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                                          EUROPE 2011
                                      JLS 551-001
                            May 8 (depart) - 28 (return), 2011
                             Prof. Emilio C. Viano, Director

Note: Attendance to group visits, seminars, and lectures is required; attendance to group
social events (i.e. dinners, cruises, etc.) is not compulsory but strongly encouraged.
Business attire is required for the visits to institutions.
The itinerary is firm as to the overall dates of the program. The program is subject to
change due to events and factors beyond our control.

Considerable information on various aspects of the program and trip has also been provided in
the Information handout shared at the pre-departure briefing at AU and given to everyone in
printed copy and by email.

FOR EMERGENCIES: the Travel Assistance Program provided by our AU travel insurance has
 a 24-hour phone number for emergencies. Outside the United States, you should call collect to
                                      Plan Number: 01AH585
                                  Employer: American University
                                Policy Number: GLM N00173587
                          Assistance Provider: Europ Assistance USA
                 For further information on the Travel Assistance Program, see:
    Information.pdf The university's main page on Global Accident and Health Protection for
         International Travel is at


                    Police (non-urgent) - 0900-8844. Also 911 is being redirected to 112 on GSM mobile phones.

                Police - 101; Ambulance / Firebrigade - 100; Missing children - 110; Mental problems/suicide -
    Belgium 112 106.

                  Police - 17; Hospital-based Ambulance (SAMU) - 15; Fire Service-based Ambulance - 18; Fire -
    France    112 18. 112 calls are answered by 15 or 18 dispatchers, depending on the caller's location. 115 for


9 May, Monday                 Arrival in Amsterdam

                              Hotel in the Netherlands: the hotel is in The Hague
Hotel In The Hague:
Mercure Den Haag Central
Spui 180, 2511 BW DEN
Tel: (+31)70/3636700
Fax: (+31)70/3639398

Other good map:

First night covered by the program: May 9 to 10, 2011
First breakfast covered by the program: May 10, 2011

If you arrive early (before May 9, 2011) and you want to stay at the hotel in The Hague, please
contact the hotel directly on your own and make a reservation. Ask for the group rate. If you
prefer to stay in Amsterdam, I can mention the IBIS hotel near the Central Station in Amsterdam
which is convenient for arrival/departure by train from the airport and for everything you
need/want to do. It is a moderate cost hotel. There are many other hotels, of course, and also
hostels. Especially with hostels, be careful. Check their ratings, travelers & guidebooks
evaluations etc. TripAdvisor has ratings for most hotels.


It is very easy to go from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to the hotel in The Hague. There is a train
station in the airport. There are direct trains from Schiphol airport to:

1. The Hague HS station: direct trains leave at .09, .13, and .43 after the hour (e.g. 7:09, 7:13,
7:43), or
2. The Hague CS station: direct trains leave at .28 and .58 after the hour (e.g. 7:28, 7:58)

From the Hague CS, it takes 8 minutes to walk to the hotel (4/10 mile). See the map provided in
this document.

There is no big difference between the two stations. CS is closer to the hotel (4/10 of a mile); HS
a little further away (9/10 mile). Take whichever train is next.

Get money from ATM machines to buy a ticket at Schiphol. As far as I know, the Dutch rail
system does NOT accept credit cards.

The trip should take 25 minutes.

If you arrive by train from another country, you will arrive at HS.

From either one of The Hague stations, take a taxi to the hotel.

Public transport:
from The Hague CS: bus 4, 22; tram 3,6,7. Stop: Centrum
from The Hague HS: bus 5; tram 8, 16. Stop: Centrum

May 9, Monday

18:00                      Meet in hotel lobby. Depart together for a Group reception and an
                           introduction to the Class. (No cost to you)

                           Please, read the appropriate entry for each organization or institution
                           that we will visit BEFORE the visit. You will find it in the
                           Coursebook sent to you electronically for EUROPE 2011. This will
                           make your visit more interesting and instructive and help you
                           formulate meaningful questions for the speaker. You are also
                           encouraged to check the relevant websites listed in the Coursebook or

May 10, Tuesday

09:30                       Class at the hotel

12:30                       Break for lunch on our own

13: 30                      Class resumes at the hotel

16:00                       Class ends

11 May, Wednesday           BRING YOUR PASSPORT

09:00              Leave the hotel for the morning briefing. Bring your passport.

                   Business attire

                   Please stay with the group. Take tram #10 to Johan de Wittlaan
                   stop. Walk to the ICTY.

10:00              Visit and Seminar: International War Crimes Tribunal for ex-
                   Yugoslavia (ICTY)
                   Churchillplein 1
                   2517 JW The Hague, The Netherlands

                   Note: Airport style security screening. Cameras, phones, etc., must
                   be left in a locker at the entrance.

                   We will attend a criminal hearing, and then we will be briefed by a

                   For the court schedule, see:

12:30              Leave for the afternoon briefings at the “Peace Palace”
                   Carnegieplein 2 070 3022323
                   Lunch at the Refectorium, Peace Palace (at your expense)

14:00              Visit and briefing, Permanent Court of Arbitration
                   Speaker: Heather Clark

15:00              Visit and Seminar: International Court of Justice (ICJ) (World
                   Speaker: First Secretary of the Court.

12 May, Thursday   Please read on EUROPOL in the Coursebook.

09:00              Leave the hotel for the afternoon visit. Bring your passport.

                   Business attire.

                   Take Tram #9, direction: Scheveningen to Riouwstraat stop.
                   Cross the footbridge over the canal.
                   Europol is on the other side of the canal.

                   Visit and Seminar at EUROPOL, the European Law Enforcement
                   Raamweg 47

10:00            Arrival and registration with Security Visit.

10.15            Presentation on Europol's roles and tasks.

11.00            Q&A.

11.15            End of the visit.

                 Take Tram #9 to the Central Station. Lunch at some of the station’s
                 food outlets.

                 Purchase ticket: Youth discounted roundtrip fare is Euro 2.30.

                 Then take train at platform 7, direction: Gouda.

13:26            Depart for Voorburg.

13:29            Arrive in Voorburg.

                 Walk to EUROJUST.

14:00            Visit and seminar at EUROJUST
                 Speaker: Mr. Thuy, Press Officer

                 Return to The Hague CS, track 1.

13 May, Friday

09:00            Leave the hotel for the morning visit. Bring your passport.

                 Business attire.

                 Walk to The Hague CS train station.
                 Purchase ticket: Youth discounted roundtrip fare is Euro 2.30

09:26            Take train at platform 7, direction: Gouda
                 Depart from The Hague CS for Voorburg

09:29            Arrive at the train station of Voorbug. From there, walk to
                 International Criminal Court, Maanweg 174.

10:00            Visit and Seminar: International Criminal Court (ICC)

                  Preparing for your visit, please be reminded of the rules to comply

                            Among the rule, note especially:
                            Visitors are reminded that they will be entering an international court
                            and are therefore kindly requested to observe appropriate standards
                            of conduct. Mobile phones, portable computers, personal digital
                            assistants, cameras and any other audio, visual or information
                            processing or recording equipment are prohibited inside the Court
                            building. These items shall be placed in the lockers made available
                            for this purpose.

                            Audio recording, filming or the taking of photographs is strictly
                            prohibited inside the Court building.

                            Should there be a hearing organised by the ICC, visitors will be
                            given access to the public gallery on first come first served basis as
                            the ICC does not make reservation for hearings. For more
                            information on hearings at the ICC:


                            The public gallery seats 75 persons. Seats are allocated according to
                            the order of precedence and arrival at the Court. You may stay until
                            the end of the hearing.

                            Simultaneous interpretation into English and French is available
                            during hearings. Headphones are available to the public for this

                            Return to Den Haag Central, track 1.

Afternoon                   Free

14 May, Saturday            Free


Christa Tobler & Jacques Beglinger, Essential EU Law in Text. Budapest: HVgorac, 2010. ISBN

This book will be available for purchase in The Hague. The total cost is Euro 20 (including
shipping, handling and VAT). All students are expected to purchase the book since it had to be
specially ordered for the group. It is not available in bookstores.

Readings: 15-23; 25-31; 32---34, b); 36, IV--37; 39-43; 49-51; 53-59; 61 c) i;
64, III--67 (first 5 lines)
68, ii, iii, --70, 4 a); 72; 74, 6 a); 77; 79-84 (to IV);

91-93 (I,1); 101-102 sect. I; 103-104; 109-114

In addition, please, read the material on each institution visited in the Coursebook.

15 May, Sunday              Travel to Brussels, Belgium

General note on taking trains: Often, on the train’s platform, there is a bulletin board with a
“map” of the departing train, identifying the first and second class cars according to a letter or
number grid visible along the ceiling of the platform. Do not all bunch up on one part of the
platform, particularly when we carry luggage and board trains arriving from elsewhere and
stopping only a few minutes. Instead, spread out to ease congestion so that you have more
room and time to maneuver and load luggage on the train. This advice also applies to
metro/subway travel where congestion could cause you to become separated from the group.

12:30                       Leave the hotel. Go by taxi to the Hague HS train station.

13:35                       Intercity train 9240. Departs from The Hague HS, platform #4

15:38                       Arrival at Brussels Central station.

                             Duration of the trip: 2h03. Direct train. Reservation possible,
                             apparently not required. Purchase ticket while in The Hague.

                              Upon arrival in Brussels:
                              Share taxi to the hotel. Tell the driver you are going to the
                              Marriott near the Bourse. If you like, it is possible to walk to the
                              hotel, a 10 min’s walk.

                              *** Note that Brussels has three train stations: North, Central,
                              South. We plan to get off the train at the Central Station.

Hotel in Brussels:
Marriott Hotel
• Rue Auguste Orts 3-7/Bourse
• Brussels, 1000 Belgium
• Phone: 32 2 5169090
• Fax: 32 2 5169000
For a map and more information:

While in Brussels, if not before, go to any train station and reserve your seat for the TGV train
Strasbourg-Paris on May 21.

This hotel is located in the historic center of Brussels, the Ilot Sacre, across from the Bourse
(Stock Exchange) and near the Grand Place. It is within walking distance of the Central train
station. There is a metro station, Bourse, a few steps from the hotel.

Internet access: for a fee. Suggestion: share the cost with roommate, friends. In public areas:
wireless; in rooms, wired. One public station on the ground floor. Reportedly, free at the
McDonald’s next door.

17:00                       Professor Viano leads an optional orientation walking tour of
                            central Brussels and attractions such as the Grand Place. Tour will
                            last approximately 1 hour. Optional.

                            See readings listed under May 14!

16 May, Monday              Visits and briefings at the Commission of the European Union.

09:00                       Bring your passport. Full business attire.

                            Departure from the hotel for the De Brouckere Metro station (not
                            the Bourse station near the hotel!)
                            Take metro, direction “Stockel-Hermann-Debroux”, exit at
                            Metro Maalbeek.
                            Continue on foot to: Van Maerlant Bldg., 2nd Floor, Rm. 2
                            2, rue van Maerlant, corner rue Belliard

                            Visit and briefings, Commission of the European Union.

                         Conference Room
                         18, rue Van Maerlant - 1049 Bruxelles
                         Conference room -2/14

                         Judith JAKAB
                         Priority visits
                         Directorate-General Communication
                         Telephone: +32 (0) 2 29 95 232


                         Telephone: +32 (0) 2 29 99 106

09:45                       The hostess of the Commission will meet the visitors in the
                            entrance hall of the European Commission's building in 18, rue Van
                            Maerlant, 1049 Brussels and will accompany them to meeting-
                            room -2/14.

                            Welcome and presentation of the programme by Ms Judith JAKAB,
                            Priority visits’service.

10:00                       THE ROLE AND THE FUNCTION OF THE EUROPEAN

                      THE LISBON TREATY

                      Mr. Michael WILDERSPIN
                      Member of the Legal Service

11:15                 Break

11:30                 EU/US RELATIONS

                      Mr. Ulrich ECKLE, International Relations Officer
                      Directorate-General for External Relations
                      United States, Canada

12:30                 End of the information visit to the European Commission.

                      The hostess accompanies the group to the Commission building
                      rue van Maerlant 2 (Brasserie 1st floor)

                      Group lunch at the Commission Brasserie (no cost to you, except
                      for alcoholic beverages. You must pay for them.)

to be determined…..

17 May, Tuesday       Visits and briefings at NATO Headquarters.

08:00                 Leave from the hotel; bring passport; business attire.

                      Walk to De Brouckere, take bus to NATO.

                      Upon arrival at NATO, security check. No camera or cell phones
                      with integrated cameras allowed inside NATO. You can leave these
                      items with security at the entrance, at your risk.

09:15                 Enter NATO headquarters.

09:30                 Begin a series of briefings on military and security issues.

12:00                 End of the program. (If you wish, you can have lunch at the NATO
                      cafeteria at your expense).

                      Leave NATO and return to the city center (De Brouckere) by city

Afternoon             Free

                      Suggested activities: museums in Brussels, Art Deco district, trip to
                      Ghent/Bruges (canal cruises) or, weather permitting, the seashore

                        (Knokke Heist, Blankenberg, De Haan. See:

18 May, Wednesday       Pack your suitcase!

09:00                    Class at the hotel.

11:30                    End of class.

12:00                    Check out of the hotel.

                        Travel to Luxembourg.
                        Go to the Brussels North station.
                        − By taxi
                        − By underground street car
                           Exit the hotel, turn left, walk 70 feet.
                           Take the escalator or stairs to the underground.
                           Take Tram #3, direction: Esplanade, to the North Station.

13:18                    Train 97 leaves from Brussels North.

                         Food available for purchase at the station.

16:00                    Arrival in Luxembourg.

                        Walk to the hotel.

Hotel in Luxembourg: to be determined.

17:15                    Prof. Viano will lead a walking tour of Luxembourg city. Optional.

19 May, Thursday         Pack your suitcase. Check out of the hotel.

09:00                   Leave the hotel.
                        Go to Central Station.
                        Take Bus #1, direction Kirchberg, to the European Institutions.

10:00                    Visit and briefing at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

12:00                    Lunch at the court’s cafeteria (at our expense).

13:30                    Visit and briefing at the European Investment Bank.

15:00                   Return to the hotel.
                        Get your luggage.
                        Go to the train station.

16:40                     Train RE 86627 departs for Metz Ville.

17:27                     Train arrives in Metz Ville.

17:42                     Train RE 30357 leaves for Strasbourg.

19:08                     Train arrives in Strasbourg.

                          Walk to the hotel which is in front of the station.

Hotel in Strasbourg:
Hotel Kyriad St. Christophe
2 Place de la Gare
67000 Strasbourg, France
Tel. 33 03 88 22 30 30

20:00                     Professor Viano leads a brief orientation tour of the center of
                          Strasbourg. Optional.

20 May, Friday            Visits and briefings at the European Court of Human Rights and
                          at the Council of Europe.

08:40                     Leave hotel by public bus for the European Human Rights Court

                          Bring your passport. Business attire.

09:30                     Arrival at the main entrance of the Human Rights Building.

09:45                     "The Conscience of Europe", film about the Court.

10:00                     Presentation by an English-speaking head of a legal division at the
                          Court's Registry on the role and work of the Court followed by
                          question/answer session.

11:00                     End of program at the Court.

                          The calendar of hearings is available on the Court's website:

                          Leave the Human Rights Court.

                          Lunch on our own.

14:00                     Enter the “Palais de l’Europe”, the Council of Europe building

                          Briefings on the Council of Europe and on criminal justice and
                          human rights issues.

14:15                     Visit the Debating Chamber of the Parliamentary Assembly.

14:45                     Briefing on the role of the Council of Europe in the European
                          political landscape.

15 :30                    Meeting with an Administrator of the Directorate General of Human
                          Rights and Legal Affairs.

16:30                     Return to the hotel by city bus.

20:40                     Meet in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral.

20:45                     Walk to the boat pier.

                          Weather permitting, we will take a sightseeing cruise on the Canals
                          of Strasbourg. (No cost to you)

                          If you miss the group, go to the dock of the sightseeing boats of
                          Strasbourg. This is located near the Palace de Rohan, 150 yards from
                          the Cathedral.


21:00                     Boat tour leaves the dock. Duration of tour: 1h10’.

21 May, Saturday          Travel to Paris

11:30                     Check out of the hotel.

                          Walk to the train station in front of the hotel

12:13                     TGV 02424 leaves for Paris East station. Duration of the trip: 2h21
                          You must have a reserved seat!

14:34                     Arrive in Paris-East. Transfer to hotel by private bus.

Hotel in Paris:
Citadines St. Germain
53 ter, quai des Grand-Augustins
75006 Paris
Fax: 33-1-44-07-29-50

Note: The Citadines is a first class apartment hotel. There is a living/sleeping area; a furnished
kitchenette; a bathroom, ironing board, etc. It is basically a studio style apartment. As such,
there is no every day maid service. You are responsible for keeping the space tidy -- making
your bed, cleaning dishes. If you need a change of linens, please ask a maid on the floor or the
front desk. Extra towels are usually in your closet. There will be one cleaning and change of
linens during our stay. If you wish a higher level of service, it is available at an additional cost.
Please contact the front desk and request it at your expense.

Ideally located in the 6th district., the most “Parisian” of all districts, on the banks of the river
Seine between Pont Neuf and Notre Dame, this hotel is located within walking distance of Notre,
Dame, the Latin Quarter, the river Seine, Louvre, the Pompidou Center, the “City” (Ile de la
Cite) and good shopping. The neighborhood behind the hotel is colorful and picturesque; rue de
Seine, rue St. Andre des Arts are particularly interesting. Internet is available at the hotel,
ground floor. There is a Champion supermarket, laundromat and various bakeries within walking
distance of the hotel. One can also wash clothes at the hotel. Washing machines are normally
located on each floor. Purchase tokens at the reception.

Internet access: there are free access points on the ground floor of the hotel.


Buying 10 tickets at one time for €12.00 (carnet de dix) gives you a discount! You can share
them with other participants. An even better discount can be obtained by buying a weekly Carte
Orange, with unlimited travel. You need a passport size picture for the Carte Orange. Credit
cards are normally accepted for payment in addition to cash. However, Métro and RER ticket
machines are designed to work with French credit cards that have embedded chips. If your credit
card doesn't work--as it probably won't--go to the ticket window where it should work. Please
note: the hotel is very centrally located and Paris is made for walking. Most likely you will not
need more than 10 tickets for your stay.

Going to Versailles or to Charles DeGaulle Airport on departure: we need a specific more
expensive ticket. The normal metro ticket is limited to central Paris.

For more information:

16:00                       Prof. Viano will give an optional walking tour of the Latin Quarter.

22 May, Sunday              Free

23 May, Monday

09:30                       Class at the hotel.

13:30                       End of Class.

PM                  Free

24 May, Tuesday

09:00               Leave the hotel. Business attire. Passport!!!

                    Do not to bring luggage, large bags, laptops, etc., to the visit. Cell
                    phones will have to be checked at the Gatehouse.

10:00               Visit and briefings at the U.S. Embassy in France, near Place de la
                    2, avenue Gabriel
                    75382 Paris Cedex 08
                    Switchboard: +33 1 43 12 22 22
                    Metro: Concorde (take RER to Invalides, change to line #8, Creteil
                    Pref.; one stop)

                    Briefings by U.S. Commercial Service, Economics and other

                    Tight security check! Bring your passport. Do not to bring luggage,
                    large bags, laptops, etc., to the visit. Cell phones will have to be
                    checked at the Gatehouse.

14:00               Visit and briefing at the U.N. Environmental Program
                    (Sustainable Consumption and Production Division)

                    Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
                    15 rue de Milan, 75441 Paris Cedex 09, France
                    Tel. (+33) 01 44 37 76 18. Fax (+33) 144 37 14 74
                    Metro: St. Lazare, Liege

                    Dinner cruise, May 28: Please check the menu and let Prof. Viano
                    know if you want a vegetarian menu or any other reasonable dietary
                    requests. 72 hours advance notice required.

25 May, Wednesday

09:00               Leave the hotel. Business Attire.
                    Bring your passport.

                    Metro: at St. Michel, take the RER train "C”, direction: Pontoise, to

                            Boulainvilliers, walk to OECD.

 10:00                      Special program: participation in the Organization for Economic
                            Cooperation & Development Annual Forum. (to be confirmed)
                            Location: OECD Congress Center
                            2, rue André Pascal
                            75775 Paris Cedex 16
                            Tel.: +33 1 45 24 82 00
                            Metro: La Muette or Boulainvilliers

                            Business attire. Passport!

                            The OECD forum is a premiere gathering of government officials,
                            Economists and business people to evaluate the state of the economy
                            and look forward to major economic and trade developments. See
                            the website for more information on this exciting program.

 26 May, Thursday

 09:30                       Class at the hotel.

                            Course evaluation.

 Afternoon                   Study time.

 27 May, Friday

 09:30                       Exam at the hotel.

 19:00                       Depart by private bus for the dinner cruise.

 20:00                      Festive Dinner cruise on the Seine river in the historic center of

                            Guests: a fee of Euro 100 must be paid in cash in advance to the
                            Group Leader.


              Belles crevettes, légumes cuits dans une grecque à la coriander
                       Large prawns, vegetables Greek style with coriander
              Tournedos de filet de boeuf, réduction d’une sauce Bordelaise
                       Beef tournedos, reduction of Bordelaise wine sauce
Notre chef vous propose pour accompagner vos plats un assortiment de garnitures au gré du
                                 marché et de la saison.
                     Crousti – Bato chocolat et praliné, l’incontournable
                        Our emblematic chocolate and praline 'Crousti – Bato'

                                     Menu végétarien
                  Velouté vert et blanc en cappuccino, morilles mijotées
              Légumes et truffes cuisinés comme autrefois, sauce émulsionnée
                                       à la coriander
                   Crousti – Bato chocolat et praliné, l’incontournable

                                    Vegetarian Menu
             Green and white cream soup cappuccino style, slow-cooked morels
                   Vegetables and truffles cooked in old-fashioned style,
                                 coriander-flavored sauce
                   Our emblematic chocolate and praline 'Crousti – Bato'

For the vegetarian menu or other restrictions, please let Prof. Viano know 72 hours in advance.

  23:00                       Return to the hotel by taxi or public bus.

  24:00                       Possible club venue: The ROMEO, within walking distance
                              71, blvd. St. Germain, 5eme

  28 May, Saturday            END OF THE PROGRAM –DEPARTURES

                             Please settle any personal bills with the hotel before departing.

                             Prof. Viano will stay in Paris on 28 May until noon to make sure
                             everyone leaves safely and successfully. If you have any problems,
                             he will be there to assist to the extent possible.


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