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					Instructions for use of this template
   Use this spreadsheet to record lessons and special charges each month, then print invoices at the end of the month (or whatever period you

   Start by entering basic info (names, addresses, etc) for each of your students on the "Students" tab (see instructions on that sheet). Also,
   enter YOUR name and address info in the indicated spot on the "Invoice" sheet. Create yourself a directory (folder) to keep all your bills in, and
   save the file in that directory. This will be your basic "empty" version that you can go back to if you ever mess things up... Then open the file, go
   to the "Lessons" tab and hit the "Make New Month" button to create a data file for your first month. It will ask you for a month/year text string to
   use in the filename (you will keep a separate data file for each month, so you can have a long-term record)

   During the month, you can enter lesson info (number of minutes, dates, etc) or special charges like competitions, tests, etc on the "Lessons"
   sheet; just remember to put the student's initials in the right spot so that the printer can figure out who gets which charges... Resave the file each
   time you've finished an entry.

   At the end of the month (or whenever you want to print bills) go to the "Students" sheet and put a "y" in the first column of each student you
   want to print a bill for. Then hit the "Print Selected" button to print all of the invoices. Make sure your printer is turned on first. You can repeat
   this as many times as necessary (like if you want a spare set for your records, or if someone forgets to pay or something) but note that you'll have
   to re-enter the "Y" because it changes it to a "-" after it prints it... Note that this process also generates a saved copy of the invoice for each
   student, in a separate file. Note, after you've put your "Y's" in all the cells you want to print, it is important to either click into a different cell, or to
   hit the ENTER key on your keyboard before you click the Print Selected button, otherwise it won't recognize the button-click.

   When you want to start a new month, just click on the "Make New Month" button. It will save the current file, then it will empty out the
   "Lessons" table and save the file with a new name (it will ask you for the new month name -- enter something like "Jan2001"). You will then have
   an empty "Lessons" table in which you can enter data for the new month. This function WILL NOT erase student information in the "Students"

   Please type only in the boxes that are "yellow" -- if you type anywhere else, you may mess up some of the formulas that make it all work...

   Note that there's some sample data on the "Students" and "Lessons" sheets right now. That's just to show you what kind of stuff to put on those
   sheets. You may delete it once you see what to do...

   Please note that all sheets have protection turned on (Tools/Protection/Protect Sheet) to help minimize the chances that you'll accidentally type
   over an important formula. There is no password set, so you can turn off protection if you really need to make a modification to the basic
   worksheets, but please remember to turn it back on if you turn it off. You don't need to worry about protection for normal usage.

   For the first month or two, you'd better do this on paper too, just to make sure you've got the setups right, and that the sheet does what
   you expect it to. Always keep good backups of your important data files (paper copies aren't an altogether bad idea either, just in case
   your disk crashes or something!!!)

Type in "Buff" colored areas only!
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                                       Use this sheet to enter basic information about each student. This will be copied automatically to the inv
                                       that the "initials" are important, because they are used on the "Lessons" sheet to identify which student g
                                       anywhere that the boxes are "yellow". Note that if you put a "Y" or a "y" in the first column, an invoice for
                                       hit the "Print Selected" button. The "Notes" don't print anywhere except here, but you can use them for y
                                       you've put your Y's in the boxes, hit a RETURN (ENER) before you hit the PRINT button.

Select   Initials   $/hr     Name                Address
   -         dnk       $45   don korte           123 main street / flushing mi 48433
              sj       $60   sally jones         999 first street / anytown mi 12345
   -          ss       $60   steve smith         548 third ave / smalltown ct 98765

                                                 NOTE YOU MAY DELETE THESE SAMPLE
                                                 STUDENTS. JUST SELECT CELLS A9:G16
                                                 THEN HIT THE DELETE KEY
dent. This will be copied automatically to the invoices each time you print them. Note
n the "Lessons" sheet to identify which student got the lesson. You may type
ut a "Y" or a "y" in the first column, an invoice for that student will be printed when you
nywhere except here, but you can use them for your info if you want. NOTE once
 before you hit the PRINT button.

                 Phone                      Notes
                   810-555-1212             great guy
                   810-555-9876             sample student
                   248-555-1212             another sample student
                  Type lessons into this table. Put date (you can type "10/4" if you want) and kid's initials in first 2 columns.
                  Then put the number of minutes and any special comments into the following 2 columns. Finally, if there is a
                  special charge (like competition fee) put it in the "Special Charge" column (you can leave the "Minutes"
                  column blank when entering "Special Charges"). Notes WILL print, if entered, but the invoice is setup so it isn't
                  obvious that there's an empty field for those lines that don't have comments. When done entering new data
                  each day, hit the "Save" button, or you may hit the normal menubar "File/Save".

  Date      Initials   Minutes                                          Notes
4-Aug-02      dnk        20          double sal
4-Aug-02       ss        20
4-Aug-02       ss        40          stroking lesson
5-Aug-02       ss        20          jumps
5-Aug-02      dnk        30          triple flip
6-Aug-02      dnk                    cut new music
5-Aug-02       ss          20        moves
10-Aug-02      ss          30
12-Aug-02      ss                    lansing competition
15-Aug-02      ss          20        work on one-foot landings!
18-Aug-02     dnk          30        quad toe loop

                                     NOTE YOU MAY DELETE THESE SAMPLE LESSONS
s initials in first 2 columns.
columns. Finally, if there is a
can leave the "Minutes"
ut the invoice is setup so it isn't
hen done entering new data



Invoice                                                               steve smith
                                               548 third ave / smalltown ct 98765
   Please pay to: (coach name)
                  (street address)
                  (city state zip)
       Date         Minutes   Special                                          Charge

  August 4, 2002      20         0                                                $20.00
  August 4, 2002      40         0        stroking lesson                         $40.00
  August 5, 2002      20         0        jumps                                   $20.00
  August 5, 2002      20         0        moves                                   $20.00
  August 10, 2002     30         0                                                $30.00
  August 12, 2002      0        30        lansing competition                     $30.00
  August 15, 2002     20         0        work on one-foot landings!              $20.00

Date Issued                   8/13/2002                                Total   $180.00

                      Thank You!

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