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									Name: John Reid Edwards
Date of Birth: une 10, 1953
Place of Birth: Seneca, South Carolina

John Edwards is a. politician and lawyer.

His family moved several times when he was a child. They eventually moved to
Robbins, North Carolina, where his father worked in a textile mill. His mother worked as
a postal letter carrier. Edwards was the first person in his family to attend college. He
went to NC State University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

For twenty years he had a successful practice as a lawyer. Then he decided to become a
politician. Edwards started his political career in 1998. He defeated the Republican
senator to become a U.S. senator from North Carolina.

Edwards and his wife had four children. One of his children, Wade, died in a car
accident. Edwards and his wife started the Wade Edwards Foundation in their son's
memory. The purpose of the non-profit organization is "to reward, encourage, and
inspire young people in the pursuit of excellence." The Foundation funded the Wade
Edwards Learning Lab at Wade's high school, Broughton High School in Raleigh.

Edwards wanted to be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, but John Kerry was
chosen instead. John Kerry chose Edwards as his running mate. Kerry and Edwards lost
to President Bush and Vice President Cheney in the November 2004, election.

Currently, Edwards no longer serves the North Carolina state Senator. Recently, he has
been involved in a program called College for Everyone, which helps students get money
for college. He is also working with an organization called “Louisanna Home Rescue
Fund" whose goal is to provide loans to families who cannot pay their house payments.

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