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					Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a devastating genetic disease that
destroys the muscles and leads to the formation of an abnormal type of
muscle protein called dystrophin. Duchenne muscular dystrophy symptoms
include a progressive muscle weakness and wasting among many other
things. This disorder usually affects males but is passed on by their
mothers. This is referred to X-linked recessives.There are several types
of muscular dystrophy (MD) including Becker's MD and limb-girdle MD.
However, Duchenne's MD is the most severe, and the most common,
unfortunately.This disease can come on quickly or slowly, in children and
in adults. However, according to experts, 1 in every 3,600 male infants
is affected by Duchenne MD. The severity depends on the genetics and the
type of MD. For example, a young boy with this condition will most likely
be in a wheelchair by the age of 12, and dead by the age of 20. This is
the devastating facts about this disease.Duchenne muscular dystrophy
symptoms include a progressive muscle wasting and weakness. It will
become harder and harder to function as the muscles shut down. It usually
starts in the legs and pelvis but works its way to all the muscles. This
is why a wheelchair is often necessary.For those children with muscular
dystrophy, symptoms related to coordination may be a sign. A child who
has trouble walking, falls frequently, and experiences calf pain may have
MD. Other Duchenne muscular dystrophy symptoms include obesity, joint
contractures, cataracts, baldness and drooping eyelids. Some children
also experience fatigue and mental retardation as a result of this
disease.This condition can worsen into something even more. This may
include cardiomypathy, deformities, heart failure, mental impairments,
pneumonia or respiratory failure. This is one of the reasons that many
sufferers of Duchenne's MD die at an extremely young age.The Duchenne's
muscle dystrophy symptoms and complications are more than heart breaking
for any young child and his family. However, with regular activity and
physical therapy, it is possible to prolong his life, and make the most
out his short time on earth.

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