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Salary: $21,860 Annual Average (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics)
Career Cluster:Marketing, Sales & Service
Educational Requirements:
High School/GED
Job Availability: Steady Growth
Location of Jobs: All United States
Suggested High School/Collegiate Courses:
Agriculture, horticulture, botany, biology, business and computers.
General Information:
Trained in the art of flower arranging and the principles of design and color.
Career Information:
Florists cut and arrange live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage into designs to express the sentiments of the
customer. They trim flowers and arrange bouquets, sprays, wreaths, dish gardens, and terrariums. They usually work
from a written order indicating the occasion, customer preference for color and type of flower, price, and the date,
time, and place the floral arrangement or plant is to be delivered. The variety of duties performed by a Florist depends
on the size of the shop and number of designers employed. In a small operation, the floral designer may own the shop
and do almost everything from growing flowers to keeping books. The work consists of making floral pieces ranging
from corsages to wedding bouquets; wreaths; sprays; funeral designs; birthdays; holidays; and other special occasions.
A Florist is creative and flexible. He or she must be capable of interpreting customer requests.

Working Conditions:
Indoors working in shops or in a cooler. Most floral designers work for retail flower shops, but a growing number work
in floral departments of grocery stores.
Skills Necessary:
Oral Communications, Interpersonal, Creative, Highly Motivated, Organizational, Team Player, Manual Dexterity, Work
independently, Decision Making, Enthusiatic, Computer Skills, Written Communications, Self-Motivated, Management,
Presentational, Sales, Basic Business Principles, Responsible, Goal Oriented, Customer Service, Helps Others, Orderly
Minded, Good Judgment, Confidence, Outgoing Personality
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