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									                            ENGINEERING APPRAISAL
                                                            FILE REF

TO                         Owen Taylor

COPY TO                    Siva Sivapalan, Peter Nagels

FROM                       Ann Rammo

DATE                       28-Nov-2007 (amended 22/01/09)

2126227, 83 Hinemoa Street / Birkenhead for New Residential
Units 2 or more, Proposal to construct two commercial units
and 20 residential units

As requested, I have assessed the application (and the amended plans and
information attached to the letter from SFH Consultants Ltd in their letter dated 07
November 2008) against Council‟s relevant engineering policies. These include:

          Geotechnical Issues
           The site is steeper than 1:4

           Geotechnical Engineering report for the site done by Tonkin and Taylor
           Ltd entitled Apartment Development -83 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead
           Geotechnical Investigation dated 16 November 2007 reference 25059.

           Stability issues have been identified in T&T report and a suitable condition
           has been drafted to protect the adjacent public road and ensure that the final
           design is compliant with the requirement of the above report.

           An addendum report from Tonkin & Taylor dated 16 December 2008
           (reference 25059.001) has also been reviewed and is considered to support
           the amended application generally as required by the Infrastructure Design
           Standards. While the proposed excavations are deeper, the original
           boreholes and dynamic probes remain of sufficient depth to support the
           review by Tonkin & Taylor.
           A further report at building consent stage remains required as a condition –
           the Infrastructure Design Standards allow for such a circumstance. As well
           condition 10 is amended in regard to methodologies (to address excavations
           for tanks) and an Advice Note in respect of the existing crib wall, which on
           email advice of Tonkin & Taylor should be reviewed as maintenance or
           remediation will be difficult after construction of the proposed buildings

           PIR entries have been made in respect of both reports.

          Wastewater

           New 100 mm in 180 mm sleeve as in MSC plans
           New sewer pipe replacement confirmed by owner letter 23/11/07

          Stormwater

           ARC consent for discharge
            Peter Nagels comments on 05/07/07 and January 2009
           3 detention tanks, 2 *25m3 each ( one for re use , the other for detention)
           another one 12m3 for the car park, as in MSC plan 25905 RC.01 Revision E
           New 150mm SW line as in MSC report drains to #85 Hinemoa Street (SW
            Also OFP flows near the rear of the site
           Enviro pod filter to be fitted in the car park as stated in MSC report.
           New storm water pipe replacement confirmed by owner letter 23/11/07
           New CCC is issued on 26/11/07

          Water Supply
           Siva „s advice applies
           EW major for water connection for sprinklers supply
           One FH fire hydrant
           Two FH is required to achieve the min flow as in NSCC standards

     Transportation
    Get rid of the existing vehicle crossing and replace it with new ordinary one

          Other matters

As part of this assessment, a site visit to the subject site was carried out on 03/

The proposed access is clear of the existing street trees.

Having assessed the application, I recommend that, subject to the following
conditions the consent can be granted from an engineering perspective.

Design Drawings

  1. The consent holder must ensure complete engineering drawings, accompanied
     with a design certificate in the form of Schedule 1A of NZS 4404:2004, detailing
     proposed new or altered public assets including details of proposed silt
     detention measures, are prepared and submitted as an Engineering Works
     Application (Major) for assessment and written approval by the Environmental
     Services Development Engineer before the commencement of any works
     unless otherwise specified within this consent.

           Advice Note:
           i)    All designs shall be in accordance with the council‟s “Infrastructure
              Design Standards” manual Issue 10.

  2. The consent holder must arrange for inspections in accordance with the “North
     Shore City Council‟s Environmental Services Quality Assurance Manual” to be
     carried out by a suitably qualified person during construction of all works on the
     site to ensure that those works are constructed in accordance with the
     approved engineering drawings or any approved amendments to those
     drawings, Council‟s standard requirements for the construction of land
     development projects, and sound engineering practice.

  3. The consent holder must ensure that inspections undertaken in accordance
     with condition 2 above are recorded in the "North Shore City Council's
     Environmental Services Quality Assurance Manual”. The manual, including the
     Certificate of Practical Completion, is to be completed and forwarded to
     Environmental Services at the completion of construction of all works.

  4. Accurate as-built plans must be submitted for all Public Services, including
     Roading, and water supply, in accordance with the North Shore City Asset Data
     Standards Manual. The as-built plans must be approved by Data Bureau prior
     to the public service becoming operational.

Earthworks, Erosion and Sediment Control, Dust and Noise

  5. The consent holder must comply with the approved Erosion and Sediment
     Control Plan prior to the commencement of earthworks.

        The consent holder must ensure all necessary measures proposed in the Plan
        approved by Council have been implemented and provide a certificate of
        establishment to Council prior to the commencement of any construction works.

           All site works including any bulk earthworks shall be carried out in
           accordance with the approved engineering drawings, any Erosion and
           Sediment Control Plan and in accordance with Section 9 of the North Shore
           City Operative District Plan. The work must take full account of the
           geotechnical report dated 16 November, by Tonkin and Taylor
           Ltd, entitled Apartment Development -83 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead
           Geotechnical Investigation, reference 25059.

  6. All personnel working on the site shall be made aware of the „Erosion and
     Sediment Control Plan‟ and its requirements. The approved „Erosion and
     Sediment Control Plan‟ shall be kept on site for inspection by Council‟s
     Compliance Officer.

  7. The consent holder shall institute appropriate measures to control or mitigate
     any potential dust nuisance. All such measures initiated shall be maintained
     throughout the entire duration of the construction period.

  8. The consent holder shall implement, to the satisfaction of Council‟s
     Development Engineer, suitable measures to prevent depositing of earth on
     surrounding streets by trucks moving fill and other materials to and from the
     site. In the event that any material is deposited on the street, the consent

        holder shall take immediate action, at their expense, to clean the street. The
        loading of earth, fill and other materials shall be confined to the subject site.


  9 All earthworks, retaining walls and foundations shall be designed in accordance
    with the recommendations of Geotechnical Engineering report for the site done
    by Tonkin and Taylor Ltd dated 16 November 2007 reference 25059 and the
    addendum reference 25059.001 dated 16 December 2008 entitled “Apartment
    Development – 83 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead Geotechnical review for lower

  10 The consent holder shall engage Tonkin and Taylor Ltd to review the final
     building and the temporary work designs, providing a supplementary
     investigation report generally meeting the requirements of the IDS Phase 3
     Table 2.1 under clause 2.1 . A monitoring plan shall also be provided and
     reviewed by Tonkin and Taylor Ltd at the time of building consent application.
     Review of methodologies shall include consideration of temporary or permanent
     works needed in respect to the placement of detention tanks. A geotechnical
     engineer who is a member of the IPENZ geotechnical Practice College shall be
     engaged to monitor and control the excavation and related temporary and
     permanent earthworks.

             Advice Note
           As access to the existing crib wall will be restricted post-construction of the
           proposed buildings, Tonkin & Taylor have pointed out that the crib wall should
           be reviewed with respect to the affects of the proposed construction and the
           ongoing stability and maintenance of the crib wall. Any remediation
           requirements and methodologies to protect or remediate the crib wall should
           therefore be considered in the supplementary investigation report to be
           provided to support any building consent application and any remediation
           integrated into the building consent drawings to be submitted.

Vehicular Access / Works within public road
DE to delete as required

  9. The consent holder must design and construct vehicular accessways and any
      associated retaining walls that are required in compliance with the
      Infrastructure Design Standards of Council, making adequate provision for the
      drainage of surface water.
  10. The consent holder must design the roading and vehicular accessways and
      replace the existing at Marintime Terrace removing the existing one and
      reinstate the kerbs and construction of new one at Hinemoa Street in
      compliance with the Infrastructure Design Standards of Council, making
      adequate provision for the drainage of surface water and submit drawings for
      engineering works approval. A building consent application must also be made
      for any associated retaining walls. The accessway shall be constructed in
      accordance with the approved drawings. On completion a certificate of
      practical completion shall be provided to Council as set out in the North Shore
      City Council Quality Assurance Manual Issue 6 Appendix 6

             Advice Note

        A RON application must be made in respect of the removal of the old vehicle
        crossing and construction of new one or any temporary crossing.

  11. The vehicular accessway is to be lit over the entire length in accordance with
      AS/1158.3:1999, Lighting Category P5, Luminaire classification Type 4 with
      upward waste light ratio not exceeding 6%.

  12. The Consent holder must provide complete engineering drawings as part of the
      engineering works application detailing all proposed construction works
      affecting the public road carriageway or berm and submit to Environmental
      Services for approval.

             Advice Note
             Maximum driveway gradient is 1 in 5, Maximum driveway gradient where
             vehicles are required to turn off the driveway to a parking garaging or
             manoeuvring area is 1 in 8. No cut or fill is permitted on the road reserve.
             Due allowance must be made for vertical curves, maximum recommended
             crossfall is 6%.

Noise Limitations

  13. The consent holder is to note the provisions of the Proposed District Plan,
      which limits the hours of all noise related activity on and emitting from the site

        Construction activity shall occur on the site in accordance with the following


        6.30am - 7.30am         less than an L10 level of 60 dBA
        7.30am - 6pm            less than an L10 level of 75 dBA
        6pm - 8pm               less than an L10 level of 70 dBA


        7.30am - 6pm less than an L10 level of 75 dBA

        Sunday, Public Holidays and all other times

        No noise permitted on site above the normal background level, ie. no heavy
        machinery or noise producing equipment.

        Where the L10 is a noise level that is equalled or exceeded for 10% of any 15
        minute measurement period.

              The site is to comply with NZS 6803P at all times.

        Note: The intent of the standard is that all noisy construction work will take
        place between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Stormwater, Wastewater and Water Supply

  14. The consent holder shall provide a stormwater drainage and on-site stormwater
      management system, the design of which shall be presented to Council for
      approval with the building consent application.

        At the end of the defects liability period for all the stormwater system evidence
        shall be provided that the process to transfer the ARC stormwater discharge
        consent to Council has been initiated.

  15. The consent holder shall take note of any existing overland flows on the
      proposed development site provide suitable means to eliminate, control or
      mitigate these flows to the satisfaction of the Council‟s Development Engineer,
      the designs of which shall be presented to the Council with the Building
      Consent application.

  16. The consent holder shall install all water reticulation for the development, the
      design of which shall be presented to Council for approval with the building
      consent application, or, if public, as an Engineering Works application. This
      reticulation system shall be designed and installed in accordance with Council‟s
      Infrastructure Design Standards (including fire fighting) such that service and
      pressure levels are not compromised. The relevant engineering plans shall be
      submitted as an Engineering Works application to Environmental Services for
      approval prior to any construction commencing. The consent holder shall carry
      out all tests required by the New Zealand Fire Service and Council in regard to
      water pressure and flow testing. This testing shall be done at the consent
      holder‟s expense

          Advice Note(s)
         Resource consents, particularly for earthworks and stormwater discharge
          approval may be required from the Auckland Regional Council. Please
          contact the Auckland Regional Council Land and Water Section on (09) 366-
          2000 for advice in this regard.

         An operation and maintenance manual will be required for all stormwater
          management devices as part of building consent or engineering works
          approval conditions and an entry in the Property Information Register of
          Council will be made regarding the stormwater device and the manual.

         Watermeter banks for all units may be installed in the road berm.


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