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                                        Senior Circle Member Publication

              Fall 2006

                                                                 Stay Mentally Sharp
                                                                 Go Nuts!

                                                                 Protect Your Identity
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       Members of

      Russell Wells
      Three Rivers Chapter
                                                                        keeps this group going, ensuring that supplies are avail-
                                                                        able, making coffee or calling a Stitcher who has missed
      Louisa, Kentucky                                                  a meeting to make sure all is well. As if the Stitchers
                                                                        aren’t enough responsibility, Melba can be counted on
      Russell Wells has enjoyed
                                                                        for assistance in organizing craft workshops for our
      Senior Circle membership
                                                                        Senior Circle members. She’s a crafty lady, with
      since 1999 – so much so that
                                                                                            great ideas and projects that
      he can always be counted on
                                                                                             please our membership. Melba is a
      when help is needed. A well-known life-long resident of
                                                                                             great asset to the Crossroads
      Lawrence County, he is an excellent Senior Circle
                                                                                                                 –Angela Schrum,
      After serving in the U.S. Army for four years during
      WWII, Russell graduated from the University of                                                 Director of Senior Circle and
      Kentucky with a major in agriculture. His first job was                                                   Volunteer Services
      teaching agriculture to veterans. In the 1950’s he taught
      high school and supplemented his income by teaching                                            Raymond Carpenter
                                                                                                   Chesterfield General Chapter
      evening classes at the Federal Correctional Institution in                                        Cheraw, South Carolina
      Boyd County.
                                                                        Everybody loves Raymond. Does that sound familiar?
      In 1958 Russell became the director of the Lawrence
                                                                        Well, every Chesterfield General Senior Circle member
      County Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation
                                                                        sure loves Raymond Carpenter. He’s always 45 minutes
      Service (now Farm Service Administration). After
                                                                        early for any event ready to help. He and his wife, Sue,
      retirement in 1987, Russell stayed busy substitute
                                                                                            help arrange and set the tables and
      teaching for 14 years, and lending his expertise on the
                                                                                                        Raymond even helps me
      Board of Directors for Three Rivers Medical Center and
                                                                                                        with the food! Sue helps
      Trustee at the Louisa First Baptist Church.
                                                                                                       with member check-in and
      He has always been dedicated to helping with youth                                               name badges. There’s a lot
      programs; he served as Secretary/Treasure for the                                               that goes into the prepara-
      Louisa-Fort Gay Little League program for ten years and                                        tion for an event for 100
      was instrumental in securing and developing the Stella                                        people.
      Moore Little League Baseball Field. Russell and his wife
                                                                        We play bingo four days a week and Raymond is there
      of 57 years, Nora, have volunteered at Three Rivers
                                                                        with the coffee pot. He knows how all the regulars take
      Medical Center every Wednesday for the past 18 years.
                                                                        their coffee. He’s full of jokes so there’s never a dull
      Now that’s celebrating the joys of aging.
                                                                        moment. He’s saved my day many times.
                      –Donna Childers, Senior Circle Advisor
                                                                                           –Celia Johnson, Senior Circle Advisor
                                                                         (Celia passed away in April 2006 after a lengthy illness. Our
      Melba Jenkins                                                       members keep her spirit and love of Senior Circle alive by
      Crossroads Community Chapter
                                                                         staying active in the chapter now guided by Inetta Ward.)
      Mt. Vernon, Illinois
      Melba Jenkins is the definitive dedicated Senior Circle
      member. She participates in most of the activities, always
      has a smile and a ‘hello’ for all she meets, and helps
      whenever there’s a need. Last fall, Melba helped                                The Senior Circle Mission:
      organize and now shepherds the Senior Circle Stitchers.             To encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors
      The Stitchers meet each week to create quilts for ill or          by providing programs that encourage continued learning,
      traumatized children, lap robes and shawls for area                           wellness, health and volunteering,
      nursing home residents, and warm items to welcome                           coupled with a host of social activities.
      babies born at Crossroads Community Hospital. Melba                   
                                                    Inside Circle   2    Fall 2006
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                                                                                          Inside this Issue
                                                                                               Member News
                                                                                           2 Members of Distinction
                                                                                          21 Around the Circle

       Fall 2006                                                                           7   Simple Mammogram Steps
                                                                                           8   Stadium Foods
       Dear Members,                                                                      10   Stay Mentally Sharp
                                                                                          19   Pain - It’s Not in Your Head
       As I watch our Senior Circle grow and hear from our Advisors and many of
       you, I continue to be proud of the ways that it is making such a difference in     Member Benefits
       your lives. I hope you don’t keep the good news all to yourselves, but share it    24 Fall Member Campaign
       with friends. Read about our recruitment campaign on the back cover. Bring
       friends to an activity and let them experience our Circle!
       You’re not like yesterday’s seniors. Whether you are 50 or 80, you’re vital and     4 Member Spotlight
       active, always learning and staying involved, with energy that can outshine               Kathy Lewis
       those half your age. When you read the Member Spotlight on page 4, you’ll           6 Short Story Contest
       be impressed with Kathy Lewis and her unique rodeo accomplishments.                   “I’ve Done My Job”
                                                                                           9 Protect Your Identity
       Life and vitality certainly shines in the face of our cover girl. When I’m 80, I   11 Advisor Spotlight
                                                                                                 Lisa Guerrero
       certainly hope to be having a great time like her, walking the beach and enjoy-
                                                                                          12 Express Your Inner Artist
       ing life to the fullest. Our lives move so quickly, we wonder what happened        16 Go Nuts!
       to those years gone by. Whether it’s strolling on the beach, competing in a
       rodeo, or enjoying time with family and friends, I encourage you to take
       advantage of every moment and keep creating wonderful memories.                                Travel
                                                                                          13 Around The World
       Regardless of age, we have to take charge of our physical and mental health.       15 International Travel
       (Read all about Staying Mentally Sharp on page 10.) At Senior Circle, our
                                                                                          17 On The Road
       goal is to help you live life to the fullest and make smart health decisions.
                                                                                               Pottstown Chapter
       Selecting the right hospital and physicians is important. We are proud of our
       sponsoring hospitals and the services they provide to you.

       Travel is becoming more difficult, and we want to do all we can to ease your        President and Publisher
                                                                                                   Debra S. Landers
       worries and extra headaches. Please be smart and patient throughout your
       journeys and heed the travel tips on page 15.                                                    Editor
                                                                                                     Amy Thomas
       As this year winds down, I wish each of you health, happiness and lots of
       memories to make you smile.                                                         Director of Senior Circle
                                                                                                     Ann Jaramillo

                                                                                                   Published By
       Debbie                                                                                        Senior Circle
                                                                                                    (800) 211-4148


                                                    Inside Circle   3   Fall 2006
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                                            M E M B E R            S P O T L I G H T

                                                                       Kathy Lewis is a member of the Hill
                                                                       Regional Senior Circle Chapter in
                                                                               Hillsboro, Texas. She enjoys the
                                                                               benefits     that   come      with
                                                                              membership – especially the trips.
                                                                          You see, she can’t sit still very long;
                                                                           she’s also a Senior Pro Rodeo barrel
                                                                            racer. Like a human cyclone, she
                                                                             shoots around an arena, rapidly
                                                                              maneuvers her horse around
                                                                               barrels, and more often than not,
                                                                               makes it back to the starting
                                                                                gate in less than 18 seconds!

                                                                                    Born in Mildred, Texas, Kathy later moved
                                                                                    to Corsicana and then to Mexia where she
                                                                                    met her husband, Truman. Married in 1950,
                                                                                    the Air Force family has lived in several
                                                                                    southwestern cities before settling in
                                                                                    Hillsboro 33 years ago.

                                                                                 Kathy began riding at age 7, but got her first
                                                                                taste of performing at age 12 while riding a
                                                                                Palomino horseback and dancing with other
                                                                              riders at the local rodeo. It wasn’t until 1962,
                                                                              though, when Truman bought Kathy her first
                                                                            horse that her equestrian stride took off.

                                                                          Kathy rodeoed until 2000 and was a member of the
                                                                       Texas Senior Pro Rodeo Association (TSPRA). These
                                                                       seasoned competitors are just as tough as those who
                                                                       don’t have quite as much mileage on them. Kathy was
                                                                       one of 400 men and women in TSPRA, about half of
                                                                       whom compete in senior rodeos every weekend across
                                                                        the state. Some have ranching backgrounds, but others
                                                                         are your every day retired individual, schoolteacher,
                                                                        salesman, realtor, and pawnbroker. There is no mold.

                                                                        Eleven years ago when Kathy turned 60, TSPRA didn’t
                                                                       have barrel racing for individuals over 60, so she joined
                                                                       the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) and now
                                                                       competes about three times a year. In 1995 at age 61,
                                                                       Kathy won the Women’s All-Around Champion, Barrel
                                                                         Champion, and 60’s Ribbon Runner. She’s won
                                                                          numerous prizes over the years, including a trailer!
                                                   Inside Circle   4    Fall 2006
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                                                                        third.” He, too, used to ride the circuit as a calf roper
                                                                        until he broke his ankle in 2002.

                                                                        Yes, Kathy has fallen a few times, but she gets right back
                                                                        in the saddle. It’s in her blood. Speaking of her blood,
                                                                        Kathy says hers runs blue and silver (Dallas Cowboys)
                                                                        and sometimes orange and white (Texas Longhorns).
                                                                        She’s passionate about her football, as well as her two
                                                                        daughters, son, five grandchildren, and four great-grand-

                                                                        Kathy loves the thrill of the race and the aroma of the
                                                                        arena, but she claims that the most important thing that
                                                                        has happened in her life was becoming a Christian at age
      This past summer she was still going strong. At the               22. “Life has been good to me and I am thankful for all
      NBHA Texas state finals, out of 495 runners Kathy won             of the beautiful people we have met along the way,”
      on three runs. Never mind the heat and the dust of a              Kathy said.
      competitive arena – or her pacemaker (she’s on her
      fourth after wearing out three!); this Texan is determined        Off the saddle, besides raising three children, Kathy
      and competitive.                                                  started college at age 32 and received her bachelor of arts in
                                                                        in psychology in 1970 from Dallas Bible College (now Dallas
      Kathy has been racing with Commander, her 24-year-old             Bible University). She has also worked as a church youth
      quarter horse, since he was 7-years-old. He’s her pride           director and youth choir leader for 30 years and was a
      and joy. She laughs saying, “the Lord is number one in            substitute teacher for 16 years, occasionally still substituting
      my life, Commander is number two, and Truman comes                when not racing or traveling with Senior Circle. “I don’t
                                                                        want to be a couch potato!” No chance of that!
          I’m back in the saddle again
          Out where a friend is a friend
        Where the longhorn cattle feed
            On the lowly gypsum weed
             Back in the saddle again
                          — Gene Autry

                                                    Inside Circle   5    Fall 2006
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                                           I’ve Done My Job
                                                         by Erna I. Snukis

       Inside Circle is pleased to publish the second place winner of the Fifth Annual Senior Circle Short Story Contest

                            1st Place                                                        2nd Place
                  Published in our Summer issue                                            Published Below
                        “A Fishing Story”                                       “I’ve Done My Job” by Erna I. Snukis
                by Sandy Sykes, Dyersburg Chapter                          Western Arizona Chapter • Bullhead City, Arizona

                                                          Honorable Mention
                                                  Can be read on
                                                     “A Celebration of Memories”
                                                 by Jane Gramlich, Pottstown Chapter

         was a newlywed with an infant son when I                        any other children I have would be my first priority in
      I  phoned my mother with, what seemed at the time, a
      complex problem.
                                                                         life. Everything else came after.”

                                                                         “But mom, you taught us to cook, bake, sew, vacuum,
      “Mom, how do you keep the kitchen floor so clean and shiny?”       polish brass and stuff, even the laundry and ironing.”

      My mom, with her infinite patience, started telling me             “Sweetheart, those things we could do together. I would
      the cleaning products she used.                                    wait until you and your sister were in bed or off to
                                                                         school then do the things that I needed to do alone. I
      “But Mom, I’m using all that stuff and it’s still not as           knew you’d grow up too fast and I wanted to be with you
      nice as the floor at home. What are you doing that                 as much as possible.”
      I’m not?”
                                                                         I looked down at my infant son sleeping in his bassinet
      “Let’s see, I damp mop the floor during the week, usually          and made the same decision my mother had made.
      Tuesday, then scrub and wax it on Friday.”
                                                                         “Mom, you did do your job well. And I’m going to try
      “What? I always thought you did it once a month or so              my best to do the same for my son.”
      and it just sort of stayed nice.”
                                                                         Mom passed away in February 2003.
      “Why do you think that?”
                                                                         In December 2004 my now adult son came to stay with
      “Because I’ve never seen you actually mop the floor!”              us for a while. I was home from work one day and
                                                                         decided to mop and wax the floor. My son came home
      I could hear her smile across the phone lines, “Then I’ve          early that day. He threw in a load of wash, took chicken
      done my job.”                                                      out to grill for dinner then stood in the doorway watching
                                                                         me. I asked him what’s up.
      I started to ask for an explanation when she said to put on
      some coffee, she’d be over to visit in a bit and tell me           “Ya know ma, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you actually
      what she meant.                                                    mop the kitchen floor before.”

      “When you were first born, I had decided that you and              I just couldn’t help but smile and reply, “Well, then I’ve
                                                                         done my job.”

                                                     Inside Circle   6    Fall 2006
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                                                     Y O U R          H E A LT H

                                Simple Steps Can Save Your Life
      Breast cancer is associated with abnormal cell growth in            mammogram every one to two years or as often as their
      the breast and nearby tissues. Early detection is key               doctor recommends. This is imperative especially if
      because in its early stages, breast cancer may not cause            you’ve had any symptoms or have had a blood relative
      pain–or you may not have any symptoms.                              who had breast cancer. Call your physician or sponsoring
                                                                          hospital to schedule your mammogram.
      Monthly self breast exams are important and take just a
      few minutes. If you’re post-menopausal, do them at the
      first of every month; remember to check the lymph
      nodes under your arms. See your doctor immediately if
      you find lumps or changes; have unexplained
      pain in your breast; notice changes in the shape
      or texture of your nipples; have discharge,
      bleeding or scaling of the nipples; notice dim-
      pling, puckering or color changes on your

      Additionally, a mammogram–a type of diagnostic
      x-ray, can detect the presence of suspicious
      tissue and cancer. Women should have a

                       FANTASTIC FALL FOLIAGE
      Temperatures are finally cooler and the bugs are gone.    
      Now’s the time that Mother Nature puts on a spectacular              • Features a toll-free hotline for each state to get an
      color show – and it’s free. What an ideal time of year to            up-to-date fall foliage report, as well as links to
      go camping, take a scenic drive, visit a state park, or get          individual state reports for optimal viewing sights.
      outside for a long walk through beds of shimmering
      orange and gold.                                          
                                                                           • Discover expected peak times and fall color
      Although the Northeast is typically considered the fall              destinations to areas near you.
      foliage capital of America, there are beautiful canvases
      all over the country – even in your backyard. If the locals         Don’t miss out on your area’s stunning natural beauty –
      are swearing it's a “bad color year,” don't worry. Just             and a guarantee to stretch your legs and relax your mind.
      head into the forests, where the sunlight glinting on
      individual leaves brings out a wealth of color.
      The color of fall hits its peak from late September to
      early November, varying slightly each year based on
      temperature, light and moisture and severity of the first
      cold snap. Leaves in cooler parts of the country (such as
      Colorado, Maine and Minnesota) change first. Leaves in
      warmer parts (such as the South) change later in the season.
      Call or check out your area’s Department of Tourism or
      chamber for a local foliage report, or visit these Web sites:

                                                      Inside Circle   7    Fall 2006
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                                        Take me out to the Ball Game
                                           Making the best of stadium food
       Pro, college, high school, and little league. No matter                          Instead, try:
       the stadium or field, fans are usually slighted when it
                                                                                        • Peanuts – they’re packed with protein, fiber and
       comes to healthy food choices at the concession stand.
                                                                                          heart-healthy fat.
       As baseball season winds down and football season
       heats up, our urge to enjoy stadium food bliss stays                             • Grilled chicken sandwich – it’s better than a burger.
       strong. However tempting, if high-fat foods like ham-
                                                                                        • Sub sandwich – loaded with lettuce, tomatoes,
       burgers, pizza, chili dogs, nachos and soda have you
                                                                                          onions and olive oil dressing, it’s a filling alternative.
       reaching for the antacids or shuddering at the thought
                                                                                          (Just choose turkey or chicken.)
       of the calories, stop right there. There are healthy
       alternatives.                                                                    • Salad or fruit cup – a healthy side instead of fries.
       If you want to eat a healthy diet, you should cut out                            • Grab a vegetarian option. Many ballparks offer a
       most concession stand food. But if a quick snack is                                veggie burger or dog.
       what you need, here are a few tips to watch your waist
       line and avoid a tummy ache:                                                     • You can’t beat fresh squeezed lemonade or ice cold
                                                                                          bottled water.
       • Ditch the dogs. Yep, the staple of stadium food.
         We’ve all heard that hot dogs aren’t the healthiest                            Below are a few concession stand favorites. You’ll be
         choice around, but they may actually be unhealthier                            amazed. Depending on what you’re monitoring, check
         than you think. Research from the University of                                out the nutritional content. You’re not at the mercy of
         Hawaii and USC recently revealed a link between                                the concession stands. Consider bringing your own
         diets high in processed meats and an increased risk                            healthy snacks, like dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, sugar-
         of pancreatic cancer.                                                          less chewing gum, seasonal berries, unsalted soy nuts,
                                                                                        uncoated granola bars.
       • Watch those condiments. They’re loaded with
         calories and salt.                                                             If you just can’t pass up the nachos, try sharing an
                                                                                        order with a friend. Better yet, eat before you go to the
       • Stay away from fried foods, including French fries                             game. You’ll not only save calories, but money! Root
         and onion rings.                                                               – root – root for your home team!


                                 Chicken        Cracker Jacks       Soft Pretzel       Cheese Nachos     Unsalted       Sno Cone          Peanuts
                                Sandwich           original            8 oz.              40 chips        Popcorn       6.1 fl. oz        in shell
                                  7.8 oz          1/2 cup                               4 oz. cheese       9 cups                          4 cups
                              without cheese                                                           without butter

              Calories            460               120                710                1101             573            540              1280

          Calories From Fat       225                18                 45                 531             315              0               864

              Total Fat           25 g               2g                 5g                 59 g            35 g             0               96 g

            Saturated Fat         8g                 0g               1.5 g               18.5 g             -              0               16 g

             Cholesterol         65 mg              0 mg               0 mg               58 mg              -              -                0

              Sodium           1280 mg             70 mg             810 mg              1580 mg             -              -             1680 mg

             Total Carbs          40 g              23 g              147 g               131.5            56 g           132               56

               Sugar              15 g              15 g               44 g                1g               0           Depends             7g

               Protein            20 g               2g                18 g               23.6 g          8.6 g             0               7g

            Dietary Fiber         2g                 1g                 8g                7.5 g              -              -               24 g

                                                                Inside Circle      8      Fall 2006
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                               Protect Your Identity
      There’s no one in the world just like you. Who you are is          transactions. Don’t open files sent by strangers, or
      a wonderful combination of your personality, relation-             click on hyperlinks or download programs from
      ships, lifestyle, health and more. It’s also your financial        people you don’t know. Use strong passwords with
      identity – your bank account and credit card numbers,              a combination of letters (upper and lower case),
      government-issued IDs, social security number and other            numbers and symbols.
      valuable identifying data. Safeguarding this data will
      ensure that your financial identity remains unique to you.                                  DETECT
                                                                                    Even if you take all of these steps,
      Identity theft occurs when your personal information is           it’s still possible to become a victim of identity theft.
      used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other                          Early detection will minimize risk.
      crimes. It can cost you time and money, as well as
      destroy your credit. There is no failsafe way to keep             • Routinely monitor your financial accounts and billing
      identity theft from happening, though you can lessen the            statements to look for charges you did not make.
      risk, and minimize the damage if it does happen. The              • Be alert to signs that require immediate attention such
      Federal Trade Commission recommends the three Ds: Deter,
                                                                          as bills that don’t arrive as expected, unexpected credit
      Detect and Defend.
                                                                          cards or account statements, calls or letters about
                                                                          purchases you didn’t make, and unexpected credit
                   Safeguard your information.
      • Shred documents with personal information before you            If you’ve lost personal information or identification,
        discard them.                                                       or if you suspect identity theft has occurred,
      • Cut up expired cards.                                                           take immediate action.
      • Don’t give out personal information on the phone,
        through the mail, or over the Internet unless you know          • Contact companies or agencies that have accounts in
        who you’re dealing with. Find out how it will be used             your name.
        and whether it will be shared with others. (Senior Circle       • Close accounts, like credit cards and bank accounts, if
        does not share or sell your information with anyone               necessary. When you open new accounts, place new,
        without your permission; national benefit partners                strong passwords on them.
        only have information necessary to send your benefit            • If your driver’s license/other government ID is lost or
        cards.)                                                           stolen, contact the issuing agency to cancel it and get a
      • Create passwords on your credit card, bank, and phone             replacement. Ask your file to be flagged so no one else
        accounts. Avoid obvious ones like your mother’s maiden            can get an ID from them in your name.
        name.                                                           • File a police report; this will also be of help for
      • Keep personal information in a secure place at home.              creditors who may want proof of the crime.
      • Protect your Social Security number. Never carry your                                                 continued on Page 10
        card in your wallet or write your number on checks.
        Give it out only if absolutely necessary.
      • Retrieve mail promptly from your mailbox and ensure
        that all mail is correctly forwarded and re-routed if you
        move or change addresses.
      • Only deposit letters in post collection boxes.
      • If you’re traveling, have your mail held at your local
        post office.
      • Never leave your purse or wallet unattended.
      • Be cautious when responding to promotions. Identity
        thieves often create phony promotional offers to
        obtain your personal information from you.
      • Regularly update the virus protection software on your
        computer. Use a firewall program to stop uninvited
        access, and a secure browser to guard your online
                                                    Inside Circle   9    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:16 PM   Page 10

      If you think you may be a victim of identity                                      Free Annual Credit Report
      theft, contact:
        1) Nationwide consumer reporting companies                          Check your credit rating at least once a year.
        Place an initial fraud alert on your credit reports to help
        stop someone from opening new credit accounts in                       The law requires the major nationwide
        your name.                                                            consumer reporting companies—Equifax,
            Equifax            1-800-525-6285                                   Experian, and TransUnion— to give
            Experian           1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)                        you a free copy of your credit report
            TransUnion         1-800-680-7289                                        each year if you ask for it.
        2) Federal Trade Commission (FTC) For up-to-date                            To order your free annual report,
        information about how to work with credit bureaus                          visit,
        and law enforcement to reclaim your identity, call                   call toll-free 877-322-8228, or complete the
        1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338).                                                  Annual Credit Report Request Form
        3) Social Security Administration (SSA) For a                               (available at
        replacement card, a new SS number in certain                                           and mail it to:
        circumstances, and help to correct your earnings records,                Annual Credit Report Request Service
        visit for the office near you.                                P.O. Box 105281
                                                                                         Atlanta, GA 30348-5281
      There’s no one in the world just like you, but there
      may be someone who wants to pretend he’s you long                        Do not contact the nationwide consumer
      enough to snatch key parts of your financial identity to                    reporting companies individually;
      commit fraud or theft. Do what you can to prevent this                 they provide free annual credit reports only
      from happening.                                                                    through this service.

       It's never too early to get into good habits that help pre-       • Exercise – Sweat, not only for circulation, but studies
       serve memory and mental abilities. “It's a classic ‘use it          show that it improves memory, reasoning skills and
       or lose it’ scenario, in which the brain can decline if you         reaction time. Endorphins created from exercise keep
       don't keep it active,” according to gerontologist and               the mind stimulated.
       geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Robert Butler, founder and             • Play! – Games like chess, checkers, crossword
       president of the International Longevity Center. “An                puzzles, cards, and Soduko test your logic.
       active and alert brain can combat depression and                  • Socialize – Meeting new people exposes you to new
       improve cognitive function.”                                        ideas and activities.
       Most people can – and do – remain intellectually alert            • Eat a well-balanced diet – Eat small portions, and
       and capable as they age. Although there are factors out             lots of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to get plenty of
       of your control that can lead to decreased mental func-             Omega 3s and other fatty acids, but eliminate trans-
       tioning as you age, your capacity for processing and                fats.
       absorbing new information, continues well into old age.
                                                                         • Switch it up – Drive a different route to your daily
       But just like your body, you have to exercise and                   activities. This can expose you to new things and also
       stimulate your mind to keep it supple! Try these tips to            stimulates the mind.
       minimize or prevent cognitive loss, and stay mentally
                                                                         Bridge anyone?
                                                      Inside Circle 10    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06     12:16 PM   Page 11

                                              A DV I S O R             S P O T L I G H T

                                                     Lisa Guerrero
                                     Lisa Guerrero is quite a busy        diligence and perseverance, independence, self-control
                                     woman. In addition to being          and goal setting,” she explained.
                                     Director of Volunteers &
                                     Senior Circle at Moberly             She also had a maturing experience at age 13 during a
                                     Regional Medical Center in           month-long 4-H/Labo Exchange program in Nagoya,
                                     Moberly, Missouri, she is            Japan. She lived with a Japanese family of four in a high-
                                     also the hospital’s Director of      rise apartment–the size of two college dorm rooms.
                                     Marketing & Public                   “They spoke zero English so we communicated with a
                                     Relations.                           Japanese/English dictionary and hand gestures,” Lisa
                                                                          explained. “I learned patience, communication skills,
      Having served four years as Advisor, Lisa genuinely                 independence, and developed a great respect for a people
      cares about her 450-plus members. She constantly                    who had an extremely different culture.”
      reminds them how valuable they are as individuals and
      provides them with opportunities to share their wisdom.             Lisa’s husband of 18 years, Chris, says that “besides the
      Her members have taught her some things, too: how to                Lord, Lisa is truly the most unselfish person that he has
      slow down and spend moments doing what you really                   ever known.” Besides being what Lisa calls “a beautiful
      enjoy, and the power of hugs.                                       Christian man,” Chris is also a competitive national
                                                                          pistol shooter, hunter, and quite the handyman. Lisa
      Lisa is a Sunday school teacher, member of the                      describes their 14-year-old son, Alex, as a kind and
      American Business Women’s Association (past president               gentle spirit with amazing potential.
      of the local chapter and Woman of the Year) and has
                been the local coordinating chair of America’s            Lisa says one of her greatest accomplishments is “hav-
                    Walk for Diabetes for the past 11 years.              ing the privilege of becoming a Christian.” Her faith is at
                     When she does take time for herself,                 the center of her life. When feeling blue, she thinks of all
                      Lisa enjoys shooting hoops, a talent                the things she’s thankful for and she feels better, she
                      developed in third grade and continued              says. If she had to spend a year living alone in a remote
                      through college.                                    cabin, she’d spend her time praying, reading the Bible,
                                                                          taking long walks and
                    Lisa considers her greatest ongoing                   singing.
                challenge a blessing. At age seven, she was
      diagnosed with type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes. “It
      wasn’t an option to let the disease get the best of me,”
      Lisa said. The entire family began eating the right kinds
      of foods, continued an active lifestyle, and her parents
      encouraged her to get involved in sports. Today, she still
      practices good disease management like testing her
      blood sugar five to six times a day, eating more when she
                                   exercises or s t a y s u p
                                         l a t e , a n d avoiding
                                             high fat and sugary
                                                foods. “I know it
                                                  sounds weird,
                                                   but I’m very
                                                   thankful God
                                                   allowed me to
                                                   have diabetes,”
                                                  she said. “I am
                                                convinced t h a t
                                             i t h a s taught me                                                 continued on Page 12

                                                       Inside Circle 11    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd    10/16/06   12:16 PM   Page 12

                           Q & A WITH LISA

                      Secret to staying young...
                Staying involved, active and engaging
         When you were young what did you want to be?
                A professional basketball player
                                                                         Lisa with son, Alex, and husband, Chris.
               Friends say they like most about you...
                         I’m a good listener.                            For Lisa, the key to achieving personal fulfillment is
                          Junk food weakness...                          being able to find contentment and happiness in any
                             Caramel apples                              situation. Lisa said, “I absolutely love what I do and look
                                                                         forward to learning more from my Senior Circle
                       How do you like to relax?                         members and co-workers every day. I’m so proud to be
                      I sing while I go for a walk.
                        Favorite type of music:
                                                                         a part of such a great program that is available to seniors
                                                                         across our country.”

                Praise hymns and music from the 80’s
                       If you could have dinner                                            If it is
                    with anyone who would it be?
                       Both sets of grandparents                                       to be…it is up
          What would surprise others to learn about you?
           I rode a bucking calf in a rodeo when I was 11,
                                                                                           to me.
              and I also rappelled off of a 186-foot cliff.                                   Zig Ziglar
                      Biggest life lesson learned...
             Life is too precious to stress the little things.
                    Share your love with everyone,
                      lend a listening ear to all and
           let them see God’s light shining brightly in you.

                                                                         When your creativity is held inside, it’s like a brook having
                                                                         its waters blocked by a dam. Your creative energy is
                                                                         blocked and it festers in the body.
                                                                         In fact, art therapy is based on the belief that the creative
                                                                         process helps people to resolve conflicts, develop
                                                                         interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress,
                                                                         increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve
                                                                         insight. Art therapy is often used with children,
                                                                         adolescents, adults, and older adults to assess and treat
       You were born with potential for creativity – to design,          such conditions as anxiety, depression, and other mental,
       paint, draw, write, sculpt, weave, bake, garden, or plow          emotional and neurological problems. Art heals by
       a field. For those who have embraced their given creativity,      affecting a person’s attitude, emotions, and perception of
       they recognize its power. For those who claim “I’m no             pain, and may even have a positive influence on the
       Picasso,” listen up.                                              immune system and blood flow.
       A human being’s life force flows in the direction of              Go ahead–reveal your creativity on paper, canvas, metal,
       creativity. Did you know that participating in creation           earth, wood, plants, or even with food. The materials
       and maintaining wellness, work hand in hand?                      don’t really matter, just have fun and express yourself.
       Expressing your creative force with an outward expression
       means the energy within you is given an outlet.                   Source:
                                                      Inside Circle 12    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:16 PM    Page 13

              d The
                                                They say you’re only       Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, is
                                                  as old as you feel.      abuzz with excitement as it prepares for the 2008
                                                 So what’s one of the      Summer Olympics. This comprehensive tour showcases

   Aroun                                           secrets to feeling      both ancient and modern treasures of Beijing, and
                                                youthful, rejuvenated,
                                                    and full-of-life?                                               is filled with
                                                                                                                    priceless cultur-

                                                                                                                    al experiences.
                                                 It awakens the soul
                                                  and contributes to                                                     Get your first
                                                   an active lifestyle
                                                     that can make
                                                                                                                         taste of China
                                                    a big difference                                                     with a visit to the
                                                       in your life.                                                     elegant Summer
                                                                                                                         Palace and a deli-
       From San Francisco to Sydney, Senior Circle’s preferred                                                           cious dumpling
       travel partner, Collette Vacations, has put together an                                                           d i n n e r. T h e
       exciting line-up of seven adventures in 2007 (and one                                                             following day,
       remaining for 2006). These tours are filled with unforget-                                                        visit legendary
       table experiences that will enrich your life, and they’re a         Tiananmen Square and the magnificent Forbidden City,
       great way to cultivate friendships with other members.              w i t h i t s a c r e s o f pavilions, courtyards, temples, and
       Your chapter Advisor has detailed planning information              gardens. While visiting the Great Wall of China, you’ll
       for each trip, or visit, or call               have the chance to walk across a portion of this 3,700-
       Collette Vacations at (877) 894-1238.                               mile structure! Cap off the day with a Peking duck
       * The prices below are land rates only (does not include            dinner and a spectacular Peking Opera Show.
       airfare) and are based on double occupancy. Stay tuned
       for more info on the trips planned from July-December.              An early morning visit to the Temple of Heaven allows
                                                                           you to see locals practicing Tai Chi and participate in a
                               2006                                        time-honored Chinese pastime, kite flying! You’ll also
      California New Year’s Getaway                                        have the opportunity to watch an awe-inspiring Chinese
      Departs December 29                                                  Acrobatic Show and take an excursion to Xian to see the
      $1,499 • 5 days • 6 meals                                            thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors that guard the tomb of
      with optional 2-night Las Vegas extension                            China’s ancient emperors. During your visit to the world-
                                                                           famous Beijing Zoo, watch for their loveable giant
      Welcome 2007 with the Tournament of Roses Parade! In                 pandas. Finally, take a rickshaw ride through the narrow
      Pasadena you will be surrounded with fun-filled activities           streets of the old city to the home of a local family. Share
      surrounding the annual parade. Tickets to the amazing                lunch with them as you learn about their way of life and
      “Glory of Christmas Show” at the Crystal Cathedral are               learn to make traditional Chinese dumplings!
      included. December 31 is yours to explore independently
      and to rest for the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Dance,                South Pacific Wonders
      with live entertainment and a champagne toast.                       Departs April 12
                                                                           $1,999 • 5 Days • 18 Meals
      On New Year’s Day you will have reserved seating and
      prime viewing of the Tournament of Roses Parade, a                   Highlights: Melbourne • Phillip Island • Little Penguin
      grand tradition since 1890. Activities and entertainment             Parade • Cairns • Great Barrier Reef • Sydney Opera
      abound and it will surely help you ring in the New Year              House • Queenstown • Milford Sound • Mount Cook
      on a festive note.                                                   National Park Christchurch

                               2007                                        Take in the spectacular sights, cultures, and beauty of
                                                                           Australia and the South Island of New Zealand on this
      Beijing City
      Departs March 25                                                     comprehensive tour. The excursion begins in the
      $549 • 8 Days • 13 Meals                                             Victorian city of Melbourne with a tour of Fitzroy
                                                                           Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. At Phillip
      Highlights: The Great Wall • Peking Opera • Tiananmen                Island you’ll witness the legendary Little Penguin
      Square • Forbidden City • Beijing Zoo • Rickshaw Tour                Parade, where hundreds of these diminutive birds make
      • Temple of Heaven

                                                        Inside Circle 13    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:16 PM   Page 14

      their daily trek across the beach to their burrows in
      the dunes.

      In the seaside city of Cairns, explore the colorful waters
      of the Great Barrier Reef in a glass-bottom boat ride or
      an optional scuba excursion. You’ll learn about the
      fascinating Aboriginal cultures of Australia with an
      unforgettable music and dance performance. In the
      vibrant capital city of Sydney, see the sights during a
      dinner cruise on beautiful Sydney Harbor and enjoy a
      performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House. An
      early morning visit to Koala Park gives you the chance
      to meet some of Australia’s unique wildlife including            San Francisco Getaway
      koalas, kangaroos, and wombats! Then cross over into             Departs September 10
      New Zealand, a land characterized by friendly locals             $999 • 5 Day • 6 Meals
      and stunning natural beauty. In addition to Queenstown
      and Christchurch, you’ll travel into the countryside to          Highlights: San Francisco • Chinatown • 17-Mile Drive
      observe the breathtaking landscapes of Milford Sound             • Carmel • Monterey • Napa Valley • Napa Valley Wine
      and Mt. Cook National Park. Marvel at the sight of               Train
      thundering waterfalls, sapphire blue lakes, massive
      glaciers, and snowcapped mountains. Memorable dining
      experiences include taking a gondola ride to dinner
      overlooking Lake Wakatipu and sharing dinner with a
      Kiwi family in their home! You’ll return home with
      countless memories of the “Land Down Under.”

      Discover Scotland
      Departs June 25
      $1,699 • 10 Days • 15 Meals

      • Edinburgh
        Castle                                                         Canyon Country (featuring Arizona & Utah)
      • St. Andrews                                                    Departs October 4
      • Dunrobin                                                       $1,749 • 9 Day • 12 Meals
      • Orkney                                                         Highlights: Scottsdale • Oak Creek Canyon • Kaibab
        Islands                                                        National Forest • Grand Canyon • Lake Powell •
      • Loch Ness                                                      Monument Valley • Bryce & Zion Canyon National
      • Isle of Skye                                                   Parks • Las Vegas
      • Stirling
        Castle                                                         NYC Holiday
                                                                       Departs December 10
                                                                       $1,949 • 5 Days • 5 Meals
      Islands of New England
      Departs July 6                                                   Highlights: Broadway Show
      $1,399 • 8 Days • 12 Meals                                       • Greenwich Village • Wall
                                                                       Street • Tavern on the Green
      Highlights: Providence • Newport • Boston • Cranberry            • Little Italy • Metropolitan
      Bog • Plymouth Rock • Cape Cod • Plimoth Plantation •            Museum of Art • Christmas
      Martha’s Vineyard • Nantucket • Lobster Feast in                 Spectacular at Radio City
      Hyannis • Provincetown                                           Music Hall • Statue of
                                                                       Liberty • Ellis Island

                                                    Inside Circle 14    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:16 PM   Page 15

               Preparing For International Travel
      There’s nothing more exciting than dreaming of, saving              amount is subject to change.) There may be restrictions
      for, and planning an exotic vacation abroad. Senior                 as to quantities and types of items that may be brought
      Circle and its travel partner, Collette Vacations, have             back to the United States. For purchases being shipped
      planned three fantastic international tours in 2007 (see            home, check with the store where purchased for the
      page 13). The summer issue of Inside Circle outlined                proper form on V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) purchases and
      travel tips for packing, dressing and general trip guide-           shipping or duty fees payable upon receipt.
      lines. But if you plan on enjoying international travel,
      there are unique considerations.                                    Vaccinations The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
                                                                          divides vaccines for travel into three categories: routine,
      Identification You must have the proper proof of                    recommended, and required. While your doctor will tell
      citizenship for entry to destination countries (a valid             you which ones you should have, it’s best to be aware of
      U.S. passport, or an original U.S. birth certificate, and a         them ahead of time.
      photo ID). A driver’s license is not proof of citizenship.
      Your passport must be valid for up to eight months                  Be sure you are up-to-date on your routine vaccinations
      beyond the travel date to destination country. Some                 which are necessary for protection from diseases that are
      countries require a Visa in addition to a passport. Check           still common in many parts of the world even though
      with the appropriate consulate for specific entry                   they rarely occur in the U.S. If you are not sure which
      requirements that may be needed.                                    vaccinations are routine, check with your physician.

      Departure Taxes Various international departure and                 Some vaccines are recommended to protect travelers
      arrival fees are not included in the airfare, though are            from illnesses present in other parts of the world and to
      often added with your tour invoice. You are responsible             prevent the importation of infectious diseases. Which
      for other taxes/fees paid upon exiting the country in               vaccinations you need depends on your destination,
      local currencies. These taxes/fees should be listed in              whether you will be spending time in rural areas, the
      your tour itinerary.                                                season you are traveling, your age, health status, and
                                                                          previous immunizations.
      Currency You can usually exchange U.S. money at
      airports, banks, exchange bureaus, American Express                 Traveling out of the country can be thrilling, but it’s best
      offices, and at most hotels. Often, a commission charge             to plan ahead to avoid any unpleasantness.
      will be assessed. Traveler’s Checks provide added
      security. Note: In some areas, it’s difficult to exchange           Stay aware of the new security guidelines and what
      Traveler’s Checks. Collette recommends carrying some                you can carry on the plane with you by visiting
      U.S. currency. They also recommend carrying only a few    
      major credit cards. If your ATM card is part of the Cirrus
      or Plus network, it may also work overseas. Contact your
      bank to determine if this option is available in the country
      you’ll be visiting. Also, confirm prior to departure that
      your PIN will be accepted.

      Electricity An adapter (which changes the physical
      plug) and converter (which changes the electric
      current) are necessary if you plan to use an appliance
      with voltage that differs from the standard within
      the country visited.

      Customs and Immigration On your return flight to
      the U.S., you will be asked fill out a Declaration Form
      for U.S. Customs. You’re allowed to bring back up to
      $800 U.S. per person of purchases duty free. (Dollar

                                                       Inside Circle 15    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd    10/16/06   12:16 PM    Page 16

                                            Go Nuts!!!
       Nuts are one of nature’s richest foods, and among the              Hazelnuts
       best – nutrient-wise – of the vegetable foods. They are a          One of the true nuts, hazelnuts are rich in fat and have a
       great source of cholesterol-lowering, monounsaturated              distinctive flavor – making it a favorite in confection
       fatty acids and contain important minerals. Their high             making or as a flavoring. Hazelnuts have one of the
       protein and fat content works well to keep hunger at bay;          highest levels of vitamin E. Their protein content is
       however, because of their fat, nuts should not be eaten by         about 15 percent and is nearly 65 percent fat, mostly
       the handful. Talk with your doctor to find out which nutri-        unsaturated. Hazelnuts have a fairly good level of the B
       ents and minerals you need to meet your dietary needs,             vitamins and are rich in most minerals such as calcium,
       then match the nuts below to fit those needs.                      magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, and potassium, as
                                                                          well as some trace minerals, including zinc and selenium.
       Almonds may win the best all-around nut prize. Their fat           Macadamia
       content is less than most (about 60 percent) and the               The delicious macadamia is considered a downfall to
       protein concentration at nearly 20 percent. It’s also rich         dieters. It is high in fat and calories, and not as low as
       in vitamin E and calcium, and contains some B vitamins.            other nuts in carbohydrates. (But if you’re watching
       Copper, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus are present          carbs, remember the higher in fat content, the lower the
       in good amounts, as are magnesium and manganese.                   carb counts.)
       Brazil Nuts                                                        Pecans
       This meaty seed is a good-quality protein, yet also about          Pecans contain the lowest protein and highest fat (over
       two-thirds fat (over 20 percent is saturated). Brazil nuts         70 percent) of all the nuts. They also contain vitamins A,
       are rich in calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper,                 E, C, B and niacin. Pecans are low in sodium and high in
       phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. Zinc and iron are             other minerals, including zinc, iron, potassium, selenium,
       also found in good proportions.                                    and magnesium. Copper, calcium, and manganese are
                                                                          also present in good amounts.
       Cashews are fairly rich in magnesium, potassium, iron,             Peanuts
       and zinc. Calcium is lower, though, than in other nuts, as         This everyday favorite is actually not a nut, but rather
       is manganese; cashews also have a lower fat and higher             legume – a pea. Peanuts are rich in fiber and nutrients,
       carbohydrate level than most other nuts. Some B                    and are about 25 percent protein. Their fat content is
       vitamins are present, as is vitamin A, though little vitamin       about 50 percent of the nut, and three-fourths of it is
       E is found in cashews. Thought by some to be toxic –               unsaturated. The B vitamin content is better than that of
       probably because of the caustic oils found in the hard             most nuts. Potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus are
       shell – lightly roasting cashews may help to clear these oils.     highest of the minerals, while calcium, iron, zinc,
                                                                          copper, and manganese are also found in substantial
       This classic holiday treat is very high in starch and low
       in protein and fats – and therefore lower in calories than         Pine Nuts
       other nuts. They do have lower levels of minerals than             A popular addition to Mediterranean foods, pine nuts
       other nuts, but are still strong in manganese, potassium,          have only one gram of carbohydrate and 13 grams of fat
       magnesium and iron.                                                in a one-ounce serving.
       Coconuts                                                           Pistachios
       When the coconut dries or ripens, this “meat” becomes              Sweet and flavorful, it’s hard to eat just a few pistachios.
       hard and much of the oils become saturated. This oil,              They’re about 20 percent protein, 50–55 percent fat, and
       though, also has some nourishment and essential fatty              have good levels of thiamine, niacin, folic acid. The
       acids and is used in cooking and baking as well as in              potassium and iron levels are both very high; sodium is
       soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics. The coconut has little             very low; phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium are all
       protein, some fiber, and traces of B, C and E vitamins. It         present in fair amounts. Avoid the salted and red-dyed
       has small amounts of various minerals, with potassium,             pistachio nut and go with the natural variety. They’re
       magnesium, manganese, copper, and iron being the best.
                                                                                                                 continued on Page 18
                                                       Inside Circle 16    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:17 PM    Page 17

                                                                                         with Pottstown Chapter

                               Bermuda May Never Be the Same!

       The headlines couldSenior Circle
       “Pottstown Chapter of
                             have read:                                                     Jane and Ed Dobry celebrated their
                                                                                           60th anniversary; and Anne Daly
       Cruises to Bermuda–Bermuda                                                          celebrated her 39th birthday (again).
       Changed Forever.”                                                                  The party included a serenade by
                                                                                          singing waiters serving anniversary
       With a fun-filled week of cruising,                                                and birthday cakes.
       parasailing, kayaking, biking, sun
       bathing on the gorgeous beaches,                                                   In Bermuda, the adventurers took
       and swimming in the turquoise blue                                                 train and trolley tours, sailed on
       water of the Caribbean–65 members                                                  catamarans, enjoyed glass bottom
       definitely left their mark on the                                                  boat rides, and coasted on moonlight
       island! Although they were told that                                               carriage rides. Nancy is certain her
       the island’s 74 degree temperature                                                 group kept film manufacturers in
       was cold for that time of year,                                                    business for the month of May.
       when you live in Pennsylvania,
       that’s a heat wave!                                                                Nancy described the island as
                                                                                          pristine. “Bermuda is so clean, and
       Aboard Celebrity Cruise Line’s             Al Piasecki got a bird’s eye view of    the Bermudians are exceptionally
       Zenith, members quickly found their        Bermuda while parasailing.              warm and welcoming,” she said.
       inner-child, so to speak. At the ship’s                                            “It’s a delightful island to visit.”
       midnight, pool-side twist contest,                                                 Thankfully, Mother Nature cooper-
       Josie Bucci and Al Piasecki showed        It was a true celebration cruise.        ated by providing perfect weather
       the youngsters what it was all about,     Sandy and Richard Kovach toasted         for their sightseeing ventures. The
       walking away as the contest winners.      their 50th wedding anniversary; Ann      island has something to offer
       “Contrary to what some of our kids
       think, seniors can stay up dancing
       until midnight!” Senior Circle
       Advisor Nancy Piasecki said. Jan
       Klee and Carol Naugle got in on the
       action and won at Snowball Bingo.

       The group toasted Senior Circle and
       Bermuda at their own private cock-
       tail party with island drinks and lus-
       cious hors d’oeuvres. “Even though
       the cruise staff kept assuring us at
       every meal that all calories were
       removed, we didn’t believe them –
       and we kept overeating just the
       same,” Nancy explained.
                                                  From left to right: Carol Naugle and Paul Pray, Pat and Bruce Madeira,
                                                  Jan and Paul Klee enjoy Senior Circle’s private cocktail party.

                                                     Inside Circle 17   Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd    10/16/06   12:17 PM   Page 18

      everyone–gorgeous scenery, museums,        taken this trip to go for it.
      shopping, quality restaurants, well        “It’s beautiful, relaxing,
      presented tours, lovely gardens and        educational–but most of all,
      quite an interesting history.              it’s just plain fun!”

      Nancy encourages other Senior
      Circle chapters who have not yet

                                                                                     Wherever Pottstown members go, their
                                                                                     banner goes with them! Left to right: Mary
                                                                                     Lou Rissmiller, Josie Bucci, Mary Jean
                                                                                     Salzer, Kathryn Newhard and Anne Daily.

        Winnie Wismer and Carol Howe relax on the deck.

       Go Nuts!                                                         Walnuts
       continued from page 16                                           The fatty acids and the 15–20 percent protein level of
                                                                        this brain food nourish the nervous system. Walnuts
       probably the lowest in calorie of all nuts, although they        have a modest mix of vitamin A, the Bs, C, and E. Their
       don’t provide much dietary fiber.                                mix of minerals is similar to other nuts, but the iron and
                                                                        potassium are the best in this balanced nut. Walnuts are
                                                                        among the nuts with a high fat content – higher than
                                                                        cashews, macadamias and pine nuts.
                           IN A NUTSHELL...
                                                                        When unsalted, nuts are very low in sodium, and some
          • There are more than 300 types of nuts.                      nuts, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, and pecans, even
            Most nuts are the fruit or seed that follows the
                                                                        have some selenium. In general, nuts can be used as a
            blossoming of the tree.
                                                                        protein and energy-rich snack food as a midmorning or
          • Almost half the peanuts grown in the U.S.                   mid-afternoon treat. Eaten alone in their raw state, and
            are used for peanut butter.                                            not much more than a handful, nuts are fairly
          • Georgia provides around half the country’s                                easily digested.
            peanut crop.
          • Refrigerate shelled peanuts and peanut butter
            to avoid rancidity.
          • Be aware of places that feed you free salted
            nuts (bars or airplanes). It’s a ploy to get you
            to drink more!
          • Warning: Some people with peanut allergies,
            digestive problems, or gallbladder irritation
            should avoid peanuts.
          • Numerous studies have shown that regular
            consumption of nuts and seeds can minimize
            the risk of coronary heart disease.
                                                                   18    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:17 PM   Page 19

                                            IT’S NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD

      Pain. The constant firing of pain signals in the nervous           If the cause is unknown, how can a doctor discover
      system simply wipes you out, makes you take to the                 where the pain is coming from?
      bed, and leaves you with no energy to do the things
                                                                         Dr. Balaklaw: Physicians can identify pain sources with
      you need to do or enjoy. But if your pain persists, it
                                                                         a careful history, a thorough physical exam, and appro-
      may be alerting you to something more serious.                     priate diagnostic tests including lab work, x-rays, CT
                                                                         scans, MRI scans, and electrical testing (EMGs and
                       Contributing Physicians                           nerve conduction studies).
                     Lee A. Balaklaw, MD
             Anesthesiology and Pain Management
                  Three Rivers Medical Center
                           Louisa, KY

                     Richard K. Adkins, MD
                 Anesthesiology: Board Certified
                    Pain Medicine Specialist
                  Galesburg Cottage Hospital
                          Galesburg, IL

      What is the difference between “acute” and “chronic”
      Dr. Balaklaw: Acute pain is defined as pain that has
      recently started. Some definitions indicate it’s pain that
      lasts less than six months. A better definition is pain that
      lasts less than six weeks. Pain that last longer than six
      weeks should be considered chronic pain and requires
      What common afflictions, syndromes or disorders
      cause chronic pain?
      Dr. Adkins: Afflictions that affect the back, neck and
      joints; headaches; reflex sympathetic dystrophy;
      musculoskeletal system; naturopathic system; pain from
      shingles; neuralgia; and cancer-related pain can all cause
      chronic pain.                                                      What is pain management?
      Dr. Balaklaw: Chronic pain can be caused by internal               Dr. Adkins: Pain management is a specialty dedicated to
      organs (example: chronic pancreatitis), or vascular                the treatment of acute and chronic pain through the coor-
      structures in the brain. Chronic pain can also be caused           dination of a pain medicine specialist, psychological
      by spinal discs, nerve roots, nerves, facet joints, or knee        counseling, social services, massage therapy, chiropractic,
      or hip joints, or muscles that are irritable, malfunctioning,      acupuncture and physical therapy to provide the most
      or diseased.                                                       comprehensive care for the patient.

                                                      Inside Circle 19    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:17 PM   Page 20

       What medications are used to treat chronic pain?                 What is the role of age and gender in pain?
       Dr. Balaklaw: These include antidepressants, muscle              Dr. Balaklaw: Pain affects both males and females with
       relaxants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, nar-          some slightly larger percentage skewed toward females.
       cotics, and anti-seizure medications as well as other            Advanced age doesn’t necessarily increase tolerance
       adjunctive medications.                                          for pain.
       Dr. Adkins: Also, oral analgesics and antianxiolytics            Dr. Adkins: Pain has no age or gender redirection, but
       have been shown to have great impact on the control of           the types of injuries sustained with aging (falls due to
       pain. A multi-modal approach offers the greatest chance          arthritis, decreased range of motion, neuralgia, joint
       for a successful outcome.                                        pain) may make it seem like age plays a role.
       Besides medications, what other treatments are                   What can happen if pain is untreated?
       commonly used to treat chronic pain?
                                                                        Dr. Balaklaw: Chronic pain that’s left untreated can be
       Dr. Balaklaw: Other common treatments include                    like any other disease process that’s left untreated: it will
       epidural steroid injections, sacroiliac joint injections,        gradually worsen. Pain interferes with the immune
       sciatic nerve block, costochondral injections, coccyx            function. Also, pain increases the release of adrenalin
       injections, facet joint injections, trigger injections, and      which causes blood vessels to contract, blood pressure to
       neurolytic nerve blocks. Physical therapy helps with             rise, and increases the heart rate. This interferes with
       rehabilitation of affected muscles and joints with muscle        wound healing.
       stretching strengthening and range of motion exercises
                                                                        Dr. Adkins: Pain affects not only the physical being but
       followed by home exercise to prevent recurrence of pain.
                                                                        also can weigh heavily on the psychological aspect of
       Aqua therapy may help some patients. Acupuncture has
                                                                        patient health. Poor pain control can lead to impaired
       a more limited role in chronic pain, but is better used in
                                                                        mobility, poor appetite and nutrition and inability to
       acute pain syndromes. Magnets have only been found to be
                                                                        enjoy daily activities–all of which can lead to poor
       effective in one study that specifically looked at diabetic
                                                                        general health.
       neuropathy and treatment with magnetic insoles.
       What types of physicians specialize in pain
                                                                        The bottom line is pain that is treated earlier is usually
                                                                        resolved more quickly. Don’t hesitate to see your physi-
       Dr. Adkins: Pain management is a board certified specialty.
                                                                        cian if you’ve had pain that lasts longer than six weeks
       Dr. Balaklaw: Anesthesiologists typically specialize in
       pain management. Consultants (such as a psychiatrist,            and you cannot pinpoint the exact cause. Besides the
       orthopedist, podiatrist, physical medicine and rehab
                                                                        hurting and throbbing, there are side-effects to chronic
       specialists) may be called in to assist with the treatment
       of certain aspects of pain management.                           pain that affect your overall health.

                                                     Inside Circle 20    Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:17 PM   Page 21

                                                                       Barstow Chapter, Barstow

                                                                       Advisory Council members,
                                                                       Charles Graham, Joe
                                                                       Ramirez and Tina Ramirez
       ALABAMA                                                         posed with their Hawaiian
       Parkway Medical, Decatur                                        leis at the chapter’s Luau.

                                       Members and new friends
                                       enjoyed the chapter’s           Fallbrook Chapter, Fallbrook
                                       summer kick-off picnic,
                                       complete with water                                              Members Peggy Durling,
                                       balloon toss, marshmallow                                        Diane Manos and Nellie
                                       mouth contest, and                                               Jarrous modeled at the
                                       watermelon eating contest.                                       chapter’s Spring Fashion
                                       Pictured are the                                                 Show hosted by Donna's
       contestants about to begin the eating contest. (Dorene                                           Unique Boutique.
       Hannah won!)

       South Baldwin Chapter, Foley                                    Watsonville Community Chapter, Watsonville

       Twice a year the
       chapter teams up
       with the AARP to                                                Barbara Sanders enjoyed
       offer a two-day                                                 “Jetlag” the turtle during
       Driver Safety Class.                                            Reptile Rendezvous.
       Completion of the
       course qualifies
       participants over the
       age of 54 to receive
       insurance discounts for auto liability premiums.
       ARIZONA                                                         North Okaloosa Chapter, Crestview

       Payson Regional Chapter, Payson

                                                                                                     Jane Takala showed off her
                                      Phyllis Ellis and Elaine                                       ‘Christmas in July’ craft.
                                      Eckburg enjoyed the
                                      chapter’s good old
                                      fashioned BBQ at Rumsey

                                                                       Crossroads Community Chapter, Mt. Vernon

       Harris Chapter, Newport                                         “Starry night” was the theme of the
                                                                       chapter’s summer soiree' held at the
       Members got                                                     Schweinfurth Home on Cedarhurst
       all shook up                                                    grounds. Members dined on a
       on a trip to                                                    delectable buffet, mingled and viewed
       Graceland in                                                    the beautiful art before being
       Memphis, the                                                    entertained by a Magicomedy act by
       former home                                                     Chris Egleston. Lloyd Winkleman
       of “The King,”                                                  was amused.
       Elvis Presley.
                                                     Inside Circle   21 Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd   10/16/06   12:17 PM   Page 22

       KENTUCKY                                                        PENNSYLVANIA
       Kentucky River Chapter, Jackson                                 Easton Chapter, Easton

       The chapter visited Renfroe Valley for the “All Night
       Gospel Sing.”

       Three Rivers Chapter, Louisa                                    Members took a three-day trip to Connecticut to try their
                                                                       luck at the Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Sun Casino.
       Members recently visited
       Renfro Valley in Kentucky                                       Lock Haven Chapter, Lock Haven
       for a tour of the quaint
       village and to attend the                                       The latest project
       Gatlin Brothers’ concert.                                       for the chapter’s
       Bea Stambaugh, Julie                                            Knotty Knitters was
       Burke and Wanda Ross are                                        creating hats for
       pictured at the town’s                                          newborns at Lock
       country church.                                                 Haven Hospital. L-R:
                                                                       Amber Eisemann,
                                                                       Sue McGill from the
                                                                       OB Department,
       MISSOURI                                                        Advisor JoAnn Marcinkevage, Gisele Montarsi and Peg Long.
       Northeast Missouri Chapter, Kirksville

                                                                       SOUTH CAROLINA
                                        Doris Pearce, Lorraine
                                        Rogers, Beverly Kitts,         Chesterfield General Chapter, Cheraw
                                        Lillian Scofield and Oral
                                        Francis joined Northeast
                                        Regional Medical Center
                                        CEO Hank Walkley to                                    Queen Tate was outstanding as a
                                        celebrate the chapter’s                                witch at the chapter’s Halloween
                                        fifth anniversary.                                     party!

       Moberly Regional Chapter, Moberly

                                                                       Cleveland/Bradley Chapter, Cleveland

                                                                       Members had
       The chapter recently held an “Over 50 Fashion Show.”            a great time
       L – R: Pearl Hauptmann, Virginia Eads, Ruth Ann Reed,           at their first
       Linda Miedler, Sandy Roberts and Helen Shoup modeled            "Red Hatters"
       summer wears.                                                   luncheon.

                                                     Inside Circle   22 Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd    10/16/06    12:17 PM   Page 23

       Dyersburg Chapter, Dyersburg                                       Hill Regional Chapter, Hillsboro

       To celebrate their
       anniversary, the
       chapter hosted a
       1950's Feelin' Spiffy
       in the Fifty's health

       Haywood Park Chapter, Brownsville
                                                                          Members created special gift boxes for 18 local and rural
                                           Dorothy Bell, Ruth             Fire Departments in Hill County. The boxes were filled
                                           Hooper, Bettye Wilson,         with bottled water, cheese, peanut butter crackers, handy
                                           Ophelia Hinsley and            wipes and homemade cookies.
                                           Minnie Wilson rocked
                                           the boat on a chapter trip     South Texas Regional Chapter, Jourdanton
                                           to the Memphis Zoo.
                                                                          L-R: Dale and
                                                                          Robbie Birkett,
       Lakeway Regional Chapter, Morristown                               John and Von
                                                                          Ghio, and Don
       Members had a                                                      Adams (standing)
       wonderful day                                                      were among the
       in May at the                                                      members who
       Lexington                                                          had a ball on a
       Horse Park.                                                        13-day Panama

       McNairy Regional Chapter, Selmer
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tackett           Southampton Chapter, Franklin
                                    on a recent Senior Circle trip
                                    to Ames Plantation in Grand
                                    Junction, Tenn.
                                                                                                    Thelma and Beaury Raiford
                                                                                                    cut a rug at the first-ever
                                                                                                    Southampton Chapter dance.
       White County Chapter, Sparta

       On a spring trip to the Knoxville
       Dogwood Arts Festival,
       members’ Ruby Bohannon and
       Edith Palmer loved touring the
       trails and seeing the many                                         WEST VIRGINIA
       flowers and Dogwood trees.                                         Plateau Chapter, Oak Hill

       Cleveland Regional Chapter, Cleveland

                                           Luau lovelies Evelyn
                                           Doskocil, Margaret Kinder,
                                           Marie Carter and JoAnn
                                           Young dressed the part for
                                           the chapter’s summer
                                           event. Along with a roast
                                           pig (ham) provided by          Thanks to host Dottie Painter, the chapter enjoyed a
       Cleveland Regional Medical Center, island music and                Mother’s Day cookies and punch celebration.
       colorful decorations set the stage for a perfect luau.
                                                        Inside Circle   23 Fall 2006
662656_InsideCircle.qxd             10/16/06           12:17 PM   Page 24

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