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Theater Business Clearance Request Review Instructions to Contracting Officers Fill in Required Data in BLUE


Private Security Contract document sample

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									                                                Theater Business Clearance Request/Review

                   Instructions to Contracting Officers - Fill-in Required Data in BLUE                                                (PIIN Here)
                                   (Agency and Office Here)                                                                        (Project Title Here)
                                                       Projected award Date and Estimated $ Value:
                   Number of employees projected to deploy to Iraq/Afghanistan (or already there):
                                       Number of these personnel who will be armed (See AI 52.6):
                         Name and Location of the customer/requirement POC in Iraq/Afghanistan,
                                                                   email and telephone number;
                       Name of FOB official who approved billeting, dining, MWR, etc if authorized
                                                                   (Cannot be the same as above)

                                                    Anticipate In-Theater Contract Administraton?                       Yes/No

                                            Anticpated In-Theater Contract Administartion Tasks:                    Describe Task
                              Name of procuring contracting officer, email and telephone number;
           A/I Mandatory Language                                                                    Updated 25 Nov 07

             Please complete the attached
             worksheet by double-clicking                                                            R - Required; A - Required when Applicable; Email to:
                                                                                                     Comm - Commodities;                (Afgh)
                                                                                                     Serv - Services;
                    Updates at CENTCOM Website:               Cons - Construction                         Include 1) this sheet, 2) SOW/T&Cs
           F - Full Text                                     Fill in                     C   S   C
           IBR - In By Reference                            SOW/RFP             U        o   e   o
                                                             Page #  Prescribed C        m   r   n
           Title                                             or N/A      In     F        m   v   s                   Prescription
                                                                                                      Include in all contracts, orders or blanket
           Contract Delivery Requirements (Iraq) (25                                                 purchase agreement call orders for supplies
1     F    Nov 07)                                                       AI 52.7    B    R           to be delivered to Iraq.
           Mandatory Shipping Instructions (Iraq)(25                                                 Supplies ordered by USG and that will enter
2     F    Nov 07)                                                       AI 52.8    E    R   A A     the GRD Logistics System.
           Iraqi Employment, Materials, & Subcontract
3     F    Reporting(5 Nov 07)                                           AI 26.4    G    A   A   A Insert when AI 26.5 is included.
           Compliance with Laws and Regulations(5                                                  Insert in contracts with performance in Iraq or
4     F    Nov 07)                                                       AI 25.3    H    A   R   R Afghanistan
           Contractor Personnel in U.S. Central                        DoD Memo
           Command Area of Responsibility (Deviation                    dtd Oct                    Required for all contract >$25,000 which
5     F    2007-O0010)                                                   2007       I    A   A   A does not incorporate DFARS 252..225-7040.
                                                                                                   DoD Class Deviation 2007-O0004,
                                                                                                   Synchronized Predeployment and
           DFARS 252.225-7040, Contractor Personnel                                                Operational Tracker, issued on March 19,
           Authorized to Accompany U.S. Forces                                                     2007. This deviation is effective until
           Deployed Outside the United States with                       DFAR                      incorporated into the DFARS or otherwise
6    IBR   deviation                                                   225.7402-4   I        A   A rescinded.
                                                                                                                                                     Provide supporting documentation for
           Projected Afghan and Third Country National                                             Insert in solicitations for contracts to be       decision to not allow Host Nation
7     F    (TCN) Employment(5 Nov 07)                                    AI 26.6    K        R   R performed in Afghanistan.                         Participation
           Prohibition Against Human Trafficking,
           Inhumane Living Conditions, and                                                         Insert the following mandatory language in all
           Withholding of Employee Passports(5 Nov                                  SO             contracts with performance in Iraq or
8     F    07)                                                           AI 22.1    W        R   R Afghanistan.

9     F    Reporting a Kidnapping(5 Nov 07)                              AI 23.1    W    A   R   R Insert in contracts with performance in Iraq.

           Armed Personnel – Incident Reports (5 Nov                                SO             Insert in all solicitations and contracts when
10    F    07)                                                           AI 25.1    W        A   A arming of contractors is contemplated in Iraq.

           Fitness for Duty and Limits on Medical /                                 SO             Insert in all contracts with performance in
11    F    Dental Care in Iraq/Afghanistan(5 Nov 07)                     AI 25.2    W    A   R   R Iraq or Afghanistan

           Quarterly Contractor Census Reporting.(12                                SO             Insert in all contracts with performance in
12    F    Nov 07)                                                       AI 25.4    W        R   R Iraq or Afghanistan
                                                                                                   Insert in all solicitations and contracts except Provide supporting documentation for
           "Iraqi First" Socioeconomic Program(5 Nov                                SO             when host nation participation is not in the     decision to not allow Host Nation
13    F    07)                                                           AI 26.5    W    A   R   R best interests of the government.                Participation
           Arming Requirements and Procedures for
           Private Security Contracts, Personal Security                                           Insert in all solicitations and contracts when
           Detail Contracts and Requests for Personal                               SO             arming of contractors is contemplated in Iraq
14    F    Protection (5 Nov 07)                                         AI 52.6    W    A   A   A or Afghanistan.
           Contractor Support of USAID Community
           Stabilization Program for Hiring Iraqi                                   SO              Insert in construction contracts in Iraq when
15    F    Apprentices(5 Nov 07)                                         AI 52.12   W            A 26.5 is also included
           Other Considerations As Required, use this


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