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					                                                                                                               Vol. 42, No. 4           April 2009

San Carlos Beaches
The most private as well as the most beauti-
ful beaches are only accessible by boat. (See
section on Best Anchorages). But, many good
beaches can be reached by car and are only a
short walk from the parking area.
Beaches in Mexico are public property and are
considered to be in a federal zone. There are
many public access sites, but it is improper to
access beaches by using private property or
hotel property.
These are the main beaches accessible from the
highway in San Carlos, Miramar, or Empalme:
1. San Francisco Beach near the Pilar Condo-
2. La Posade Beach near the old La Posada
3. Beach at Shangri-La Cove, adjacent to the
Beach Club
4. Piedras Pintas Beach (Frenchy’s Cove) next
to the Mirador Escénico
5. Algodones Beach, a long stretch of beaches
at the north end of the Scenic Highway, which
includes the beaches of:
Plaza San Carlos Hotel                            This beach can be accessed easily from the          center of San Carlos, just before you reach
Catch 22 Beach                                    Scenic Highway. At the La Posada Condo-             the Mirador Escénico , you will pass this little
Paradiso Beach                                    minium sign, turn toward the water and drive        cove, sometimes called Frenchy’s Cove . It is a
6 Miramar Beach in Miramar                        up to the parking lot. You will see a sign on the   favorite seascape view for local artists.
7. Cochorit Beach near Empalme (map page          left (east) side of the road pointing to the La     You can reach this by a footpath from the
82)                                               Posada Condos . They have model units ready         Mirador, or by car from the road. To reach this
8. Playa del Sol Beach near Empalme               for your inspection. The big beautiful beach        beach, turn left before reaching the gates to Mi-
                                                  is still as popular as ever. The beach here has     rador, drive down a dirt road to the first beach
      How to Get To the Beaches                   a pebbly bottom, so it is good, but not perfect     of a string of little coves and sandy beaches
                                                  for swimmers. The best thing about La Posada        The first little beach is called Piedras Pintas
1. San Francisco Beach—Near Pilar Condo-          beach is its protected location and long strip of   (Speckled Rocks). There is. plenty of room for
minios and Condos Delfin                          firm sand for walking the beach.                    parking cars or RV’s. This small cozy pebble
You can reach this beach by way of the paved                                                          beach, about four miles long, is sheltered from
road to Condominios Pilar and Bahia Delfin,       3. The Beach Club (Shangri-La Cove)                 the wind. After you turn in, drive .4 mile to the
just off the Scenic Highway. This is a famous     (Formerly occupied by the Shangri-La Trailer        left to reach the nicest part of the beach. This is
shell beach. It is a long, sandy beach with       Park) This beach is a small, protected, well-       an excellent place to spend the morning play-
cream-colored sand, pretty shells and good        groomed, but rocky beach with chairs and            ing and picnicking.
swimming. The section in front of Pilar Condos    lounges but the beach is for anyone. To get         Some of the best tide pools are at Playa Piedras
is well tended by the Pilar Condo staff. The      there, take the main highway all the way to the     Pintas . Swimming and snorkeling are also
waters at this beach and Cochorit seem to be      dead end at the Frutería grocery, turn left, and    very good. It’s a favorite place for sailboarding,
the only ones with soft, sandy bottoms. San       drive on the red brick road to the end (about       small sailboats, and kayaks. Fishing for trig-
Francisco Beach has a protected cove and is       300 yards).                                         gerfish is usually good here. No shade on this
pretty and comfortable enough to spend the                                                            beach. Garbage is under fair control. It’s nice
day there. We went there with some women on       4. Playa Piedras Pintas Beach                       for evening campfires, but overnight camping
vacation on a very warm day. They enjoyed the     When you survey the view from Mirador               is not permitted on this beach. Don’t attempt to
water so much that they wouldn’t come out of      Escénico (Scenic Lookout), you will notice          drive this dirt road during a rainy spell. Even
the water until long after the sun set!           the pretty turquoise waters of Calleta Lalo and     two or three weeks after a heavy rain the roads
                                                  the Anegado Lalo Reef on the left at the base       are muddy and your car will get probably get
2. La Posada Beach—Near La Posada Hotel           of the lookout. About 3 1/2 miles north of the      stuck.                           Continued p. 4
                                                                 2009 Board of Directors &                                    2009	Calendar
                                                              Officers and Executive Committee
                                                                                                                 Mar     2       Bridge Meeting
                                                                                                                        21       Dinghy Repair Day
                                                             Commodore:      Bruce Zortman 529-7262                     25       General Meeting
                                                             Vice Commodore: Matt Alexander 514-5653
                                                             Rear Commodore: Ed Gray         319-1807            Apr     6       Bridge Meeting
                                                             Treasurer:      Scott Seabree 881-6568                     19       Spring Picnic
                                                             Secretary:      Carol Ray       886-3405                   22       General Meeting
                                                             Past Commodore: John Babicz     299-6670
                                                             Fleet Surgeon:  Mark Thornburgh 743-7971
                                                                                                                 May      4      Bridge Meeting
                                                             Boat Measurer: Wally Alexander 325-2903                     13      General Metting
                                                                                                                      22-24      May Regatta, San Carlos
                                                                  2009 Standing Committees                               25      Cruise - Rally

                                                                                                                 June    8       Bridge Meeting
    “To promote, protect, and foster the sport of sailing,   Calling:        Skip French          300-5124              24       General Meeting
    to encourage the members to become familiar with         Cruising:       Rex Weedon          747-1098
    and adhere to the rules of navigation and seamanship,    Club Store:     Deana Pos           886-3798
    and to promote and encourage sociability and friend-
                                                                                                                 July    6      Bridge Meeting
                                                             Dinghy:         Joseph di Matteo 297-4855
    ship among its members.” Bylaws, Article IV              History:        Garry Morris         661-1875
                                                             Membership: Mark McDade             850-8207
    The Windbreaker is published monthly, except             Picnic:         Glen Brostedt        881-0587        Safety Seminar, April 18th, 11:00am
    July and December, by the Tucson Sailing Club,           Publicity:      Jerry Helm          572-9386         El Parador on Broadway. Everybody
    and has been published since 1970.                       Racing:         Bill Ahrens         991-7658         is invited. $12.95, which covers the
                                                             Raffle:         Linae McDade         850-8207        meal and rent on the room. Make your
    The Windbreaker welcomes sailing related sub-            Safety Afloat: Chris Edmonson        664-5044        reservation with Stu Willoughby.
    missions of interest to Southern Arizona sailors,        Golf            Cassie Pundt         398-8266
                                                             Webmaster:      Rex Weedon          747-1098         Spring Picnic April 19th, 11:00am
    including photos and graphics. The deadline for
                                                             Windbreaker: Garry Morris           661-1875         Silverbell Park. Bring side dish or des-
    submission is the 10th of the month.
                                                                   Editors email:	           sert. Drinks and main course provided.
    The Windbreaker is mailed before the monthly                                                                  April Program: Bob Mullikin, building
    general meeting.                                                                                              an aluminum sailboat.

    Advertising is available for sailing related ac-                     General Meetings                         CEDO: “Vaquita: the World’s Most
    tivities and merchandise.                                  O’Malley’s On Fourth 247 N. 4th Avenue             Endangered Marine Mammal” Go
                                                                Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 pm
       TSC members:                                                                                               to
          $3.00 per column inch                                           Bridge Meetings                         view/103/102/lang,en/ for info. April 31,
       Non-members:                                           Cody’s Beef and Beans 2708 E. Ft. Lowell            2009 UofA
          $4.00 per column inch                                  First Monday of the Month, 7:00 pm

    Please submit your articles and information by                          Annual Dues
    email to:                                      $40/single -- $60/family
              Garry Morris, Editor                              Mail to: TSC Membership Chairman
                                                                   Mark McDade PO Box 50522                                   Salty Tidbit
                                                                          Tucson, AZ 85703
                                                                      Club Correspondence                                     Slush Fund
                                                                                Mail to:
                                                                            Scott Seabree                               Now what could “slush fund” have
                                                                          Tucson Sailing Club                 to do with the sea when we know it reigns
                                                                        2525 E. Broadway Blvd.                high and dry on Wall Street?
                                                                               Suite 102                                Well, if you had ever been a galley
Santa Rosalia harbor, early 1900’s, overlooking                           Tucson, AZ 85716                    cook, you’d realize that it had something
French Mesa                                                                                                   to do with food—but a special kind of food
                                     No	zip	left	in	your	zippers?		That	snap	won’t	snap?		Can’t	see           that was no longer edible even for the galley
                                         through	that	glass?		Got	a	rip	in	your	bimini,	buster?               slaves. What the cook wiped off the cutting
                                                               Personalized                                   board and saved in a large bucket was called
                                                      “Canvas Counseling Service”                             slush. Because even in those old days when
                                        Available to help you decide if your canvas or sails are in deep      dumping refuse in harbors and waterways
                                       trouble, need replacing or can be refreshed with a little time and     was slightly frowned upon, the “slush”
                                                                      attention.                              was kept until it was convenient to dump
                                                 Don’t pay $40 to $75 an hour at the marina!                  it overboard at sea. It was in fact, anything
                                      Repairs and new project fabrications (covers, upholstery, sail bags,    that could be discarded without worry or
                                        etc.) are offered at a flat hourly rate ($25 per hour) plus cost of   repercussions.
                                          materials. For a free evaluation, call or email Sue from the                  Did I mention Wall Street?
                                           S/V	Toucan at 520-975-3109, or                Bruce
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    Page 2
                           Commodore’s                            Remember to apply for your                 • A sailing vessel must give way only (1) when
                                                       passports!                                            overtaking a powered vessel, (2) when the
                             Corner                               Now that the Rally cruise is one month     powered vessel is fishing, (3) when the powered
                            April 2009                 closer, fine tuning our preparations is the order     vessel is out of command or disabled, (4) and
                                                       of the day:                                           when the powered vessel is maneuvering in a
                                  Stu Willoughby                Basic Rules of the Road                      channel.
                        presented       a     highly   Vessels Under Sail                                                   Rules of the Road
                        informative “lecture” on       • When two sailing vessels approach each other,       Other Matters
                        charging and maintaining       the vessel that is on a port tack must give way to               Also bear in mind that when departing
                        electrical systems on          the other vessel. In other words, the other vessel    or entering an enclosed harbor or shelter such
board all types of sailing vessels. His thorough       that is on a starboard tack has the right of way.     as the San Carlos Marina, you must obey the
knowledge of electrical systems was both               One method of remembering that a vessel on            rules for a powered vessel since most marinas
impressive and instructive, especially to those        the starboard tack has the right of way is to also    require that motor propulsion be used in such
of us who assume a battery, wires and switches         remember that starboard is the right side of your     congested areas. Therefore, as on our highways,
are all you need to operate safely and efficiently     vessel when you are facing the bow. Right-            you should stay on the right side of the channel
the increasing number of parts and instruments         starboard-right-with-a-green-light!                   until you clear the “no-wake” entrance, which
that require electrical current. Most valuable         • If two sailing vessels are on the same tack, that   unfortunately, for the sake of a thrill, most
was Stu’s reminder that the corrosive effects of       is, both are on either a port or a starboard tack,    fishing craft disregard. Additionally, most
electrical current and salt air require the constant   the one to windward must give way. In other           harbors and shelters exhibit a black can buoy
maintenance of the systems. Thank you Stu for          words, the vessel that is closer to the direction     and a green flashing light at night on the right
sharing your experiences and knowledge.                from which the wind is blowing must give              side of the entrance when you are departing. On
           A hearty welcome to our new                 way to the other vessel because the vessel to         returning remember that the black can buoy and
members: Kirsten and Skip French, and Larry            windward has greater maneuverability and can          green flashing light will be on your left and that
Liascos.                                               come about to avoid collision. Also, the vessel       the red nun buoy and red flashing light will be
           I understand from Mark McDade that          to windward can “steal” the wind, rendering the       on the right, thus red-right-returning.
the dinghy repair day on March 21 went well,           vessel to leeward a great disadvantage.                          When clear of the channel and on the
and that the fleet is ready for the spring picnic      • When one sailing vessel is overtaking another       unobstructed sea, also remember that it takes
and races on April 19th.                               sailing vessel, it must give way to the other         two to tango. Never assume that the other vessel,
           Lanae McDade has moved forward              vessel. In other words, it stands to reason           be it under sail or motor powered, adheres to the
with leaps and bounds with the regatta raffle          that the vessel overtaking the other has better       rules of the road. It is your responsibility to
scheduled for Sunday, May 24th at the Plaza            visibility and maneuverability than the one           avoid collision by any means available.
San Carlos. She has prepared an informative            being overtaken.                                                 When you sight a vessel on your
letter and attractive calling card to present to       • A vessel in the process of coming about or          starboard or port side on a course that will
any prospective donor. This year donations             jibing must give way to the other vessel. In          eventually cross your bow take periodic relative
in the form of gift cards and small articles are       other words, it stands to reason that if a vessel     bearings on the vessel to determine whether you
preferable so as to eliminate transporting large       is changing tack into or away from the wind, its      are on a collision course. If the relative bearing
and bulky items to San Carlos. Already her team        intentions from the other vessel’s point of view      of the other vessel does not change, you can be
has received several donations such as airline         cannot be certain; therefore, the vessel in the       sure a collision is imminent.
tickets and slips at the Marina. For further           process of maneuvering must give way to the                      For example, at 9 a.m. another vessel
information and to download the letter contact         other vessel.                                         is sighted 45˚ off your starboard bow (45˚ from Letters and calling           • A vessel that must give way to another vessel       your bow centerline). At 9:05 the other vessel
cards will be available at the general meeting on      must also pass astern of the other vessel. In         is sighted still at a 45˚ angle off your starboard
April 22nd.                                            other words, as in the overtaking situation, the      bow. At 9:07 the angle has not changed. You
           A reminder that the cruising safety         vessel that must give way has better visibility       are on a collision course if your vessel and
presentation will be held at El Parador                and maneuverability than the vessel that is           the other remain on course and speed. Don’t
Restaurant, 2744 East Broadway on Saturday,            ahead of it.                                          wait until there is only the thickness of your
April 18th at 11 a.m. Reservations must be made        • A vessel on a run that is approaching a close-      hull paint between you. After checking for any
by April 15th.                                         hauled vessel on the same tack must give way          other obstacles such as shoals and other vessels,
           The Top Gun Lazer Races and Picnic          to the other vessel. In other words, a vessel         change your course so that you will pass astern
is scheduled at 11 o’clock on Sunday, April            that is running on a starboard tack has more          of the other vessel.
19th at Columbus Park. Entrees of chicken,             maneuverability than a close-hauled vessel on                     Next month I’ll deal with converting
hamburgers and sausages as well as all kinds of        the same tack.                                        compass courses and bearings to true. Until then,
beverages will be provided by the club. Please                      Rules of the Road                        try to avoid collisions at sea. They are truly wet
bring a covered dish, salad or dessert to fill in      One Sailing Vessel and One Powered Vessel             and nasty. Bruce Zortman
the chinks.
           Please review the deadlines for
making reservations for the ferry, hotel, and
Rally festivities at Santa Rosalia. Loretta and
the committee have provided every detail in
their brochures about the venture. Check them
           April’s general meeting will be at
O’Malley’s on Fourth Avenue at 7:30. Bob
Milligan, a local boat builder, will present an
exciting and unusual topic: planning, building
and financing the construction of an all
aluminum sailboat (salt water hates it). Don’t
miss this unusual event.
           And the next Bridge will be at Cody’s
Beef and Beans on Monday, May 4th at 7 o’clock
(we missed Cinco by one day, darn it, but we’ll
drink to it anyway).
                                                                                                                                                        Page 3
                                                                                                            board meeting; discussed, but no action.
                                                                                                            Membership – Mark McDade – presented
                                                                                                            applications from Curtis and Sue Smith
                                                                                                            (family membership) of Tumacacori , AZ, and
                                                                                                            from Lance Ransom of Tucson – owner of a
                                                                                                            Montgomery 15, and Larry Liascos of Tucson, a
                                                                                                            Laser sailor who helped at the Laser refurbishing
                                                                                                            day, for membership. Also a request from Dan
                                                                                                            and Audie Dolan to be reinstated with payment
                                                                                                            of 2008 and 2009 dues (only). Discussed and all
                                                                                                            approved for membership.

                 The Tucson Sailing Club presents its                                                       Club Store – Deana Pos – sold in excess of
                                                                                                            $100 in merchandise at March general meeting.
                   Annual Spring Picnic featuring                                                           There is continued interest in items for sale.

                          Top Gun Races                                                                     Regatta – Bruce distributed letters and calling
                                                                                                            cards to people wishing to solicit items for the
                                                                                                            raffle, to use in their efforts. Wally offered to
                                                                                                            contact Star Marine in San Carlos, Glen offered
                                    Sunday, April 19                                                        to procure six tickets to Old Tucson. Others
                                                                                                            sources: slip at the San Carlos Marina, breakfasts
                                         11 – 4
                                                                                                            from the Barrracuda, donation from Catalina
                                                                                                            Marine. Garry suggested publicly recognizing
                                                                                                            donors at the presentation time of each raffle
                                     Columbus Park                                                          donation. Bill announced the banquet will be
                                                                                                            at the San Carlos Plaza, OUTSIDE. The Fiesta
                                                                                                            isn’t as hungry for us as they sounded. Trophies
                                                                                                            will be the ironwood carvings produced in the
              Please bring a side or dessert to share.                                                      San Carlos area with brass plaques.

              Barbecue, buns and beverages provided.                                                        Cruise – Loretta emailed her report for the
                                                                                                            Rally:    marina slips reserved, Wednesday
                                                                                                            banquet firmed up, tours to San Marcos Island
Beaches (Cont from p.1)                                                                                     and caves in order; still expecting 25 boats and
                                                    7. Cochorit Beach                                       70 people, (including 14 coming by ferry), to
5. Algodones Beach                                  This natural and unpopulated beach is a little          participate. Rex – some people cruising north
Why is it called Algodones” which means “cot-       south of Empalme, not a long drive from here.           and most going south.
ton”? Some say it’s because it is white; others     Drive through Empalme, past the La Cobacha
claim it’s because the sand is soft as cotton. It   Restaurant. When you get to the La Cobacha,             Program – Bruce expressed appreciation to Stu
is the smoothest and the whitest beach in San                                                               Willoughby’s brilliant presentation on batteries
                                                    turn right on the first paved road and drive less       and electrical systems on sailboats. April’s
Carlos. Algodones beach is 6 miles from the         than a mile to the beach. It is usually unpopu-         program will see Bob Milligan speaking on the
center of San Carlos. To get there, take the Sce-   lated, but can be extremely crowded during              past eight year building of a 31ft. aluminum sail
nic Highway to Paradiso Resort & Beach Club         spring and summer holidays such as Semana               boat to be launched in November 2009, the how
(Old Club Med). A half mile before reaching         Santa. The beach goes on for miles and is a             and why he did it. Garry will present a program
Paradiso, turn left toward the beach. There are     sure bet for shell collectors. Shell collecting is      on a La Paz cruise in May, and Alan Lehman at
several dirt roads that give access to the beach.   best at low tide after a big storm has washed           trip to Hawaii later.
The beach extends a few miles on both sides         the shells ashore. Lowest tides occur in the
of San Carlos Plaza Hotel and runs for several                                                              Windbreaker – Garry always needs pictures
                                                    winter months at the full moon and the new              and stories from members. Announced he will
miles up to Club Med and beyond.                    moon.                                                   not be at the picnic or general meeting in April,
This is a beautiful beach with soft sand dunes.                                                             so needs someone to take pictures and if video
However it can get trashy, tends to be windy,       8. Playa del Sol                                        equipment needed for meeting, to let him know
and signs posted there warn against swimming        Playa del Sol is a little farther from San Carlos       soon.
because of the undertow.                            than Cochorit and is even more isolated than
The section of Algodones in front of Plaza San      Cochorit. Drive south on Highway 15. At                 Dinghy – Mark reported, he, Glen, Ned,
Carlos Hotel is kept very clean, and the soft,      Kilometer 113, turn right on a dirt road and go         Peter and Alan Burgard, Joe Matteo and new
fine sand invites you to sit, sleep or daydream                                                             prospective member Larry Liascos participated
                                                    about 2 miles to the beach. Beware of the sting         in cleaning up the Lasers and making minor
all day long under the palapa.                      rays. ALWAYS shuffle the sand with your feet            repairs on March 21.
The next stretch of Algodones Beach is called       when walking in the water. See p.49 for more
the Catch 22 Beach because the movie was            information. Compiled from the San Carlos               OLD BUSINESS
filmed there in the early ‘70’s. Catch 22 Beach     Website by Herm Beeck                                   Picnic – Glen – will be Sunday April 19 at
gets a lot of use, and there are not enough trash                                                           Silverbell Lake, potluck with club providing
cans to handle all the debris.                                                                              meat entrée and beverages. Starts at 11AM,
On Algodones beach, the beach just beyond            Tucson Sailing Club Bridge Meeting                     dinner at Noon, Laser match racing at 1PM.
Paradiso is one of the prettiest beaches in this                                                            Skip French to remind members.
area. It has a particularly beautiful view. The                            4-6-09
                                                                                                            Re-announced Safety Seminar at El Parador
sand dunes in this area are especially nice,                                                                Restaurant April 18.
clean and private, but it tends to be windy.         Present: Bruce Zortman, Glen Brosted, Ed
Overnight camping is allowed there.                  Gray, Matt Alexander, Rex Weedon, Mark
                                                     McDade, Deana Pos, Mark Thornburgh, Bill               NEW BUSINESS
                                                     Ahrens, Garry Morris, Skip French, Ned Pos,            Rich Watson suggested club form a 501C3
6. Miramar Beach                                     Jerry Helm, Rich Watson, Sabra Zortman,                foundation for boat donors. Discussed and
In the suburb of Miramar, between San Carlos         Wally Alexander, guest Bob Milligan, and               decided it puts us in a different world and
and Guaymas, there is a popular beach, busy on       Carol Ray.                                             not viable for this club. Rex mentioned club
weekends with volleyball, pedal boats, kayaks,                                                              members are not using the message board on
                                                     Meeting called order about 7:05PM by                   the website. It was also announced that next
lots of kids and teens, music, and a beer and                                                               Board meeting there will be information on a
taco restaurant. You can rent banana boats,          Commodore Bruce Zortman, at Cody’s Beef &
                                                     Beans Restaurant, Tucson AZ                            new membership directory.
pedal boats, inner tubes, etc. on the beach.
To get there, go to the suburb of Miramar lo-        Minutes of the March meeting were reviewed             There being no further business, meeting
cated between San Carlos and Guaymas. Turn           and accepted.                                          adjourned at 8:00PM.
right before the overpass bridge where the sign
points to Miramar and continue to the end of         Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer not present, no         Carol Ray, Secretary
the road (1 mile). Drive down a short residen-       report. It was noted that it is disrespectful to the
tial street to the beach. Dirt parking lot.          Club, not to have a full treasurer’s report at each
Page 4
                                                       the wind is screaming while at anchor. We carry             That covers the deck and upper hardware
       A Safety List, of Sorts                         three additional anchors including the old CQR;        pretty well although I am sure that there have
           By Chris Edmonson                           two danforths.                                         been small projects that have enhanced livability
                                                                                                              there too.
                                                             The aft stainless steel rails did not go far
   Ask anyone who has lived on a boat and put a
                                                       enough forward to handle adding lots of gear to               This boat, a Morgan 41 Classic, is very
few miles under the keel a question like, “What
                                                       them so we added two seven foot sections to the        comfortable to begin with but there are a lot
sort of safety precautions do you take?” and you
                                                       aft end of the life line stanchions. It was here       of safety considerations below decks. There
will start a long conversation. The problem is
                                                       that we mounted two 135 watt solar panels that         are hand holds in every conceivable place that
that almost everything on the boat, even those
                                                       could be easily deployed at anchor. We added           I can attest to being quite necessary when we
things that bring comfort, are contributing to the
                                                       a motor mount to carry our dinghy motor to the         have been off shore. We replaced many of the
safety issues.
                                                       stern and eventually, fifteen hundred miles later,     older lights and are still in the process of adding
                                                       added a crane to lift the dinghy motor which has       fans everywhere they will fit because they do
     When we left Portland we knew the boat
                                                       improve crew health immensely by having fewer          make a difference when it’s warm. The galley is
wasn’t really ready. That is, it is a well found
                                                       strained backs. The dinghy davits were also            to starboard in the classic “U” shape that helps
boat but there was still a long list of things that
                                                       reinforced to handle more weight from extended         you stay put when underway. The two heads
needed to be done before we could say that it
                                                       angles and through bolted to be sure they were         are small enough to assist in getting in and out
was ready for all conditions. Keep in mind that
                                                       not going to detach themselves somehow. In             without trauma and the berths, with hand holds,
we had replaced most of the standing rigging
                                                       one of the marinas along the way we added a            are spacious but designed to help you stay put
and some of the running rigging. Since that’s
                                                       wooden rail forward to accommodate fuel and            when needed. We added a lee cloth to the port
what holds the mast up (standing rigging) and
                                                       water containers to extend our range if needed.        settee/berth and put non-skid mats under the
hoists and controls the sails (running rigging) it
                                                       Part of the process of failures along the way          carpet runners to keep your feet from sliding
seemed a good place to start. We ran out of time
                                                       meant that we also took apart the windlass and         along as well as on the Nav station. We took
before we could complete the standing rigging
                                                       noted that we needed extra key stock should the        out the TV and microwave replaced them with
and had to wait until a thousand miles later in
                                                       one that was in place fail (which it eventually        a wine rack and cup/dish cabinet. You might
San Diego. We looked for chafed or frayed
                                                       did). We had hauled out ALL of the anchor chain        not think of this as a safety thing at first but
lines and we considered replacing the life lines
                                                       and noted where it was marked (in fathoms and          having an old fashioned TV (think, glass) in a
and maybe re-bedding the stanchions. That was
                                                       multiples of fathoms) so that we would know            vulnerable place is a concern. The micro wave
delayed due to their being in good condition
                                                       how much we had deployed or how much we had            could not be run at anchor given the size of our
but the idea was that it was important to look at
                                                       left to go before running out. The roller furler       inverter anyway so storage was a better idea.
them carefully and make that determination.
                                                       was replaced because the old one was starting          We replaced all of the hoses for the heads and in
                                                       to stick and there were signs of breaking ball         the process added macerators and fresh (double)
    We modified the mast and sail systems in the
                                                       bearings. That was aided by our replacement of         hose clamps to all hoses and through hulls. All
quest for safety as well. We installed a few mast
                                                       the forestay (standing rigging). We added solar        this led to replacing a hose on the engine cooling
steps to make it easier to get to the mains’l head
                                                       garden lights (that can be removed and stowed          system because it had developed a kink that got
to work on the shackle on the halyard should
                                                       when we move to different anchorages) because          noticed as we were working on other hoses. All
there be a problem. We wired the shackle closed
                                                       pangas operators may not see the boat easily           this put us in a much better mental place as we
after attaching it to the sail so that we would not
                                                       in an anchorage and because it makes the boat          now know the state of several systems aboard.
have one of those middle of the night problems
                                                       easier to see if we are returning late at night.
where the shackle comes undone and shoots to
                                                                                                                 We added a whole new bank of Rolls batteries
the top of the mast with no way to retrieve it.
                                                           There were already safety items attached to        while still in Portland to boost the house bank
The same procedure was followed in putting up
                                                       the rails like the Man Overboard throw-able Life       up to a much larger capacity. Later we found
the roller furled 130 genoa. We added lazy jacks
                                                       Sling and the GPS antenna when we started.             that other batteries had failed completely but
so that the mainsail could be doused quickly
                                                       The rails were also the place for a larger BBQ         the new Rolls were our main batteries for our
with a minimum of drama getting it corralled
                                                       and, as was pointed out earlier, the solar panels      work around electrical storage component until
and tied down to the boom. The dodger and
                                                       are attached there as well. We have the two boat       we replaced our work around in La Cruz (near
windshield had been replaced a couple of years
                                                       hooks in the cockpit and sometimes forward on          Puerto Vallarta). As mentioned already, we
earlier in anticipation of extended cruising. The
                                                       the deck dependant upon conditions. Jack lines         are awaiting a visit from a friend who will be
bimini, I might add here, is a full cover for the
                                                       to attach ourselves to when in heavy seas and          bringing down a new controller for the solar
cockpit mostly because we were going south. In
                                                       we need to go forward (in our harnesses and            system to replace the one that we had added in
the north part of the voyage it would have been
                                                       inflatable PFD’s, of course) were added from the       Portland that failed during our battery episode.
a “good thing” to have added a section aft of
                                                       outset and the rule on the boat is that at night,      These are critical in order to have lights when
the steering wheel to protect from the wind from
                                                       heavy seas or not, we clip onto the jack lines if      sailing at night or operating various radios in
that quarter as well. In the south it is not an
                                                       we go out of the cockpit. Here along the Gold          case of an emergency.
issue. We Cetol-ed the topside wood to protect
                                                       Coast of Mexico where the weather is warm and
it from the sun. In the process of doing this we
                                                       the water is near perfect we still follow this rule.       We were given a SPOT tracker at the bon
noticed that some of the hand hold rails where
                                                       I mean, what good is safety equipment if you           voyage party and having that has meant that
getting thin (likely due to years of sanding lightly
                                                       don’t use it?                                          family could receive notices that we are doing
before varnishing) and they were replaced. The
                                                                                                              well even when we are away from other forms of
anchor was replaced because it was under sized
                                                           On our current list for updates is a new radar     communication that they can receive normally.
for the job we knew it would have to do in
                                                       reflector because the one we have up is getting a      On board we have a HAM/SSB radio now along
difficult anchorages along the way. The change
                                                       bit frayed around the edges. We also have a new        with the new VHF radio plus two handhelds.
out for us was to go from a 35 pound CQR to a
                                                       solar panel controller on its way to us because        We started with four GPS’s but one failed right
44 pound Lewmar spade. The results of that, by
                                                       the old one seems to have fried at some point          away so we have three, at the moment, and we
the way, have been a lot of peace of mind when
                                                       south of San Diego!                                                         Safety List (Continued p 7)

                                                                                                                                                      Page 5
                                              Santa Rosalita Rally Update
 Everything is in place – we have the start <http://www.tucsonsailing-          dor Restaurant on Broadway between Tuc-
of the rally and the rally monitor (the guy> , but payment must be sent to         son Blvd and Country Club, starting around
keeping track of the boats) all squared           Scott Sebree, 2525 E. Broadway, Suite 102,      11-11:30 am. Everyone is encouraged to at-
away. The marina slips are reserved. The          Tucson, AZ 85716. The Ferry participants        tend – those that are new to crossing the Sea
marina Tues party is arranged with some           should register also, indicating in the space   of Cortez and those that are “old-hand” at
rather nice munchies. The Wed event ban-          for boat information that they are going on     it. The old-timers should attend to impart
quet is all set with the food, beer, and enter-   the Ferry.                                      their vast knowledge and to enjoy a little
tainment. The tours to the cave paintings                                                         fun. Contact Stu Willoughby if attending
and San Marcos are in place. We have the          For hotel reservations in Santa Rosalia         the seminar.
commemorative bags designed and ready             – contact Stu Willoughby, mardickerson@
for final print. There has been a significant                                    Rex will have the cruise packet, which con-
interest in T-shirts, so we will have shirts                                                      tains the Rally information, available for
available based on pre-registration.              There are a few people who are willing          the safety seminar.
                                                  to crew for those looking for someone to
Important reminder – the deadline for reg-        go across with them. Those needing crew/        Thanks,   Loretta
istration is April 30, due to the need to         wanting to crew should contact Loretta
order bags and t-shirts (no extras will be        Peto.
made up-you don’t register, you don’t get).
You can register on-line at www.tucsonsail-       The safety seminar is Sat Apr 18 at El Para-

                                                                                                                                                  g. morris photo
                                                                                                                                  May 08 Race

                                                      For the Truth Is...
                                                  One ship drives east,and another west
For the truth is, that I already                   With the self same winds that blow;
know as much about my fate as                           ‘ Tis the set of the sails                Mares’ tales and Mackerel
I need to know. The day will                                And not the gales                                Scales
come when I will die, so the                                                                      Make tall ship Captains take
                                                       That decide the way to go.
only matter of consequence                                                                               in their sails.
before me is what I will do
    with my allotted time.       Like the winds of the sea are the way                            Red sky at night – Sailor’s
                                                                  of fate                                  delight.
    I can remain on shore,                             As the voyage through life;
paralyzed with fear, or I can                           ‘ Tis the will of the soul
raise my sails and dip and soar                           That decides its goal,
        in the breeze.
                                                      And not the calm or the strife.
Safety List (Continued from p 5)
tend to use two at any given point. Our older        red cabin night lights so we can see where we        when talking to other cruisers.
radar is called into service on any night passages   are stepping at night without ruining our night
and is a Raymarine RL9 unit that works well…         vision.                                                  This is by no means a complete list of things
even though it didn’t when we started. We tend                                                            to think about but definitely a place to start. In
to follow the Keep-It-Simple thought process as         There are a few organizational issues that we     all likelihood I have forgotten to include things
much as possible but electrically we are getting     try to adhere to as well. We have inventoried        that we have done to make the boat safer and
more complex all the time without, yet, buying       many of the items that are not used everyday so      more comfortable. Most things seem to relate
into chart plotters and the like. We like paper      that we know where they are stored, although at      to safety, in any event, and along with checking
charts and cruising guides for lots of reasons.      this point it would be a good idea to check that     our drive shaft connection regularly, doing oil
One thing that we added a few months back            initial list and update it because we have found     changes and generally looking carefully at any
when I did a boat delivery from La Cruz back to      better ways to do things as we have progressed.      moving parts from time to time we are a very
San Diego were a set of amplified USB internet       Storage in general is an issue because we still      happy boat.
Wi-Fi antennas. This has meant better internet       have far too many things not secured well
IF it is available. We have on-board but have        enough to do well on a long off shore passage…       Chris Edmonson
not yet installed a packet radio modem (TNC)         this is something we are working through
for e-mail via shortwave radio. This will have       currently and hope to master in the next year or
to be completed before we go seriously off           so. Too much stuff and not enough room is a
shore somewhere. Below decks we also have            common problem to all cruising boats we find

                                                                                                                                                 g. morris photo
                                                                                                                                  May 08 Race
                                      Watch out for Jellyfish and Sting Rays in San Carlos
Watch out for Jellyfish and Sting Rays in San        place to seek emergency attention, and it’s the      the water, you may feel a painful “zing” if one
Carlos                                               closest place to get help if you are south of        of these touches your skin. It’s painful, but a
On empty beaches such as Playa del Sol beach,        Guaymas. In San Carlos, go to Rescate or one         single sting fades fairly quickly.
Cochorit beach and sometimes in San Carlos,          of the local doctors for treatment .                 If someone gets tangled up in jellyfish ten-
beware of sting rays and jellyfish. The rays         Jellyfish are only a problem in warm water,          tacles, see Chapter 10, pp. 95-96 for more
rarely bother a person unless they are taken by      usually in the summer time, extending into           information on treating the injuries.
surprise. The overwhelming majority of sting-        early fall. You should keep your eyes open for       There are some species of jellyfish that can kill,
ray injuries occur when a person steps on one,       their pretty watery blue floats (like a lopsided     which live in the tropical waters of Australia
or when a diver sticks their hand in a crevice       bubble) floating on the surface of the water. If     and Southeast Asia, but the jellyfish around San
where one is hiding. ALWAYS shuffle your             you see jellyfish in the water, or if you run into   Carlos, while painful, are not considered life
feet as you walk in the water to announce your       pieces of tentacle, get out of the water. Chil-      threatening.
presence. It is a good idea to wear “reef walk-      dren especially are sensitive to being stung.        To prevent jellyfish stings some people recom-
ers” or other water shoes, or even an old pair       Jellyfish that wash up on shore are still poison-    mend coating the body with baby oil or wear-
of canvas tennis shoes when you are playing in       ous, even after they are dead. They are more         ing stockings or panty hose. (I can’t picture it.)
the shallow water; they provide only minimal         likely to be seen on the beach when winds are        Nidaria Technologies has recently come out
protection from being stung, but they are a          on-shore. Make sure your kids know not to step       with a product called “SafeSea,” which com-
reminder to scuff your feet along the bottom as      on them. Some of the worst stings we’ve seen         bines jellyfish sting prevention with sunblock.
you walk along.                                      have been on kids that tried to stomp on the         It is not specifically formulated for man o’war,
If someone is stung or cut by a ray, seek medi-      bladders or pick one up.                             but its effectiveness appears to be good to
cal attention immediately (see Staying Healthy       The jellyfish bodies disintegrate quickly when       excellent. It runs about 12-14 dollars, and is
for more information).                               they die, but unfortunately, the stinging cells      available in dive shops or over the internet.
The Red Cross building in Guaymas is a good          (nematocysts) don’t. If you are swimming in                       Courtesy: Herm Beeck
                                                                                                                                                                   p. 7
       Tucson	Sailing	Club
       G	Morris,	Editor					
       4216	So.	Goodall	Pl.
       Tucson,	AZ		85730

       April 2009

The Boat Yard....
Super Discounts, 5 to 20% off West Marine prices. Use West Marine catalog, call us with item number, and we will provide cost. Delivery within 4-5 days. Call
Graham Rundle at 885-9703. NOTE: This is a non-profit courtesy effort for TSC members and their friends.

Quiza is for Sale: 1969 Columbia 26 Mk II, new sails, wiring, standing and running rigging, solar panel, batteries, insulated backstay, paint, refrigerator, auto pilot, 5
hp motor and more. There is a lot to be said for a boat that can win races and go cruising in as much comfort as a 26 foot boat can achieve. This boat has been set up to
do the Sea of Cortez and has a history of being fast and friendly to it’s crew. $8,000. Call Chris at 520-664-5044 or e-mail 0508

For Sale: 1986 Catalina 25 w/trailer. ‘96 Honda 9.9 ob 4 stroke, all most new: nice cushions, microwave, solar, reefer, porta-potti, 2 new gel batteries, am/fm/cd
player, roller furling, new rigging, a/c. Boat is in San Carlos. $13,000 Fritz Hennings. 520-408-8273. 10/08

S/V	Faithful, a ‘78 Lello 34’ full keel sloop is for sale. Three cylinder Isuzu diesel, 5/16 standing rigging with furling and hank-on sails, CQR w/300’ 3/8 chain and 2
speed windless, radar, solar panels, auto helm, self-tailing winches, GPS(2), refrigeration, stove/oven, heater, water maker, new head, VHF & HAM radios, weather sta-
tion, depth finder & more. Medical problems prompt this special opportunity to purchase at $15,000. Email Howard Achilles at or call (San Carlos)
011 52 622 1363. The boat has been around the world, but is ideal for Sea of Cortez (located in San Carlos). 11-08
Free to a good home – white camper shell, fits 1994-2002 Dodge Ram long bed. Contact Scott 326-0496.

Cruising boat for sale – 28’ Spirit, with lots of new equipment: 15 HP diesel (350 hrs), standing rigging (2008), roller and furling jib, main sail, wireless instruments.
Also, refurbished mast (new wiring) and boom, remote radio mics, spare halyard for hoisting or spinnaker, refrigerator/freezer, 2 autohelms, dual axle trailer with hy-
draulic brakes, 9 ft zodiac, many spare parts, plus lots more. Very comfortable, cruise ready. $18k OBO, contact Scott 326-0496 2/09

3 matching Ronstan Big Boat Snatch Blocks. Like New. These are BIG for 1/2” line; were used for spinnaker controls on a Hunter 42. 2200# working, 4410#
breaking loads. $330.00 ea. new. For sale for $100.00 ea for the 3.
Two matching never used Penn Mariner Trolling Rods with matching #6 Penn Reels, blacks, factory rebuild. New condition. $150 ea. Two Sea Choice 15’ light
weight outrigger poles. New condition. Used once. Sold new at $150. Will sell for $75. What do you have to trade? Want current model GPS, some safety gear.
Maybe a 150% Genoa for my Hunter 28.5. Luff: 37’-4”. Contact Tony Hodges for more info. 419-9333 2-09

Hi: I’m a long time Sea of Cortez sailor based in Mulege. A friend of mine is getting started sailing on a trailerboat and I am trying to find a used small autopilot for
his tiller steering. 2-09

‘83 Catalina 30 with triple axle goose-neck trailer. Standard rig, fin keel, wheel steering. Profurl w/130 genoa. Universal diesel, bimini, marine head, new bottom
paint, $32,000. West marine rollup dinghy w/2-cycle 3.5hp Nissan motor, $1,000. Contact Jim Letterio, 505-263-6504 or email: 3/09

British Seagull “Forty Plus”, 2.5hp, std. shaft, 2-cycle, single cylinder, mid-60’s. Wt, 28lb. Suited for transom w/16” freeboard max. Perfect for a dinghy or small
sailboat w/parallelogram engine mount. All Seagulls were built with the right materials for a long lifetime of service. Elegant in their simplicity, rugged, extremely
reliable, easy to repair w/common tools. I have six of them. Two of this model and one has to go. Bill Ronstadt, 760-1267 or email 3/09

10hp Honda long shaft w/elec start - set up for Morse controls. Reasonable price. Dave Disney or JoAnne Preston 520-394-4436.		4/09

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