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									The official Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition Magazine Issue 3   March 2007

Mind, Body and Spirit
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Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 02
Welcome to the Cyprus Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition
Magazine. It celebrates the 11th in the current series of
events promoting holistic health and self-development.
The Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibitions and magazine are
a labour of love and co-operation, not a commercial
venture. All the participants come together to share
their knowledge and talents with the intention of helping
more people on their journey to personal health,
happiness and peace.

Bring your OLD MOBILE PHONES (chargers, etc.) – to recycle & benefit Water Aid
providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world’s poorest people.

DATE FOR YOUR CALENDAR: The next Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition will be in
Nicosia 10th & 11th November 2007, at the Hilton Park Hotel.

I would like to thank my son Tomas for designing and laying out the magazine with me.

Anette Martinsen                                                  Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni
                                                                       Coordinators MB&S Exhibitions
                                                                                       Tel: 99-619049

The mandala is an archetypal symbol of wholeness and integration, teaching us about
oneness, the idea that everything is one. Mandalas can therefore restore balance and harmony
where placed. They are images that holds essential truth about us, the universe and the universal
laws that surround us. Used in spiritual art throughout the world as focal points for meditation and
concentration, the mandala image can become a tool for deep contemplation and ultimate trans-
The Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition, offers you a fantastic opportunity to join the Earth of
Cyprus mandala. This is a chance for you to focus your energy into caring and respecting the Earth
of Cyprus. We invite you to share your intention for this land, translate your intention into a
personal action that will help you care and respect this land of Cyprus so that she can flourish. At
1300 Sunday on 1 April, the mandala will be energised with a dynamic drumming show. All are
welcome to join in. To join this is what you need to do:
      1.     Collect your colour shape at the entrance desk
      2.     Write your intention for the Earth of Cyprus on the back
      3.     State the action you will take to care for the Earth of Cyprus form now on
      4.     Find the large mandala image at the exhibition.... and stick your card in a special spot

To learn more about the psychologically and spiritually transforming power of symbols and the
value they bring to our lives visit the free talk by HeleniQ Argyrou M.A. (Clin. Psych.)

                                                                Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 03
            Byzantium Room, Ground Floor
Table 1                                Rose Windels
Rebirthing is a connected breathing technique that helps you to release emotional, physical & mental trauma
and pain. It instantly takes stress away and aligns you with your higher self. loverose33@hotmail.com
Table 2                                Lisa Charalambous
Brings to Cyprus the world famous book ‘Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth’ ( available in
Greek soon). info@vitalwellbeing.com and www.vitalwellbeing.com 99-086101, (UK) 00-44-7791332551
Table 3                                Universelles Leben
Is a community that links up with the Original Christian stream, which has grown into a world wide
movement. info@universelles-leben.org, 22-499313, 99-439503, www.universelles-leben.org
Table 4                                Pranic Healing
An advanced form of subtle energy healing which realigns the whole energy system to accelerate the body’s
natural healing powers. Helen Weeks, Counsellor/ Life Coach. 99-851102
Table 5a                               Daria Aquilina
BTAA, ITEC, MCThA EMBODY, Professional Complementary Therapist, Aromatherapist, Bowen, Shiatsu
& Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Non-Surgical Facelift. 25-716595 or 99-183432
Table 5b                               Aphrodite Aromatics
Poppy & Sotiris Psaltis - Pure organic essential Lavender oil, Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Oreganum, Pine and
Eucalyptus Oils are also available. 99-616324, poppypsaltis@hotmail.com
Table 6a & b                           Angelight - Mind, Body, Spirit & New Age Store
Angels, Fairies, Crystals, Gemstones, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Oils & Incense, tarot cards, wicca kits and
much more. 25-811083, 99-423872, info@angelight.biz, www.angelight.biz
Table 7                                Harmony Herbs
Make healing products using organically grown and wild-harvested plants from the Cyprus landscape. Nick
Symons, 99-586167, 26-332624 or Elke Schneiders, 99-689482, nick.symons@cytanet.com.cy
Table 8                                Psychognosia
A privately-funded, not-for-profit centre for dissemination of reliable information on psychic phenomena,
consciousness studies, 26-621272, psygnos@spidernet.com.cy, www.psychognosia.com
Table 9                                Heaven on Earth Herbals
High quality dried herbs, herbal tinctures, flower waters, essential oils and much more. Caroline Evans,
99-993412, www.HeavenOnEarthHerbals.com, heavenonearthherbals@hotmail.com
Table 10                               Susanna Buxton
A true Romany, born with the gift, she has been working & reading from the age of 11. She is now in her
50’s and has travelled the world. 00-44-16 23 869 002, buxts@aol.com
Table 11                               Jurlique Natural Products
Rich in natural antioxidants & organically grown herbs. Aromatherapy treatments for Face and Body, Pedi-
cure and Manicure. Dia Kauriefs, 25-814844, 99-468480, jurliquecy@cytanet.com.cy, www.jurlique.com.cy
Table 12                               Barbara Jones
TransformAction, Feldenkrais Method, the Bowen Technique and Bach Flower Consultations. Release your
stress, pain or discomfort with a wellness programme. 25-221424, www.thesomacentre.com
Table 13                               Hatzy Joyce
Manual Lymph Drainage specialising in lymphoedema using the “Dr. Vodder” method, Therapeutic
Masseuse, Aromatherapist & Reflexologist. 24-816858, hatzyian@ctyanet.com.cy, www.hatzyjoyce.com
Table 14                               Maggie Erotokritou
BodyTalk practitioner, Rebirther, Counsellor, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Reflexologist , Yoga teacher and
author of 3 books. 22 494699, surya@spidernet.com.cy. Now also working in Limassol on Saturdays.
                                                                    Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 05

       Ready to discover more talents, passions, and qualities in yourself?
       A Breathwork-Rebirthing cycle program could enhance your success.

You may be setting out on a journey of self-exploration, have a project in mind and are looking for
inspiration and the courage to follow it through. Maybe you are already a therapist and interested
                                     in having support to keep
                             maintaining the quality of your services.

              Breathing is a simple gift of life and has huge potential to facilitate                        Viola Edward
    your journey. The process of conscious connected breathing will naturally lead you to key         International Holistic Business Con-
                         realisations, clearing your pathway to success.                                     sultant, Lecturer and
                                                                                                              Rebirther Trainer.
   Relationships, both loving and professional, bring us challenges as well as rewards. Using the
       learning experiences created by these relationships is a key to self-understanding.             Author “Breathing the Rhythm of
 The focus of a Breathwork-Rebirthing Cycle is on creating conscious loving relationships with
                                        yourself and with                                                      +357 99675014
  others, and on providing a safe and nurturing environment to practice awareness in your life.               +90 533 8673685

         Private Sessions, Workshops and Training available                                             breathwork@kayanacyprus.com

Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 06
Table 15                               MIND Consultant – Andreas Stylianou
NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotic Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Professional
Spiritual Teacher. Consultations. 99-215550, info@MINDconsultant.com, www.MINDconsultant.com
Table 16                               Stephen Coburn InspirationPlus
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for emotional and physical issues, it often works where nothing else
will. stephen@inspirationplus, www.inspirationplus.net
Table 17                               Barbara Davies
Touch! Therapeutic massage and yoga classes to help relieve stresses of modern life. 99-471364,
Table 18                               Dr. Igor Cetojevic, MD and Dr. Silvano Prenc
Acupuncturist and magnetotherapist, QXCI/SCIO energy biofeedback - bioresonance therapy feed-back.
25-342904, www.drigor.org, spitaki@spidernet.com.cy, silvano.prenc@pu.t-com.hr
Table 19 & 20                          Yin & Yang - Feng Shui & Book Store
Feng Shui objects, symbols, Buddahs, crystals, water fountains, windchimes, and much more.
Revi 22-458644, 99-358489, yinyang@cytanet.com.cy, www.yin-yangcy.com
Table 21                               Kypros Kyprianou
Salt lamps, all shapes and sizes at special prices. 99-657032

Table 22                              Healing Faries
Natural face and body care: Aromatherapy, Herbal Treatments etc. Baby Massage Classes. Stavroula or
Thalia at “Healing Fairies” 25-331899 & 99-954724, healing_fairies@yahoo.com
Table 23 & 24                         Lo Shu Feng Shui
Chinese traditional figurines, buddha, moon frog, mandarin ducks, horses, fountains, essential oils, fairies &
fairy coins and much more. 99-669590, Marios, Larnaca, mtheodosiou@spidernet.net
Table 25                              R.E. Bathroom Spa
Natural handmade soaps - enriched with essential oils from plants and plant particles, cocoa, cassia or
mango butter. Riina Vaher & Eve Mägi, 25-747479, 99-269621 or 99-157944, bathroom.spa@mail.ee
Table 26a                             Anette Martinsen and Christina
Rapid Eye Movement Therapy clears emotional, physical and sexual problems including karmic blocks and
past lives. 99-619049, anette@anettemartinsen.com, www.anettemartinsen.com
Table 26b                             Suzie Rudd
Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension, teaching people how to connect to the
Angels to enhance their lives and progress their spiritual development. 00-44-07870-446106
Table 27a                             Epikurion Products
George Petrou LTD, natural cosmetic products epikurion®. 22-757277, 99-616022, gplcy@spidernet.net

Table 27b                             Traditional Yoga School
Hatha-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, Raja-Yoga, Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Tantra-Yoga, Yantra-Yoga, in order to
achieve complete development. Marilena Shiamma, 22-320964, 99-490416, marilena@centrum.cz
Table 28                              Aquarius Health - Siri Shabd Singh
Organ detoxification programmes and retreats, stress reduction and holistic health, natural therapies and
Kundalini Yoga. 25-816232, aquariushealth@cytanet.com.cy, www.aquariushealth.webhealer.net
Table 29                              Dorothy Austin - Sky High
Consultant member BAPS (British Astrological and Psychic Society) in Mediumship and Clairvoyance.
Healer from Scotland. Spiritualal guidance & consultations. 26-642966, starstom@spidernet.com.cy
Table 30a & b                         MAYARNI - Heaven n’ Earth
A beautiful range of unusual silver jewellery set with semi-precious stones. Retail & Wholesale. Sammie
Arnold, 99-189046, 00-44-1305 776449, mob 00-44-7971 526264 (UK), mayarni@hotmail.com

                    Aphrodite 1, Lower Floor
Table 31                           Yiannis Psillos
Homeopathic Practitioner - Homeotoxicology. Also: Iridology, reflexology, Thai massage, therapeutic
massage and sports-injurys. Handmade organic soaps and Biocare vitamins. 99-116883, 25-312494
                                                                      Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 07
 Suzanne Mitchell-Egan
       ITEC. CERT ED (Inst of


Connect with your Karmic Angels
      Ancient Art of Tarot
  The Art of Reading the Hand
  Reiki 1, 11, 111 & Master Courses
    Traditional Usui Method
   Psychic Awakening Course

    Aromatherapy Massage,
Full Body Massage, Private Tarot
Crystals, Reiki & Angel Readings.

   For further information please
            00357 96533134
               or email
Table 32                              Balsan Hydrotherapy Cyprus
Jet yourself away from stress, aches and pains 26- 911481, 96 398642 balsanhydrotherapy@hotmail.com

Table 33                               T.K. MEDIserve Line
Centre of Aura photography, Bioenergetics check-up, Biotherapy, Reflexology. Andriana Nicolaides
Karantonis, 99-662900, 99-409110, mediserv@cy.net
Table 34                               Lubomira Mlcuchova Zevedeou
Presents unique diagnostic and therapeutic method of Detoxification called C.I.C & Controlled Inner
Cleansing and specific herbal remedies. 99-898662, lubomira99@gmail.com
Table 35                               C.I.R.C.E.S.
Is an organisation which helps people to evolve and develop themselves by doing research in subjects in
which they are interested such as dreams, psychology, etc. George Ioannides, 25 338276, 99 564401
Table 36                               Konstantin Pavlidis
Evoked Photon Captor, a quick and definitive evaluation of physical health and psycho-emotional states.
99-238835, 0044 7956199169, konstantin@unstructuredlight.com, www.unstructuredlight.com
Table 37                               Eliana Gilad
Composer and renowned pioneer in the field of sound healing. She lectures and teaches workshops on the
conscious use of voice and rhythm. www.VoicesofEden.com, musicpeace@voicesofeden.com
Table 38                               Shraga Halpern
“Essence Journeys”- a unique way to discover the paths of nature and the deep nature of ourselves.
Contact:Thelma Charalambides, 25 822952, 99-536643, charalat@cytanet.com.cy
Table 39                               HeleniQ Argyrou
Drum inspired Sound Awakenings. Clinical psychologist, and group trainer/facilitator uses drum and sound
therapy. 99-238660, www.druminspire.co info@druminspire.com
Table 39b                              Viola Edward
Holistic Organisational Consultant, Rebirther trainer, Holistic Therapist, writer and internationally recog-
nised lecturer. + 009 0533 867 3685, violaedward14@aol.com, www.kayanacyprus.com
Table 40                               Alan & Paman Steer
Psychotherapists & Counselors in Larnaca & Nicosia, where Paman additionally provides Holistic & Indian
Head Massage. Japanese sushi available at our table. alan.steer@cytanet.com.cy, pamansteer@fastmail.net
Table 41                               Pa Kua Feng Shui Shops
Books, cds, symbols, statues, crystals, coins, good luck charms, water fountains and much more.
Charalambos Charalambou, 22-463503, 99-677071, pakuafengshuishop@cytanet.com.cy
Table 42 & 43                          Fanitsa Petrou
Original Art (big canvasses and smaller paintings) & Prints, posters, Greeting Card and much more Visit her
web site to view a collection of more than 500 items! www.fanitsa-petrou.com
Table 44                               It’s Oil About You
Completely pure and natural aromatherapy skincare products. Samantha Steward. 99-803808,
Table 45                               Medwestern Lifestyle Events
Anthony Robbins Exclusive European agents: Savvas Kareklas, 96-353 948 and Kyri Kyriacou 99-537
406. TicketS will be on sale here!
Table 46                               Nigel Haden
HCS Aroma - Organically grown Aloe Vera products. Readings by Nigel International Psychic Clairvoyant
and healer. ww.cyprusaloevera.com 26-913394, 99-215850, yvonnehaden@cytanet.com.cy
Table 47                               Health Store Healing Naturally
Natural healing products, organic food, holistic therapies, Ayurveda products, Swedish bitters,
Aromatherapy, reflexology, Chinese massage & Acupressure. Loukia Pavlidou, 25-588262, 25-589169
Table 48                               Ibsen Tea & Coffee House and club Ltd
Loose tea, coffee, herbal and green teas by the gram, light lunches, take away coffee in thermo-cups,
delicious cakes and Norwegian waffles. Relax in an old-fashioned atmosphere. 25-340714, 99-843413
Table 49                               Marry Panayiotidou
A sculptor from the Netherlands, self-taught and working without preconceived ideas, with stones and other
materials. Her art is a bridge to a universal connection. 99-537553, akvimar@cytanet.com.cy
                                                                     Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine Page 09
 We use the healing plants of Cyprus to make high
quality, high purity, high potency products including:
                    Essential Oils
                   Massage Blends
                      Dried Herbs
              & Cyprus Flower essences

 Complemented by our personal healing services:
               Pranic Healing
       Reiki healing and Reiki classes
    Herb & Flower Essence consultation

 Products by mail or from our Healing Centre in
 Kritou Terra, Paphos District. Treatments by

       Contact Nick Symons 99586167,
    Elke Schneiders 99689482 or phone/fax
   26332624, elke.schneiders @cytanet.com.cy.

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