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					     Name of Entrant:_________________________ www.standupireland.com

     Contact No:________________________ bulmerscompetition@gmail.com

                    Bulmers Comedy Competition
                                   ENTRY FORM
                                                             COMPETITION DATES AND
Stage Name: (If different)                                        STRUCTURE
Address:                                                  Monday 14th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
                                                         Wednesday 16th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
                                                          Sunday 20th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
                                                          Monday 21st August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
                                                         Wednesday 23rd August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
                                                          Sunday 27th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
Date of Birth:                                            Monday 28th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
Contact Details:                                         Wednesday 30th August heat 10 people, 4 go through.
Phone Number:
Mobile:                                                               THE QUARTER FINALS
Email address:                                              The Quarter Finals are also held in Doyles Pub.
Length of time you have been doing stand up comedy:
                                                           Sunday 3th September 8 people, 3 go through.
                                                           Monday 4th September 8 people, 3 go through.
                                                          Wednesday 6th September 8 people, 3 go through.
                                                           Sunday 10th September 8 people, 3 go through.
Years:                       Months:
                                                                         THE SEMI FINALS
                                                          The Semi’s are held in THE HUB in Eustace Street,
Places you have performed:                                              Temple Bar Dublin 2.

                                                           Thursday 14th September 6 people, 3 go through
                                                            Friday 15th September 6 people, 3 go through
                                                                             THE FINAL
                                                                  Sunday 17th September 6 people
I am available for all heats and dates of competition.


   1. First fill out the form in Microsoft word and email it as an attached document to:
   2. Then print out a full copy and complete all aspects including your signature at the base of
      the form.
   3. Bring the printed form with you on registration day complete with your fee.
Terms and Conditions
Following the success of the competition in the last two years, the intention of this
competition is to allow more new talent to enter the comedy scene and if successful, to
be placed in the public eye during the third year of the Bulmers’ International Comedy
Festival. It is an important competition to enter for anyone who is interested in
becoming an established comedian as it continues to run annually and grows in
popularity and media appeal.

All entrants to the Bulmers Comedy Competition must not be receiving or have received
payment on a professional basis as a comedian.

Entry is on a first come, first served basis as there is a limited number of entries, registration
is only complete on receipt of the fee.
There is a 50€ non-refundable entry fee payable on registration, Sunday 30 July 6pm in
Doyles Pub, College Street, end of Fleet street, opp. Irish Times offices, end of D’Olier
Street.Dublin 2.

A copy of your completed form must be filled out in Microsoft Word and emailed to
You must also print out a copy from the website, complete and sign the form, saying you have
read and fully understood the conditions.

Either you, or someone on your behalf, must register with your fee for the competition on or
by this day with your completed and signed form.

All entrants must be available for all dates allocated upon entry as no exceptions can be
If there are any applications after the 30 of July there is a late entry fee of 10€ automatically
placed on the fee. No application will be accepted after August 14 .

       Heats will be held on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays 8.30-11pm upstairs in
                                                          th           th
        Doyles Pub, Fleet St. and beginning from Monday 14 August to 10 September.

                                                      th               th
        Semi-finals begin Thursday September 14 and Friday 15 September in the
        Hub/Mezz opp. Irish Film Institute(IFI), Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

       The Competition Final will be held in The Hub/Mezz opp. Irish Film Institute (IFI),
        Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 during The Bulmers International Comedy

Competition guidelines:

Length of time for each comedian is a maximum of 7 minutes. Each entrant will be penalised
for running over. After 6 minutes the light will be flashed to signal that there is one minute left.
Comedians must acknowledge they are aware there is a minute left.

The draw for the heats will take place within 48hours of registration and will be posted on

Entrants must sign in at cash desk inside door of venue as soon as they arrive, to register for
the draw for the running order. The latest they can be there on the night is 7.30pm.
If they are not present for the draw at 7.30pm they will be disqualified.

All entrants are encouraged to bring supporters under strict instruction that their supporters do
not disturb or affect other performers and remain quiet and seated during all performances.
Each entrant is responsible for the crowd that they bring and will be penalised if their
supporters are talking or distracting the other acts in any way.
The vote for each candidate is decided by the judges, part of the decision will be influenced
by audience response on the night of each performance.

Any canvassing or pestering of any kind will result immediate disqualification.
All bribes are accepted willingly but will not influence the final decision.

Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry.

All entrants will be notified of any further conditions on the day of registration.

The venue has its own rules and guidelines and should they choose to make decisions
regarding people’s behaviour or entry it must be respected.
The Prize:
The intention of the organisers is to have a support slot with a top comedian in the Olympia
Theatre during the Bulmers International Comedy Festival, last year we had Bill Bailey this
year we are waiting for confirmation on Ross Noble in the event of this not being possible a
professional showreel of your performance in the final and a significant cash prize will be put
in its place.
Every year there is some TV interest and we try to record at least the semi-finals and final of
the competition and some interviews with the comedians, in the event that there are any
interested parties that would like to broadcast the footage please fill in the form below.

                          The Bulmers Comedy Competition
                                    RELEASE FORM
 For valuable consideration, I do hereby authorize The Bulmers Comedy Competition,
                    and those acting pursuant to its authority to:

    a.   Record my participation and appearance on video tape, audio tape, film, photograph
         or any other medium.
    b.   Use my name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with these
    c.   Exhibit or distribute such recording in whole or in part without restrictions or limitation
         for any educational or promotional purpose which The Bulmers Comedy Competition
         and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate.

Name: _______________________________________________


Phone No.:____________________________________________


Witness Signature:______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18):_____________________

I the undersigned have completed and read all the conditions on the above form and I
understand and agree to adhere to and abide by all rules and conditions within the
Name: (Block Letters)______________________

Signed:_________________________________Date: __________________

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