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					Lyme disease Symptoms can be hard to spot; not only because numerous
times symptoms differ significantly, but also because the incubation
period of the condition can range from a few days to a few years. Any one
of the problems of Lyme disease doesn't point to it being the culprit -
but, if you have experienced something similar, you may perhaps want to
consider consulting your health professional. Early on Symptoms-Signs of
Lyme Disease Rash       A rash is generally the main way to spot Lyme
disease - since it's seen up to 80% of the time in patents, it's a common
way to spot it. A rash triggered by Lyme disease typically resembles a
reddish -˜Bull's eye', and it isn't noticed in any other disease known
right now - the rash is totally unique, and if identified by a doctor,
warrants an immediate diagnosis and treatment. The rash isn't seen
because of an allergic reaction - instead, it's an actual skin infection
triggered by Lyme disease itself.

  There are also reports of: Fever     Headaches   Sore Throat    Fatigue
A number of of the more serious symptoms occur in only a small percentage
of Lyme disease suffers; for instance, 10% of folks who have Lyme disease
show heart block, and palpitations. Neurological symptoms happen in 18%
of suffers as well.       Late Symptoms Later Lyme Symptoms include:
Radiculitis    Rash   Cardiac Arrhythmias   Tachycardia   Adrenal
Disorders    Urinary Issues   Immune Disorders Lyme disease can effect
the body in large ways - it doesn't stop at joint painsand rashes. Some
of the neurological effects include, Muscle Twitching     Seizures
Ataxia - Unsteadiness of the limbs and torso    Vision Problems    Bell's
Palsy    Polyneuropathy - When the peripheral nerves malfunction at the
same time    Difficult Sensitivity to Sound and Vibrations   Vestibular
Symptoms    Encephalitis - The acute inflammation of the brain And that's
not all - late stage Lyme disease can affect your brain in ways you
probably would never guess, including-¦ Panic Attacks     Anxiety    Short-
Term Memory Loss    Sleep Disturbance   Depersonalization   Hallucination
Once in a blue moon, it can cause psychosis - this isn't usual, though,
and occurs in a very small percent of cases.When Lyme disease is revealed
early enough, it can be addressed with the correct antibiotics, and
suffers can go on with their life as if nothing ever happened.
Nevertheless, if the illness is left to its own accord, it can be
tremendously complicated to cure; the faster that Lyme disease is caught,
the better your physical condition will be in the future.       Lyme
Symptoms          To learn more about lyme disease

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