Tips on How to Prevent Myopia by anamaulida


									Nobody would like to be shortsighted because being shortsightedness is
kind of illness though people can still see clearly when wearing a pair
of glasses. Here are some tips on how to prevent myopia from opticians.
Following these advices some improvements can be reached.First, healthy
living habit is an important element. You should correct postures while
reading and writing and keep good habits in your daily life; do not read
in a car or in bed; in addition, avoid working with close distance with
screen or play electronic games for too long time; have a break for about
five to ten minutes every forty minutes, and take a walk during break and
look remote areas to relax muscles. Most importantly, enough sleep is
necessary because adequate sleeping can reduce the eye strain.Second,
keep the habit of doing physical and eyes' exercise every day. What is
helpful to your eyes is reasonable nutrition, enhancing physical system,
and establishing, which are good daily habits. Dietary intake of vitamin
A, C, E should be paid attention to. Eating the liver of food, milk, egg
yolk, green leafy vegetables, and carrots etc is also healthy to eyes;
meanwhile avoid eating candy, high animal fat-based intake so as to
prevent the occurrence and development of myopia. As the saying goes,
diet cures more than the doctor. Thus, keeping a good diet, as well as
maintaining a balanced amount of moderate sports and rest, is most
beneficial to the prevention of myopia.Third, good reading environment,
such as proper lighting, clear printing, proper size in lettering, fine
paper, appropriate height of desks and chairs, are required. Do not turn
off residential lamps and make sure you're your vision is clear.Fourth,
you had better check up your eye every three to six months in order to
establish visual files and monitor the edge of vision (about 1.0). Your
vision can be corrected as soon as possible once your vision is found to
be less than 1.0.What's more, if you are almost myopia you should wear
accurate and appropriate glasses. Before buying eyeglasses, you had
better have your eyes examined by ophthalmologist because regular
inspection of vision is really of high importance. Make sure that the
lens strength, the angle of astigmatism axis and the distance between the
pupils are accurate, or else your eyes' vision will be worse instead of
being improved. At the same time, renew your glasses in time when it is

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