Symptoms For Lyme Disease by anamaulida


									Lyme disease symptoms come in a very large variety. Since the lyme test
isn't very accurate this is what makes lyme so tough to diagnosis. Some
people call Lyme the "great imitator" for it's ability to mimic so many
other disease. From MS to anxiety attacks to arthritis to fibromyalgia
and so....As you can see dealing with lyme can be very difficult. So many
people run from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what's wrong with
them when actually it's lyme disease.I am going to put together a small
list of symptoms. A lot of doctors now a days are treating people just
based on there symptoms due to the poor testing results.Symptoms for lyme
diseaseBulls eye rashFeverChillsThroat soreAnxietyJoint
painHeadachesBells palsyMuscle discomfortChest painTrouble
breathingDizzinessEar PainTrouble sleepingRageDepressionMemory LossStiff
NeckAs you can see lyme can be very tricky. This is why doctors have a
hard time figuring out what is wrong with you if they don't know you have
lyme. But if you feel you have lyme you must really push back at your
doctor until it's proven you don't' have it. It's no fun treating the
wrong condition.So I suggest if you have some of the symptoms above you
find an LLMD- Lyme Literate Medical Doctor and be evaluated for lyme
disease. Lyme is not fun to treat but it's even worse when your treating
the wrong disease.Best of luck on your path back to wellness.

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