Meningitis Vaccine Side Effects by anamaulida


									Meningitis seems to be in and out of the news and garners quite a bit of
media attention. It is important to understand the disease and to make an
informed decision in regards to it. There is a vaccine for meningitis but
it is up to you whether you get vaccinated and you should take into
consideration the meningitis vaccine and its side effects.The first and
most important thing you should know is just what is Meningitis?
Meningitis is the inflammation of the outer lining of the brain and
spinal cord. There are different viruses and bacterium that can lead to
this illness. Most of the discussion you will hear about from media
sources is of one type of meningitis and that is bacterial meningitis
caused by Neisseria meningitides. Though this type of illness is rare In
the United States, it is responsible for the deaths of children and
college students each year.Do to communal type dorm living in colleges;
students are at an increased risk. Most colleges are advising that dorm
students especially, if not all college students be immunized to reduce
this risk.Meningitis C (Neisseria meningitis) is the most deadly strain
and while the vast majority of people are happy there is a way to
safeguard our teenagers from this serious disease, reports in the news of
late have influenced our decisions due to the distressing side
effects.The Center for disease control recommends that all college
students take the meningitis immunization regardless of the side effects.
In particular, those who live in close quarters (dormitories,
fraternities, and sororities), who frequent bars or consume alcohol, who
smoke or are regularly around smokers are at higher risk and should
consider vaccination. Students with certain chronic conditions (have had
their spleen removed) should be vaccinated. Students traveling to high-
risk areas of the world (sub-Sahara Africa) should consider
vaccinationWho should NOT take the Meningitis vaccine?
Anyone with a severe allergy to it or its components
 Anyone with a fever
 Anyone with sever flu like symptoms or is actively with an infection
 Anyone pregnant or breastfeeding
 Anyone who has had meningitis within the past six months
Meningitis vaccine side effects
Redness,soreness, and swelling at the injection site
 Other reactions may include fever
 headache, nausea
 joint pain
 rashes should subside in 1 to 2 days
 Allergic reactions like hives
 swelling of the face and mouth
Unfortunately, as with all medications and vaccinations, there is
potential for meningitis vaccine side effects. Making an informed
decision about being vaccinated or not is just one component in your over
all health. But it is a vital one and one you should research. If you do
not want the vaccines because you are afraid of a shot then research

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