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Introduction          Services
Corporate History     Projects
General Contracting   Woodworking
Experience            Contact us

Construcciones Roalca S.E. is a Puerto Rico
based, commercial construction company with
decades of experience . Roalca is a
contracting firm showcasing a portfolio of
lump sum tender, construction management,
renovations, and design-build projects. We
are building toward a new ideal in the
construction industry, and invite you to share
the process with us.

In 1992 Esperanza Rosario Alcantará and Cruz

Acosta founded Construcciones Roalca. Both founders

have more than 30 years of experience in the

construction industry. Since it was founded, integrity

and responsibility have been their core ethical values.

15    years   later   ,   Construcciones       Roalca      has

developed a strong corporate support that includes ;

general   government      certifications   ,   liability    &

insurance coverage, and financial competence that

assures a better performance for our clients.
                        General Contracting

As   a      general   contractor,   the   professionals   at

Construcciones Roalca SE. will manage the construction of

your project. A member of our project management team

will consult with you and your architect to establish a

clear scope of work. Our team will ensure that every

detail of your project is defined, while selecting the most

qualified     subcontractors   to   perform     the   work.

Construcciones Roalca project managers, superintendents

and job coordinators will ensure quality results, while

closely monitoring your project budget and schedule
 Experience and Capabilities

 Institutional Buildings
 Outdoor Parks
 Housing
 Schools
 Government
 Site Works
 Remodeling Works
 In-House Woodworking

 General Construction
 Pre-Construction
 Budgeting
 Planning
 Design & Build
 Fast Track Building
 Management






In house woodworking is part of the success of

Construcciones Roalca SE. We have the experience and

capabilities to meet all your architectural woodworking

needs. From paneling to cabinets, solid surfaces to plastic

laminate, doors and windows to custom furniture; we can

create just about anything that you require.

Kitchen cabinets
Windows & Doors
Walls & Floors
Office Furniture
Our Staff
                                                         Company structure

                                Construcciones Roalca SE
                                 Sra. Esperanza Rosario
                                    President & CEO

         Sr. Cruz Acosta                                         Eng. Alexander Rios
         Administration                                              Engineering

 Sr. Javier       Sr. Juan C. Gomez       Sr. Alberto Hiraldo
 Vazquez                                                            Eng. Eliz Y. Cintrón         Woodworks
Purchase &           Accounting &               Estimate              Projects Division           Division
 Inventory              Finance               Department

                                                      Eng. Eduardo Flores            Eng. Hector Mora
                                                       Electrical Engineer             Civil Engineer

                            Sr. Manolo Cintrón        Sr. Francisco García          Roberto Guerrero
                                 Project             Project Superintendent             Project
                              Superintendent                                         Superintendent
                     Executive Perspective

            Esperanza Rosario Alcántara
                  Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Esperanza Rosario has served as our CEO since 1992. When
she began her career 30 years ago, she found the love of build
things – structure, project and teams. The passion has never
disappear. Her experience and capabilities provides daily
management in charge of all operations of the special
partnership including; Financial Transactions, Banking & Insurance
Policies, and Pre-Construction Planning. In addition, Mrs. Rosario
set our core values and mission statements that includes;
• Integrity
              • Excellence
              • Client Service

                        Cruz L. Acosta
              Partner – Purchasing Manager

Mr. Cruz L. Acosta has served as our Partner and Purchasing
Manager since 1992. His experience and education provides day
by day construction management assistant in materials and
equipment lead time programs, budgeting and financial analysis.
Mr. Cruz Acosta provides guideline and control during every
stage of construction to our project managers. His principle of
continuously foster the highest level of client relationship create a
long term value for our customer and organization.
                               Alexander Rios

Summary of Qualifications
     General experience in earthworks
     Budgeting and Construction Estimates
     Construction documentation ( ARPE, DRNA, JCA )
     Drawing capabilities ( Autocad )
     Subcontractor coordination's

Projects Experience

     Casa Alcaldía – Municipio de Trujillo Alto
     Parque de Bombas Salinas – Autoridad Edificios Públicos
     Parque de Bombas Vega Baja -Autoridad Edificios Públicos
     Almacén 019 – Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica
     Escuela José A. López – Autoridad de Edificios Públicos
     Coliseo de Manatí – Fase Eléctrica – Municipio de Manatí
     Casa del Artesano – Municipio de Dorado
     Centro de Cuido Niños – Superintendencia del Capitolio


     Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico
     BSCE – Ingeniería Civil
                                  Eliz Y Cintron

Summary of Qualifications
     Experience in Electrical, HVAC and Special Trades
     Budgeting and Construction Estimates
     Construction documentation ( ARPE, DRNA, JCA )
     Construction Planning and Scheduling
     Subcontractor coordination's

Projects Experience

     Plaza del Mercado – Compañía de Comercio-Exportación
     Edificio Gámbaro – Private Development
     Los Rosales Apartments – Departamento de la Vivienda
     Job Corps – Aguadilla
     Biblioteca de Pugnado – Municipio de Manatí
     Gallery Shooting House – ASPFO Santiago Camp
     Alter Avionics – USPFO Muñiz Base


     Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico
     BSCE – Ingeniería Civil
                               contact us

Construcciones Roalca SE
Ave. Francisco Paz Granela No. 1762
Santiago Iglesias Rio Piedras 00921
Tel. 787-782-3013 787-792-4069
Fax . 787-781-0839


Esperanza Rosario Alcantará
Cruz L. Acosta

Construction Managers

Ing. Alexander Rios

Ing. Eliz Y. Cintrón

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