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									LPC Meeting Agenda
September 8, 2009

            Trinity County’s Local Child Care Planning Council
                                      Date: September 08, 2009
       Location: Trinity County Office of Education Conference Room                     Time: 2 – 4 pm

I.      CALL to ORDER / WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS                                Chairperson: Judy Gray
                                                                               Coordinator: Sally Aldinger

II.     MINUTES OF May 12, 2009                                                           Review / Approve

III.    COMMUNICATIONS and CORRESPONDENCE                                              Information/Discuss

IV.     REPORTS OF COMMITTEES                                                Report/ Update
        Executive Committee: Met prior to today’s meeting to discuss MB 09-07.

        A. Kinder Camp, held at Alps on WES campus July 13 – August 13; proposed for
        Summer 2010 at Alps PreK; funded by First 5 School Readiness.                    Report/Update
        B. CARES 2008-09: 20 participants for 08-09 earned a total of $13,737.69 in incentive payments; paid
        with combination of First 5 ($8,337.69) and AB 212 ($5,400) funds.                Report/Update
        This was final year for CARES funding from First 5 CA; some county First 5s will be funding it locally.
        C. AB 212 2008-09: The 08-09 $10,000 budget was fully-expended.                         Info/Update
        D. AB 212 2009-10: We have not yet received 09-10 contract.                             Info/Update
        If we do, then we can implement for all CDD-funded staff, including FCC network providers.

        A. Membership:      Welcome newly-appointed Council member Shannon Thompson
           We now have a full Council!                                         Info/Update
        B. Management Bulletin 09-07 (MB 09-07) outlines new responsibilities for LPCs.
        LPCs will facilitate transfer requests between willing contractors to assist CDE in maximizing use of CDD
        funds between CDE-CDD-funded agencies. In Trinity County we only have one contractor.
        C. Procedure for the Voluntary, Temporary Transfer of Funds           Consider/Approve
        D. LPC Budget for 2009-10—must be submitted to State by Sept. 30 Consider/Approve
        E. Flu-like Illnesses Go to for CDE Guidance on Helping Child Care and
        Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza during the 2009-10 Influenza Season;
                Handouts in LPC packet may be shared with parents:                  Info/Update
                        Preventing the Flu: Good Habits Can Help Stop Germs
                        Influenza-like Illness Symptom Screening Tool for Parents and Caregivers
        F. Preschool Consortium: Will meet Monday, September 14 from 1:30 -4:30 @ TCOE
        for CPIN presentation on Social Emotional: Self-Regulation
        G. First 5 CA Legacy Process: The First 5 California Project Legacy Public Input Survey is
        now on-line and accessible at
        See handout Consolidated List of Expert Panel Potential Measurable Program Goals.
        The purpose of survey is to prioritize the 52 measurable program goals developed through an expert
        panel and three public input forums. The survey will be available until midnight Sept. 9 th.
        H. Child Care Legislative Summary as of September 1, 2009.                              Info/Update
        Note SBX3-25: Senator Cox is trying to take First 5 funds again (p. 9).

       LPC Meeting Agenda
       September 8, 2009

       VII.    PUBLIC INPUT/ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                   Information

       VIII.   OTHER                                                                     Info/Update
               A. S’Cool Moves Workshop: October 10 at HRN, from 8:30 – 3 pm, PreK focus
               B. Preschool Consortium dates for 2009-10: Sept. 14, Nov. 2, March 1, May 3    Info
               C. LPC meeting dates for 2009-10: Sept. 8, Nov.10, Jan.12, March 9, May 11     Info
               D. Child Development Permits and teaching credentials:                         Info
               On-line Child Development Permit renewal. Read about on-line permit renewal below
               Note: Project to pay Permit application fees has been extended to September 30, 2009.
               E. Newsletters: Reading Connection, Recipes for Success, and Math + Science
                  Connection available for all PreK sites.                                      Info
For the period through September 2009, the CARES Permit Project will pay the permit application and fingerprint
 (Live Scan) processing fees (if applicable) for the following first-time, renewal, or upgraded Child Development
       Permits: Assistant, Associate Teacher, Teacher, Master Teacher, Site Supervisor and Program Director.

       Online Renewal--Save Time! Receive your permit in two weeks! Assistant and Associate Teacher Permit holders
       are NOT eligible to renew their permit online. These permit holders will need to mail their application to renew six
       months to a year in advance of their permit expiring. Holders of Child Development Teacher, Master Teacher, Site
       Supervisor and/or Program Director permits may renew online. CDTC will reimburse $55 of the $57 renewal fee
       (you will need to pay by MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card). Follow the instructions on Insert #3-b in the CDD
       permit application on how to apply for the renewal online and to be reimbursed the $55.00. Go to for a copy of the CDD Permit App. instructions, or go directly to the California
       Commission on Teacher Credentialing website; click ―renew online‖.


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