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                                  Minutes of Regular Meeting
                                     September 21, 2009

The Harnett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, September 21,
2009, in the Commissioners Meeting Room, County Administrative Building, 102 East Front
Street, Lillington, North Carolina.

Members present:       Timothy B. McNeill, Chairman
                       Beatrice B. Hill, Vice-Chairman
                       Dan B. Andrews, Commissioner
                       Gary House, Commissioner
                       Jim Burgin, Commissioner

Staff present:         Scott Sauer, County Manager
                       Wm. A. (Tony) Wilder, Assistant County Manager
                       Dwight W. Snow, County Attorney
                       Sylvia Blinson, Finance Officer
                       Gina Daniel, Acting Clerk

Chairman McNeill called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Trevor Iacino with Boy Scout Troop 757 led the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner House
gave the invocation.

Chairman McNeill called for additions and deletions to the published agenda. Commissioner
Burgin asked to remove Budget Amendment 57 in the amount of $10,000 for the Health
Department (maintenance/repair building) from the consent agenda until more information had
been provided. Mr. Sauer asked to add the Planning Department Activities Report and the final
General Warranty Deed to convey 3 acres from Harnett County to Town of Lillington for Fire
Station #2 for approval.

Commissioner Andrews moved to approve the agenda as amended. Commissioner House
seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Upon motion by Vice Chairman Hill and seconded by Commissioner Andrews, the Board
unanimously approved the following items on the consent agenda:

       1. Minutes:     September 8, 2009 Regular Meeting

       2. Budget amendments

                 50 Social Services Department
                 Code 110-7700-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages                     11,564 decrease
                        110-7700-441.21-00 Group Insurance Expense             6,948 decrease
                        110-7700-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense                      884 decrease
      110-7700-441.23-00 Retirement                         566 decrease
      110-0000-330.77-01 Social Services Admin            9,981 decrease
      110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated        9,981 decrease

49 Health Department
Code 110-0000-353.76-09 Susan G. Komem                   11,191 decrease
       110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated      11,191 increase

48 Angier Elementary School Capital Project – CP0804
Code 392-8300-480.30-04 Technical                        75,000 increase
      392-8300-480.45-33 Materials & Supplies           250,000 increase
      392-8300-480.45-80 Contingency                    325,000 decrease

56 Health Department/Aging
Code 110-7510-441.31-13 Special Projects – RSVP           1,131 increase
       110-7500-441.60-39 Other Materials – Aging           300 increase
       110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated       1,431 increase

58 JCPC – General Fund
Code 110-5899-420.35-25 JCPC Court Psychologist           7,612 increase
      110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated          692 increase
      110-0000-331-41.02 Court Psychologist               6,920 increase

59 JCPC – General Fund
Code 110-5899-420.32-61 JCPC Administrative               6,317 increase
      110-0000-331.79-01 JCPC Administrative              6,317 increase

62 Board of Elections Department
Code 110-4300-410.12-01 Precinct Officials               10,500 increase
      110-4300-410.30-04 Professional Services            2,000 increase
      110-4300-410.41-11 Telephone & Postage                300 increase
      110-4300-410.44-21 Building & Equipment Rent          100 increase
      110-4300-410.54-26 Advertising                      1,000 increase
      110-4300-410.55-12 Printing & Binding              20,500 increase
      110-4300-410.60-33 Materials & Supplies             6,000 increase
      110-8800-490.32-16 Contingency                     40,400 decrease

65 Child Support Enforcement Department
Code 110-5104-420.11-00 Salaries & Wages                 32,792 increase
       110-5104-420.21-00 Group Insurance                 5,303 increase
       110-5104-420.22-00 FICA                            2,509 increase
       110-5104-420.23-02 LEO Regular Retirement          1,594 increase
       110-5104-420.26-08 LEO Supplemental Retirement     1,693 increase
       110-5104-420.60-31 Gas, Oil & Auto                 1,117 increase
       110-0000-331.57-07 Child Support Enforcement      30,304 increase
       110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated      14,650 increase
       66 IT/E-911
       Code 240-5900-420.30-04 Professional Services                       6,653 decrease
              240-5900-420.74-74 Capital Outlay – Equipment                6,653 increase

       67 Airport Runway & Parrallel Extension Project CP0603
       Code 377-8306-465.45-80 Contingency                               20,233 decrease
              377-8306-465.90-10 General Fund                             19,958 increase
              377-0000-361.10-00 Interest                                    275 decrease

       68 Airport Runway & Parrallel Extension Project – CP0603
       Code 110-0000-389.43-12 Interfund Transfer-Airport
                                           Runway & Parallel            219,958 increase
              110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated              219,958 decrease

       69 Johnsonville Elementary School CP0907
       Code 321-8300-480.45-70 Contingency                              121,004 decrease
              321-8300-480.45-75 Environmental                          121,004 increase

3. Tax refunds and releases (Attachment 1)

4. The Harnett County Sheriff’s office requested approval of a MOU with the North
   Carolina Department of Justice/State Bureau of Investigations. The MOU will enable
   the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office to participate in the Internet Crimes Against
   Children Task Force. The mission of the ICAC Task Force is to identify, target,
   apprehend, and prosecute sexual predators whose purpose is to exploit children or to
   engage in sexual activity with children through the use of computers and the Internet.
   The Task Force will actively investigate crimes involving sexual predators and the
   Internet. The Task Force will produce high-quality investigations leading to
   successful prosecutions of sexual predators. The Task Force will participate in
   community education efforts regarding the prevention of Internet Crimes Against
   Children. The Task Force also seeks to enhance the effectiveness of participant
   agencies by assisting in providing investigative computer training to members of
   the Task Force. There will be no additional cost to the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office
   to be a member of the ICAC Task Force.

5. The NC Division of Parks and Recreation and Raven Rock State Park staff requested
   waiver of the tipping fee for the trash collected during NC Big Sweep. Harnett
   County citizens will participate in North Carolina Big Sweep on Saturday, October 3,
   2009. All trash collected from Harnett County sites will be taken to the Dunn-Erwin
   landfill the week of October 3 – 9, by Raven Rock State Park staff.

6. The Park and Recreation Department requested that the Board of Commissioners
   accept contract with Player, Inc for the Barbecue Creek Park Multi-Purpose Building.
   Seven contractors submitted bid proposals with the lowest bid by Player, Inc. at
    $247,150.00. (Attachment 2)
       7. The Health Department requested approval to apply for a $3000 March of Dimes
          Grant. The Harnett County Board of Health approved application on September 17,
          2009. These funds will be used to send two qualified Maternity Care Coordinators to
          Child Passenger Safety certification training. As a result, they will be certified car
          seat installers/inspectors and offer this safety measure to the citizens of Harnett
          County. Following their training, an initiative will be set for Maternity Care
          Coordinator participates who successfully complete their prenatal care and
          participation in the MCC Program, and they will receive a free car seat and
          proper installation of the car seat. No matching funds will be required for this grant.

       8. Proclamation of Constitution Week (Attachment 3)

       9. Human Resources requests approval to implement the NACo Prescription Discount
          Card Program. The NACo drug discount card program helps all county residents,
          regardless of age, income or existing health coverage, save money on their
          prescription medications any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance.
          The free cards will be distributed in the county and may be used at any participating
          retail pharmacy.

       10. Boy Scout Troop 779 requests a refund of the $175.00 application fee paid for a
           Non-Residential Conditional Use Permit for an upcoming fund raiser.

Informal comments were provided by Mr. Dave Roger of Johnson Road, Coats, NC. Mr. Rogers
spoke about county spending, property tax increases and asked that the county consider adopting
a per diem for commissioners’ travel.

Commissioner Andrews moved to approve the appointments listed below. Vice-Chairman Hill
seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

       WorkForce Development Board
       Mr. James O. Roberts (nominated by Commissioner Andrews) was appointed to replace
       Dr. T.E. Marchant on this Board, term to expire January 31, 2011.

       Planning Board
       Ms. Rachel Ray-Webb (nominated by Chairman McNeill) for a three year term to expire
       September 30, 2012.

Mrs. Sharon Stevens, Community Marketing Director with Dunn Area Tourism Authority,
highlighted the 11th Annual Cycle North Carolina Fall Ride. Mrs. Stevens said over one
thousand riders, representing 41 states, would be coming to Harnett County on Thursday,
October 1, 2009. Mrs. Stevens talked about the itinerary as well as the positive impact of the
riders coming to Harnett County.

Mr. Rodney Tart, Director of Harnett County Public Utilities, and Mr. Steve Ward, Deputy
Director of Public Utilities, gave an update on the new Public Works Business Center. The
building is over 40,000 square feet and will house 75 employees. The project is scheduled to be
complete in March 2010 with staff transitioning in late spring. Mr. Tart said they hope to have a
grand opening celebration in July 2010.

Public Utilities staff is working with the N.C. Department of Transportation to get a stop light
and turning lane installed near the entrance to the Public Works Business Center.

Mr. Ward reported that the county paid $1.5 Million in 2006 for the 65 acres (35 acres of this
land is buildable) of land where the Public Works Business Center is located but that is the only
money Harnett County will spend on this project.

Public Hearing

Mr. Barry Blevins addressed the board regarding the Fiscal Year 2009 Community Development
Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Development Grant (Evergreen Housing Development Project).
Mr. Blevins said tonight’s public hearing would be the first of two required hearings.

Mr. Blevins reported that Mr. Robbie Bradford would like to partnership with the county to
provide approximately 14 homes; converting manufactured homes to stick built, for low income
families. Mr. Bradford would have a legal binding contract with the county and would be
required to meet program goals in providing the affordable housing. The grant money must be
applied toward infrastructure and the structures could not be manufactured.

Chairman McNeill called to order a public hearing on the matter and opened the meeting for
comments from the public. Mr. Dave Rogers of Coats confirmed that individuals would be
responsible for securing their own. Mr. Blevins said the matching grant money will come from
the community develop grant which is federal with no match from the county.

There being no further comments, Chairman McNeill closed the public hearing.

Mr. Sauer, recognized the following members of Boy Scout Troop 757 who attended the meeting
while earning their merit badge of citizenship in the community:

                   Troop 757, Chartered by: Union United Methodist Church
                          Cape Fear District, Occoneechee Council

                                     Dan Witt, Scoutmaster
                               Joe Pressley, Assistant Scoutmaster
                    Joe Parda, Troop Committee and Merit Badge Counselor
                                         Brandon Swank
                                            Adam Witt
                                           Tony Dalton
                                           Josh Roberts
                                           Cody Hardin
                                          Jason Pressley
                                          Trevor Iacino
Mr. Sauer presented the commissioner with a request of appointment waiver from the Sandhills
Center. Commissioner Burgin moved to approve the waiver of the Board’s authority to approve
the appointment selection of the new Chief Executive Officer for Sandhills Center.
Commissioner House seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Mr. Sauer presented the following reports:
       - Health Department Activity Summary
       - Planning activities report

Mr. Sauer also shared a copy of the General Warranty Deed that would convey 3 acres from
Harnett County to Town of Lillington for Fire Station No. 2 for the Board’s approval. Mr. Snow
reported that the Town of Lillington had approved the deed. Vice-Chairman Hill moved to
accept the deed with the conditions outlined in Exhibit A. Commissioner Burgin seconded the
motion and it passed unanimously.

Commissioner House questioned if staff had contacted Bob Segal to attend a work session. He
also asked about the practiced policy of sharing information and request with commissioners.

Commissioner Burgin asked that the County Manager’s six month review be scheduled before
the next Board meeting.

Commissioner Burgin motioned for the county to have a hiring freeze and pay each employee
$37 per month in lieu of dental insurance. Commissioner Burgin said that employees are now
required to pay a $100 deductible per person. Commissioner House seconded the motion.
Commissioner Andrews moved to table the motion to allow for discussion and research. Vice-
Chairman Hill seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Burgin moved to instruct the staff attorney to develop a conflict of interest and
confidentiality statement prior to the next meeting. Commissioner House believes the ethics
issues are being addressed in the new state statute. The motion died due to lack of a second.

Vice-Chairman Hill moved to recess the meeting until 9:00 am on Friday, September 25, 2009.
Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and the meeting recessed at 8:14 pm.

___________________________________                 ____________________________________
Timothy B. McNeill, Chairman                        Margaret Regina Daniel, Acting Clerk