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					He who learns but
does not think is lost.

               (Chinese Proverb)
               Quality Thinking at

       Whole School Thinking
         Skills Program:

             Leading the Way

2005 Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools Submission
        The Program in Summary

• Thinking skills and strategies for students
• Acknowledging and building on teachers’ prior
  expertise in Thinking Skills
• Professional Development and support for
  Kurwongbah teachers
• Resources for the classroom
• Thinking Skills WebPage- a resource for educators
  around the world!
• Working with other schools and educators across
  Murrumba and Australia to provide quality
  Professional Development
      In the future our students
        will need to be able to:

•   Solve problems      Our Whole School
                        Thinking Skills
•   Think creatively
                        Program is about
•   Think critically    equipping students
•   Make decisions      for the future!
•   Generate new ideas
•   Analyse and evaluate information
•   Plan for the future
        Mission Statement

The Whole School Thinking
 Skills Program at Kurwongbah
 is about equipping our students
 with the essential creative,
 critical and higher-order thinking
 skills and strategies for life long
         Program Overview

Our Thinking Skills Program is
concerned primarily with:
  • the teaching of thinking
  • teaching with thinking
  • teaching for thinking
  • teaching about thinking
          Project Aim

Our Whole School Thinking
Skills Program aims to create
a shared vision and common
language about thinking in
our school.
        In our classrooms:

• There are significant opportunities
  for higher-level thinking, complex
  problem solving and/or open-
  ended response.
• Thinking skills are explicitly taught
  in an authentic and meaningful
              Staff Professional
• Intensive professional development
  – Hands-on workshops
  – Supported by resources and the development of
    our Thinking Skills Folder
• Presented by school and outside educators
• Training in:         Multiple Intelligences
     Thinker’s Keys     Higher-order Thinking
     Six Hats           Curriculum Differentiation
     Bloom’s Taxonomy
                        Dimensions of Learning
Thinking Skills WebPage
          Thinking Skills WebPage
 Teachers, students, school and wider community members
   are able to access a wealth of information and resources
• de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Gardner’s Multiple
   Intelligences, Tony Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys, Bloom’s
   Revised Taxonomy, Graphic Organisers, Models of
   Curriculum Differentiation, Dimensions of Learning
• Posters, brochures, assessment tools, Black Line Masters
• Student contract activities
• Copies of PD session materials (power point presentations,
   handouts etc)
• GATE Policy and extensive support documents
• Links to other information available on the Internet
          Who’s Surfin’ our
Our Thinking Skills WebPage is
 being accessed and used by:
   • Kurwongbah teachers and parents
   • Teachers across the Murrumba
   • Teachers across Australia
   • Educators around the world-
     including New Zealand and
        Delivering Professional
Our teachers have delivered workshops about
 our Program at:
     • Annual Kurwongbah Quality Teaching
     • Annual Murrumba District Conferences
     • Schools and Networks within the
       Murrumba District
     • State Conferences
     • National Conferences
Think left and think right and
think low and think high. Oh,
the thinks you can think up if
only you try!

                        (Dr Seuss)
           Why has the Program been
                so successful?
•   Strong Admin support
•   Enthusiasm of leaders within the program
•   Practical PD Sessions
•   Slow and steady introduction
•   An expectation that teachers will integrate the strategies
    within their planning
•   Enthusiasm of the teachers
•   Enthusiasm of the students
•   Resource support- human, digital and print
•   Planning support and resource development
•   Not an extra! Relevant to current curriculum initiatives
    including Productive Pedagogies, authentic assessment
    and The Attributes of the life long learner
          Impact on the Classroom:

• The classroom seems more active and vibrant when children are
  involved in many of these activities
• More varied and interesting activities
• Students are presenting work with greater thought and creativity
• Students are more motivated to complete tasks
• Using Multiple Intelligences has enhanced our classroom because it
  forces us to cater for different learning styles and interests
• Kids have a keen attitude [and] more imaginative thoughts
• Opened out activities and made the classroom more student based
• Students are happy to work in any given group- the focus is on
  the task and not the group dynamics
• More cooperation between some students
              Impact on students:

• Students are more able to respond to questioning at a
  higher level
• The depth of their thinking is becoming more obvious the
  more the program is used
• It makes learning more accessible to a variety of children
  via catering for learning styles and providing a variety of
  strategies and skills
• Individual needs/ interests being catered for
• Productive work, on-task
• Everyone gets an opportunity to identify their strengths,
  become special or good at something
• Enjoyable and rewarding experience
A pebble cast into a pond
causes ripples that spread
out in all directions.

                    (Dorothy Day)

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