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									                               The Mountain View News
                           Mountain View Elementary School

April 2010                                                                Volume 1, Number 8

Principal’s Message
CMT Testing                           Important Dates
The Connecticut Mastery
Testing for students in              3/29,3/30 & 3/31 –
grades 3-5 is officially              Parent Teacher
complete. We are very proud           Conferences
of our students. The                 4/12 DARE Graduation
children worked hard each             6:30 PM
day and gave it their very           4/13 Music Recital
                                     4/14 PTO Meeting            Cell Phones
best. While the testing each                                      There has been a noticeable
                                     4/19 – 4/23 Spring Break
day was a challenge, we did          5/7 Reading Assembly        increase in students bringing
take the time to have some           5/12 PTO Meeting            cell phones to school. I refer
fun together too. Thank you          5/18 Gr. 5 Science Fair     you to The Parent Handbook,
parents for getting the              5/20 Junior Achievement     page 9, Electronic Devices. It
children to school each day          5/26 VIP Day Gr. 2 & 3      clearly states that “cell phones,
on time, rested and ready to         5/27 VIP Day Pre-School,
                                                                  personal entertainment, and/or
go. School attendance                 Kindergarten, Grade 1
                                     5/28 VIP Day Gr. 4 & 5      communication devices may
during the nine days of                                           not be used or turned on
                                     5/20 Spring Concert
testing was exceptional.                                          during school hours unless
Individual student results                                        authorized by the principal.”
and testing reports will be                                       Students found using cell
available in the early fall.                                      phones or other electronic
                                                                  devices without permission will
Tardy                                                             have the device removed to the
    A student is tardy                                            office for the remainder of the
when he/she is not in                                             day and returned to them at
his/her classroom by                                              the end of the day. Parents will
8:55AM. Students who                                              also be notified. Parents we
are tardy need to first                                           ask for your cooperation in this
report to the office to be                                        matter and that you reinforce
                                                                  this with your child.
signed in and receive a
pass to class. It is our
policy to lock all doors                     Kindergarten Registration Time is Here
except the front door by
the office after 8:45 AM.              Do you have or know of a child who will be ready to
If you are running late                start kindergarten in the fall? Children who turn five
you must walk your                     on or before January 1, 2011 are eligible.
child to the office using              Kindergarten registration runs from April 26th thru
the front entrance.                    May 28th. Please call (584-7726) or stop by the office
                                       so we can give the family a registration packet of
Month         # of
September     100
October       110
November      119
December      140
January       163
February      104
                                   and “under”. We continued to        them in our courtyard… always
Spring is Finally Here!            practice our listening skills. We   an exciting time!
    While our days will soon       are having a lot of fun                As always, I thank you for
be warmer, the mornings            improving our speech and            working with your child at
still remain very cool. A          language skills!                    home on their letters and the
number of our children                                                 sound that they make. Make
have been arriving to school       Mrs. Nancy Cirmo                    sure to continue to read to your
without their heavy coats on       Mrs. Marci Silverhart               child every day, and fill out the
mornings when                                                          reading log!
temperatures have been             Pre-K News 3
near the freezing mark. It is      In preschool 3 we will be
important for our children         exploring Spring to start the
to arrive to school dressed        month. There are so many
for the morning                    changes happening outside so
temperatures. A helpful            we are going on nature walks
suggestion might be a              and explore the outdoors. We
sweatshirt or sweater worn         will be making a flower garden
under a coat to                    both real and pretend to record
accommodate the warmer             our observations and continue
temperature at recess and          our explorations. We would like
dismissal times.                   to use recycled items in our
                                   flower garden if parents could
Preschool                          please donate paper towel           News from Kindergarten
Speech/Language                    tubes, toilet paper tubes, egg           The month of March was a
News…                              cartons that would be great!        busy one! We celebrated the
    Our many speech and            The students have shown a           birthday of Dr.Seuss on March
language classes have been         great interest in dinosaurs, so     2nd. We read many Dr.Seuss
very busy working on lots of       for the second half of the          books, worked in Dr.Seuss
different speech sound             month we will be archeologists      themed centers and graphed
patterns to help us speak          digging for fossils in the sand,    our favorite Dr.Seuss books.
clearly. These include the         reading books, and dancing          We are working hard to reach
“s” (snake) sound in blends        The Dino Stomp.                     the goal of reading 75 Dr.Seuss
like “sp” (spot, spin, spoon),     Please keep reading to your         books to fill our “reading is fun"
“sw” (swing, sway, swish),         children and talking to them        chart.
and “ps” (caps, lips, wipes).      about their day!                         In science we have been
Some of us worked on                                                   learning all about weather, and
sounds at the beginning of                                             next month we will be
words, like “k” (candy, kiss,                                          learning all about plants. We
cut), “f” (four, five, fan), “w”                                       have discussed types of
(wave, wink, window) and                                               weather, the effects of weather,
“h” (house, hi, hand). Still                                           and what materials are best
others worked on sounds at                                             suited to protect our bodies
the end of words, like “p”                                             from the elements.
                                   Pre-K News 4
(soap, pop, hop), and “k”                                                  In math we have been
                                    Spring has sprung!! How
(lake, rake, book).                                                    talking about coins. We are
                                   quickly the year is coming to
    We listened to stories                                             learning about the names of
                                   an end! In April, we will be
about springtime and                                                   each coin and how much they
                                   talking about nursery rhymes,
Easter. For those students                                             are worth, as well as how to
                                   Spring, and the author David
working to improve their                                               count dollar amounts! Please
                                   Shannon. When we come back
language skills, we                                                    be sure to reinforce this
                                   from vacation, we will have
practiced retelling the                                                information at home whenever,
                                   some visitors in our classroom.
stories, using words like                                              there is an opportunity.
                                   Painted Lady caterpillars will
“first, next, last”. We                                                    Students continue to work
                                   be coming to stay in our
learned lots of new                                                    hard in guided reading and
                                   classroom for the month of
vocabulary words and                                                   writer's workshop. We are so
                                   May, as we learn about their
showed comprehension by                                                proud of all the progress they
                                   life cycle and read books about
answering questions about                                              have made. As always continue
                                   butterflies. When the
the stories. We have also                                              to read, read, read from those
                                   caterpillars become Painted
worked on concepts such as                                             browsing bags. As the warmer
                                   Lady butterflies, we will release
“top” and “bottom”, “over „‟                                           spring weather approaches
please be sure to dress                                          and World Units. Our field trip
students appropriately and News from Second Grade                to the Shop Rite grocery store,
look in the handbook for      Spring has sprung in second        where we will participate in the
seasonal weather guidelines   grade!                             Young Consumers Program will
(i.e. no flip flops etc.)     In writing, students have          be in May. Enjoy your spring
                              completed and shared their All     vacation! 
                              About Books. This month
                              we‟ll be focusing on prompt        Mrs. Brezicki & Miss LaRosa
                              writing. In math, students are
                              skip counting by 10s, 20s, 50s,
                              and 100s. Students have
                              learned to read, write,
                              compare, and order numbers
                              through 1,000. In April,
                              adding/subtracting 2-digit
                              numbers with regrouping. It
                              is imperative that students
                              become fluent with
1st Grade News…                                                  Grade 4 news:
                              addition/subtraction math
     During the month of                                              Students spent two weeks
                              facts. Without fluency,
March, first graders studied                                     in March taking the
                              students will struggle with
more about communities.                                          Connecticut Mastery Tests
                              the new math skills they’ll be
We learned all about                                             (CMTs) and are now settling
                              learning. In science, we are
community helpers. Look                                          back into their normal
                              studying soil. Students are
for our Community Helper                                         academic routines.
                              doing hands on experiments
book and our special                                             Congratulations to everyone for
                              where they are comparing
community helper                                                 working so hard!
                              different types of soil.
homework to come home                                                 This month, students have
                              Remember to READ, READ,
soon. In math, we have                                           begun a writing unit on poetry.
                              AND READ, especially during
been practicing adding and                                       They are finishing up Heart
                              April vacation. Reading testing
subtracting with different                                       Maps, which are pictorial
                              will start the week after
strategies. We have been                                         representations of what they
practicing doubles, doubles                                      feel deeply inside their hearts:
plus one, number lines and                                       people, places, memories,
unifix cubes as strategies to                                    moments, good/bad times,
help add and subtract. Soon                                      likes/dislikes, etc. Soon they
we will be learning more                                         will be introduced to the
about measurement and                                            process required for writing
shapes.                                                          expository essays.
     Keep reading every night                                         We are continuing our trek
and each Wednesday we will                                       westward in Social Studies,
be sending home the                                              stopping to explore the heritage
retelling homework. First                                        and history of the peoples of
graders need to practice      Third Grade News:
                                                                 the Southwest. Since grade
retelling the stories that    Happy Spring! The third grade
                                                                 four students have been
they read during guided       team is pleased with
                                                                 studying all the regions of the
reading. This homework will   attendance and effort from all
                                                                 United States, they will soon be
help them become              of our students during the
                                                                 assigned a culminating report
independent and confident     Connecticut Mastery Tests. In
                                                                 on one of the 50 states. They
retellers!                    the upcoming month we will be
                                                                 will research and write about
                              covering subtraction with
                                                                 interesting places to visit,
                              regrouping, fractions, and
                                                                 famous people from their state,
                              capacity in our mathematics
                                                                 and weather/climate. They will
                              curriculum. Students will
                                                                 also complete product and
                              begin learning about animal
                                                                 physical features maps, along
                              and plant habitats and
                                                                 with an expository essay
                              adaptations in science. Look
                                                                 detailing why they would or
                              for an upcoming science
                                                                 wouldn‟t like to actually visit
                              research project. In social
                              studies we will be incorporating
                              “Flat Stanley” into our Regions
     In Science we are
currently exploring forces
and motion and, among
other things, will be
examining how force,
acceleration, gravity,
position, and similar things
affect the movement of
objects. As part of this
exploration, they will be
conducting an “Egg Drop”
experiment. They will
design a capsule for a raw     5th Grade News:
egg that is intended to            Fifth graders have now
protect it from breaking.      completed the CMTs. Thank
Students will hypothesize      you for putting forth your best     Literacy News
and observe the outcome of     effort! In social studies, we are   We are still working on the
those designs, as they test    coming to the end of our            “surfing” part of the Mountain
them by dropping the           American Revolution unit, and       View Reading Initiative. The
encapsulated eggs two          will soon begin to study U.S.       classroom surfers are riding the
floors down!                   government. In science, we are      Reading “wave” (on the bulletin
     In math, students have    finishing up our unit on light      board near the office), with
been investigating             and color.                          Mrs. Pratt‟s class in the lead,
multiplying by tens and            Looking ahead, April            but Miss LaRosa‟s class close
two-digit numbers. Next,       promises to be a busy month!        behind at this time. This part
they will explore measuring    On April 6th, we will visit the     of our Reading Initiative will be
to the nearest ¼ and ½ cm.     Connecticut Science Center.         ending on April 30th, with our
Keep practicing those math     D.A.R.E. graduation will be on      rewards assembly on May 7th.
facts!                         Monday, April 12th, at 6:30         Don‟t forget to read and
    Congratulations to the     p.m. Please plan to attend and      complete your reading log
following students who have    support our students as they        during April vacation!!! Please
reached various milestones     celebrate this important            remember that Mr. Malavenda
in our “Multiplication         achievement.                        challenged us to reach a
License” math fact program:        We have almost reached the      specific goal…EVERYONE
                               halfway point for Science Fair.     needs to be doing their part by
MULTIPLICATION LICENSE         Students have finished their        reading daily at home and
Jackson Collin                 research, written their outlines,   remembering to return your
Nicholas Cote                  and will soon be working on         reading logs on Mondays.
Ryan Dall‟Aste                 the first draft of their research
David Luukko                   reports. Once again, remember       Happy reading,
                               to check out our Science Fair       Mrs. Rogan, Mrs. DeFeo, and
ROAD TEST                      page for checkpoints and            Ms. Bolduc
Noah Corliss                   important updates.
Nicolas Kaczan       
Logan Levesque                 age.cfm?p=5253                      A Note From the Cafeteria
                                   We are looking forward to          Parents please try to keep
    Don‟t forget Parent-       seeing you at parent                track of the funds in your
Teacher Conferences at the     conferences next week               student‟s lunch account. If you
end of the month! Just a                                           are unsure please call Mrs.
reminder, this year they are                                       Saucier in the cafeteria. Her
being held on Monday,                                              extension is 174. You can
Tuesday, and Wednesday –                                           prepay for your child‟s lunch.
March 29th through the 31st.                                       Checks may be made payable
See you then!                                                      to Bristol School Food Service.
                                                                   You can also prepay on
The Fourth Grade Team                                    
                                coming up very soon. This will
                                also be held at the Board of
                                Education. I will announce all
                                names of the students chosen
                                next month.

                                Mr. Filipiak
                                                                      News From P.E.
                                                                         Our student teacher left Mt. View
Greetings from the                                                    on March 26,2010 . All of the classes
Art Room.                                                             are now working on Cooperative
 This month at the Board of                                           Games and Invasion Games. That
Education ten students                                                includes using the parachute, noodles,
from Mountain View were                                               partner activities, and team or group
chosen and honored for                                                activities. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders
outstanding artwork. From                                             will be working on offense/defense
first grade Jeremy Morin                                              during invasion games. The
                                                                      vocabulary words they are working on
and Amiya Raskar/Second
                                                                      are cooperation, teamwork and
grade- Annika Fitzgerald
and Isabella Torres/ Third
                                Music Notes                           communication. In April we will be
grade-Kyla Pinette and          An instrument Recital will be         returning to our fitness units and I will
Morgan Matos/ Fourth            held on Tuesday, April 13th at        be talking about those activities more
grade- Sabrina Lumbra and       7:00 p.m. in the Mountain             in the last few news letters. Now that
Justin Jacques/ Fifth           View School gymnasium. The            the weather is getting nice outside,
grade- Ethan Dorazio and        same Recital will be held on          please encourage your child to do
Matt Checovetes.                Wednesday, April 14th at 1:30         activities outside. Ride bicycles, ride
Congratulations to these ten    p.m. Any interested band              skate boards, play tag, shoot hoops,
                                student will perform as a             kick a ball, jump rope, go to the park,
students for the use of                                               or go for a walk with the family.
creativity and hard work        soloist or in a small ensemble.
with their artwork. Also,          Come and enjoy listening to
the end of the year art show    our talented fourth and fifth
                                grade instrumentalists.               Mrs. St. Pierre
(smART show) will be

Mountain View PTO minutes- March 10, 2010
1. The meeting began with information that Fran Fillmore gathered about the 5 th Grade Fun Day.
Healthtrax is $12.00 per student, Adults free, $50.00 deposit, 9:30-2:30pm, swimming and gym
with a movie shown. YMCA Camp Chase is $11.25 per student or $13.00 with the climbing wall,
Adults free, $250.00 non-refundable deposit, 9:15-3:00pm. Lake Compounce is $14.50 per person
9:30-3:00 pm, water park portion is not open at that time. YMCA in Plainville is $10.00 per child,
she‟ll be hearing back if we need to pay for adults, 9-ish to 3pm, pool-gym-rockwall-outside activity
(weather permitting). Chunky Tomato Pizza Truck is $9.00 per pizza (plus $1.00 per pizza for
toppings), we would need roughly 13 or 14 pizzas.
2. The Secretary‟s report from January 13, 2010 was reviewed (since there was no February meeting
because of inclement weather).
3. The Treasurer‟s report was reviewed and we are doing well right now.
4. The Spring Book Fair days have been changed. Parent/teacher conferences as well as the book
fair will take place on Monday March 29- Wednesday March 31, 2010. Donna Pelletier proposed
"One for Books" to collect spare change during the book fair. The money collected will be used to
purchase books for our library. Mr. Malavenda gave the ok. She also requested that when making
the schedule for the classes to visit the book fair, that there be a 15 minute gap between classes.
This will allow for any reorganizing of the books from the previous class and will allow any stragglers
to make their selections, pay, and exit the book fair before the next class enters.
5. Mrs. Pratt mentioned that she will begin her Science Fair artwork contest soon. The winning
design will go on the t-shirts the PTO provides the 5th graders to wear during the Science Fair.
6. The 2010 Mountain View PTO Scholarship applications will need to be returned to us by May 7,
2010. The committee to review and score the applications will consist of Donna Pelletier, Christine
Martin, Laura Carter, Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Martineau.
7. Our Spring Bulb fund raiser notices will be sent out the first week of April.
8. Next month is the nominations for PTO board positions. Lori Holcomb will type up descriptions of
the positions and send it home with the students.
9. We will once again have a Rock Cats Baseball game fund raiser. We are looking to book Sunday
May 23, 2010 (not sure of the time). This game includes Mascot day and the kids get to run the
bases. Prices and time to follow.
10. The information that Laura Carter gathered regarding 5th Grade Fun day was presented. The
rental of a Moonwalk and Moonwalk/slide combo from Good Times Inflatables is $365.00, Two
hours of Airbrush Tattoos from Amazing Face Art is $220.00 and Two hours of The Gamers Box is
$198.00. Mrs Pratt voiced her concern that the moonwalks would cause a distraction to all the other
students and Mr. Malavenda will contact the principal of Stafford school regarding liability issues
and moonwalks.
11. Our Parent Advisory Council liaison, Bill Fitzgerald, discussed the meeting which was held on
March 8, 2010. One issue which raised a conversation amongst us was the elimination of the
Forestville Little League fields on the Greene-Hills school grounds. The league was told that the fields
would be staying, but we are now finding out that is not true. Bill said he would mention our
discussion at the next meeting.
12. The DARE graduation will be April 12, 2010 at 6:30pm. They will need a few volunteers to serve
cake and punch.
13. Laura Carter spoke with Greg, the manager at Ruby Tuesday‟s. He has booked us in for
Saturday February 5, 2011 from 8-10am for another fundraiser breakfast.
14. Mr. Malavenda mentioned that the CMT‟s are going smoothly.
15. "Waddle on" my Club Penguin friends!

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