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									                                                                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                       AQUATICS                                                                                  DUTCH OVEN                                                         14

Your Parks
Parks, greenways and recreational programs are valu-
                                                                       LEARN TO SWIM
                                                                       SWIM TEAM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               14 - 15

able assets to communities. They deliver benefit by:                   FACILITIES                                                             11                 PROGRAM REGISTRATION                                                   25
· providing fitness and socialization for individuals
                                                                       CENTERS                                                                                   SCHOOL-PARKS
· keeping young people constructively active
                                                                       ACCESSIBLE                                                       8                        DAY CAMPS                                                              18
· improving environmental quality
· contributing to economic well-being                                  BOOT CAMP                                                     7-8                         SPORTS                                                                 18
Support your public parks – get out                                    DANCE CLASSES                                                 7-8                         SUMMER CAMPS                                                           18
and play and make new friends!                                         MARTIAL ARTS                                            7 - 8 & 18                        SOCCER
                                                                       SENIORS                                                          8                        ADULT & YOUTH                                                             1
                                                                       YOGA                                                             7
                                                                                                                                                                 SPECIAL EVENTS
                                                                       FACILITIES                                                                                MARCH - JUNE                                                           16
                                                                       MAP                                                          22 - 23                      JUNE - SEPTEMBER                                                       17
                                                                       PARK LOCATIONS                                               19 - 24
                                                                       FARM PARK                                                                                 BASEBALL                                                          1&8
    MEMbERS Of ThE SPRINgfIELD–                                        EVENTS                                                       10 - 11                      SOFTBALL                                                          1-2
                                                                       GOLF                                                                                      TRAINING/CODP                                                       4
bob horton, Chair                           Sidney Needem
                                                                       JUNIOR GOLF                                                        2-3                    VOLLEYBALL                                                          1
howard garrett, Vice Chair                       Leslie Peck
Jerry Clark                                 Thomas Samsel              LADIES                                                               3                    TENNIS
Andrea Mckinney                             Steven Williams            LEARN GOLF                                                         2-3                    ADULTS                                                             4-5
Jennifer McClure
                                                                       ICE PARK                                                                                  CARDIO TENNIS                                                        5
                           STAff                                       ICE SKATING & HOCKEY                                                     6                YOUTH                                                                5
Jodie Adams, Director of Parks
bob belote, Assistant Director of Parks                                OUTDOORS                                                                                  ZOO
Mike Crocker, Superintendent of the Zoo                                CAMPING                                                           12                      EVENTS                                                                    9
Miles Park, Superintendent of Parks general Services                   CANOE/KAYAK                                                  12 - 13
Jerry Mitchell, Superintendent of business Operations
                                                                       CAVES                                                             13
kim Reser, Superintendent of Recreation
Thomas Moore, Superintendent of Special facilities
Terry Whaley, Ozark greenways Director
                                                                       HOTLINE NUMBERS For information and cancellations.
Jeff Cumley, Jordan Valley Park Manager                                   Adult Sports                                   (417) 864-1379                            Pavilion Information                           (417) 864-2098
                                                                         Adult Volleyball                               (417) 864-1379                            Tennis                                         (417) 864-2024
                                                                         Aquatics                                       (417) 864-2099                            Youth Softball                                 (417) 864-1379
                                                                         Dickerson Park Zoo                             (417) 864-1800                            Youth Sports                                   (417) 864-1379

                                                                       MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                       The Springfield-Greene County Park Board is committed to provide the highest quality of leisure
                                                                       opportunities, to offer programs for relaxation as well as stimulation, and to encourage personal
                                                                       and community enrichment for the citizens of Springfield and Greene County, Missouri.
    S P R I N g f I E L D   M I S S O U R I
       National Gold Medal Award Winner
                                                                       ADA STATEMENT
                    1923 N. Weller                                                      In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Springfield-Greene County Park Board strives to provide quality recreational programs
              Springfield, Missouri 65803                                               to individuals of all abilities. If you or anyone you know has a disability and would like more information on the accessibility of our programs or facili-
                                                                                        ties, please call the Springfield-Greene County Park Board at 837-5808. We want to work with you to continue to improve accessibility for all patrons.
                  (417) 864-1049                                                        Please write to us or call Sheri Davis at 837-5808 at Northview Center if you experience difficulty in gaining access to any of our programs or facilities.

                 www.parkboard.org                                     INCLUSIVE RECREATION
                                                                       The Springfield-Greene County Park Board encourages participation by everyone in all activities. If you have a disability and need individual accommodations to partici-
                                                                       pate in an activity, contact Sheri Davis at 837-5808. Please call at least one week prior to the date of participation. The Springfield-Greene County Park Board will
On the Cover: An exciting array of new parks and programs await        work with individuals to meet their individual needs and enable them to participate.
you this spring and summer through your Springfield-Greene
County Park Board. We invite your family to come join us in the fun!                This brochure is available on audio cassette tape. Relay Missouri #’s:
                                                                                    TDD users only 1-800-735-2966. Voice callers only 1-800-735-2466.
Facilities                                                                                                            Sports
                                                 S OCC E R • BAS EBALL • SO F TBALL • VOL LE YBAL L

SOCCER                                            YOUTH SPORTS                                   Play Ball & Jr. Play Ball
                                                                                                 Introduction and Basics of T-ball and
Outdoor Summer League                             Youth Baseball Tournaments                     the sport of baseball/softball.
Youth and adult teams/small-sided                 Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
(5 vs. 5 – 7 vs. 7). Registration deadline           Spring Classic        May 1-2                  Age: 3-4 yrs. (Jr. Play ball)
is June 4. Register online at                        Coach Pitch Classic   Jun. 5-6                        4-8 yrs. (Play ball)
www.lakecountrysoccer.org                            Player Pitch Classic  Jun. 19-20               Date: Jun. 1-Jul. 19
Lake Country Soccer 862-3211                         *City-Wide Tournament Jul. 8-11                fee: $25(Jr.); $35 (includes t-shirt)
   Age: 3 yrs. and up                                Age: 4-14 yrs.
   Date: June – Aug.                                 fee: $125-$150                              Mid-Summer Youth & Competitive
   Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.                         *Your team must compete in a Park
   fee: Adult Entry fee $385;                     Board league or other tournament.              Baseball Leagues
   Adult Individual $45; youth Entry fee $300;                                                   Competitive is a five-week double
   youth Individual $35                           Annual Youth Softball Tune-Up                  header league that is sanctioned by
                                                                                                 USSSA. Register through July 9.
                                                  Tournament                                     Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
Summer Instructional Program                      Four-game guarantee; first-come basis.            Age: 4-14 yrs. (Recreation)
Mini and Junior Kickers. Register on-             Deadline is May 7. Divisions are Coach                   10-13 yrs. (Competitive)
line at www.lakecountrysoccer.org                 Pitch and Girl’s Fast Pitch. Classifications      Date: Jul. 19-Aug. 20
Lake Country Soccer 862-3211                      are 6U in T-ball; 8U, 10U in coach pitch          fee: $160-$190 (Recreation)
   Age: 4 – 8 yrs.                                and 10U, 12U, 14U in fast pitch.                         $375-$428/Team (Competitive)
   Date: June – Aug.                              Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
   Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.                            Date: May 15
   fee: $65
                                                                                                 Instructional Volleyball Program
                                                     fee: $80/Team/T-ball & coach pitch
                                                                                                 Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
                                                            $110/fast pitch
                                                                                                    Age: 3rd-6th grade boys and girls
                                                                                                    Registration deadline: Jun. 25
                                                  Summer Youth & Competitive                        Date: Jun. 29-Jul. 27
                                                  Baseball Leagues                                  Time: 3rd-4th: 5:30-7 p.m.
                                                  Competitive is a seven-week double                       5th-6th: 7-8:30 p.m.
                                                  header league that is sanctioned by               fee: $35
                                                  Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                Fall Youth & Competitive
                                                     Age: 4-14 yrs. (Recreation)                 Baseball Leagues
                                                            10-13 yrs. (Competitive)
                                                                                                 Competitive is a five-week double
                                                     Registration deadline: May 3
                                                                                                 header league that is sanctioned by
                                                     Date: May 17-Jul. 2
                                                                                                 USSSA. Register through July.
                                                     fee: $220-$260/Team (Recreation)
                                                                                                 Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
                                                            $500-$600/Team (Competitive)
                                                                                                    Age: 6-14 yrs. (Recreation)
                                                                                                           10-13 yrs. (Competitive)
                                                  Youth Summer Softball                             Date: Aug. 30-Oct. 2
                                                  Divisions are Girl’s Fast Pitch, Girl’s           fee: $160-$190 (Recreation)
                                                  Slow Pitch and Coed. Classifications                     $375-$428/Team (Competitive)
Challenger Sports British Soccer                  are 6U in T-ball; 8U, 10U in coach
                                                  pitch; 12U, 14U in slow pitch and 10U,         All Sports Camp
Summer Camp                                       12U, 14U, and High School Age in fast
Boys & Girls. Register online at                                                                 Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
                                                  pitch. Spots available on a first-come
www.challengersports.com                                                                            Age: 4th-7th grade
                                                  basis. Deadline is May 10.
Lake Country Soccer 862-3211                                                                        Registration deadline: July 26
                                                  Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
  Age: 3 yrs. – high School                                                                         Date: Aug. 2-6
                                                     Age: Varies
  Date: July 26-30                                                                                  Time: 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
                                                     Date: Jun. 1-Aug. 6
  Time: 9 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.                                                                          fee: $70/Participant
                                                     fee: $220/T-ball (7-games)
     (depending on age)                                     $225/Coach & slow pitch (9-games)
  fee: $81-$127                                             $250/fast pitch (9-games)
  All classes are grouped by age and skill                  $550/fast pitch high school age
  level. for information, call 862-3211.                    double-header (14-games)                                                        1
          S OF T BA L L • GOL F

          SOFTBALL                                      24th Annual Summer                             GOLF
                                                        Fast Pitch Classic
                                                        Mid America ASA Region National
                                                        Qualifying and Hall of Fame tourna-
                                                        ments with a three-game guarantee.
                                                        Classification is Girl’s Fast Pitch 18U “A”.
                                                        Spots available on a first-come basis.
                                                        Deadline is Jun. 4.
          Annual Adult Softball Tune-Up                 Killian Sports Complex 837-5817
          Tournament                                       Date: Jun. 12-13                            Rivercut
                                                           fee: $360/Team ($260 entry fee and $100
          Tournament with a five-game guaran-                     gate admission fee)
                                                                                                       Get Golf Ready Clinics
          tee. Divisions are Men’s, Women’s and                                                        Five seperate sessions covering all as-
          Coed. Spots available on a first-come                                                        pects of learning golf from the begin-
          basis. Deadline is Mar. 19.
                                                        Missouri ASA Girls Fast Pitch                  ning. Beginners only please.
          Killian Sports Complex 837-5817               State Championships                            Rivercut Golf Course 891-1645
             Date: Mar. 27                              State championship tournaments with               Age: 14 yrs. and up
             fee: $120/Team                             a three-game guarantee. Classifica-               Dates: Vary, Mar. 27 - Sept. 29
                                                        tions are the 12U “A” and 14U “B.”                Time: Visit www.getgolfready.com
          USSSA Girl’s Fast Pitch Softball              Spots available on a first-come basis.            fee: $99/person/session
                                                        Deadline is Jun. 17.
          Tournaments                                   Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                Adult 2-Day Golf School
          Classifications are the Girl’s Fast Pitch        Date: Jun. 26-27                            Instruction on putting, chipping,
          12& & 14U; 16U & 18U. Spots available            fee: $280/Team for 12U “A”, $295/Team       pitching, irons, fairway woods and
          on a first-come basis. Deadlines are                    for 14U “b” (includes $95 gate       driver. Golf notebook and instruction
          Apr. 2 & May 14.                                        admission fee)                       DVD included. Two-day programs.
          Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                                                              Connie Morris Learning Ctr. at Rivercut
             Date: Apr. 10-11 (16U & 18U)                                                              823-7888
                    May 22-23 (12U & 14U)
                                                        Missouri ASA Men’s Slow Pitch                    Age: Adults
             fee: $370/Team ($270 entry fee and         State Championships                              Date: March 27 & 28; April 3 & 4, 17
                    $100 gate admission fee)            Classifications are the Men’s “B”, Men’s                & 18; May 8 & 9, 22 &23; June 5
                                                        “C” & Men’s “E”. Spots available on a                   & 6, 12 & 13; July 10 & 11, 24 &
          Adult Mid-Summer Softball                     first-come basis. Deadline is Jul. 29.                  25; Aug. 7 & 8, 21 & 22
          Seven-week adult softball league. Divi-       Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                  Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
          sions are men’s, senior men’s, women’s           Date: Aug. 8-9                                fee: $295
          and coed. Spots available on a first-            fee: $250/Team (includes $50 gate
          come basis. Deadline is May 14.                         admission fee)                       Snag Golf
          Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                                                              A great way to get your junior started
             Date: Jun. 1-Jul. 23                       Adult Fall Softball                            in golf. Clubs provided; prizes and rule
             fee: $225/Team                             Seven-week adult softball league. Divi-        book. Five-week session meets on
                                                        sions are men’s, senior men’s, women’s         Tuesdays. Meets outdoors.
                                                                                                       Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616
          33rd Annual Heart of the Ozarks               and coed. Spots available on a
                                                                                                          Age: 5-10 yrs.
                                                        first-come basis. Deadline is Aug. 2.
          Fast Pitch Classic                            Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                   Date: Apr. 20 – May 18
          National Qualifying tournament with a            Date: Aug. 16-Oct. 4                           Time: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
          three-game guarantee. Classification is          fee: $225/Team                                 fee: $50
          the Girl’s Fast Pitch 12U “A.” Spots avail-
          able on a first-come basis. Deadline is                                                      LPGA-USGA Girls Program
          May 28.                                                                                      Instruction for junior girls getting
          Killian Sports Complex 837-5817                                                              started. Tues. & Thur. for three weeks.
             Date: Jun. 5-6                                                                            Connie Morris Learning Ctr. at Rivercut
             fee: $360/Team ($260 entry fee and                                                        823-7888
                     $100 gate admission fee)                                                            Age: 7-17 yrs.
                                                                                                         Date: June 1 – 17
                                                                                                         Time: 5 – 6:30 p.m.
2 • parkboard.org                                                                                        fee: $35
                                                                                                                        GOL F

Junior Youth Golf Camp                        Junior Golf Clinic                         Horton Smith
A week of fun and golf. Learn putting,        PGA Professional instruction on all the
chipping, irons, woods, driver and            basic fundamentals of golf for juniors,
                                                                                         Ladies Clinic & League
rules, plus a DVD with practice drills.       including putting, chipping and the        (Get Golf Ready)
Five-day camp.                                full swing, as well as proper etiquette.   Five weeks of beginner lessons
Connie Morris Learning Ctr. at Rivercut       Play at the Betty Allison Par 3 course.    followed by a five-week nine hole
823-7888                                      Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course           league. We will teach you the basics of
   Age: 10-16 yrs.                            833-9962                                   the proper golf swing, followed by a
   Date: June 7 -11; July 5 - 9; Aug. 2 - 6      Age: 7-15 yrs.                          transition to the golf course with
   Time: 9 – 11:30 a.m.                          Date: Jun. 14-18 and/or Jun. 21-25      league play.
   fee: $175                                     Time: 8:30-10:30 a.m.                   Horton Smith Golf Course 891-1639
                                                 fee: $70/Session                           Age: 14 yrs. and up
SGA Men’s City Championship                             $120/both sessions                  Register by: Apr. 2
Compete for the title of City Champ.                                                        Date: Apr. 6-Jun. 15
Numerous flights based on entries.            Junior Golf Leagues                           Time: 5:30 p.m.
Rivercut Golf Course 891-1645                 Five weeks of golf play at the Betty          fee: $195/Inclusive
  Age: 14 yrs. and up                         Allison Par 3 golf course with 30
  Date: Jul. 17-18                            minutes of PGA instruction each week.      Junior Golf Clinic (Four-Day)
  Time: 7:30 a.m. Tee Time Start              Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course           Four days of beginner lessons. We will
  fee: $135/person                            833-9962                                   teach you the basics of the proper golf
                                                 Age: 7-15 yrs.                          swing, chipping, putting, and golf
SAWGA Women’s                                    Date: Jun. 16-Jul. 14 and/or            etiquette.
                                                        Jul. 21-Aug. 18                  Horton Smith Golf Course 891-1639
City Championship                                Time: 2:30-4:30 p.m.                      Age: 5-14 yrs.
Compete for the title of City Champ.             fee: $75/League                           Register by: Jun. 2
Numerous flights based on entries.                                                         Date: Jun. 8-Jun. 11
Rivercut Golf Course 891-1645
  Age: 14 yrs. and up
                                              Beginning Golf Clinic                        Time: 8:30-10 a.m.
                                              Open to anyone who wants to learn            fee: $65
  Date: Jul. 31- Aug. 1
  Time: 7:30 a.m. Tee Time Start              the game of golf or improve their
  fee: $100/person                            game. This six-week clinic includes four   Junior Golf League
                                              weeks of instruction and two weeks of      Come on Tues., Wed., or Thurs. for five
                                              course play.
Bill & Payne Stewart                          Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course
                                                                                         weeks of Junior Golf League. We have
                                                                                         30 minutes of instruction and two
                                              833-9962                                   hours of supervised play.
                                                 Age: All ages                           Horton Smith Golf Course 891-1639
                                                 Date: Jun. 23-Jul. 28                     Age: 5-14 yrs.
                                                 Time: 5:30-6:30 p.m.                      Register by: Jun. 11
                                                 fee: $100                                 Date: Jun. 15-Jul. 15
                                                                                           Time: Noon -2:30 p.m.
                                              Springfield Junior                           fee: $75

                                              City Championship                          Junior Golf Clinic (Five-Week)
                                              Golf Tournament for juniors. This tour-
Golf Birthday Party/Private                   nament will determine the city cham-
                                                                                         Come on Tues., Wed., or Thurs. for five
                                                                                         weeks of beginner golf lessons. We will
Clubhouse Rental                              pion for various junior age groups of
                                                                                         teach you the basics of the proper golf
Looking for a new and fun way to have         both boys and girls. Awards and lunch
                                                                                         swing, chipping, putting, and golf
a birthday party? Try the new Betty           included.
Allison Family Golf Center. Kids food         Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course
                                                                                         Horton Smith Golf Course 891-1639
and golf fun for everyone.                    833-9962
                                                                                           Age: 5-14 yrs.
Betty Allison Family Golf Center                 Age: 7-15 yrs.
                                                                                           Register by: Jun. 11
833-9962                                         Date: Jul. 26
                                                                                           Date: Jun. 15-Jul. 15
  Age: All ages                                  Time: 8 a.m. Tee Time Start
                                                                                           Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
  Date: Any                                      fee: Varies according to age group
                                                                                           fee: $70
  Time: 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  fee: Call for more information                                                                                                   3
          AQUAT IC S • T E N NI S

                                                AQUATICS                                      TENNIS
                                                                                              ADULT PROGRAMS

                                                                                              Adult Drop-In
                                                                                              Year-round program promoting social
                                                                                              tennis for intermediate to advanced
               Young athletes interested                                                      Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800
              in the Community Olympic                                                          Age: 16 yrs. and up
            Development Program for Tennis,                                                     Date: Every Mon. and Wed.
             Weightlifting, Volleyball or Ice                                                   Time: Noon-2 p.m.
             Hockey contact the following:                                                      fee: free/Member
               CODP Program Manager             Family Learn to Swim
                      Linda Dollar
                       874-2174                 at Fassnight Pool
                                                The Family Learn to Swim program is
                        Tennis                  designed to accommodate all ages-
                                                from infants with a parent through
                    Kyle Wartick
                                                level 5 skills. This program focuses on
                Cooper Tennis Complex
                                                teaching swimming skills as well as
                                                water safety! The class takes place
                                                three times per week on Tues., Wed.
                     Weightlifting              and Thurs. for two weeks.
                      Brandon Ezzell            Fassnight Park Pool 891-1616
                 St. Johns HealthTracks            Age: 6 months and up
                        820-5010                   Date: Session 1          Jun. 8-17         Adult Beginning
                                                          Session 2         Jun. 22- July 1   Provides adults with a comfortable and
                      Volleyball                          Session 3         Jul. 6-15         easy approach for learning the basics
               Lori Endicott-Vandersnick                  Session 4         Jul. 20-29        of tennis in a group setting.
             Doling Family Center 837-5900         Time: Time A 10:15-11 a.m.                 Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800
                                                          Time B 11:15 a.m.-12 p.m.             Age: 18 yrs. and up
                                                          Time C 6:45-7:30 p.m.                 Mon.: Spring: Apr. 12-May 24
                      Ice Hockey                          Time D 7:45-8:30 p.m.                        Summer 1: Jun. 7-Jul. 19
                      Al Valdivia                  fee: $35/Student/Session                            Summer 2: Jul. 26-Sep. 13
                   Mediacom Ice Park
                                                                                                Wed.: Spring: Apr. 14-May 26
                                                Meador Swim Team                                       Summer 1: Jun. 9-Jul. 21
                                                Are you interested in swimming on a                    Summer 2: Jul. 28-Sep. 8
                                                team? Do you want to have fun, meet             Time: 6-7 p.m.
                                                new people and swim every day? This             fee: $24/Person
                                                is an eight-week long program that in-
                                                cludes practices that focus on stroke         Adult Intermediate
                                                development, fundamentals of turns            Introduces adults to additional tennis
                                                and starts, fitness and having fun! You       strokes and limited match play situa-
                                                will compete in real swim meets just          tions.
                                                like the pros against other area teams        Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800
                                                and work on self-confidence that will            Age: 18 yrs. and up
                                                help you continue on in your swim-               Mon.: Spring: Apr. 12-May 24
                                                ming career. You must be able to swim                  Summer 1: Jun. 7-Jul. 19
                                                one length of the Meador Pool- 50 yards.               Summer 2: Jul. 26-Sep. 13
                                                Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616              Wed.: Spring: Apr. 14-May 26
                                                   Age: 6-18 yrs.                                      Summer 1: Jun. 9-Jul. 21
                                                   Date: Jun. 8-Jul. 30                                Summer 2: Jul. 28-Sep. 8
                                                   Time: 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and               Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
4 • parkboard.org                                         6:30-7:30 p.m.                         fee: $42/Person
                                                   fee: $50

Tennis On Campus                              World TeamTennis Rec League                  TENNIS
Interschool team tennis league for            Adult co-ed team tennis league for in-       YOUTH PROGRAMS
college coeds.                                termediate to advanced players using
Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800                non-traditional formats and scoring.         Youth Beginning
  Age: 18 yrs. and up                         Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800               Provides youth with a comfortable and
  Thurs: Mar. 4-Apr. 22                         Age: 18 yrs. and up                        easy approach for learning the basics
  Time: 7-9 p.m.                                Mon: Aug. 2-Sep. 27                        of tennis in a group setting.
  fee: $15/Student                              Time: 7-9 p.m.                             Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800
                                                fee: $40/Team                                Age:     9-12 yrs.
Cooper Adult Academy                                                                         Tues: Spring: Apr. 13-May 25
Specialized tennis training for adults.       USTA League Tennis                                      Fall: Aug. 3-Sep. 14
Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800                World’s largest team league for adults         Thurs: Spring: Apr. 15-May 27
  Age: 18 yrs. and up                         of all ages and skill levels with singles,              Fall: Aug. 5-Sep. 16
  Date: Apr. 6-27; May 4-25; Jun. 1-29        doubles and mixed doubles matches.             Time: 6-7 p.m.
          Jul. 6-27; Aug. 3-31                Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800                 fee:     $24/Person
  Time: Tues., Noon-2 p.m.                      Age: Adults = 19 yrs. and up                 Mon – Thurs (2-week sessions)
  Monthly fee: $65/Member                               Seniors = 50 yrs. and up                      Summer 1: Jun. 7-17
          $80/Non-member                                Super Seniors = 60 yrs. and up                Summer 2: Jun. 21-Jul. 1
  Daily Pass: $16/Member                                Super 70’s = 70 yrs. and up                   Summer 3: Jul. 5-16
          18/Non-member                         Date: Call for schedule and                           Summer 4: Jul. 19-29
                                                        registration information             Time: 9 -10 a.m.
Cardio Tennis                                   fee: $42/USTA Membership                     fee:     $32/Person
Customized fast-paced tennis fitness                    $35/League fee
program with music.                                                                        Youth Intermediate
Cooper & Gillenwaters Tennis
                                                                                           Next step in once-a- week recreational
Complexes 837-5800
                                                                                           tennis lessons.
  Age: 16 yrs. and up
                                                                                           Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800
  Spring: May 3-May 27
                                                                                             Age:    9-12 yrs.
  Summer 1: Jun. 1-Jul. 22
                                                                                             Tues: Spring: Apr. 13-May 25
  Summer 2: Jul. 26-Sep. 16
                                                                                                     Fall: Aug. 3-Sep. 14
  Tues/Thurs: 9-10 a.m. at Cooper
                                                                                             Thurs: Spring: Apr. 15-May 27
  Mon/Wed: 6-7 p.m. at Gillenwaters
                                                                                                     Fall: Aug. 5-Sep. 16
  fee: 10 workouts = $50/Member;
                                                                                             Time: 7-8 p.m.
                                                                                             fee:    $24/Person
       7 workouts = $42/Member;
                                                                                             Mon-Thurs (2-week sessions)
                                                                                                     Summer 1: Jun. 7-17
       Single workout = $10/Member;
                                                                                                     Summer 2: Jun. 21-Jul. 1
                                                                                                     Summer 3: Jul. 5-16
 National Tennis Month                            May 13: 7-8:30 p.m.                                Summer 4: Jul. 19-29
                                                     (13-17 yrs. only) at Gillenwaters       Time: 10-11 a.m.
 Free-For-All Lessons                             May 18: 6-7:30 p.m.                        fee:    $32/Person
 Youth                                               (9-12 yrs. only) at Perry
 One free tennis lesson for youth.              fee: free
                                                                                           Future Stars
 Cooper & Gillenwaters Tennis Com-
                                                                                           Introduces intermediate youth to addi-
 plexes, Perry Tennis Courts 837-5800         Adult                                        tional strokes and match play situa-
   Age: 5 yrs. and up                         One free tennis lesson for adults.           tions.
   Date: May 7: 5-6:30 p.m.                   Cooper & Gillenwaters Tennis                 Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800
           (5-8 yrs. only) at Perry           Complexes 837-5800                              Age: 9-12 yrs.
     May 8: 11-12:30 p.m.                       Age: 18 yrs. and up                           Sat: Spring: Apr. 17-May 29
           (13-17 yrs. only) at Cooper          Date: May 4: 7-8:30 p.m.                             Summer 2: Jul. 24-Sep. 11
     May 10: 6-7:30 p.m.                                at Gillenwaters                       Fri: Summer 1: Jun. 4-Jul. 16
           (9-12 yrs. only) at Gillenwaters           May 15: 1-2:30 p.m.                     Time: 9-11 a.m.
     May 12: 6-7:30 p.m.                                at Cooper                             fee: $56/Member
         (5-8 yrs. only) at Gillenwaters        fee: free                                            $77/Non-member
          T E N NI S

          Cooper Tennis Academy
          Pathway of player development
          through six different levels, beginning
          at age 5. Levels 5 & 6 are for younger
          children learning how to play tennis on
          shorter courts using a variety of softer                                                   Ice Skating Lessons
          tennis balls.                                                                              Learn the basics in eight weeks.
          Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800                                                             Plus, participate in eight free prac-
             Age: 8-10 yrs.                                                                          tice sessions to enhance your skills.
             Level 5: Tues. and Thurs.                                                               Mediacom Ice Park 866-7444
             Time: 7-8 p.m.                          NJTL (National Junior Tennis &                     Age: All Ages
             fee: $40/Member                                                                            fee: $90 (Includes skate rental)
                    $56/Non-member                   Learning)
             Date: Apr. 1-29                         Outreach program featuring a variety
                                                     of on-court tennis games and life skills
                                                                                                     Learn to Play Hockey
                    May 4-27                                                                         Learn the fundamentals of hockey
                    Jun. 1-29                        education.
                                                                                                     during this eight-week course. Also
                    Jul. 6-29                        Gillenwaters Tennis Complex, Perry
                                                                                                     enjoy eight free practice sessions.
                    Aug. 3-26                        Tennis Courts 837-5800
                                                                                                     Mediacom Ice Park 866-7444
             Age: 5-7 yrs.                             Age: 6-14 yrs.
                                                                                                       Age: youth - Adult
             Level 6: Tues and Thurs                   Mon/Wed: Jun. 8-Jul. 21
                                                                                                       fee: $90 (Includes skate rental)
             Time: 6:15-7 p.m.                         Time: 9-11 a.m.
             fee: $20/Member                           fee: free
                                                                                                     Youth House Hockey League
                    $28/Non-member                                                                   This non-checking league is avail-
             Date: Apr. 1-29                         USTA Junior TeamTennis                          able to players who want to learn
                    May 4-27                         Weekly team matches for intermediate            skills and improve on their hockey
                    Jun. 1-29                        and advanced juniors with the                   abilities. The sessions are once per
                    Jul. 6-29                        potential to advance to championship            week for eight weeks. There will also
                    Aug. 3-26                        events.                                         be one game a week. Skaters need
                                                     Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800            to have completed Learn to Play or
          Junior Tennis Maniacs                        Age: 10 yrs. and Under QuickStart;            another development program to
          Free court time with minimal                        14 yrs. and Under; 18 yrs. and Under   register.
          instruction for the tennis fanatic.          Thurs: Jun. 10 – Jul. 22                      Mediacom Ice Park 866-7444
          Cooper Tennis Complex 837-5800               Time: 6-9 p.m.                                  Age: 6-17 yrs.
            Age: 12-18 yrs.                            fee: $25/USTA Member                            fee: $90 (Includes skate rental)
            Date: Apr. 3 & 17                                 $40/Non-USTA Member
                   May 1 & 15                                                                        CODP Ice Hockey Clinic
            Time: 3-5 p.m.                           Teenage Intro                                   Youth will receive on-and-off the ice
            fee: free                                Provides teenagers with a comfortable           training to develop their skills in
                                                     and easy approach for learning the              skating, body strength and overall
                                                     basics of tennis and then progressing           knowledge of ice hockey.
                                                     into match play situations.                     Mediacom Ice Park 866-7444
                                                     Gillenwaters Tennis Complex 837-5800               Age: 13-18 yrs.
                                                       Age: 13-17 yrs.                                  fee: Vary
                                                       Mon and Wed: Jun. 2-30
                                                                       Jul 5-28                      Adult Hockey League
                                                                       Aug. 2-25                     Three groupings are available: be-
                                                       Time: 5-6 p.m.                                ginner, intermediate and advanced.
                                                       fee: $56/Person                               All leagues are non-checking and
                                                                                                     designed to improve player skills
                                                                                                     and competition on the ice.
                                                                                                     Mediacom Ice Park 866-7444
                                                                                                       Age: 18 yrs. & up
                                                                                                       fee: $195 for league and $37 for USA
                                                                                                               hockey insurance
6 • parkboard.org
                      C HE S T E R FIE LD FA MILY CE NTER • DOLI NG FAM ILY C ENT ER

CHESTERFIELD                              Salsa Dancing                               Little Movers
FAMILY CENTER                             A five-week Wed. session of a variety of    This is a creative class for developing
                                          contemporary salsa dance styles.            coordination and social skills through
Boot Camp                                 Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616         the use of music and movement.
A Tues. and Thurs. advanced exercise        Age: 12 yrs. and up                       Doling Family Center 837-5900
experience for those needing a change       Date: May 19-Jun. 16                        Age: 2-4 yrs.
of pace.                                    Time: 7:15 p.m.                             Date: Jun. 16-Jul. 28
Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616         fee: $35/Member                             Time: 10-10:45 a.m.
  Age: 16 yrs. and up                             $45/Non-member                        fee: $25/Member
  Date: Session I: May 4-Jun. 10          Yoga                                                  $35/Non-member
         Session II: Jun. 22-Jul. 29
                                          Five-week Tues. sessions of Yoga that can
  Time: 6 a.m.                                                                        Ballet
                                          accommodate any level of experience.
  fee: $60/Member
                                          Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616         Seven-week class will teach beginning
                                             Age: 12 yrs. and up                      dancers basic techniques in Ballet.
                                             Date: Jun. 22-Jul. 20                    Doling Family Center 837-5900
Ballroom Dance                               Time: 7 p.m.                               Age: 4-6 yrs. and 7-10 yrs.
Five-week Mon. sessions of a variety of      fee: $35/Member                            Date: Jun. 19-Aug. 7
ballroom dance styles.                             $45/Non-member                       Time: 9-9:45 a.m. (4-6 yrs.)
Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616                                                           10-11 a.m. (7-10 yrs.)
   Age: 12 yrs. and up                                                                  fee: $25/Member
   Date: Session I: May 17-Jun. 14                                                            $35/Non-member
         Session II: Jun. 28-Jul. 26
   Time: 7 p.m.                                                                       Jazz/Modern Dance
   fee: $35/Member
                                                                                      Seven-week class will teach beginning
                                                                                      dancers basic techniques in Jazz and
                                                                                      Modern Dance.
Power Yoga                                                                            Doling Family Center 837-5900
Five-week Wed. session of Astanga                                                       Age: 4-6 yrs. and 7-10 yrs.
Power Yoga that will give you a very      Zumba                                         Date: Jun. 19-Aug. 7
physical workout.                         Monthly Tues. and Thurs. sessions of          Time: 11-11:45 a.m. (4-6 yrs.)
Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616       this new aerobic workout system.                    Noon-1 p.m. (7-10 yrs.)
   Age: 12 yrs. and up                    Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616           fee: $25/Member
   Date: Session I: May 19-Jun. 16          Age: 16 yrs. and up                               $35/Non-member
         Session II: Jun. 30-Jul. 28        Date: Ongoing
         Session III: Aug. 11-Sept. 8       Time: 5:30 p.m.
                                            fee: $25/8-Pack/Member
                                                                                      Beginning and Advanced
   Time: 7 p.m.
   fee: $35/Member                                $35/8-Pack/Non-member               Tae Kwon Do
         $45/Non-member                                                               Program will help
                                          DOLING                                      build strength,
Tai Chi                                   FAMILY CENTER                               self esteem and
                                                                                      achieve new
Five-week Wed. session of Tai Chi in-     Power Yoga                                  skills while
cluding relaxation, focus & balance for
                                          A mix of Yoga and Pilates. For those        making new
all experience levels.
                                          who are looking to improve balance          friends.
Chesterfield Family Center 891-1616
                                          and coordination. Classes meet Tues.        Doling Family
   Age: 18 yrs. and up
                                          and Thurs. Free Thursday classes            Center 837-5900
   Date: Session I: May 19-Jun. 16
                                          meet May 13 & Jul. 8. Try it!                  Age: 7 yrs. and up
         Session II: Jun. 30-Jul. 28
                                          Doling Family Center 837-5900                  Date: Jun. 22-Aug. 12
   Time: 5:30 p.m.
                                            Age: Adult                                         Aug. 24-Oct. 14
   fee: $35/Member
                                            Date: Tues: May 11-Jun. 22;                  Time: 5:30-6:15 p.m.-Beginning
                                                           Jul. 6-Aug. 17                      6:15-7 p.m.-Advanced
                                                   Thurs: May 20-Jul. 1                  fee: $30/Member
                                                           Jul. 15-Aug. 26                     $40/Non-member
                                            Time: 6-7 p.m.
                                            fee: $25/Member                                                                     7
          D OL I N G FA MILY CE N T E R

          Tai Chi                                   Boot Camp
          A program to help balance and             Looking for a challenging fitness
          coordination by using slow methodical     routine that has some accountability?
          movements and breathing techniques.       Fitness Boot Camp classes are a fun
          Doling Family Center 837-5900             and exciting way to look great in your
            Age: Adult                              swim suit this summer! Each workout is
            Date: Jun. 23- Aug. 11                  different, so you never get bored!
            Time: 6-7 p.m.                          Doling Family Center 837-5900
            fee: $30/Member                            Age: 13 yrs. and up
                  $40/Non-member                       Date: Tues. and Fri., ongoing
                                                       Time: 8:30-9:30 a.m.
          Zumba                                        fee: 8 class punch card $25/Member
          This class combines Latin music and                $35/Non-member
          easy-to- follow moves to create an
          aerobic workout. Tues./Thurs. classes.    Start Smart Baseball                      Programs for Ages 55 & Up
          Doling Family Center 837-5900             Start Smart Baseball is a developmen-     The Northview Center welcomes
            Age: Adult                              tally appropriate introductory baseball   persons 55 and up to participate
            Date: Ongoing, 8-pack class visit       program for children 3-6 years old.       in a wide variety of programs
            Time: Tues. 6 p.m. / Thurs. 6:30 p.m.   The program prepares children for         and activities in a relaxed, social
            fee: $30/Member                         organized T-ball, baseball and softball   atmosphere. There is no member-
                   $40/Non-member                   in a fun non-threatening environment.     ship fee at the Northview Center -
                                                    Doling Family Center 837-5900             participants are welcome to use
                                                       Age: 3-6 yrs.                          the amenities at the facility. The
                                                       Date: Sat., May 15-Jun. 26             Generator monthly newsletter is
                                                       Time: 10-11 a.m.                       available online at parkboard.org
                                                       fee: $25/Member                        at Northview Center or by calling
                                                              $35/Non-member                  837-5808.
                                                                                                        Monday – Friday,
                                                                                                       8:30a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

            Northview Center

            Specialized programs are offered
            for adults 18 years and up with
            disabilities, for those opting not to
            participate in Inclusion. Programs
            include: Bowling, TEAM, Ceramics,
            Line Dance, Tennis, Golf, Camping
            and Canoeing/Float Trip. For
            program schedule and registration
            information, call 837-5808.

8 • parkboard.org
                                                                                            DICKERSON PARK ZOO

ZOO                                           Mother’s Day                                  Pancakes in the Park
                                              Free Zoo admission for mothers all day.       Enjoy a feast with the beasts during
                                              Prize drawing and giveaways. Zoo              our annual pancake breakfast
                                              moms will be highlighted at exhibits          prepared by Village Inn Restaurants at
                                              with recent births throughout the Zoo.        the Zoo’s Bush Country Café.
                                              Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                   Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800
                                                Age: All ages                                 Age: All ages
                                                Date: May 9                                   Date: Jul. 24
                                                Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.                           Time: 7-10 a.m.
                                                fee: $8 Adults and Teens                      fee: $8 Adults and Teens; $5 children ages
                                                       $5 Child 3-12 yrs.                             3-12 zoo admission.
                                                       free for Mothers                               Pancake breakfast: $5 Adult;
                                                                                                      $4 Child.
                                              Zoobilee                                                Discounted “early bird” admission
Enrichment EGGstravagnza                      Children’s music, entertainment, and                    from 7-9 a.m.
Watch as the zookeepers hide                  activities throughout the park. Also
papier-mâché eggs filled with yummy           featuring scheduled zookeeper chats           Ballet and the Beast
treats for the animals to find.               and animal enrichment. Activities are         New partnership event hosted by
Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                   planned for children 12 and under.            Springfield Ballet and Friends of the
   Age: All ages                              Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                   Zoo.
   Date: Apr. 3                                 Age: All ages                               Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800
   Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                         Date: May 22                                  Age: All ages
   fee: free with Zoo admission                 Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                          Date: Aug. 12
          ($8 adults and teens, $5 children     fee: free with Zoo admission                  Time: 6-8:30 p.m.
          ages 3-12)                                    ($8 adults and teens, $5 children     fee: Call for details
                                                        ages 3-12)
Party for the Planet                                                                        McDonald’s Dollar Day
Celebrate Earth Day at the Zoo and            Father’s Day                                  Ronald McDonald Tooth Truck tours,
engage in hands-on, conservation              Free Zoo admission for fathers all day.       Ronald McDonald Meet and Greet,
learning stations. Also featuring             Prize drawing and special offers.              McDonald’s Scavenger Hunt,
scheduled zookeeper chats and animal          Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                   scheduled entertainment and $1
enrichment. Activities are planned for          Age: All ages                               specials throughout the Zoo. Activities
children 12 and under.                          Date: Jun. 20                               are planned for children 12 and under.
Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                     Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.                         Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800
  Age: All ages                                 fee: $8 Adults and Teens                      Age: All ages
  Date: Apr. 17                                        $5 Child 3-12 yrs.                     Date: Aug. 28
  Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.                                 free for fathers                       Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  fee: free with Zoo admission                                                                fee: $1/Person Zoo admission all day
         ($8 adults and teens, $5 children
         ages 3-12)                           Art Gone Wild
                                              A partnership with Friends of the Zoo
St. John’s Teddy Bear Rally                   and The Springfield Regional Arts
Bear Care Clinic, Zoolympics and              Council. Children 12 and under receive
entertainment throughout the Zoo.             a passport to five wild art activity and
Activities are planned for children 12        learning stations throughout the park.
and under.                                    Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800
Dickerson Park Zoo 864-1800                     Age: All ages
  Age: All ages                                 Date: Jun. 26
  Date: Apr. 24                                 Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.                           fee: free with Zoo admission
  fee: $1/Person Zoo admission all day                 ($8 adults and teens, $5 children
         gates open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.                    ages 3-12)

 Farm Park

          FARM PARK                                      or sign up for a special picnic lunch.
                                                         Some activities have a small fee.
                                                                                                     Young Sprouts
          is home to a new animal barn, new visitor’s                                                Ladybugs, leaves, sunshine and trees
          center and gift shop, renovated chicken        Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949          take root and grow at the third annual
          coop, farmhouse and garage, shop and             Age: All ages                             Young Sprouts in the Garden. Many
          milking barn. The grounds have                   Date: May 8 10 a.m.-4 p.m.                adventures, crafts and activities await
          demonstration crops and gardens, 20-acre                May 9 Noon-4 p.m.                  you while learning about kid-related
          native prairie, pasture land, one-mile paved     fee: fREE
                                                                                                     gardening, nature and our environ-
          trail, farm-themed playground and Wilson’s
                                                                                                     ment. Some activities have a small fee.
          Creek. Seasonal events celebrated
          year-long!                                                                                 Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949
                                                                                                       Age: All ages
                                                                                                       Date: Jun. 12
                                                                                                       Time: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
                                                                                                       fee: fREE

                                                                                                     Father’s Day
                                                                                                     Bring dad to the Farm to enjoy some
                                                                                                     down-home bluegrass music and tasty
                                                                                                     barbecue treats. Don’t miss this oppor-
                                                         Fun Family Fishing Night                    tunity to check out some classic cars
          National Ag Day                                Bring the whole family and participate      that will remind dad of the “good old
          National Agriculture Day takes place           in our fishing contest to win fun prizes    days!” Some activities have a small fee.
          on the first day of spring as a way to         or just relax by the bonfire.               Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949
          celebrate American agriculture and the         Registration is required.                     Age: All ages
          farmers who help provide the food,             Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949            Date: Jun. 19 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
          fiber, shelter, energy and other                  Age: All ages                                      Jun. 20 Noon-4 p.m.
          materials we use on a daily basis.                Date: May 14, Jun. 11,                     fee: fREE
          Some activities have a small fee.                        Jul. 16, Aug. 6
          Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949                Time: 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
                                                            fee: $5/Person
                                                                                                     Frontier Days
             Age: All ages
                                                                   fREE/4 yrs. and under             Saddle up and join us for a western
             Date: Mar. 20
                                                                                                     celebration down on the Farm! Take a
             Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                                                     journey through hundreds of years of
             fee: fREE
                                                                                                     history as we explore the ways of the
                                                                                                     old west. Some activities have a small
          Easter at the Farm                                                                         fee.
          Hop on over to the Farm for a day of                                                       Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949
          “eggciting” activities. Take a carriage                                                      Age: All ages
          ride with the Easter Bunny, get an                                                           Date: Jul. 24
          Easter photo taken, hunt for eggs and                                                        Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
          participate in crafts. Some activities                                                       fee: fREE
          have a small fee.
          Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949                                                         Fiber Arts Fair
             Age: All ages
                                                         Dairy Days
                                                         Join us for an exciting weekend of          There’s so much to learn at the Farm!
             Date: Apr. 3
                                                         dairy discoveries! Visitors will have the   Visitors can enjoy workshops and
             Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                         opportunity to rotate through fun and       classes in various fiber techniques,
             fee: fREE
                                                         interactive activities exploring the life   demonstrations on spinning and
                                                         cycle of a dairy cow, the milking           weaving or visit with many local guild
          Mother’s Day at the Farm                       process, how much milk cows produce         booths. Some activities have a small
          Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Farm             and the many products made from             fee.
          and enjoy many favorite spring time            milk. Some activities have a small fee.     Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949
          activities! Purchase fresh flowers from        Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949             Age: All ages
          the field, make a special card for mom           Age: All ages                                Date: Aug. 14
                                                           Date: Jun. 5 10 a.m.-8 p.m.                  Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                  Jun. 6 Noon-5 p.m.                    fee: fREE
10 • parkboard.org                                         fee: fREE
                                                                                       Farm Park
                                             RU T L EDGE -WIL SON FA RM COM M UNI T Y PARK

FARM PARK CAMPS                                                                        “Happy Trails” Summer Camp
                                                                                       Join the Rutledge-Wilson herd as we
Little Farmers                                                                         head out west. Campers will become
Little Farmers is a four-week program                                                  cowboys and cowgirls as we learn why
designed for children ages 4-5 and                                                     it’s really called the “Wild West.” This
their parents or guardians. Each week                                                  program is a full-day summer camp.
participants will learn about a different                                               Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945
animal found in the big red barn                                                           Age: 8-9 yrs.
through fun stories, activities, crafts,                                                   Date: Jul. 12-16
and up close animal interactions.                                                          Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945         “Growing Up Farm” Summer Camp                   fee: $65/Week
   Age: 4-5 yrs.                           How do animals grow up? Each day we
   Date: Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24                will learn about a different animal’s
   Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m.                   lifecycle through stories, games, crafts,   “Future Farmers” Summer Camp
   fee: $25/Entire session                 and animal interactions. We will even       Have you ever wondered what farmers
                                           hatch our own baby ducks! This              really do all day? Campers will roll up
                                           program is a half-day summer camp.          their sleeves alongside the Farm staff
“Barnyard Adventures” Summer                                                           as they learn the importance of
                                           Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945
Camp                                          Age: 4-5 yrs.                            farming. This program is a full-day
Do you know why pigs roll in the mud          Date: Jul. 19-23                         summer camp.
or where ice cream really comes from?         Time: 9 a.m.-Noon                        Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945
We will discover just what makes a            fee: $35/Week                              Age: 10-12 yrs.
farm so fun and exciting through                                                         Date: Aug. 9-13
games, activities, crafts, and up-close                                                  Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
animal interactions. This program is a     “Once Upon A Farm” Summer Camp                fee: $65/Week
half-day summer camp.                      Do you know who lives on a farm? Join
Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945         us as we peek inside the barn and
  Age: 4-5 yrs.                            learn about all of the animals found
  Date: Jun. 7-11                          inside, their care and the products they
  Time: 9 a.m.-Noon                        provide for us. This program is a full-
  fee: $35/Week                            day summer camp.
                                           Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5945
                                             Age: 6-7 yrs.
                                             Date: Jun. 21-25
                                             Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
                                             fee: $65/Week

 Outdoor Initiatives
          C A M PI N G

          CAMPING                                         Camp Challenge                                    CAMP ADVENTURE
          PROGRAMS                                        Youth Trip Camps                                  Family-Group Trip Camps
                                                          All trips depart from the                         Fees include Activities, Guides, Six
                                                          Tom Watkins Center 833-8647 or                    Meals, Tent(s), Transportation, and
                                                          833-8923                                          Admission Fees.
                                                            Ages: 9 – 16 yrs.                               All trips depart from the Park Board
                                                            Time: All Trips run 7:30 a.m., Tues.            Office, 1923 N. Weller, Springfield.
                                                                     through 5:30 p.m., Thurs.              Advance Registration Required:
                                                            fee: $60/Camper/Trip                            833-8647 or 833-8923
                                                            **Register for more than one trip and re-         Ages: families and groups
                                                            ceive a $5 discount per trip. Add a $10 late      Time: All Trips run 5:30 p.m., Fri.
                                                            registration fee if registering under 10-days             through 4:30 p.m., Sun.
                                                            of trip departure.                                fee: $60/1; $100/2-3
                                                                                                                       $30/each/4 or more
                                                          Ha Ha Tonka State Park Trip Camp
          WOW National Outdoor Recreation                 Camping, Caving, Hiking, History, and             Ha Ha Tonka State Park
          and Conservation School/                        Water Recreation at beautiful and                 Family – Group Camp
          Springfield                                     scenic Ha Ha Tonka State Park.                    Camping, Canoeing, Caving, Dutch
                                                            Date: Jun. 15-17                                Oven Cooking, Geocaching, Hiking,
          Creating the opportunity to get out-
          doors! Exploring-Discovering-Learning.                                                            History, Kayaking, and Nature at beau-
          In cooperation with the Park Board.             Bennett Springs State Park                        tiful and scenic Ha Ha Tonka State Park.
          Ritter Springs Park 833-8647                    Trip Camp                                            Date: Jun. 11-13
             Age: All ages                                Camping, Canoeing and Kayaking
             Date: Apr. 16-17                             Float Trip, Geocaching, and Nature in             Ritter Springs Park -Wildcat
             Time: Fri. evening through                   the valley at Bennett Springs State
                   Sat. afternoon
                                                                                                            Glades-Shoals Creek
             fee: Varies                                    Date: Jun. 29-Jul. 1                            Family-Group Camp
                                                                                                            Camping at Springfield’s Ritter Springs
          Camp Ritter Family-Group                        Prairie State Park Trip Camp                      Park, with a day trip to Carver National
                                                                                                            Historical Site, Shoals Creek, and Wild-
          Camping Overnight                               Bison and Elk Observation, Camping,               cat Glades near Joplin, Mo. Additional
          Camp out at beautiful Ritter Springs            Nature and Prairie Life on Missouri’s             activities include: Catch ‘N Release
          Park in your own camper, trailer, or            largest prairie at Prairie State Park.            Fishing, Dutch Oven Cooking,
          tent. Fees include opportunities for:              Date: Jul. 13-15                               Geocaching, and Nature Hikes.
          Camping, Canoeing-Kayaking, Catch ‘N                                                                 Date: Jul. 23-25
          Release Fishing, Caving, Dutch Oven             Paddy Creek Wilderness Trip Camp
          Clinic/Lunch, GPS-Geocaching,                   Camping, Creek Splashing, Day
          Acclimatization Night Hike-Bat Flight
                                                                                                            Prairie State Park
                                                          Packing, Float Trip, Nature and Wildlife
          and more.                                       within the Paddy Creek U.S. Forest                Family-Group Camp
          Ritter Springs Park 833-8647 or                 Service Recreation and Wilderness                 Bison and Elk Observation, Camping,
          833-8923                                        Area.                                             Dutch Oven Cooking, President Harry
             Age: All ages                                  Date: Jul. 27-29                                S. Truman’s Birthplace National
             Date: Apr. 23-24 and May 21-22                                                                 Historical Site, Nature Hiking and
             Time: 4:30-6:30 p.m., Fri.                                                                     Prairie Life on Missouri’s largest prairie
                   through 5:30 p.m., Sat.
                                                          Western Lake Oologah, Okla.                       at Prairie State Park.
             fee: $25/1-3; $5/each Add’l                  Trip Camp                                            Date: Aug. 20-22
                    free/6 yrs. and under; Add            Camping, “Ghost” Mansion, Water
                    $10/family for on-site Registration   Rescue and Lake Rescue Floating, Will
                    Call 417-353-7341 day-of              Rogers Western Ranch and Museum
                                                          near Claremore, Okla. on the U.S. Corps
                                                          of Engineers Lake Oologah.
                                                            Date: Aug.10-12

12 • parkboard.org
                                            Outdoor Initiatives
                                                                                         C ANOE ING • C AV ING


Cold Weather Canoeing Clinic
Basic cold weather canoeing skills,
safety, and survival.
Lake Springfield 833-8647
  Age: All ages
  Date: Mar. 20                             CAVING PROGRAMS                           Giboney Cave Tours
                                                                                      Explore Springfield’s historical Giboney
  Time: 1-3 p.m.                            Bat and Cave Awareness                    Cave, learning its myths, facts, and his-
  fee: $25/Canoe (2-Individuals)
                                            Presentations                             tory. Shoes may get muddy and wet on
                                            Artifacts and Fossils, Bat Education,     Walking Tour; you will get very muddy
Canoeing and Kayaking Floats,               Cave Habitat Awareness and Safety,        and wet on Tunnel Tours. All tours
Safety, and Skills                          and “WNS”† Updates.                       subject to bats, weather, and “WNS”.
Spend a relaxing afternoon floating         Tom Watkins Center 833-8647               Giboney Cave, Doling Park 833-8647
the James River Water Trail-Lake              Age: 7 yrs. and up                        Age: 6 yrs. and up
Springfield. You may float along with         Date: Mar. 13                             Date: May 1 and 8
the guide or float off on your own             Time: 1 p.m.                                     Apr. 18 and 25, and May 23*
exploration to the take-out point.            fee: free                                 Time: 1-4 p.m.
Lake Springfield 833-8647                                                               fee: $3/Person/Walking Tour
  Age: All ages                             Sequiota Cave Boat Tours                           $10/family of 4
  Date: May 2 and 23                                                                           $5/Person/Tunnels get Wet ‘N
                                            No walking or crawling as you slowly
  Time: 1:30-4 p.m.                                                                            Muddy Tour; $20/family of 5
                                            float through Springfield’s historical
  fee: $30/Canoe (1-3 Individual)                                                              *“youth Day,” One fREE youth
                                            Sequiota Cave learning its myths, facts
         $25/kayak (1-Individual)                                                              (Under Age 16) Admission with
                                            and history. A great experience for the
                                                                                               Paid Adult.
                                            young and young at heart. All tours
Twilight Floats                             subject to bat migration changes,
Float part of the scenic and relaxing       weather and “WNS.”
James River Water Trail for up to 2.5-      Sequiota Cave, Sequiota Park 833-8647
hrs. Guides will be available to assist        Age: 6 yrs. and up
you with skills if you desire.                 Date: Call after March 17 for exact
Lake Springfield 833-8647                             dates and times
  Age: All ages                                fee: $5/Person
  Date: May 2 and 8, and Jun. 5
  Time: 6-9 p.m.
  fee: $25/Canoe (1-3 Individuals)          †
                                                “WNS” is “White-nose Syndrome”
         $25/kayak (1-Individual)
         Walk-Ups at $30/Canoe; $30/kayak

                                            Water Rescue, Canoeing and                Artifacts and Fossils /
                                            Kayaking Skills, and Float                Bat Awareness Presentations
                                            YOU WILL GET WET! Basic Water Res-        Basic Native American and American
                                            cue, Canoeing and Kayaking Skills, and    Artifacts; Basic Missouri Fossils & Basic
                                            a short Float Trip.                       bat awareness.
                                            Lake Springfield 833-8647                 Giboney Cave, Doling Park 833-8647
                                               Age: All ages                            Age: 6 yrs. and up
                                               Date: Jun. 5                             Date: May 8
                                               Time: 1-5 p.m.                           Time: 11 a.m. (Bat Awareness)
                                               fee: $30/Canoe (1-3 Individual);                 1 p.m. (Artifacts & Fossils)
                                                     $25/kayak (1-Individual)           fee: free                                 13
 Outdoor Initiatives

          ENVIRONMENTAL                             OUTDOOR SAFETY
          EDUCATION and                             and SURVIVAL
          NATURE                                    PROGRAMS
                                                    Winter Outdoor Preparedness,
                                                    Safety and Survival, Cities to
                                                    Learn the basics of outdoor safety and
                                                    survival, no matter if you’re in the city   Dutch Oven Cookery Clinics
                                                    or the wilderness.                          Brush up on or experience for the first
                                                    Tom Watkins Center 833-8647                 time the historical skill of Dutch Oven
                                                      Age: All ages                             Cooking. Participants will prepare, cook,
                                                      Date: Mar. 13                             and consume a Dutch Oven Meal.
                                                      Time: 10:30 a.m.                          833-8647 or 833-8923
                                                      fee: free                                   Age: 11 yrs. and up
          Owl Program and Owl Prowl                                                               Date: Apr. 24 and May 22 (Ritter
          Night Hike                                Wilderness First Aid National                        Springs Park – 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.);
          A live Owl Program, then see what we      Certification                                        May 15 (Valley Water Mill –
          see in the night.                                                                              11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.)
                                                    Basic national Wilderness First Aid
          Ritter Springs Park 833-8647                                                            fee: $10/Person; $16/2
                                                    National Recognized Certification.
            Age: 7 yrs. and up                      Tom Watkins Center 833-8647
            Date: Apr. 23                             Age: All ages                             Spring Hike and
            Time: 6:30 p.m.                           Date: Apr. 30-May 1                       Geocaching Demo
            fee: $2/Person                            Time: 5:30-9:30 p.m., Fri.                Acclimatization spring hike, including a
                                                             8:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Sat.             hands-on Geocaching Demonstration.
          Acclimatization Night Hike, Bat             fee: $90                                  BYO daypack picnic lunch.
          Program, and MO Endangered                                                            Ritter Springs Park 833-8647
                                                    PHOTOGRAPHY/                                  Age: 6 yrs. and up
          Bladderpod; Bird Walk 101;                CAVE, NATURE, and                             Date: May 1
          Wildflower Walk                           OUTDOOR                                       Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
          Get into nature, get into                 PROGRAMS                                      fee: $3/Person
                                                                                                          $2/Person/groups of 10+
          acclimatization with this easy-to-
          moderate night hike, bat education,       Leave No Trace Awareness Free
          and MO Endangered Bladderpod
          program. Basic Birding & Bird Walk 101.   Presentations
          Ritter Springs Park 833-8647              Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics
            Age: 7 yrs. and up                      Principals and Awareness.
            Date: Apr. 24 and May 22                Tom Watkins Center 833-8647
                   (Night Hike)                       Age: 7 and up
                   Apr. 24 and May 15                 Date: Mar. 13
                   (Bird Walk/Wildflower)             Time: 2:30 p.m.
            Time: 6:30 p.m. (Night Hike)              fee: free
                   8-9:30 a.m. (Bird Walk 101)
                   10-11:30 a.m. (Wildflower)       GPS-Geocaching-Earth                        Cave and Outdoor Photography
            fee: $2/Person                          Caches Clinics                              Basic hands-on intro to outdoor and
                                                                                                cave photography. Participant must
                                                    Brush up on or learn the fun adventure
                                                                                                have access to a camera. Includes
                                                    of Geocaching and Earth Caches.
                                                                                                Giboney Cave Walking Tour Program.
                                                    Ritter Springs Park 833-8647
                                                                                                Doling Park and Giboney Cave
                                                      Age: 9 yrs. and up
                                                      Date: Apr. 17, 24, and May 22
                                                                                                  Age: 10 yrs. and up
                                                      Time: 8:30-10 a.m.
                                                                                                  Date: May 8
                                                      fee: $5/Person
14 • parkboard.org                                                                                Time: 9-11 a.m.
                                                                                                  fee: $5/Person
                                        Outdoor Initiatives
                                                                                HIK ING • WATER RES CU E

Ha Ha Tonka State Park Hike             Prairie State Park Hike and Bison
Come, explorer beautiful and scenic     Viewing and President Harry S.
Ha Ha Tonka State Park’s castle ruins
and natural features.                   Truman Birthplace State
Departs from Northview Center           Historic Site
833-8647                                Hike out on the open prairie of scenic
  Age: 9 yrs. and up                    Prairie State Park, and just maybe we’ll
  Date: May 16                          spot the large herd of bison or small
  Time: 1-7 p.m.                        herd of elk. BYO picnic lunch. We’ll also   11th Annual Ozark Greenways
  fee: $10/Person; 3/$20                visit the President Harry S. Truman         Adventure Race
                                        Birthplace State Historic Site.             This fundraiser benefits Springfield’s
Natural Bridge 7-Mile Hike-             Departs from Northview Center               growing greenway trail system.
                                        833-8647                                    Teams compete together in an 8-14-
Bennett Springs State Park                 Age: 6 yrs. and up                       hour endurance event, including
A seven-mile hike in the backcountry       Date: Jun. 26                            running, biking, canoeing, orien-
of Bennett Springs State Park.             Time: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.                      teering and more – without know-
BYO backpack lunch.                        fee: $10/Person; 3/$20                   ing the exact itinerary or distances
Departs from Northview Center
                                                                                    until race morning! New categories
  Age: 9 yrs. and up                    Water Rescue and Small                      this year; and along with the coed
                                                                                    teams of four, we’ve opened the
  Date: Jun. 6                          Watercraft/Families, and Float              race to teams of two and solos.
  Time: 7 a.m.-5 p.m.                   Basic Water Rescue and Small                Visit greenwayrace.org
  fee: $10/Person; 3/$20                Watercraft Training for Families.           Gasconade Hills Outfitters,
                                        YOU WILL GET WET!!!                         Richland Mo.
                                        Lake Springfield 833-8647                   Monty Montgomery 869-0990
                                          Age: 9 yrs. and up                          Age: Adults
                                          Date: Jun. 5                                Date: 7 a.m., May 22
                                          Time: 1-5 p.m.                              fee: $160 Solo - $460 Team /
                                          fee: $30/Canoe (1-3 Individuals)                    Early bird through April 29

                                                                                    Bike, Bus, Walk Week
                                                                                    Take the challenge to leave your car
                                                                                    behind to get to work or school at
                                                                                    least one day this week, whether
                                                                                    biking, walking, taking the bus,
                                                                                    carpooling or combining all of
                                                                                    these. Prizes and trophies galore.
                                                                                    Show your support for a more
                                                                                    bike-friendly Springfield.
                                                                                    Visit ozarkgreenways.org
                                                                                    Register online 864-2015
                                                                                      Age: All
                                                                                      Date: May 17 - 21
                                                                                      fee: fREE

 Special Events
          BO CCE BA L L • N OO N CON CE RTS • F IS HI NG

          SPECIAL EVENTS                                                                             reel, bait). Pre-registration is
                                                                                                     recommended. Registration forms are
                                                                                                     available at Bass Pro Shops, MDC, or at
          Disc Golf Clinics                                                                          parkboard.org. There will be two
          Learn the fundamentals of disk golf                                                        sessions to choose from.
          with this basic hands-on Disc Golf                                                         Sportsman’s Park Center 864-1049
          Clinic.                                                                                      Age: 3-13 yrs.
          Tom Watkins Park 833-8647                    Bocce Ball Tournament                           Date: Jun. 5
             Age: 9-16 yrs.                            This single or team tournament is               Time: 8:30-10 a.m. and 10 a.m.-Noon
             Date: Mar. 13                             played at Doling Park. Double                   fee: fREE
             Time: 10 a.m.-Noon                        Elimination Bocce Ball Tournament.
             fee: fREE                                 Deadline is Apr. 16.                          Mother-Son Summer Fun
                                                       Doling Park 837-5817                          Boys, it’s time to spend some quality
                                                          Date: Apr. 24                              time with your mom (or special lady).
                                                          Time: 10 a.m.                              Join us at Hammons Field for some hot
                                                          fee: $10/Single Entry                      Cardinals Baseball action! You’ll not
                                                                $20/2-Man team                       only get to cheer on future big league
                                                                                                     stars, but you’ll also enjoy a meal at
                                                       Wednesday Noon Concert Series in              Doling Family Center, a keepsake
                                                       Founders Park                                 photo with your mom and a special
                                                       Weekday concert series featuring live,
                                                                                                     Doling Family Center/Hammons Field
          Easter Egg Hunt                              local music, and performing groups.
          Bring the family out to Doling Park for      Attendees are invited to bring their
                                                                                                       Age:      3 yrs. and up
          an afternoon full of activities including:   sack lunch to the park for an entertain-
                                                                                                       Date: Jul. 10
          yard games, arts and crafts, bounce          ing mid-week lunch break.
                                                                                                       Time: 3 p.m.
          house and an Easter egg hunt. Come           Founders Park 831-6200
                                                                                                       fee:      Early-bird by June 27
          with your basket for the Hunt, which           Age: All ages
                                                                                                                 $28 a couple; $12 add’l child
          begins at 1 p.m. If there is inclement         Date: Wed., May-Jul.
          weather, the activities will move              Time: Noon
          indoors to Doling Family Center.               fee: fREE
          Doling Park 864-1332
            Age: families with Children                Trike-A-Thon
            Date: Mar. 27                              The event helps teach children riding-
            Time: Noon-2 p.m.                          toy safety, while raising funds for St.
            fee: fREE                                  Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Visit
          Arts Council Free Art Days                   Jordan Valley Park 800-626-2453               Bark In The Park
                                                          Date: May 15                               Bring your family and the family dog
          The Springfield Regional Arts Council
                                                          Time: 9 p.m.                               for a morning in the park. Activities in-
          provides free hands-on activities for all
                                                          fee: fREE (donations accepted)             clude a non-competitive, guided walk
          ages. Bring your imagination and
                                                                                                     for dogs and their families, hands-on
          create something fun!
                                                       29th Annual Kid’s Fishing Fun Day             activities for both dogs and owners,
          The Creamery Arts Center in
                                                                                                     costume contests, adult/dog and
          Jordan Valley Park 862-2787                  Join us for an action-packed morning
                                                                                                     child/dog look-alike contests. This is a
            Age: All ages                              of activities including casting, fish
                                                                                                     great family activity and fun for
            Date: Apr. 24, Jun. 26,                    identification, then fish alongside
                                                                                                     children of any age. Dogs must be on a
                   Aug. 28, Oct. 23                    some of Bass Pro’s top professional
                                                                                                     leash at all times. Pre-registration is
            Time: 10 a.m. – Noon                       fishermen. The private pond is fully
                                                                                                     encouraged, but not required. All
            fee: fREE                                  stocked with bluegill and catfish.
                                                                                                     proceeds go towards Cruse Dog Park.
                                                       Just like the pros, you’ll participate in a
                                                                                                     Fee includes a T-shirt.
                                                       post-event weigh-in and the staff from
                                                                                                     Sequiota Park 864-1049
                                                       the Missouri Department of Conserva-
                                                                                                       Age: All ages
                                                       tion will clean your catch for you to
                                                                                                       Date: Jun. 12 (Rain date is Jun. 13)
                                                       take home for dinner! All children must
                                                                                                       Time: Registration at 7:30 a.m.
16 • parkboard.org                                     be accompanied by an adult and need
                                                                                                       fee: $10
                                                       to provide their own equipment (rod,
Facilities Special Events
                                     FA M I LY S CR AMBL E • M OV IES AT FOUN DERS PA RK

9th Annual Summer SnowFest
Who says summer can’t have snow?
SnowFest features a mountain of snow,                                                            15th Annual Japanese Fall Festival
live entertainment, military equip-        Movies at Founders Park                               Three days of authentic culture set in
ment, interactive games, snowman           A contemporary version of the drive-in                the beautiful Mizumoto Japanese Stroll
building contests, moonwalks for the       theatre at Springfield’s founding site.               Garden. Performances include guests
smaller kids and fantastic giveaways.      Enjoy new release movies in an out-                   from our Sister City of Isesaki, Japan;
Bring the whole family and climb the       door setting. Fridays are Family Night;               taiko drummers; kimonos; local
mountain of snow.                          Saturdays are Date Night. All movies                  artisans and performing groups; a
Jordan Valley Park 866-7444                are rated G, PG, or PG-13.                            large children’s hands-on area and an
   Age: All ages                           Founders Park 866-7444                                amazing candle-light walk at the end
   Date: Jun. 19                             Age: All ages                                       of the evening.
   Time: 4-9 p.m.                            Date: Fri, Jul. 9 - Sat, Aug. 31                    Nathanael Greene Park’s Mizumoto
   fee: fREE                                 Time: Movies begin at dusk                          Japanese Stroll Garden 864-1191
                                             fee: fREE with Ticket                                  Age: All Ages
                                             Family 4-packs available at Chesterfield & Doling
Family Scramble                              Family Centers, Mediacom Ice Park & Busch
                                                                                                    Date: Sept. 10-12
The Family Scramble is a parent-child                                                               Time: Fri., 5:30-10 p.m.
                                             Municipal Building.                                          Sat., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
adventure race similar to CBS’s Amaz-
ing Race! Teams will run, hike, bike                                                                      Sun., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
through Ritter Springs Park with a map                                                              fee: $5/Adult, $2/Child 12 yrs. and under;
to find hidden checkpoints. Along the                                                                     free/Child 3 yrs. and under
way, teams will encounter silly and fun
mystery challenges to test teamwork
and problem solving skills.
Ritter Springs Park 837-5900
  Age: 7 yrs. and up
  Date: Jun. 19
  Time: 8 a.m.
                                                                                                 Rutledge- Wilson Farm Park
  fee: $30/Team                                                                                  A variety of activites for everyone are
                                                                                                 available daily at the Farm. Check out
                                                                                                 pages 10 & 11 for more information.
Aquathon Series                            Kidathalon                                            Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park 837-5949
The Aquathon Series is a series of three   The Kidathalon is a mini triathlon for                  Age: ALL
swim-run races at Doling Park. Partici-    children ages 5-14 years old. Partici-                  Date: Vary
pants earn points based upon age           pants will be introduced to triathlon
group placing each week. Top three in      races and will swim, bike, and run. All
each age group are recognized              participants receive a T-shirt, medal                        Shakespeare Festival
following the event. Each participant      and top 3 in each class will receive a                The Springfield Shakespeare Festival
will receive a T-shirt.                    custom trophy.                                        presents “The Comedy of Errors” by
Doling Family Center 837-5900              Meador Park 837-5900                                  William Shakespeare in a new outdoor
  Age: 5 yrs. and up                         Age: 5-14 yrs.                                      tradition in downtown Springfield.
  Date: Jul. 6 (Run/Swim)                    Date: Aug. 7                                        Jordan Valley Park 831-5233
          Jul. 13 (Swim/Run)                 Time: 8 a.m.                                           Age: All ages
          Jul. 20 (Run/Swim/Run)             fee: $25/Child $15/Add’l Child                         Date: Thurs.-Sun., May 20-Jun. 6
          Jul. 27 (Swim/Run/Swim)                                                                   Time: Begins 8:15 p.m.
  fee: $10/Race                                                                                     fee: fREE
          S CH O O L’S OU T • S U M M ER C AM PS • DAY C AM PS

          SPARC Early Release Program                            Ritter Springs, SPARC & Summer                    Age: 5-12 yrs.
          A program held when children are                                                                         Date: June 7-July 30 (pending
                                                                 Quest Summer Day Camp                                   Springfield Public School
          released early from school.
          McBride, Truman, Sequiota, Wanda                       Registration Festivals                                  dismissal date)
          Gray, McGregor, Weaver, Westport, and                  Plan early to fill your summer with big                 Aug. 2-13 at Oak Grove;
          Bissett Elementary Schools 837-5737                    fun. Hike, fish, swim, explore caves,                   Campers transported from two
            Age: k-5th grade                                     learn tennis techniques, wacky science                  locations to Oak Grove
            Date: Mar. 2                                         adventures, watch movies and take                 Open Door Hrs: 7-8:30 a.m.
            Time: School Dismissal-6 p.m.                        weekly field trips.                                               4:30-6 p.m.
            fee: $4-$8/Child/Day                                 SPARC 837-5737                                    Program Hrs: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
                                                                   Age: 5-13 yrs.                                  fee: $80/Week/full-day
          SPARC Intramural Spring Soccer                           Date: Apr. 15: 4:30-7:30 p.m.,                        $55/Week/half-day (In conjunction
                                                                          McBride Elementary                             with summer school only)
          Six-week season of fun, emphasized in
          this intramural soccer program. Your                            Apr. 22: 4:30-7:30 p.m.,
          child will learn the basic soccer skills                        Northview Center
          and play games.                                          fee: $80-90/Week/full-day
          McBride & Truman Elementary Schools                             $55-70/Week/half-day (In conjunction
          837-5737                                                        with Summer School Only)
            Age: 3 yrs.-5th grade
            Register by: Mar. 12                                 Ritter Springs Day Camp
            Date: Sat., Apr. 17-May 22                           Outdoor camp held at Ritter Springs
            fee: $35/Child                                       Park, located seven miles north of
                                                                 Springfield, off Highway 13 and near
          SPARC School’s Out Program                             Fantastic Caverns. Campers will hike,
          Children enjoy field trips and fun activ-              canoe, fish, swim, go on field trips, ex-
          ities while school is not in session.                  plore caves, and play sand volleyball.          Summer Quest Day Camp
          McBride, Truman, Sequiota, Wanda                       Each week has a special theme to add            Summer Camp programmed with mid-
          Gray, McGregor, Westport, Bissett, and                 to this outdoor adventure. Campers              dle school students in mind. Awesome
          Weaver Elementary Schools 837-5737                     will be provided bus transportation to-         weekly field trips and action packed
             Age: k-5th grade                                    and-from Ritter Springs Park.                   every day.
             Date: Mar. 22-26, Apr. 23                           Ritter Springs Park 837-5737                    Carver Middle Schools 837-5737
             Time: 7 a.m.-6 p.m.                                   Age: 5-12 yrs.                                  Age: 11-14 yrs.
             fee: $7-$12/Child/Day                                 Date: June 2-Aug. 13 (pending                   Date: June 7-July 30 (pending
                                                                          Springfield Public School                      Springfield Public School
          SPARC Parent’s Night Out Program                                dismissal date)                                dismissal date)
          Offered once a month to allow parents                     Open Door Sites:                                Open Door Hrs: 7-8:30 a.m.
          a night off. Let us keep your children                           Carver Middle School: 7-7:30 a.m.                         4:30 -6 p.m.
          busy with organized activities.                                                   5-6 p.m.               Program Hrs: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
          McBride, Wanda Gray, Truman,Sequiota,                           Oak Grove:        7-8 a.m.               fee: $90/Week/full-day
          Bissett, McGregor, Weller and Westport                                            5-6 p.m.                      $70/Week/half-day (In conjunction
          Elementary Schools 837-5737                                     Williams Elementary:                            with summer school only)
            Age: k-5th grade                                                                7-8 a.m.
            Date: One Fri. per month                                                        5-6 p.m.
            Time: 5-9 p.m.                                         Program Hrs: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
            fee: $5-$12/Child                                      fee: $80/Week
                                                                                                                 OAK GROVE CENTER
          SPARC & CLICK Cardinal’s Night                         SPARC Summer Day Camps
          Hammon’s Field 837-5737                                Fill summer days with swimming, arts
                                                                                                                 Martial Arts
            Age: All ages                                        and crafts, mad science, hiking, field          Learn self-defense from certified
            Date: Apr. 30                                        trips, computers, and much more. We             instructors.
            fee: $6 /Ticket                                      will keep your child busy and safe.             Oak Grove Community Center 891-1635
          **Note: Make checks payable to Springfield Cardinals   Field, McBride, Sequiota, Truman, and             Age: All ages
                                                                 Wanda Gray Elementary Schools and                 Date: Thurs. (Ongoing)
                                                                 Oak Grove Community Center                        Time: Call for information
18 • parkboard.org                                               837-5737                                          fee: $45/first Month
Facilities                                                                                      Facilities
COMMUNITY/MULTI-PURPOSE                                             Mediacom Ice Park
                                                                  Recreational and competitive ice sports can be found at
  Chesterfield Family Center                                      the Ice Park, providing perfect entertainment for
                                                                  individuals or families. Enjoy open ice skating, figure
                                                                  skating, or join a hockey team (lessons and leagues
                                                                  available for all ages). The Ice Park is home to the Missouri
                                                                  State University Hockey Bears; the Springfield Youth
                                                                  Hockey Association; the Jordan Valley Figure Skating Club;
                                                                  and the Springfield WOLFPACK. The facility is perfect for
                                                                  birthday parties, group functions or special events.
CFC features a gym, indoor track, cardio exercise and free        Discounts available.
weight rooms, aerobics, supervised childcare, game room,                                     635 E. Trafficway (417) 866-7444
a 28-foot rock climbing wall and a community room for
rent. The Aquatic Center offers a zero-depth entry, a                Springfield Skatepark
100-foot water slide, resistance walk, whirlpool, and child’s     Best skatepark in the Midwest! Featuring 13,500-square
play area. The park has a trail for walking or jogging, a         foot Indoor Park with Finland-birch ramps; and
pavilion and playground equipment. A variety of classes           25,000-square foot “Outdoor Concrete Park” with rippin’
are available, including Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming and             bowl, flow course, and street plaza. Safe environment for
Youth Classes. Annual memberships are available with              young kids and great for spectators. Open Tues.-Sun.
payment options. Start a healthy lifestyle today!                 (closed Mon. for private parties).
                     2511 W. Republic Road (417) 891-1616         Fee: $25/annual membership; $5/members; $10/non-members
  Doling Family Center                                                                 945 W. Meadowmere (417) 868-8758
DFC includes a gym, indoor
track, aerobics,
weightlifting, cardio                                               Oak Grove Community Center
equipment, community                                              Features a community room with refrigerator and sink,
room, locker room with                                            gymnasium, full-size basketball court, volleyball net, new
showers, game room, and                                           bounce house and horizontal rock wall, ping-pong,
childcare. DFC is the perfect                                     television, VCR/DVD, as well as a park with playground,
place to begin or continue                                        basketball court, youth baseball field & a frisbee-golf course.
your family’s healthy                                                              1538 S. Oak Grove Street (417) 891-1635
lifestyle. A variety of classes
are available and the facility is available to rent for special     O’Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium
occasions. Annual memberships are available with
                                                                  Offers a variety of volleyball and basketball leagues and
payment options.
                                                                  programs throughout the year. Call for program or open
                              301 E. Talmage (417) 837-5900
                                                                  gym information.
                                                                                            1408 E. Pythian (417) 837-5814
  Northview Center                                                  School-Park Offices – Jenny Lincoln Center
Northview Center is open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri. to
                                                                  SPARC Programs (Schools, Parks are Reaching
individuals 55+. There
                                                                  Communities), SPARC Before-and-After-school Programs
is no membership,
                                                                  and Intramural Sports, CLICK (Community Learning In
although some
                                                                  Centers for Kids) After-school Programs, and Summer Day
programs have
nominal fees. Rooms                                                                          300 E. Harrison (417) 837-5737
for: arts & crafts,
billiards, fitness,
                                                                    Tom Watkins Center
computers and                                                     Tom Watkins Center is available for rental for celebrations,
hospitality with library                                          family gatherings, meetings and reunions. The facility has
and book exchange. Lunch is offered Mon.-Fri. (except              tables and chairs to accommodate 30 – 40 comfortably and
holidays). Northview also houses the Accessible Recreation        has a small kitchen. Year-round rental times available.
programs for persons 18+ years with disabilities, and the         Home to several Outdoor Initiatives programs.
facility can be rented for meetings or special events.                 2100 W. High Street (in Watkins Park) (417) 833-8647
                            301 E. Talmage (417) 837-5808           $40/4-Hr. Minimum, $10/Ea. Additional Hour
            Outdoor Initiatives                                                 GOLF
          Outdoor Adventure, Environmental Education, Recreational
          Educational experiences and skills such as: artifacts and                Horton Smith Golf Course
          fossils, backpacking, camping, canoe and kayaking, caving,            This 18-hole, 6,312-yard course with driving range is perfect
          crafts, Dutch oven, fishing, Geocaching, hiking,                      for the novice, intermediate or highly skilled player. Full line
          teambuilding, photography, outdoor safety, water quality              pro shop with golf equipment, private golf lessons, junior
          monitoring, survival skills, water safety and more!                   clinics and leagues throughout the summer. Course was
                         2300 E. Valley Water Mill Road (417) 833-8647          named for Springfield’s first local champion, winner of the
                                                                                inaugural Masters Tournament in 1934, Horton Smith.
                                                                                                                2409 S. Scenic (417) 891-1639
                                                                                   Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course
            Cooper Tennis Complex                                               Renowned designer Perry Maxwell
          USTA/Missouri Valley Section “Facility of the Year” for 2006,         designed this 18-hole, 6,162-yard par
          Cooper Tennis offers 12                                                70. Named for MO Amateur winner
          indoor courts and 17                                                  Bill Stewart and PGA pro Payne
          outdoor lighted courts                                                Stewart – who was an 11-time tour
          with the 2,500-seat                                                   winner, including two U.S. Opens and
          Mediacom Stadium                                                      a PGA Championship. Course offers
          Court. The indoor                                                     driving range, practice greens and
          facility houses a                                                     pro shop.
          full-service pro shop                                                    Glenstone and I-44 (417) 833-9962
          with racquet stringing
          and grip services;                                                       Betty Allison Golf Course at Oscar Blom
          locker rooms with showers; a fitness room with exercise               A par-3, lighted course – the perfect course to learn and
          equipment and free weights; a conference room; and a large            sharpen golf skills for any member of the family. Open for
          meeting area. Programs and lessons available for all ages             evening play.
          and skill levels. Home to professional World TeamTennis                     Glenstone & I-44 (adjacent to Stewart) (417) 833-9962
          matches each July with the Springfield Lasers.
                                        2331 E. Pythian (417) 837-5800             Rivercut Golf Course
                                                                                Ranked 4.5 stars out of 5 and Golf Digest’s No. 1 Municipal
            Gillenwaters Tennis Complex                                         Golf Course in the State of Missouri (2009), Rivercut is the
          Twelve (12) outdoor courts for league play and lessons.               “Crown Jewel” of the Springfield-Greene County Park
                                     3635 S. Jefferson (417) 837-5800            Board’s public courses. An 18-hole, 7,066-yard par 72 golf
                                                                                course, it offers a practice facility, driving range and pro
            Perry Tennis Courts                                                 shop.
          Six (6) lighted courts conveniently located at National                                     2850 W. Farm Road 190 (417) 891-1645
          Avenue & Bennett.
                                National Ave. & Bennett (417) 837-5800             Connie Morris Golf Learning Center
                                                                                If you’re just starting out or a seasoned golfer, this facility is
            Phelps Grove Tennis Courts                                          designed for all ages and skill levels and is sure to improve
          Two (2) courts nestled inside Phelps Grove Park.                      your game. Facility at Rivercut Golf Course.
                                   800-1200 E Bennett (417) 837-5800                                    2846 W. Farm Road 190 (417) 823-7888

                 Picnic Pavilions                          Fassnight, Grant Beach, Living            Family Center at 891-1616. For
                                                           Memorial, Nathanael Greene, Nichols,      McBride School Park pavilion, call the
               Plan your next party…outdoors!              Phelps Grove, Ritter Springs, Sequiota,   School Park office at 837-5737 and for
               Reserve a picnic shelter for your special   Silver Springs and Smith Parks, call      the Dickerson Park Zoo pavilion, call
               event! Call 864-2098 for                    864-1049. To reserve a pavilion at        833-1570 for information and
               more information. To reserve Doling,        Chesterfield Park, call Chesterfield      reservations.

20 • parkboard.org
Facilities                                                                                              Facilities
BASEBALL/SOFTBALL &                                                     Lake Country Soccer Complex
ATHLETIC FACILITIES                                                   This complex has 18 regulation size outdoor soccer fields
                                                                      and an inside soccer dome. The indoor facility is heated, air
  Killian Sports Complex                                              conditioned, has concessions, and can be rented for parties.
A new 1,080-seat                                                                                  2334 E. Pythian (417) 862-3211
stadium (opened in
2009) and five other                                                    Spokes BMX Raceway
fields make up the                                                    Equipment needed: Bike, helmet, long sleeve shirt, long
lighted complex. The                                                  pants, and tennis shoes. For more information, call The
stadium is home to the                                                Track. Fun for all ages!
Missouri State                                                        Registration begins at 6 p.m. (Tues. & Thurs.) April – Oct.
University Softball                                                   Track rebuilt in fall 2008. New Web site!
team. A number of annual state, regional, and national                                                        www.spokesbmx.com
softball tournaments are hosted at the complex.                               Behind Ewing Park (Scenic & Bennett) (417) 831-6060
                        2141 E. Pythian Ave. (417) 837-5817

  James Ewing Sports Complex                                          SPECIAL FACILITIES /
                                                                      COMMUNITY PARKS
Features five lighted ball fields and is home to Spokes BMX
             Scenic Avenue & Bennett Street (417) 837-5817
                                                                        Rutledge-Wilson Farm Community Park
                                                                      The 207-acre farm park provides educational and
  Meador Sports Complex                                               recreational resources for the community along with
                                                                      celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of the area.
Features five softball fields, a baseball stadium and four
                                                                      Hours: Daily, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
tennis courts. Meador’s Thompson Field underwent
                                                                                          3825 West Farm Road 146 (417) 837-5949
extensive upgrades in 2008, and features Hilltop
polymer-coated infield aggregate, new press box, bleacher
seat skins, dugouts, and public address/sound system.
                                                                        Lake Springfield Boathouse and Marina
Meador is also home to the Drury University softball and              If you like the outdoors, you’ll love this 153-acre property
baseball teams.                                                       with more than one mile of shoreline and five miles of water
                          2500 S. Fremont Ave. (417) 837-5817                                                       trails. Lake
                                                                                                                    Springfield Park
  Cooper Sports Complex                                                                                             is available for
                                                                                                                    special events,
An expansive 127-acre recreational area featuring soccer
                                                                                                                    and public and
fields (see Lake Country Soccer Complex) and five baseball
                                                                                                                    private bookings.
fields, along with the Cooper Soccer Plex and Cooper Tennis
                                                                                                                    Seasonal hours
                                                                      apply for the pavilion and the canoe/kayak rentals. For
                        2300-2700 E. Pythian (417) 837-5817
                                                                      reservations, services and pricing, give us a call.
  Springfield Softball Hall of Fame Museum                            boathouse Community Room (seats 80):
                                                                                $75/hour, $150/4hours, $250/8 hours
Enjoy the documented history and memorabilia dating from
                                                                      Northwoods Pavilion (seats 140) (June 1 – Sept. 30):
the 1920’s. Hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.                                $40/4 hours, $80/8 hours
  Donations accepted
                                       Killian Sports Complex,        Canoes/kayak rental (June 1 – Sept. 30):
                                                                               $8/hour, $25/4 hours, $45/8 hours
                               2141 E. Pythian (417) 837-5817
                                                                                  2312 E. Lake Springfield Park Road (417) 891-1550

                                                                        Ozark Greenways                  system. Call for a free trail
       Jordan Valley Park                                                                                guide or check out their Web
                                                                      Growing Trail Network              site. Trails are open sunrise
     The crown jewel of                Downtown Springfield.
     Springfield’s Center City is      Available for special events   A local non-profit group           to sunset.
                                                                      preserving the Ozarks’                Fee: Free – however
     Jordan Valley Park. Play in the   and other rentals. Take the
                                                                      natural heritage through           membership to Ozark
     fountain; enjoy a concert in      greenway trail to nearby
                                                                      development of a greenway          Greenways is encouraged.
     the park or a picnic lunch        Founders Park.
                                                                      trail network for public use.         www.ozarkgreenways.org
     with family and friends. Don’t                735 E. Trafficway
                                                                      The Park Board manages                             (417) 864-2015
     miss this beautiful park in                     (417) 866-7444   the greenways as part of its
                  PARk fACILITy ALPhA LISTINg
Park Board Office                                  1923 N. Weller (864-1049)
Champion Park                                             Grant & Downing
Cherokee School-Park                                        5241 S. Holland
Chesterfield Park & Family Center       2511 W. Republic Road (891-1616)
Connie Morris Golf Learning Center       2846 W. Farm Rd. 190 (823-7888)
Cooper Park                                           2300-2700 E. Pythian
Cooper Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Complex           2331 E. Pythian (837-5800)
Cowden Park                                 Battlefield Road & Kimbrough
Cruse Dog Park                                Grand & Kansas Expressway
Dan Kinney Park
David C. Murray Park
Dickerson Park Zoo                       1401 W. Norton Road (833-1570)
Doling Family Center                            301 E. Talmage (837-5900)
Edna Norris Park                                       2056 S. Moore Road
Eugene Field Park                                            2120 Barataria
Fassnight Park                                S. Campbell & Meadowmere
Founders Park                              330 E. Water Street (866-7444)
George Washington Carver Park                                500 S. Belview
Gillenwaters Tennis Complex                   3635 S. Jefferson (891-1634)
Glenwood Park                                Cedarbrook & East Trafficway
Grant Beach Park                                            N. Grant & Lynn
Hartman Park                                   Del Prado Hills Subdivision
Hawthorn Park                                                  815 S. Market
Horton Smith Golf Course                         2409 S. Scenic (891-1639)
James Ewing Sports Complex                                Scenic & Bennett
Jenny Lincoln Park & Center               Jefferson & Harrison (837-5737)
Jordan Valley Park                         735 East Trafficway (866-7444)
Killian Sports Complex                         2141 E. Pythian (837-5817)
Kirkwood Park                                         Glendale & Seminole
L.A. Wise Park                                             3100 W. Nichols
LaFayette Park                                           2100 N. Boonville
Lake Springfield Park                        2312 S Kissick Rd. (891-1550)
Lake Country Soccer Complex                    2334 E. Pythian (862-3211)
Latimer Park
Living Memorial Park                                     4405 S. Glenstone
Loren Street Park                                          2100 W. Catalpa
Lurvey Park                                               950 S. Oak Grove
McBride School-Park                          Golden & Weaver (837-5737)
McDaniel Park                                            Sunset & National
McGregor School-Park                                      1221 W. Madison
Meador Park                                                2500 S. Fremont
Mediacom Ice Park                             635 E. Trafficway (866-7444)
Mediacom Tennis Stadium                        2331 E. Pythian (837-5800)
Miles Park                                                   2000 E. Cherry
Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden                               2400 S. Scenic
Nathanael Greene Park/Close Memorial Park                     2400 S. Scenic
Nichols Park                                               1900 W. Nichols
Northview Center                                301 E. Talmage (837-5808)
Oak Grove Park & Center                     1538 S. Oak Grove (891-1635)
Ooley Park                                                   Monroe Street
O’Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium                        1408 E. Pythian (837-5814)
Oscar Blom Golf Course (PAR 3)                Glenstone & I-44 (833-9962)
Overhill Park                                           1100 S. Overhill Rd.
Parkwood Park                                                2600 N. Barnes
Perry Tennis Courts                                     National & Bennett
Phelps Grove Park                                      800-1200 E. Bennett
Ray Kelly Park/Southside Senior Center        2225 S. Fremont (890-1313)
Rex P. Krieder, Jr. Park
Ritter Springs Park                                      Highway 13 North
Rivercut Golf Course                     2850 W. Farm Rd. 190 (891-1645)
Rountree Park                                              2975 W. Bennett
Rutledge-Wilson Park                     3825 W. Farm Rd. 146 (837-5949)
Sanford Park                                          Battlefield & Franklin
Sequiota Park                                            3500 S. Lone Pine
Silver Springs Park                                      1100 N. Hampton
Smith Park                                                 1536 E. Division
Springfield Skate Park                 945 West Meadowmere (868-8758)
Stewart Golf Course                           Glenstone & I-44 (833-9962)
Truman School-Park                  Vernon (FR 159) & Stoneridge (FR 100)
Valley Water Mill Park                      2300 E Valley Water Mill Road
Valley Water Mill Equestrian Center                           4007 N FR 171
Washington Park                                                1600 Summit
Watkins Park                                                   2100 W. High
Westport Park                                           3100 W. Mt. Vernon
Young/Lilley Park                         Chestnut Expressway/York Ave.
Zagonyi Park                                          Mt. Vernon/Park Ave.
                                                 County Park Board Office
                                                     (417) 864-1049

                                                Chesterfield Family Center
                                                     (417) 891-1616
                                                  Cooper Tennis Complex
                                                     (417) 837-5800
                                                    Dickerson Park Zoo
                                                     (417) 833-1570
                                                   Doling Family Center
                                                     (417) 837-5900
                                             Lake Springfield Boathouse & Marina
                                                     (417) 891-1550
                                                    Mediacom Ice Park
                                                     (417) 866-7444
                                                     Northview Center
                                                     (417) 837-5808
                                                     Ozark Greenways
                                                     (417) 864-2015
                                                Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park
                                                     (417) 837-5949
                                                   Springfield Skatepark
                                                     (417) 868-8758

                                             Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course
                                                     (417) 833-9962
                                                 Horton Smith Golf Course
                                                     (417) 891-1639
                                                   Rivercut Golf Course
                                                     (417) 891-1645

                                              Springfield-greene County
                                              Park board facility Locations

 Springfield-greene County Libraries
   for information, (417) 882-0714

     Springfield Library locations:
Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell Ave.
Brentwood Branch, 2214 Brentwood Blvd.
Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway
Midtown Carnegie Branch, 397 E. Central
Park Central Branch, 128 Park Central Sq.
        greene County Locations:
Ash Grove Branch, 101 E. Main
Fair Grove Branch, 81 S. Orchard Blvd.
Republic Branch, 921 N. Lindsey
Strafford Branch, 101 S. Hwy. 125
Willard Branch, 304 E. Jackson
            Valley Water Mill Park
          Located northeast of Springfield on Valley Water Mill Road
          the park offers trails around the lake, water-and-stream side
          learning stations, outdoor classroom pavilion and fishing
                          2300 E. Valley Water Mill Road (417) 833-8647

            Cruse Dog Park
          The lush six-acre park is Springfield’s first off-leash dog park
          featuring designated areas for small and large dogs to play             Dickerson Park Zoo
          and run. The park is located just west of Kansas Expressway,          Explore the world without leaving Springfield. Your zoo
          off of Grand Street. The fenced facility features water                adventure includes hundreds of animals representing
          stations for both canines and humans. Open seven-days a               South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and our own
          week, dusk-to-dawn, weather and conditions permitting.                Missouri Habitats. Tour the Ambler Diversity of Life
          Dogs must be registered and owners must provide specific              exhibits and Conservation Station for an up-close look at
          vaccination records (call for details).                               reptiles, amphibians and insects. The zoo’s “Tropical Asia”
            Fee: $25 annually per dog (maximum of two dogs per                  region showcases Asian elephants, tigers and primates. In
            owner). Daily passes available for $10 per day/per dog,             “Africa,” stand eye-to eye with giraffes on the
            plus a $10 “fob” deposit; Replacement fobs: $10                     feeding/viewing deck. Learn some of our state’s natural
                                    2100 W. Catalpa Street (417) 864-1049       history in “Missouri Habitats,” home to gray wolves,
                                                                                mountain lions, river otters, bobcats and other native
            The Railroad Historical Museum                                      animals. Take a lakefront tour of primate islands on the
          The Railroad Historical Museum is located in Grant Beach              Titus Express miniature train (seasonal operation). Kids
          Park, with access to a public pool, playground and picnic             will enjoy exploring the playground and cooling off with a
          areas. There is no admission charge. This is a non-profit             splash in the “Jumping Jewels” water play feature. Relax at
          organization dedicated to the preservation of railroad                the Bush Country Café and shop at the Safari Trading
          history. The museum is staffed by volunteers, most of whom             Company for souvenirs to remember your visit. Let your
          have a connection to the railroad industry and can answer             imagination run wild – and, don’t forget your camera!
          your questions. The museum is open 2-4p.m., Sat., May-Oct.               1401 W. Norton Road (417) 864-1800 or (417) 833-1570
          Group tours are available by appointment.                                     www.dickersonparkzoo.org and www.fozblog.org
                                       (417) 865-6829 or (417) 883-5319           Hours: Apr.-Sept. – 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily
                                  rrhistoricalmuseum@zoomshare.com                       Oct.- Mar. – 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (weather permitting)
                                                                                         Guests may stay in the park one hour
            Doling Museum                                                                after the admission gate closes.
          The Doling Museum is located on the site of the former                  Fees: $8/Adults & Teens; $5/Seniors (60 and older);
          Doling Skating Rink, once the area’s most popular                              $5/Children 3-12; under 3 and FOZ members free
          recreational attraction. The original rock wall of the building         Train: $2/person ages 1 & older (seasonal operation
          still stands. The museum contains memorabilia of Doling                        daily April-September)
          Park, including items from the amusement park and skating             Friends of the Zoo memberships for families are $65 for an
          rink days, two touch-screen kiosks to tell the story of Doling        annual pass. Call (417) 833-1570 for information.
          Park and other historical information about the Park Board
          and our community. For courtyard rentals please call.
            Hours: Tues. 2 - 6 p.m. • Fri. 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. • Sun. 1 - 5 p.m.      Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden
            Open April 11-Oct. 13; No admission fee
                              Doling Park, 301 E. Talmage (417) 837-5808                                        Unique garden of
                                                                                                                Japanese design,
            Founders Park                                                                                       complete with teahouse,
                                                                                                                moon bridge, pagoda and
          Take a walking tour at the founding site of Springfield.                                              three lakes. Located in
          Pictures and narrative text take you through our City’s                                               Nathanael Greene Park.
          history at this Downtown Springfield park location. Walk the                                          Open: 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.,
          greenway trail to nearby Jordan Valley Park. Founders Park is                                         Thurs.-Mon., Apr. 3-Oct. 31
          home to a weekday concert series, Movies at Founders Park,
          ArtsFiesta! and other activities during the warmer months.            Fee: $3-Adults, Children under 12 free
                                         330 E. Water St. (417) 866-7444                                 2400 S. Scenic (417) 891-1654
24 • parkboard.org
Facilities                                                                                     Registration
• Make checks payable to the Springfield–Greene County Park Board. Include Driver’s License number and place of
• Registration forms received without payment will be returned to you.
• Scholarships available on a limited basis. For information call (417) 864-1049.
• If you are not able to complete the registration form, please contact our office for assistance.

Mail registration form and check to:                                               Cancellation Policy:
  Springfield-Greene County Park Board                                             1. If you must cancel, please write/fax letter at least
  Program Registration                                                                five (5) business days before the activity/rental
  1923 N. Weller • Springfield, MO 65803                                              starts. Choose from these options: a)transfer to
Indicate the program you are registering for on the                                   another activity/rental, or b) receive your money
outside of your envelope.                                                             back (less a $10 processing fee.)
Some registration periods differ for a few programs. Please                         2. Refunds take 2-3 weeks.
check the specific information for programs that interest you.                     3. There will be a $20 fee for all returned checks.

 Participant’s Name:                                                Parent/Guardian Name:                          Home Phone:
 Age:                                                                                                              Work Phone:
 School (if attending):                                                                                            E-mail:
 Home Address:                                                                                                     City & Zip:

 Business Name & Address:                                                                                           City & Zip:

 Name of Activity                             Location              Session/Dates/Day/Time                          Fee

 1._______________________________________                          1.___________________________                   1._________________________

 2._______________________________________                          2.___________________________                   2._________________________

 3._______________________________________                          3.___________________________                   3._________________________

 My family and I hereby waive and release the                                                      Total Fees Enclosed $_______________________
 Springfield-Greene County Park Board and its
                                                                    Charge to my       ___Visa        ___Mastercard           Expiration Date:_______
 representatives from claims for damages and/or
 injuries incurred while participating in or as a                   Card Number___________________________________________________
 spectator of the Springfield-Greene County Park
 Board activities.
    Signature of participant or parent if participant is under 18                         Signature, exactly as it appears on the card

                                                                            I give permission for my child to be photographed while
 Return this form along with payment, to the above address.           participating in Park Board activities, and to use any photographs of
 Make checks payable to the Springfield-Greene                                   my child for Park Board promotional purposes.
 County Park Board. Include Driver’s License
 number and place of employment.                                        ___________________________________________________
                                                                                   Signature of participant or parent if participant is under 18

             If you have a disability, do you require accommodations to participate in any of these activities?______________________
             If yes, please notify us at least one week prior to start of program. Please describe accommodation needed:

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