Ticks And Lyme Disease Signs

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					The typical Lyme disease rash doesn't always develop into a bull's-eye.
The rash can be in many forms or not even be there at all. This rash is
usually the first sign . This disease is from ticks and the symptoms and
signs range from body aches and fever to much more serious ones like
temporary paralysis, fatigue, weakness and joint swelling. For some
people there is a lyme disease itching symptom, but others report no
itchy sensations.EM or erythema migrans is a Lyme disease rash that
develops because of a reaction to an infection caused by Borrelia
spirochetes. It's the primary symptom that is required to report and
diagnose a case.Appearance of the Tick Bite:The most typical appearance
of the Lyme disease rash is an oval or round rash that gets larger over a
period of several days. It will also develop an clear spot in the middle:
bull's-eye rash. About half of the patients have either no rash at all or
they have ones that look different. Tick bite disease pictures can vary
because the reaction is not identical for everyone.Some appearances of
the tick bite symptoms can be:A) Fiery red and have an eroded or raised
center.B) Red or dark blue rash that looks like a recent bruise.C)
Multiple rashes of all different sizes.When it comes to the disease about
10% of them are atypical types. Even after getting rid of the tick 1 to 4
weeks prior, if they have an atypical rash some doctors won't associate
this rash with their tick bite and just dismiss it from being lyme's
because it doesn't fit the usual pattern.Usually the rash is between 2
inches and 5 inches in diameter. Yet, it also could be the size of a
quarter or it may even cover most of the leg or torso. You could have
just a single rash or many rashes all over.A Lyme disease rash is a skin
discoloration and will vary in shape and size. It often has rings of
different shades, but can also be uniformly discolored. The rash may itch
and when you touch it, can feel hot. The rash can range in color from
bruised looking to purple to reddish. These rashes can also be oozy and
crusty.Tick bite treatment is important as neglecting it can result in
terrible fatigue, memory loss and joint issues.

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