Meningitis Vaccine Side Effects 1 by anamaulida


									Meningitis and side effectsMeningitis is a serious disease such as
childhood, but that at any age. The nature of the infectious disease as
an infection.The infection can lead to a lot of menenjite. They are
bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.Bacterial meningitis is the most
important ones between menenjitler and other types. H. influenzae type B
bacteria, bacterial meningitis in the world "Hib" etkenlerinin
noteworthy…There are some of the menenjitlerin vaccine. The most
important "Hib". for this reason that leads to a lot of micro menenjite,
meningitis vaccine generally is known as the HIB, despite the fact that
the vaccine.HIB?Hib common bacterium, all over the world. Most children
(6-18 months) illness makes milk. All ages, especially with the five most
common childhood disease, but under the age of etkenlerindendir.Hib, all
over the world number 1 etkenidir menenjitin bacterial. Hib can lead to
serious disease, meningitis, and in other than pneumonia in children
miscegenation (sepsis), inflammation of the pharynx, kana micro, joint
and bone inflammations such as one of the most important etkenlerindendir
of diseases.How rats get Hib?Hib meningitis or other serious disease, the
person's Chin before, where the body's illness will spread to areas and
placed in the areas of illness.Sick children's respiratory secretions
(Airborne saliva droplets, such as the nose-mouth akıntıları ill
children) infects other children.Sick people with the disease risk
school, nursery and domestic implications bireylerinde is much
higher.Meningitis?Meningitis brain constructive iltihabıdır. Brain
tissue with three thin membrane between the head bone brain. Close to the
brain, especially in the first two dice is referred to as the common
iltihaplanmasına meningitis. However, this is very close to where they
are at the same time, the brain membranes of neighboring brain tissue
inflammation that leads to iltihabınada. For this reason, a kind of
brain infection that meningitis.Meningitis diagnosed?Menenjitin evidence
of many. A general upper respiratory tract infection table "fever, cough,
malaise, flu" as an attachment;headache, vomiting, impaired consciousness
disturbance, the overall situation, their assessment and emergency doctor
menenjitten is required.Meningitis is a serious disease.The world's best
health centers are not even up to 20% of the risk of death, permanent
disability Statistics. brain (brain impairment, deafness, speech
disorder, movement disorder, etc.) can be seen in the prospect of ' up to
31%.Which mikroplarlar meningitis?By germs, can lead to a variety of
menenjite. These include viruses, bacteria (Hib, pneumococcal,
meningococcal, and so on, many bacteria), fungi, parasites, and so
on.Viruses most frequently and lighter etkenleridir disorders in
meningitis. The most severe disorders and the risk of bacteria and
tuberculosis meningitis with high damage drop etkenleridir.Meningitis
aşıyla preventable?There are some of the menenjitlerin vaccine. Mumps
vaccine; menenjitinden tuberculosis vaccine with a virus, mumps,
tuberculosis in menenjitinden.Measles, rubella, meningitis, such as the
rare çiceği water, which can be caused by viruses, that factor,
experimental vaccines can be avoided menenjitler.But the most important
bacterial meningitis vaccine provides protection "Hib" vaccine, Hib
etkenlerinin., the appropriate time and doses is used, the menenjitlerini
is almost completely prevents the Hib.Hib vaccine, but also have serious
HIB other than meningitis "pneumonia, sepsis, bone, joints inflammations,
and so on" protection.

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