Sir James Dyson

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      Inventor of the Dyson
      vacuum cleaner
      62, Wiltshire, England
      Interview by
      nAncy AveRett
      Photograph by

      Running focuses my
      mind and allows me to think
      around a subject. I still need a
      workshop to make discoveries,
      but I might think of a new
      avenue to explore on a run.

      My life is a bit peripatetic
      and running is my antidote to
      sedentary plane flights and
      business meetings. I get out
      when I can—a few times a
      week—except when I’m on
      holiday. Then I run every day.

      I like to go hard and get
      it over with rather than run
      a long way at a slower speed.
      I feel that four or five miles
      at a time is enough for me.

      As a teenager racing
      cross-country, I became a fan                 I’d like to think my vacuums are built like runners.
      of Herb Elliott [1960 Austra-                  They’re lean and have real power in a small size.
      lian 1500-meter gold medalist]
      and his coach, Percy Cerutty,      I ran a half-marathon in            if I’d stopped and stomped my    want to give up. Success is
      who advocated training on          Bath, 15 years ago or so. I did     foot, they would have stopped,   often just around the corner.
      sand dunes. So I would sneak       it in 1:40. The last three miles    but I wasn’t keen to try it.
      out at night and run the dunes.    were rather painful—or pain-                                         I reckon I’ve got 20 years
                                         less, as I couldn’t feel my legs.   Bad weather doesn’t              left in me. My heart and lungs
      As I’ve faced bankruptcy                                               bother me at all. I’ll get out   are healthy. As long as the
                                                                                                                                               groomEr: mIrIAm VuKICH

      and other setbacks in my           I never run on a treadmill.         there with no socks and light    limbs keep working, I’ll go on
      career, I’ve recognized the        The whole fun of running is to      shoes and a cut-off shirt.       running as long as I can.
      same fearful unease I had          explore a city or countryside.
      when someone was behind me                                             What I’ve learned from
                                                                                                                      For the full interview
      in a race, trying to catch up.     A small herd of cows                running is that the time to              and more photos, see
      While unpleasant, this fear has    chased me once, and I had to        push hard is when you’re       
      motivated me to go faster.         run hard to get away. I’m sure      hurting like crazy and you               imarunner.

      SInce DySon InventeD the DuAl-cyclone BAgleSS vAcuuM cleAneR In 1993, hIS coMpAny hAS SolD 24 MIllIon vAcuuMS WoRlDWIDe.

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