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									Webtix version 3
By Show selection – these functions are called with /Wt3/wc.dll?webtix~<whatever>
Function                   Script file                         Notes
ShowTheEvents()            ShowEvents.wcs                     Called with no parameters and returns a list of shows
ShowTheDates()             ShowDates.wcs                      This can be called 2 ways: by ShowEvents.wcs
                                                              or /Wt3/wc.dll?webtix~ShowTheDates~<name of show>
                                                              This returns a list of dates and times of the performances
SelectTheTix()             SelectTix.wcs                      Called 3 ways:
                                                              from a script or html page as a variable „Perf.‟
                                                              or with 3 parameters: cAbbrev, dShow_Date, cShow_Time
                                                              Perf = cdow( show_date ) + “ “ + dtoc( show_date ) + “ “ +
                                                              show_time + “-“
SelectTheSeats()           SelectSeats.wcs                    This returns up to 3 groups of seats for the customer to choose.
                                                              Adds another record to the mainsale file. This function needs to
                                                              be called whether by day or by show selection. The seat lists are
                                                              put in wwSession.Seats 1, 2, & 3, delimited with “^.” If there is
                                                              no seating chart attached, the output step will be skipped and
                                                              the function will jump directly to ShowTheCost()
ShowTheCost()              ShowCost.wcs                       Calculates the cost and adds an entry in the shopping cart.
TheReceipt()               MailConfirmation.wcs               Finishes the sale and returns the receipt
Verisign()                 ShowCost/VeriSign web site         ShowCost.wcs gives its information to Versign as hidden
                                                              variables. Verisign does the credit card processing and hands
                                                              back the information as hidden variables. These are given to
CartRefresh()              ShowCost.wcs                       Refreshes the cart – removes performances and releases seats

By Day selection
SelectTheEvent()           ShowEventsByDay.wcs                This picks up 3 variables from the request form: Month, Day,
                                                              and Year.
DaySelectTheTix()          DaySelectTix.wcs                   Parses out the performances from the perf variable.
Common to both
Process.GetSessionVar(var>‟)   returns a variable
CartContents                   Lists the shopping contents with checkboxes
CartRefresh                    Cancels any unchecked sales and rebuilds the list of perfs
NewForm~<filename.wcs >        Returns the form called. The purpose is to set a cookie before any of the functions are called.

Webtix specific fields – these are fields necessary for Webtix to work
Basechart.Order1, 2, & 3     N (5,0)       Put in automatically when the plan is edited
Structure for database: MASTER.DBF
Field Name Type        Width    Dec      Index   Collate
DOMAINLIST   Memo        10
SEATSORT1    Logical
SEATSORT2    Logical
SEATSORT3    Logical
TixPerSale   Numeric        5      0
ShowInfo     Memo         10
ShowInfo2    Memo         10
ShowInfo3    Memo         10

Structure for database: MAINSALE.DBF
Field Name Type        Width    Dec      Index   Collate
DOMAIN      Character     15
WORKGROUP   Character     15
IPADDRESS   Character     20
TixDisp     Character     20

Structure for database: CUSTOMER.DBF
Field Name Type        Width    Dec      Index   Collate
OptIn Logical     1
OptOut       Logical    1

Structure for database: SHOWS.DBF
Field Name Type        Width    Dec      Index   Collate
ONSALEDATE Date            8
ONSALETIME Character       8
OFFSALEDAT Date            8
OFFSALETIM Character       8
PerfInfo    Memo          10
PerfInfo2   Memo          10
Session Variables
WwSession                   Contains                                         Remarks
wwSession.Vars              PriceCats, PayTypes, SaleNum, cSeatlist1,2,&3    for each transaction
                            wwSession.cData1, SaleNum, Abbrev, dtos(show_date), show_time,
                            Shopping cart and totals
                            Tix, total_sale, MainRec                         delimited with “^”
WwSession.cData2            The returned html
wwSession.Seats1,2,3        Seating choice arrays:                           delimited with “^”
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 1 ] = chart.Status
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 2 ] = cPlan.Seat_Row
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 3 ] = cPlan.Seat_Collm
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 4 ] = cPlan.Section
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 5 ] = cPlan.Aisle
                            aSeats[ alen(aSeats,1), 6 ] = recno("Chart")

Calling functions and Webtix variables: This sample is from VerisignShowCost.wcs
<form method="post" action="">
<input type=hidden name="ORDERFORM" value="FALSE">
<input type=hidden name="ECHODATA" value="TRUE">
<input type=hidden name="MFCIsapiCommand" value="Orders">
<input type=hidden name="LOGIN" value="Powertix">
<input type=hidden name="TYPE" value="S">
<%= '<input type="hidden" name="AMOUNT" value="' + session.getsessionvar('Totalsale') + '">' %>
<%= '<input type="hidden" name="DESCRIPTION" value="Tix for ' + trim( + '">' %>
<%= '<input type="hidden" name="CUSTID" value="' + wwSession.SessionID + '">' %>

If you get this message:
Invalid Startup Directory. Defaulting to current directory. Please review and update the path on the status form.

This means RegEdit needs to be used to change
SOFTWARE\West Wind Technologies\Web Connection\Servers\WebtixApp\ to the proper subdirectory.

This is normally set by wSetup.exe during installation
Deployment of Web Connection Web App (File based) from the West Wind wiki
Written by Barbara Pleish

Follow the instructions in the Web Connection documentation under "Web Connection Configuration – Deploying
an Application on a Live Web Server", and "Security – Securing Your Web Connection Installation". Both of these
topics are under the "User Guide" topic. Make sure you also copy the Scripts and Templates subdirectories from
your WCONNECT directory, or you won‟t be able to run Console.exe.

After running the "Configure Server" wizard, if you have problems running the new web site, check these things:
    Have you granted IUSR_machine read and execute access to the virtual directory? You can make this
      account part of the Guest group, and assign the Guest group access rights to the virtual directory.
      If this is set incorrectly, your web browser will usually attempt to download the wc.dll. The usual cause is
      that the execute permissions need to be set.
    Is the default web site running in IIS? Open IIS with MMC to find out.
    Check the Web Connection server for settings. Make sure it‟s pointed to the correct temp directory, is using
      the correct code for the scriptmap, and you‟ve selected "Precompiled FXP files" for the scriptmode.
    Does your temp directory exist, and does your Guest group have Read and Write access to it?
    Check that IIS has the full path, not just the DLL name for the scriptmap. Open IIS through MMC, and find
      the default web site. Right click and select Properties. Click on the Home Directory tab, then on the
      Configuration button. Find your scriptmap in the list and confirm that it has the path to WC.DLL entered
      with the path to your virtual directory. Note that you don‟t want to just check the name of the virtual
      directory here. That may be correct, but can still be wrong for the default web site.
    Check all INI files to make sure paths are correct.

Some background info.:
When running in file-based mode, communication between the web server and Webtix happens in two steps:
1. The wc.dll receives the web hit and saves it into the temp directory you specified in the WC.INI file, prefixing
the file names with whatever you specified as the template in the WC.INI.
Make sure your paths all end with a backslash \ (eg. C:\TEMP\WC\)
2. Your Webtix scans the temp directory looking for new files to process.
It uses the application INI file in your applications directory. Make sure the TempFilePath? matches whatever is in
the WC.INI file. Also make sure the Template line matches the WC.INI. If the two INI files don't match, Webtix
won't work.

One way to test this is to see if you can get to the DLL status screen:
You will need to replace the "VirtualDirectory?" part of the path with whatever Virtual Directory name you used
during set-up – probably “Wt3”
If you can get to this page, then you know you can communicate with the DLL, so the problem is probably with
the EXE. Check and recheck the INI files to make sure they match. Also double-check the rights on the

     Tip: Editing .wcs and .wc files in FrontPage or Visual Interdev
     By default these tools don‟t know about .wc and .wcs and won‟t allow you to edit these files as HTML
     files. In FrontPage you can select the file and right click and use the Open With... option to open the
     file manually. For a permanent mapping of the extensions to the FrontPage editor use the
     Tools|Options|Configure Editors dialog box to attach the extensions to the FrontPage editor. Simply
     copy the settings for the .HTM extension. In Visual Interdev you can open the file in the editor which
     will come up as an unknown (text) document at first. Close the file and then go to the Project
     Explorer pane and select the file still in the list. Right click and select Open With... and select the
     HTML Editor. The dialog that pops up also has a Set As Default button which creates a permanent
     mapping in VI to bring up the HTML editor for the templates.

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