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Symptoms Of Lyme Disease In Your Dog by anamaulida


									Many dogs that are suffering or have been infected with Lyme disease can
show hardly any symptoms at all especially in the early stages. Most
cases of Lyme disease in dogs are identified through routine yearly
testing at veterinary hospitals. Lyme disease may not show up in a lyme
test at first, but appear weeks or months later. If you suspect your dog
has Lyme disease retest a few weeks later even months later.Some dogs are
affected with symptoms and others are not. Also, the age at which they
are infected with Lyme has a lot to do with the development of symptoms,
it seems younger animals are affected more severely with more symptoms
than more mature ones. But in most cases of Lyme infected dogs do develop
sore, painful joints weeks or months after infection. Some dogs run low-
grade fevers.Chronic arthritis and soreness is usually constant in the
joints it affects. But the lameness due to Lyme disease often can shift
from leg to leg. Swollen joints are usually hot and painful and
occasionally the lymph nodes on the base of the legs may be slightly
inflamed and enlarged as well. In most cases the front and back legs are
the most commonly affected. Usually if they are, it is the lymph node on
the shoulder of that leg that may be enlarged.Most dogs infected are
showing signs of depression and sleeping more than usual. They may yelp
when these joints are pressed and be quite reluctant to walk. When they
do walk, they walk with a stiff shuffling gait and an arched back because
of the pain, and stiffness. This symptoms is very noticeable on
stairs.Ticks may still be present on your pet do a tick check very
carefully, they hide and embed themselves in all places especially warmer
areas. In lyme cases that have been ongoing for a period of time and not
detected early enough, destructive chronic inflammation can occur in your
pets heart, and effect the kidneys and nervous system.This disease is a
very debilitating and serious disease. The conditions which are very
traumatic sometimes take time to appear and sometimes they also show
symptoms very quickly. Lyme disease must be treated properly. If left
untreated and not cured it can lead to a whole host of problems. Talk to
your doctor get the facts and be sure when treating with medications you
keep your dog or pets comfortable, plenty of water and be sure you
closely monitor them, try not to have them run around or be to active
until the seem to be getting better.

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