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					         Landlord & Tenant Information & Referral Resources in San Mateo County                               in English & Spanish
 TENANT RIGHTS                                 LANDLORD RIGHTS                             DON’T FORGET TO:
 • A livable rental unit.                      • To receive rent on time.                  • Get help now if you are being evicted.
                                                                                             Contact one of the legal assistance
 • Written 24-hour advance notice of the       • To have the unit kept clean.
                                                                                             agencies listed below.
   owner's intent to enter the property,
                                               • To have tenants respect the rights of
   except in emergencies.                                                                  • Keep a file with papers such as your
                                                                                             rental agreement or lease, notices,
 • A prompt response to a written request
                                               • To have the tenant repair or pay for        letters, photos, and notes about phone
   for repairs.
                                                 repair to things he or she damages.         calls.
 • 30 days written notice of a rent increase
                                               • To limit the number of people living in   • Contact a community mediation
   under 10% and 60 days written notice of
                                                 the unit.                                   program if you have problems talking
   a rent increase over 10%.
                                                                                             to your landlord or tenant. Most cases
                                               • To sell the building.                       that come to mediation are
 • Return of the security deposit within 21
   days of leaving a unit and an itemized                                                    successfully resolved.
   statement of any money withheld.

FREE LEGAL AID FOR LOW-INCOME                  HOUSING ASSISTANCE                          WEB SITES
TENANTS                                        Human Investment Project, HIP Housing       Law Help, California
Bay Area Legal Aid   650-358-0745                                      650-348-6660        A wide range of information and
                     800-551-5554                                                          resources
                                               San Mateo County, Office of Housing               
Community Legal Services in                                             650-802-3300
East Palo Alto          650-326-6440                                                       Landlord & Tenant Information & Referral
                                               San Mateo County, Aging and Adult           Collaborative, a Spanish/English web
La Raza Centro Legal        415-575-3500       Services                800-675-8437        site with information and referrals:
                            866-4LARAZA                          TDD 800-994-6166               

Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County          Coastside Opportunity Center                San Mateo Court, get information and
                          650-558-0915                                 650-726-9071        complete papers online at:
                                               Daly City Community Services Center
Stanford Community Law Clinic                                          650-991-8007        California Courts Self-Help Center:
                                               El Concilio Emergency Services
LOW COST LEGAL AID                                                      650-330-7432       Nolo Press:
San Mateo County Bar Association,                                                           
                                               Fair Oaks Community Center
Lawyer Referral Services 650-369-4149
                                                                      650-780-7500         California State Laws:
FREE LEGAL AID FOR SENIORS                                                                  
                                               North Peninsula Neighborhood Service
Senior Legal Hotline  800-222-1753             Center                  650-588-8822        BOOKS at YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY
                                                                                           California Tenants, by the Dept of
SMALL CLAIMS COURT                             Pacifica Resource Center 650-738-7470       Consumer Affairs, a free legal guide on
     Northern Branch        650-877-5775
                                                                                           tenant and landlord rights and
     Central Branch         650-573-2605       Samaritan House              650-347-3648   responsibilities. To order, 800-952-5210
     Southern Branch        650-363-4303
                                                                                           or 916-322-1700 (TDD). Or online at:
                                               HOUSING DISCRIMINATION            
COMMUNICATION & MEDIATION                      Mid-Peninsula Citizens for Fair Housing
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center                                     650-327-1718      California Tenants' Rights, 16th ed.
                                                                                           Berkeley, CA: Nolo Press, 2005.
                                               Project Sentinel             650-321-6291
Small Claims Mediation Program                                                             California Landlord’s Law Book, Vol. 1:
                         650-573-3907          California Dept of Fair Employment and      Rights and Responsibilities, 11th ed.
                                               Housing                   800-233-3212      Berkeley, CA: Nolo Press, 2004.
San Mateo County Housing Authority             US Dept of Housing and Urban
                       650-802-3300            Development             415-436-6550

US Dept of Housing and Urban                   PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS
Development             202-708-1112           California Apartment Association
                 TTY    202-708-1455                                    650-685-1814                                        May 2005

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