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									                INVITATION                                                                     The European Institute for
                                                                                               Asian Studies is a Brussels-
            EIAS Briefing Seminar                                                              based Think-tank and
                Tuesday, 12 July 2011 from 14:00 to 16:00                                      Policy Research Centre,
                                                                                               promoting understanding
                       at The European Institute for Asian Studies                             between the European
                       Rue de la Loi 67, 2nd Floor, B-1040 Brussels                            Union and Asia.

         EU-ASEAN Relations in the New Economic International Order
13:30 – 14:00             Registration
14:00 – 14:15             Welcoming remarks by the Chair:
                          Mr. Dick Gupwell, Vice Chairman of the European Institute for Asian Studies
                          Introduction by
                          Ms. Coraline Goron, Junior Researcher at the European Institute for Asian Studies
14:15 – 15:15             Presentations:
                          Dynamics of Regional Economic Integration and Inter-regional Cooperation
                          H.E. Betrand De Crombrugghe, I Director Asia and Oceania, Ambassador, Federal Public
                          Service Foreign Affairs
                          The Impact of European Bilateral Free Trade Agreements with individual ASEAN
                          Member States
                          H.E. Anil Kumar Nayar, Ambassador of Singapore to Belgium, Luxembourg and the
                          European Union
                          Mr. Pascal Kerneis, Managing Director of European Services Forum, Advisor to
                          BUSINESSEUROPE, Member of the EU-Indonesia Vision Group on trade relationship
15.15 – 16.00             Discussion, Questions and Answers
16.00                     Networking Reception

EU-ASEAN Relations in the New Economic International Order

The EU included ASEAN in its policy of negotiating comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with some of its main
Asian trading partners. While the FTA with the Republic of Korea has just entered into force and negotiations with India
seem to be progressing well, the negotiations with ASEAN as a group (excluding Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar), begun
in 2007, had to be suspended two years later, partly because of difficulties among the ASEAN partners in taking a
common negotiating position faced with the EU’s stringent requirements (although an ASEAN-China FTA entered into
force in 2010).
While the EU (and previously the European Community) had given consistent support to regional integration among the
ASEAN countries, the Commission is now engaged in bilateral FTA negotiations with several ASEAN partners.
This Briefing Seminar will examine how this bilateral approach squares with the EU’s support for regional integration in
Asia and how far ASEAN member countries are ready to accept the conditions of the EU’s “New Generation” of FTAs.
Also to be considered will be how the EU-ASEAN interregional dialogue features within the wider ASEM Process

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