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 Easter Greetings from           Welcome New Staff

                                 Plain Policy


 YMCA Wales Community            Campaign
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 College                         Youth Work Focus

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2010-2011: Issue 4—April 2011
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   The College will be closed
   4.30pm on Thursday 21st
  April and will then re-
         open at
  9am on the 3rd May
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News from the College...                                                                 Page 3

New Staff Members - Jane Hawkshaw

YMCA Wales Community College is delighted to welcome Jane Hawkshaw to the full time staff
team. Jane’s role with the College is specifically focusing on supporting and co-ordinating
workforce development for the South Central Region of youth services with special responsibility
for Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Services.

                             Jane will be well known to colleagues who work in the Youth Work
                             sector as she has previously worked for both Youth Cymru and the
                             Wales Youth Agency. Jane has more recently worked in the play

                             Jane brings with her a wealth of knowledge related to both youth
                             work and play and I am sure she will make a positive impact upon
                             the work of the College.

Meet the Staff… Jeff Amor

1.    Where do you live?

2.    What is your Job role?
Health & Safety Advisor

3.     3 things you like about your job?
Having to be creative in order to make H&S interesting, working with nice people and being part
of an effective team.

4.      What is your hidden talent?
I don't have any.

5.    What is the best piece of advice you have ever
Always think how your words and actions affect other people.

6.     What is your favourite food?
Indian/ Malaysian

7.   Place you would like to visit?
Machu Picchu, Peru
Page 4
                Plain Policy Campaign

Academic Misconduct Policy

YMCA Wales Community College (the College) is committed
to the elimination of academic misconduct.

All cases of suspected academic misconduct will be fully investigated by the College.

If academic misconduct is proved, disciplinary action will be taken. The outcome will depend on
the severity of the offence. The member of staff who has investigated the alleged academic
misconduct will decide how serious the case is and will then consult senior colleagues. The
details of academic misconduct will be issued to the person in writing.

The following are dishonest practices and therefore unacceptable:
Taking someone else’s work, images or ideas and passing them off as your own.
Using the computer, either the Internet, or information stored on a hard copy or floppy disk which
belongs to someone else, and passing it off as your own.
Cheating i.e. acting unfairly or dishonestly to gain an advantage.
Secretly agreeing with another to cheat or deceive. This is known as collusion.

All these actions are regarded as academic misconduct. If someone is discovered or
suspected of any of the above, the College will investigate and this may result in disciplinary
action being taken.

                                               For more information or to see the full policy visit
                                               the College’s website, or contact Becky Watson
                                               Stubbs on
                                                                                              Page 5
College Updates

QIF Bid - Interim Report

The College received £6000 through the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF). The College’s project
was to raise Basic Skills awareness and to pilot the Basic skills initial assessment with youth

There was strong support for this work from local authority Youth Work Training Managers who
endorsed the need for developing basic skills material to support youth worker training.

Three staff development events were held to raise basic skills awareness. The training also
included a session on basic skills assessment procedures.

A draft youth work learners’ guide to
developing literacy skills has been produced.
The guide contains a number of contextualised
worksheets which have been produced on
spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and links
and other information to other organisations
who can offer additional basic skills support to
learners. .

A guide has also been produced for tutors
to enable them to carry out the basic skills
screening assessment. The guide also provides materials for tutors to support learners
with identified basic skills needs.

Future Action

A basic skills strategy will be produced that encapsulates the College’s diverse range of
approaches to assessing and supporting basic skills.

If you would like further information on the QIF project or Basic Skills Assessment please contact
the College on
Page 6
Video Conferencing comes to the College
YMCA Wales Community College has installed a ‘Video
Conferencing Suite’. The facility will allow the College to
hold meetings and events with colleagues from across
Wales without having to travel. This facility will also be
available to partners and tutors.

It is hoped that the installation of this facility will address
the sustainable development agenda through the
reduction of travel.

If you would like more information on the facilities available or the process of hiring
the meeting room please contact Becky Watson Stubbs on:
                                        ardisat             Teaching
                                    tand                   learners ession with
                               gs/S                                 from acr
                           etin                            Wales            oss
                                  Tut or T

Calling all Tutors…Promote our Website with your learners
YMCA Wales Community College website has useful information and resources for
tutors and learners alike.
If you are a College tutor please let your learners know the types of things they can
access on the site. Just a few of the things they can access:

     Copies of the College Newsletter
     Updates on College news
     Youth Work course resources
     Information on Colleges policies

If you, or your learners, want to give feedback about the Website or the resources,
please contact the College via the website, or email

                                                                                         Page 7
Youth Work Learner Focus Group held at College
YMCA Wales Community College Provision Development Manager for Youth Work, along with
other members of the senior management team held a focus group for learners who had
completed the Certificate in Youth Work Level Three. The focus group was an opportunity for
learners to feedback on their experience and views of learning with YMCA Wales Community

                                                 Email, Posters, Website Social Network, Local
                                                 presentations, careers fairs, YMCA Course
                                                 fair, letters, advertisements, Cwvys network,

                                                           Q1 -
                                                          learn hat is th
                                                                ers w       e
                                                          Colle      ith in best wa
                                                                ge?        form     y
                                                                               ation to provid
Well organised; a bit daunting/overwhelming at                                      abou       e
                                                                                        t the
first; a lot of writing; not well organised; opened
up a lot of opportunities; explains more clearly
what being a youth worker is; very good
communication; full support; excellent
experience; really helpful tutor, inspired me to do
more; makes me feel like I’m not on my own.

                                          ge learner?
                      erienc e as a Colle
          is your exp
Q2 - What
                                   Q3 - What impact has
                                                          this course had on th
                                                                               e following areas?
Your involvement in your community I am
more involved with my community.                 Your confidence My confidence has defi-
Involvement the same as it was.                  nitely improved; Now I see that my practice
Colleagues see me as a professional now          is very close to what’s expected. More confi-
not just as someone who works/talks to           dent in my delivery of youth work and being
young people.                                    able to work with young people.

                                      Your youth work practice I have a better understanding
                                      of youth work and feel confident working with young
                                      people. I am aware of boundaries and how my actions
                                      impact on Young People. I have found it easier to
                                      organize my youth work practice.

Visiting staff and learners from Trinity St David’s and UWCN gave presentations and talks on
progression routes and how learners can take the next step in a career in Youth Work.

In next month’s newsletter the College will report back on how the College has dealt with all
learner feedback, including the details taken from this Focus Group.
Page 8

The College says thank you to tutor, Beth Neilly, on her

On Monday 18th April 2011 College staff
thanked Beth Neilly, the College’s
counselling tutor, for all of her hard work
as they marked her retirement with a
celebratory lunch.

Beth has worked for the College since
1999 supporting and teaching
Counsellors across Wales. Margaret
thanked Beth for all of her dedication to
the work of the College.

All College staff wished Beth well as she
embarks on the next stage of her life and
relaxes into retirement.
                                                                                        Page 9
Know your ESGDC from your ABC

ESDGC Ice Breakers
If you are struggling to embed ESDGC in your teaching, one
of the best methods is through the use of an ice breaker.
Below is a brief description of an ESDGC activity.
“Planet   X”, Oxfam
This is an activity to encourage young people to consider their own
priorities in terms of rights, and to provide opportunities to practise
negotiation skills. Although this is aimed at 11-14 year olds this activity
could easily be adapted to any age group.

This website, looking at recycling and reusing has some great activities for you to use in your
teaching and your ice breakers.

Arm Wrestling
If you have the space, why not get two of your learners to arm wrestle for chocolate, tell them that
if they win the other person gets the chocolate, they have 2 minutes to win as much chocolate as
they can. See how long it takes them to realise that by working together, they can achieve a lot
more. Afterwards have a discussion about how people could work together across the world.

Healthy Living
As the season of bank holidays is upon us there are lots of activities going on
across Wales to help you get out and about and keep healthy. Below are just a few
suggestions of events going on across Wales.

* The biggest names in Welsh food are lining up for the West Wales Food Festival on May 14-15.
Bryn Williams, Stephen Terry, Gareth John and Angela Gray will be appearing at this year's
event at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

* Visitors are in for a treat over Easter as the brave knights of the Plantagenet Medieval Society
stage a league tournament in the historic castles of Chepstow,
Raglan and Caerphilly over three days, Saturday 23rd April,
Sunday 24th April and Easter Monday 25th April.

* The National Trust is opening up Penrhyn Castle woodland
and inviting everyone to join in with their BIG Lottery funded
Wild in the Woods events, which provide a great place for
mums, dads and the kids to explore the woodland for free.
                                                                            Page 10
Welsh words for Spring

As the Winter is well and truly behind us (we
hope) the College is celebrating Welsh Spring
with our guide to key Welsh words you might
need this season.

Spring – Gwanwyn
                                                             Bank Holiday –
                                                             Gwyl y Banc

                      Daffodil – Cenhinen

               Hot Cross Buns—Bynsen y Grog

                                                         Flowers – Blodau

 Chocolate – Siocled

          The Royal Wedding –                         Happy Easter –
          'Y Briodas Frenhinol'                       Pasg Hapus

Easter Egg Hunt – Helfa Wyau Pasg

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