Engineering Governing Council by wpr1947


									                                  Monday, February 5th, 2007
                                     8:10 PM, BCC 116

Call to Order (8:11)
        General meetings of the Engineering Governing Council (EGC) convene at 8:10 PM by
the Chair. The Secretary of the EGC will call the roll at this time.

Approval of Agenda/Approval of Minutes
      The minutes of the January 22nd, 2007 meeting were sent out electronically and posted

Forum and Reports
         Open Discussion Members of the public are encouraged to speak at this time.
         Alumni- Practice interview session was last week. We are looking for any feedback on it.
We did not have enough feedback. Any feedback would be great. Talking with Open House folks.
Signs are no problem but we need some lead time. Please let us know as soon as possible, need to
sort out specifics.
Representative Sodhia: Operation Smile auction update! Shawn has volunteered. Donate a few
dollars. If the rest of the council would like to donate, that would be great. This could make a big
difference. Any help would be appreciated. Pass on your money to Shawn if you want to donate.
Monday at 9pm MPR in Busch campus center.
         External Representatives

Standing Committee Reports
       Events- Met with the Deans recently and discussed Open House. Majors night has been
       set March 28th from 7-10pm Barr Hall. Also, please send me booklet updates by Friday
       February 9th
       Society Affairs –Society Presidents meeting on February 17th. Pizza outside of
       Gerlandas. Remind all presidents it is mandatory. It is in Rm.120 at 12:30pm of the
       Busch Campus Center. We are looking into purchasing tables and planning the
       Leadership Conference.
       Finance- I need to see SHE rep and ISPE. Went over mid semester funding.
       Publicity- We are focusing efforts on RUSA. We are still working on the Mascot.
       Bulletin Boards will be updated soon. Working on Open House T-Shirt designs.
       University Affairs- RUSA! There has been some negative feedback. Get people to vote!
       Go online and VOTE! Work together with other GA’s and get some positive publicity. I
       have contacted President McCormick and the NJ Commission on Science and
       Technology about coming in to talk to us. We are changing envoy system. Last semester
       signed up on weekly basis now it is a permanent position. We also plan to work with
       some university wide committees.
       EA- Division of labor, study hours are being worked on, suggestion boxes, distributed
       forms to everyone in Barr, Full office in C Wing. Also possibly getting a representative at

                          Engineering Governing Council
Shawn MacArthur, President                              
Offices: EN C242A & RSC 444                   
        Convocation. Vote yes on EIT computer labs. Email bombardment. RUSA, everyone
        please vote!
        IRC- We are 90% done with constitution updated. Working on standing rules, hopefully
        by next body meeting will have standing rules and constitution. Member of the month,
        very close this month. We had RUSA a lot of initiative, this month it is Ayaka. Congrats!
In-body Elections and Confirmation of Officers
      (1) Class of 2007 Representative
      (1) Class of 2008 Representative
      Hadi Halim elected
      (1) Class of 2009 Representative
      Kristina Prado elected

     ES07-02- Resolution to Raise Awareness and Urge Students to Vote in
     Support of the Rutgers University Student Assembly (rushed to old business)
     ES07-03- Resolution to Thank Rutgers Engineering Society

     ES07-02 Passes by role call vote (44-0)

         Representative Sodhia: It’s important to recognize, points brought against Constitution
         are small. Irresponsible to fail based on nit picking. Tell everyone to vote and to vote yes.
         Senator Spatocco: We would be in a bind. There are issues that can be resolved; there is
         a two year provision. We can make corrections and chances to change things.
         External Vice President Kanj: I just want to reiterate that when we vote for this bill.
         We will be required to go and get others to vote and vote yes. It is going to take some
         effort and some work. Reiterate again, this is crucial, strong standpoint with our
         government. I have heard people say they want no student government; one man in
         charge would be bizarre. It puts us in a position of power. Vote yes.
Forum and Reports
         President’s Report- Next week is AIIR auction. Put together a little bit of money.
Events see Ted if you want to help out with the retreat. Please post the posters around campus.
Do not post in your room! A place where people will see it. Referendum needs 4000 votes and
2000 votes need to be yes. Talk to your friends. Please vote yes. EGC has been working on this
issue for 20 years. Get our money and help the students. Unique opportunity to make a difference,
asking please talk to everyone you knows.
         Society Reports
         EWB- This semester we are finalizing plans for Hurricane Katrina relief and El Salvador
         BMES- First event this Thursday computer research program at 730pm.

                          Engineering Governing Council
Shawn MacArthur, President                              
Offices: EN C242A & RSC 444                   
         AIAA- General meeting, couple of events. We are building a plane. If anyone is
interested please contact me
         HKN- First event this Thursday 8th BCC 120 7pm. Windows vista is the new windows
operating system. Having an event to show it off. Someone from Microsoft is coming. Free food.
IBM Event, 3D processors. Working out date. Golden Saks, talking about how it is in corporate
         IIE- Social last week. Everything you need to know about six sigma, from 630-730 in
120 AB, on next Monday. IIE rewrote their constitution.
         SPD- There were 8 new pledges for rush week
         SWE- Valentine’s day sale on Wednesday and next Tuesday stuffed animals and bath
and body works stuff. Meeting on Wednesday about hair color. Resume writing next Wednesday
         PSR- Rush week, any female engineers interested. Everyone is welcome. Mostly be
second floor at SERC
         Internal Representative and Committee Reports
         RULA- First meeting on February 1st. On Feb. 27 going to release budget calendar 85%
chance of level funding no decrease or increase in funds. It is bad, not as bad as losing funding.
President McCormick and Corzine are not speaking. Issue is unions for teachers. They are not
increasing funding, no benefits for professors. Planning a Trenton meeting, bringing student
athletes. Planning legislative walkthrough. Contacting professors, so the legislature can see the
good things happening at RU. Contingency plans in case we lose funding. Get them to understand
we need more money. Working on documentary for Trenton, looking for journalism skills, see
Eleanor if interested.
         Open Discussion Members of the public are encouraged to speak at this time.

        Press Questions
Brian and Wajdi, can I quote you?
Adjournment (9:22)
        The Secretary of the EGC will call the roll at this time.

                          Engineering Governing Council
Shawn MacArthur, President                              
Offices: EN C242A & RSC 444                   

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