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									                          Des Moines Masonic Temple Association
                                      PO Box 98265
                                 2208 South 223rd Street
                                 Des Moines, WA 98198

1. This Rental Agreement and Contract: between the Des Moines Masonic Temple (hereinafter
   the “Association”) and, (hereinafter, “Renter”) is dated this             day of 20 ). The
   Renter agrees to rent the facilities located at 2208 South 223 Street Des Moines, WA 98198
   (hereinafter the “Premises”). (      ) (    )

2. Renter Agrees: (     ) (     )
     a. To use the premises only for those purposes outlined below.
     b. To only have access to those areas specified in this agreement.
     c. Use of the premises for any other purpose, or access to other areas not specified, shall
        subject Renter to loss of Renter’s damage deposit and any other such fees as may be
        necessary for purposes of clean up and / or repair.
     d. Access to the lodge room is strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified within this
        rental agreement.
     e. Maximum number of participants in the event shall not exceed 250 persons.
     f. There shall be a minimum of forty-two inches (42 inches) between tables.
     g. Children attending event shall be monitored and controlled at all times.
     h. All outside doors shall be closed and remain closed except for building entry or exit after
        11:00 O’clock pm.

3. Rental Hours and Fees: (         ) (     )
     a. Rental Period: From                   (am / pm) To              (am / pm)
        (Rental Period consist of ALL use, including Set-up and clean-up time)
     b. Rental period           hours total.
     c. Renter agrees to pay the Association $               per hour.
     d. Fee for this rental :         hours X $               = $            .
     e. Renter agrees to pay a deposit of 100% of the rental fee at least thirty (30) days prior to the
     f. If event date is less than thirty (30) days after reservation date, deposit stipulated in 3.d. and
        3.e., above, shall be made at time of reservation.
     g. All checks shall be made payable to:
                         Des Moines Masonic Association

4.   Damage / Cleaning Deposit: (          )(     )

       a The renter agrees to pay a damage deposit in the amount of four hundred dollars ($400.00)
          thirty (30) days prior to the event, or at the time or reservation for the event if there are
          fewer than thirty (30) days from reservation to event. (See 3.d. and 3.e., above)
       b. If cleaning and / or repairs are necessary and costs exceed the amount of the deposit, Renter
          further agrees to pay the additional cost of cleaning and repairs to the Association within
          five (5) business days of written notice of damage.

     c. In the event a dispute arises under this agreement that leads to litigation, the prevailing
        party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees.
     d. Renter may request a site walk-through the morning of the event and the morning after the
        event to determine the actual condition of Premises, including inside and outside.

5.   Damage deposit will be refunded if: (        ) (      )
     a. The building and grounds are in a clean condition and all furnishings, including tables and
         chairs, have been stored in their proper places after the event.
     b. No damage has occurred to the property.
     c. Renter has used Premises only for the conditions described in this agreement.
     d. Renter has not gained access to any restricted portions of Premises.
     e. No alcohol containers are found outside the building at Premises.
     f. All floors are clean and swept.
     g. Any and all spills are cleaned with a damp mop.
     h. Kitchen counters and stove tops are cleaned
     i. Sinks are cleaned.
     j. Any dishes and silverware are washed, dried, and placed in their designated places.
     k. Building entrance walk, parking lot, and area surrounding building are cleaned.
      l. Place garbage and refuse in dumpster.
     m. Set all thermostats to 58O.
     n. Remove all personal possessions belonging to Renter and guests.
     o. Turn out all lights.
     p. If given a door key for the event, return key to box near telephone.
     r. Have complied with ALL provisions of this Rental Agreement.

6.   Alcohol: Alcohol (will) (will not) be served. (         ) (    )
     a. If alcohol is to be present or served on Premises, Renter shall obtain a “Banquet Permit”
        and shall be prominently displayed within Premises at a location nearest to the front door.
     b. An additional deposit of four hundred dollars ($400.00) is required at least thirty (30) days
        prior to event.
     c. If event date is less than thirty (30) days after reservation date, deposit stipulated in 6.b.,
        above, shall be made at time of reservation.
     d. All checks shall be made payable to:
                         Des Moines Masonic Association
     e. Renter must provide security services acceptable to Association.
        (Association security rate is twenty five dollars ($25.00) per hour, paid in advance with
        Alcohol deposit.)
     f. The following additional provisions are made a part of this Rental Agreement for those
        events serving alcohol: (       ) (    )
        (1) Renter MUST comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the State of Washington
              Liquor Control Board.
        (2) Renter MUST obtain all required permits.
        (3) Renter shall submit evidence of liability insurance for the event if requested.
        (4) There shall be NO sale of alcoholic beverages.
        (5) There shall be NO “cover charge” for event attendance.
         (6) Alcoholic beverages shall be consumed in the dining room only, and shall NOT be
             consumed nor carried into the entrance hall, rest rooms, or outside the building.

      g. Conditions which shall result in forfeiture of Alcohol Deposit: (    ) (   )
         (1) Consumption outside the dining room.
         (2) Consumption outside the building.
         (3) Failure to comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the State of Washington
             Liquor Control Board.

7.    Personal Property: (      ) (   )
      a. Renter assumes full responsibility for loss or damage to personal property brought to
      b. All personal property belonging to Renter or guests shall be removed at end of event.

8.    Liability: (     ) (   )
      a. Renter agrees to be solely liable for any injury, bodily harm, or death to any person or
         persons whomsoever arising from attending Renter’s event.
      b. Renter agrees to be responsible for the actions of all guests and participants to the event.
      c. Renter agrees to prohibit all guests and participants from disturbing sections of Premises
         not allowed for use by this Rental Agreement.
      d. Renter agrees to hold harmless Association and Association members resulting from
         activities engaged in by Renter, guests, and participants.

9.    Music / Noise: (    ) (     )
      a. Music shall cease no later than 11:00 O’clock pm.
      b. Amplified sound shall cease no later than 11:00 O’clock pm.
      c. Amplified sound shall not be in excess of 115 decibels at any time.

10.   Parking Lot: (      ) (   )
      a. Renter and guests may use the paved parking lot during event.
      b. Overflow parking is adjacent East of the paved lot, and across the street from the fire
      c. A valid Handicapped parking permit is REQUIRED to park in the Handicapped spaces.
      d. Parking in FIRE LANES is strictly prohibited.
      e. Parking in the covered entranceway is strictly prohibited.
      f. Parking to the North and West side of the building is strictly prohibited.

11.   Police / Fire Department Call: If a response to Premises is necessary: (         ) (    )
      a. Association may at terminate event immediately.
      b. Event shall be in violation of this agreement.
      c. If event is terminated, Renter and guests will immediately evacuate Premises.
      d. Renter shall be subject to loss of all fees and deposits at discretion of Association.
      e. Renter agrees to reimburse Association for any fees or expenses incurring as a result of
         intervention by Police or Fire Department.

   12.       Return of Key / Security: (        ) (    )
             a. Keys shall NOT be duplicated.
             b. Any keys issued for this event shall be placed in the box next to the telephone in lobby.
             c. If keys are issued for event, NO deposit money shall be returned until all keys are returned.
             d. Renter shall ensure all lights are extinguished before exiting Premises.
             e. Renter shall ensure that all doors are locked and closed.

   13.       Cancellation: (      ) (    )
             a. This Agreement may be cancelled up to thirty (30) days prior to event rental date with no
             b. If Agreement is cancelled is cancelled less than thirty (30) days and more than seven (7)
                days prior to rental date, a cancellation fee of fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee shall be
             c. If agreement is cancelled within fewer than seven (7) days of the event Renter forfeits ALL
                rental fees.
             d. Deposits for Damage / Security required by paragraph 4.a. and Alcohol by paragraph 6.b
                shall be returned.

Des Moines Masonic Temple Association                       Renter
PO Box 98265
2208 South 223rd Street
Des Moines, WA 98198

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