Mediterranean cruise begins
today on the Costa Fortuna. This lovely ship draws     Day 8: Rhodes
inspiration from the grand Italian steamships that     Dock this morning on the beautiful island of
provided trans-Atlantic passage. While on board        Rhodes where, centuries ago, the Crusader
breakfast, lunch and dinner are included daily in      Knights of St. John made it their headquarters.
luscious Italian-style! Early this evening you will    Take time to explore the Palace of Grand Masters
set sail for Bari. Today breakfast and dinner will     and explore the island’s beauty. Today breakfast,
be included.                                           lunch and dinner will be included.

Day 5: Bari, Italy                                     Day 9: At Sea
This afternoon you dock in Bari. Perhaps you           Enjoy a full day at sea to sit back, relax by the
will spend the afternoon exploring the medieval        pool and enjoy all of the amenities available on
streets and Romanesque churches, including             board your cruise ship. Today breakfast, lunch
the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, built to house the     and dinner will be included.
body of Saint Nicholas, now known throughout
the world as the man behind the legend of Santa        Day 10: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Claus. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner will be       *Your ship docks in Dubrovnik offering you the
included.                                              opportunity to explore this ancient city, known as
                                                       the “Pearl of the Adriatic.”* Set on a peninsula,
Day 6: Katakolon, Greece                               this beautiful city is surrounded by 1,000-year
Enjoy an afternoon in stunning Katakolon. Upon         old protective wall. This afternoon, the Fortuna
arrival, you may wish to visit the ruins of the tem-   sets sail for enchanting Venice. Today breakfast,
ple of Zeus and explore the site of the very first      lunch and dinner will be included.
Olympic Games. Sail this evening to breathtaking
Santorini. Today breakfast, lunch and dinner will      Day 11: Venice, Italy – Disembark Cruise ship
be included.                                           – Milan/Malpensa
                                                       Your morning disembarkation is followed by a visit
Day 7: Santorini – Mykonos                             to Venice’s St. Mark’s Square, a bustling hub of
Welcome to the beautiful island of Santorini. In       quintessentially Italian activity and events. A local
1500 BC, a powerful volcano erupted and caused         expert provides a walking tour featuring the Clock
the central part of the island to sink into the sea.   Tower, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal and
Could this be the lost city of Atlantis? *Enjoy lei-   the famous Bridge of Sighs. Depart Venice mid-
sure time to soak in the breathtaking views and        afternoon. This evening enjoy a farewell dinner
delve into the mysteries of ancient Santorini. *       celebrating the end of a fun filled, memorable trip.
Your next stop is the fashionable island of Myko-      Today breakfast and dinner will be included.
nos. Enjoy an evening stroll through Mykonos,
where picturesque windmills dot the landscape          Day 12: Milan/Malpensa – Tour ends
and view the beautiful beaches, whitewashed            Your tour ends today. Today breakfast will be
houses, and an endless line of boutiques and           included.             continued on next page

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!                                                           5
            YOUR ITINERARY AT A GLANCE                             Balcony, Single and Triple cabins are limited and
 Day   2, 3     Zacchera Hotel Chain*, Lake Maggiore               will be confirmed upon request and availability
 Day   4 - 10   Costa Fortuna, Costa Cruises                       from the cruise line.
 Day   11       UNA Hotel Malpensa, Malpensa or Hilton
                Garden Inn Milan/Malpensa, Malpensa
           On some dates alternate hotels may be used.             Collette air passengers will arrive into the Milan,
                                                                   Italy airport. All Collette transfers will depart from
                                                                   the Milan airport for Lago Maggiore.
Cruise-Land: These combine the best of land
and sea. These tours feature all the qualities of                  Onboard gratuities are not included in the price of
our traditional escorted tours, including a Tour                   your vacation. For your convenience, Costa Cruis-
Manager; and include high quality cruise ships                     es automatically applies 6.50 EURO (subject to
that feature various amenities.                                    change) per guest, per day service charge to your
                                                                   shipboard account. All of the service personnel
Please Note                                                        on board receive gratuities from this service and
Air rate and schedules are applicable for groups                   there is no need for you to think about additional
of 10 or more traveling on the same flights.                        tipping. Separately, a gratuity is automatically
                                                                   added to beverage purchases.
To complete your vacation, we include roundtrip
airport-to-hotel transfers when purchasing Col-                    The included breakfasts are Buffet breakfasts.
lette airfare with your tour. If you have arranged
for your own air, we are pleased to provide you                    Port tax of approximately $183. USD per person
the option of purchasing these transfers. Please                   are included in the cruise portion of the tour cost.
note that all transfers will leave at pre-scheduled                Fuel surcharges and port taxes may be assessed
times.                                                             or charged at the discretion of the cruise line
                                                                   without advance notice.
Please note that most shops and businesses in
Italy are closed on Sunday and on National/Re-                     This tour requires average physical activity.
ligious holidays.                                                  You should be in good health, able to climb
                                                                   stairs and walk reasonable distances, pos-
*The hotel name in Lake Maggiore will be avail-                    sibly over uneven grounds and cobblestone
able 2 weeks prior to departure.                                   streets.

The following cabin categories are available for
most departures: Inside Category 1 (INSIDE);
Outside Category E1 (OCEANVIEW); OR Balcony
Category B1 (VERANDA). Specific cabin assign-
ments are supplied in your final documentation.

                                               For more information contact
             Cynthia Gillen                   Midwest Bank of Western Illinois          (309) 734-2265

6                                                        Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
M & E Catering:
Cooking Up Good
Food for 17 Years
   Very few businesses begin with a phone call from     crew. That includes Becky’s husband, Chad, who
a desperate, frantic bride-to-be. However, that’s       helps Cindy’s husband, Rick, with all the grilling
exactly how Becky Ellison and her mother, Cindy,        tasks. It truly is a family-based business. The fifth
got their start in the catering business seventeen      person? It always helps to have extra help when it
years ago. The original caterer backed out 30 days      comes to cleaning up and washing dishes.
before the wedding, and the bride knew Becky loved
to cook. When she called Becky, her response was,         Those kinds of hours make one wonder why they
“Why not?” Becky immediately enlisted her mother        choose to stay in the business. Becky explains, “It’s
to help, and M & E Catering was born.                   so rewarding to play a small role in an important
                                                        event that comes out a success. When you have
  They served 400 wedding guests that day, and          people say to you that they’ve never had such a good
they don’t know how many they’ve served since.          meal at a banquet or a wedding reception, you feel
However, they’ve always enjoyed helping anyone          good about that. We’ll keep doing this as long as
who has needed a good meal for a lot of people.         people keep calling us”
“We place a big emphasis on making the meal as
‘home-cooked’ as possible,” says Becky. “We want           When the business first started, all the food
the guests to think of Sunday dinner at Mom’s           was prepared in Becky’s kitchen at home. Now,
house anytime they eat one of our meals.” That’s        headquarters for M & E Catering is located at the
why Becky avoids using processed foods as much          Monmouth Country Club. Smaller events can be
as she can.                                             held at the Country Club, but the business also owns
                                                        a customized truck that allows them to transport
   On the other hand, Becky enjoys the challenge        food and equipment to any event site.
of preparing food that isn’t the usual banquet-fare.
They once prepared an entire Lebanese menu for             They also handle all sorts of events—everything
a special event in Kewanee. Or suppose the bride-       from weekly appetizers for a local Bridge Club to
groom has a favorite dish that his Grandma used to      five-course meals for wedding receptions and cor-
make for him. They’ll obtain the recipe and make        porate banquets. In between are events like class
enough so that all of the guests can enjoy Grandma’s    reunions, anniversary parties, corporate luncheons
best dish. Special diets aren’t any problem at all      and breakfasts, and even an occasional family re-
either as they have prepared Gluten-free menus,         union.
Diabetic menus, and Vegan menus. “It’s all about
                                                          “We’re so blessed to live in the community we do,”
serving the customer,” Cindy says. “We’re not there
                                                        says Becky. “We live in a small town and everyone
for ourselves; we’re there to help our customers put
                                                        knows us. We’ve never advertised, and people just
on the best event they can.”
                                                        keep spreading the word about us. That’s a good
   Having a successful catering business isn’t for      feeling.”
the faint-of-heart though. “We can easily put in a
                                                           If you’re interested in having M & E Catering
16-hour day for an event,” says Becky, “ and that
                                                        help you put on a successful event, Becky can be
isn’t counting the prep work we started weeks be-
                                                        reached at (309) 299-0061 or by email at Rebecca-
fore the day of the event.” Or for a breakfast event,
                                               With 17 years in the business,
they may get up at 3:00 in order to ensure that the
                                                        Becky and Cindy have a pretty good idea how to
scrambled eggs and bacon arrive piping hot and
                                                        keep your guests from going home hungry.
on time. Typically, they use either a 4 or 5 person

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!                                                            7
                          Fabulous 50’s
                        Discount Program
        MONMOUTH                                  Office Specialists: 20% Discount except cards
                                                  & sale items (Monmouth & Galesburg)
        MERCHANTS                                 OSF Holy Family Medical Center Gift Shop:
                                                  10% Discount on everything
A Touch of Country: 10% Discount on all heri-     Pizza Hut: 10% Discount on all regular priced
tage lace                                         items
Axlines/ Monmouth & Roseville: $2.00 off any      Porter Insurance Agency Inc.: Special rates
Centrum or Generic Centrum Vitamins               through Auto Owner’s Insurance Co.
Brick House: 10% Discount on all regular priced   Rossy’s Dollar Plus: 10% Discount on all
items                                             merchandise
Classic Hair Co. (Betty Martin Owner): $2.00      Subway: 10% Discount on entire regular priced
off any liter of Redkin Shampoo                   items
Columbia Decorating: 10% Discount first           Vaughn Jewelers, Inc.: 10% Discount off all
Wednesday of each month on all purchases from     regular priced items
$100.00 to $500.00                                Rae’s Place: 10% Discount on haircuts
Dairy Queen: $.50 Discount off Chicken Basket     Traditional Amish Hardwoods: 10% Discount
Drs. Distin & Doyle: 20% Discount on frames       on Restonic Mattress
when you order the lenses. Not applicable with    Vickroy’s of Monmouth: $50.00 off any regular
any other discount or insurance                   priced sofa
First Choice: 10% Discount
George Harvey TV: 10% Discount
Kellogg Printing Company: 10% Discount on
personalized Carlson Craft Stationary                     MERCHANTS
Kleine Equipment Inc.: 10% Discount on plug
                                                  Fisher Food Center: Free drink with any daily
aerators & thatches for John Deere riding lawn
                                                  dinner special or 2 piece chicken dinner
La Pequenita Grocery Store: 10% Discount off      Mississippi Waves: 10% Discount off haircut
store purchase                                    once a month
La Pequenita Restaurant: $1.00 Discount with      Oquawka Diner: $.50 off on Wednesday’s Noon
purchase of a meal                                special
La Tapatia: Free soft drink with purchase of
dinner                                                      ALEDO
Maple City Restaurant: Regular senior discount
Tuesdays 1  1:00 to close                                 MERCHANTS
McDonalds: Free small drink with any sandwich     Aledo Meat Market: 10% off all regular priced
purchase                                          items
MC Sports: $1.00 off any sportswear purchase      Al’s Barbershop: FREE beard or mustache trim
at MELCO on Wednesday or Thursday                 with paid haircut
Monmouth County Market #139: 10% Dis-             Chiropractic Arts Center: 10% off regular
count on any FRESH floral arrangement              priced BIOFREEZE spray, roll on & gel; new wipes
Monmouth Soda Works & Mercantile: Free            & applicators, 20% off Swedish Massage, Exclud-
scoop of ice cream with lunch purchase            ing other specials
                                                                           continued on next page

8                                      Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
                          Fabulous 50’s
                        Discount Program
Cooper Floor Covering: First Thursday of the       Mercer County Family Eye Care: 15% off all
month 10% off materials                            fees including eye exams, glasses and contact
Curves For Women: 50% off service fee              lenses. Not to be used with any other discount
                                                   eye plan
Dream Photography: 10% off any purchase
                                                   Miss Effie’s Ice Cream Emporium: 10% off Ice
Drs. Distin & Doyle: 20% Discount on frames        Cream and Dinner
when you order the lenses. Not applicable with
                                                   Morrison Green House: Opens April 1st , 20%
any other discounts or insurance
                                                   discount on all cash purchases on Wednesday
Encore Consignment: 20% Discount off non-          PC Worx: 10% off service, $25.00 off new com-
sale merchandise.                                  puter set up fee
Expressions Salon: $3.00 off wash, cut and         Robyn’s Hair Creations: $2.00 off a Shampoo,
style                                              Cut and Style
Giving Is Receiving: 10% Discount on all non-      Serenity: 10% Discount Wednesday (Excluding
sale merchandise on Wednesday (except Isabel       Clearance items)
                                                   Shirt Tales: 10% off (Does Not include letter
Goldsmith: 15% off & FREE ring cleaning            jackets)
Greer Paint & Paper Co.: 10% off everyday on       Spots: 10% off every Wednesday on an oil
all items                                          change
Essing Motors: 10% Discount on all service         Yesterday’s Treasures and Tomorrow’s An-
work, parts & labor every Wednesday. Excludes      tiques: 10% off all merchandise on Saturday. 15%
ad specials                                        off all merchandise on Wednesdays (Excluding
Hall’s Shoe Store: 10% Discount on all regularly   McIntires’ merchandise)
priced merchandise
Mac’s Circle K: FREE fountain beverage with                GALESBURG
roller grill purchase
Maggie Doodle Dogs: 2 for 1 Chicago Dogs,
$1.00 Kids meal with the purchase of adult         Burgland Drug Store: 10% Discount on all Qual-
meal                                               ity Choice items
Main Street Antiques: 10% Discount on all          Ducky’s Formal Wear: $10.00 off any single
merchandise excluding sale items every Wednes-     order
day                                                Family Video/Galesburg: 1 FREE $1.00 movie
Maple City Candy Co.: 10% Discount on all          Wednesday
non-sale merchandise                               Hammer’s General Feed Store: 10% Discount
McDonalds: Small drink with the purchase of        eat-in or carryout
sandwich                                           Happy Joe’s: 10% Discount off all regular priced
McKnight Pharmacy: 10% Discount on any
photo finishing order                               Quick Stop Foods: FREE Fountain Beverage with
                                                   any Sandwich purchase
Mercer County Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop:
                                                   Subway: one FREE drink with any sandwich
10% Discount on everything except candy and
                                                   Vac World: 10% Discount on parts

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!                                                  9
                           Living Trusts: Fact and Fiction
                               Hello, my name is Kevin    on the associated attorney fees and court costs.
                            Ball, I am a wealth man-      However, there are still income and estate tax returns
                            agement specialist and fi-     to file and legal, administrative and asset transfer
                            nancial advisor at Midwest    work to do. This claim is not fiction, although it is
                            Bank of Western Illinois      a hyperbole.
                            offering financial planning       Fact or fiction, living trusts save on estate
                            services through Raymond      taxes? Fiction. Living trusts do not necessarily save
                            James Financial Services.     federal estate taxes. Estate tax saving provisions
                            My wife and I moved here      can be incorporated into living trusts. However,
                            in December and she is the    those same provisions can be incorporated into a
                            Vice President of Develop-    will. Therefore, living trusts do not offer any inher-
ment at Monmouth College. I have worked in the            ent tax saving advantages.
financial services industry for 16 years and manage           Fact or fiction, living trusts are private? This
the family finances of clients in Michigan, Illinois       is largely fact. By avoiding the probate process,
and a couple of other states. I am delighted to join      you can keep the distribution of your assets private.
the Midwest Bank family and enjoy the community-          Also, if the trust is funded (i.e. assets have been
banking atmosphere. During the last few months,           transferred into the trust before death) the size of
I have had a few of the clients at Midwest Bank           the estate can be kept quiet. Note, however, that
inquire about estate planning, therefore I would like     some transfers, notably real estate, are always
to highlight a few items on Living Trusts. Thank          public. Note also that the probate process in many
you for allowing me to service your family and your       states prohibits outsiders from learning what assets
financial planning needs.                                  are part of the estate’s inventory.
   Living trusts are powerful estate planning tools          Fact or fiction, a living trust can help in the
that can help many people. Living trusts provide          event of incapacity? Fact, provided you have ei-
certain advantages that are not available with other      ther placed assets in the trust before incapacity or
estate planning devices. Living trusts are a way to       a device exists to place your assets into the trust in
manage and control property during life and dis-          the event of incapacity. Another device, the durable
tribute property at death. They are not, however, a       power of attorney, can be used in some cases as a
cure-all. Disciples of the living trust abound today.     less expensive alternative to the living trust when
They tout the advantages of living trusts with the        planning for incapacity.
fervor of a television evangelist. Let’s separate the
facts about living trusts from some of the fiction that       A trust is not appropriate for every individual.
is being advocated.                                       You should discuss the advantages of a trust with
                                                          your estate planning attorney if: you are the parent
   First, it is necessary to understand the nature of     of minor children; you desire privacy; you own real
a living trust. Technically, living trusts are “revo-     property; your estate is in excess of the applicable
cable inter vivos” trusts. If a trust is “revocable,”     exclusion amount, and you wish to avoid probate.
the person who establishes the trust can change
all or any part of the trust, so long as that person is      The living trust is an important tool that provides
competent. “Inter vivos” is Latin for “during life.” At   many advantages. Living trusts are not, and never
death, the living trust becomes irrevocable. Assets       have been, a panacea. It remains important to work
owned by living trusts generally are not included         with an experienced estate planning attorney and
as part of the probate process at death. Probate is       evaluate all alternatives before adopting an estate
the court proceeding by which a deceased person’s         planning strategy.
assets are gathered and distributed to his or her            This material was prepared by Raymond James for the
beneficiaries.                                             use of Kevin J. Ball Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.
                                                          Member FINRA/SIPC.
   Fact or fiction, avoiding probate is always                Securities offered through Raymond James Financial
desirable? In a strict sense, this is fiction. Probate     Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, and are: not deposits,
can be an expensive and time consuming process.           not insured by FDIC or any other government agency, not
However, many states have adopted the modern Uni-         guaranteed by Midwest Bank, are subject to risks, and may lose
                                                          value. Midwest Bank is independent of Raymond James.
form Probate Code that substantially streamlines the
process. Also, there are some situations in which a
probate proceeding may be desirable.
   Fact or fiction, living trusts always save
money during administration of the estate? By
avoiding the probate court, living trusts may save

10                                            Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!
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  Main Bank Drive-Up
                                                                A special membership
  200 East Broadway, Monmouth, IL 61462
                                                                  discount has been
  County Market Food Store Drive-Up                               arranged through
  1120 North 6th Street Road, Monmouth, IL 61462               Auto-Owners Insurance
  COMING SOON ... Save-A-Lot Food Store
  200 North Main Street, Monmouth, IL 61462                                                             Debbie Meeker-King

  Stockdale Student Center
  Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL 61462
                                                                       Fabulous 50’s
  Oquawka Bank Walk-Up                                               Member Discounts
  Schuyler Street, Oquawka, Illinois 61469
                                                                  9% Automobile Insurance
  Galesburg Drive-Ups                                            10% Umbrella Liability Insurance
  612 West Main Street, Galesburg, IL 61401
  2558 North Seminary Street, Galesburg, IL 61401                 5% Mobile Home Insurance
                                                                  5% Homeowners Insurance
  Galesburg Save-A-Lot Food Store
  900 East Main Street, Galesburg, IL 61401
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  Aledo Drive-Up                                               Agency, Inc. are not deposits or obligations of the bank and are not
  200 S.E. 13th Avenue Court, Aledo, IL 61231                  guaranteed by Midwest Bank of Western Illinois. Porter Insurance
                                                               Agency, Inc is a subsidiary of Midwest Bank of Western Illinois.

Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!                                                                                   11
              Fabulous 50’s Calendar of Events
Friday, May 21st , 2010                                              Sunday, October 3rd , 2010
Relay for Life Cook Out (Serving 11:00 to 1:00)                      Bays & Railways of New England
Main Bank/Monmouth
                                                                     Tuesday, October 12th,
Friday, June 18th, 2010                                              & Wednesday,
Relay for Life Cook Out (Serving 11:00 to 1:00)
Main Bank/Monmouth                                                   October 13th, 2010
                                                                     AARP - 55 Alive Mature Driving Seminar
Friday, June 25th 2010                                               Aledo Branch
Customer Appreciation Cook Out
(Serving 11:00 to 1:00) Oquawka Branch                               October
                                                                     Fall Preview TBA
Tuesday, August 24th,                                                Italian Lakes & Greek Islands
& Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
AARP - 55 Alive Mature Driving Seminar
Oquawka Branch

Friday, September 24th, 2010
Customer Appreciation Open House
Aledo Branch

     Wherever you are, we’re just around the corner!

                                                  200 East Broadway • Post Office Box 440
                                                  Monmouth, Illinois 61462-0440

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