Myopia How To Prevent Being Nearsighted

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        <p>MYOPIA is commonly known as being shortsighted or near
sighted. Â Common symptoms of a myopic eye are difficulty in seeing
things and objects at a distance clearly. Your vision is blurred when
looking from far away. When you are myopic, the cornea of your eyes gets
out of shape and as you get older, the cornea continues to misshape. It
is best to contact an ophthalmologist for a complete test.</p>
<p>When it comes to kids, there were tests to check whether they are
myopic. The tests using the aid of Snellen Card disclosed several
conclusive information and facts. All kids with normal eyes who failed
to make an accommodation adjustment for distant vision became myopic.
 The kids were made to look at the letters of a sign from a distance.
Those with normal eyes who stared, closed their eyelids or focused at a
nearer point and failed to follow the instruction on how to adjust their
eyes properly for distant vision became temporary near sighted. The
Snellen test card was found to be the best tool to use for exercises in
distance vision and prevent myopia. Â It was placed in a permanent
location inside the classroom where all the pupils could see it from
their seats. They were urged to read regularly every day the smallest
letters they could see from each eye separately, covering the other eye
with the palm of the hand.</p>
<p>If you want you and your kids to avoid myopia, develop good eye habits
when reading and writing. Make sure to observe the right posture. Do not
strain your eyes too much. If you feel eye fatigue, stop and rest for a
while. Â Proper lighting is also a must. Aside from these external
factors, keep your eyes in good condition with the right diet, exercise,
vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamins in your diet such as
Vitamins A, C and E and adequate milk, carrots, liver, vegetables and
other nutritional supplements. Â Visit your eye doctor regularly. If he
recommends reading glasses, ask about the "plus power type." Â Myopia is
also treated by use of contact lenses or refractive surgery. For your
daily myopia exercise, Â go for a walk in the morning and look at a
far object for at least 5 minutes. Then focus at a near object and stare
for a while. Repeat the exercise five times. In summary, you can learn
how to focus at near and far objects to prevent myopia!</p>
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